Athens White Light Districts

I awake early the next morning in Athens Greece.  I am feeling horny after a day off and also hungry.  I wonder if any of the brothels are open along Filis street before 9AM in the morning?  for some morning glory.  I go out and check the morning game…

Good Morning Filis

The weather is changing in Athens, its turning cold like a wind from Siberia is blowing in from the north east.  I have on a vest, a t-shirt and fleece and can still fill the cold.  The hotel is not putting on the heating, not sure if this is due to the cost or just unusual for this time of year.  Its colder in Athens mid April than London.  I was hoping for some lovely early summer weather, its not happening.

red light district

The plan for the day was to go on an Athens Brothel tour.  First Filis where it was likely I would sample some of the pussy delights and then onto an even cheaper white light district called Metaxourgio.

Its before 9 am in the morning and I take a walk up and down Filis.  Many of the brothels along Filis are open, the white lights are on and burning.  I decide to walk the entire stretch of Filis and off onto the little side streets. The far end of Filis, the opposite direction to Omonia the lights stop burning and Filis turns into a normal residential area.  So my hotel was dead bang in the centre of the white light district of Filis and I liked where I was.  No regrets, its cool when a plan comes together.

Brothel Tour Filis

There are a few other punters walking around in the early morning, not all of the brothels along Filis are open, prime time is after 11 am.  I check inside a few of the brothels along Filis street.  In one brothel an old Greek guy introduces me to two local Greek girls who were not bad.  He tell me the girls do everything, no condom and then the old Greek guy touches my cock through my jeans.  I think he liked me 🙂

Athens red light district

Its unusual to find local Greek girls working in the brothels along Filis.  Its also unusual to have more than one girl working in a brothel in Athens.  Its also quite normal to have to sit in the reception area with maybe two or three other guys and wait your turn.  I had not experienced this though so far.  Its more unlikely early in the morning.  The busiest time around Filis I would say is around 4-6 pm.  YMMV.

Another Romanian Teen

I try another brothel just up from my hotel.  I am introduced to another young knock-out looking Romanian teen in just panties and no bra.  I do like fucking teens who are just in their prime.  Many of the Filis girls are paraded in front of you with no bra.  At least the bra is already off, so no up selling to take the bra off in the bedroom to get those tits out.

This young Romanian girl had a fantastic pair of medium sized tits pointing slightly north, I wanted to get my mouth around those lovely tits.  She was gorgeous looking too and seemed keen and friendly.  I had already found my cute teen girl along Filis street.  Take her to one of the big bedrooms for the sum of 20 euros.

This Romanian girls performance is excellent, she is as horny as me, her pussy is soaking wet.  She is changing positions without me making a request and the girl loves being fucked doggy with a great ass to view and slap.    Great sex early in the morning along Filis street in Athens with another cute Romanian girl.  Being based right in the heart of Filis street with a morning glory is a great place to be and very convenient night or day.

Athens Studio’s

After my sex session I check out a few more brothels along Filis Street.  I would say one in five girls are hot.  Its easy to visit the same brothel more than once when you are not used to Filis.  You need to make a note of the brothels you have visited so as not to waste time.  The girls dont change that frequent.

Studio 104

Studio’s around Athens are plentiful and there are a few dotted along Filis including Studio oriental 104, not that the girls are oriental though.  Studios are supposedly more upmarket and more expensive.   Better girls and better service with prices starting at 50 euros in the studios.  I check out Studio 104.

Only one girl this time of the morning working in Studio 104, she was nice, nice premises even with a little bar.  They tell me to come back after 1 pm then more girls to choose from.  Thats the difference with Studios, there is more girls to choose from, not just one.

athens sex show

The strip club and sex show Erotica is also close by to Filis Street in Athens.  But the sex clubs do not open until midnight.  Everything the discerning monger needs for a good day and night all exist along and off Filis street in Athens.  But as a newbie I was not content with staying put I wanted to explore the other dark corners of Athens.

Metaxourgio White Light District

I have a nice cooked breakfast and some coffee in a restaurant along Victoria square also right next to Filis but dont think Feta cheese goes with fried eggs and bacon.   Using the Metro I then make my way to F. Metaxoryrgeioy. Otherwise known as Metaxourgio.  From metro F. Metaxoryrgeioy it is a short walk down to the other cheaper white light district of Athens off of Kolonou Street and  Iasonos Street.  

Check out my mongering map of Athens to get your bearings.  For a list of all the brothels, studios and strip clubs in Athens check out the Athens mongering portal Bordela.

athens red light district

Its more run down around Metaxourgio, there are some street junkies hanging around, but then again parts of the area are quite pretty and quaint.

The same procedure around Metaxourgio as in Filis.  White lights designate an unlocked door with a brothel.  Push the door open walk inside sit down in the dimly lit reception area. Old maid greets you and gives you the rundown, basic program 20 euros stuff. Then the pussy is paraded in front of you if she is not already fucking someone, else you have to be patient and wait.


The first brothel I enter in Metaxourgio along Iasonos Street the maid tell me No English.  Not had this along Filis so leave and try a few more, their loss.   The girls are not so hot  around the white light district of Metaxourgio, I guess thats why it is cheaper.

Cheapest Pussy in Europe

Lots of brothels and lots of choice around Metaxourgio, no doubt with persistence a gem will be found in the rough.  I enquire in another brothel where they not have a problem with English.  Girl paraded in front of me was not bad and enquire about price?  10 Euros!  I nearly dropped my wallet.  My breakfast on Victoria square was more expensive!  This is obviously where all those horny unemployed men come in Athens for some escapism and eroticism. A drug addict skank streetwalker in some third world country would demand more than a paltry 10 euros.

Lykavittos Hill

That evening feeling sexually satisfied I pursue my second hobby photography and head to Lykavittos Hill.  Take a taxi from Victoria square to Lykavittos Hill costing under 5 euros.  Taxis in Athens seem OK and switch on the meter.

Lykavittos Hill

The views from Lykavittos Hill are the best over Athens.  A great place to contemplate Athens superior past and inferior present.  And where next to get some of the cheapest quality pussy in Europe.  Plan was tonight to have a rest in the hotel and then head out to Erotica sex club after midnight.  Guess what? needless to say I not make it.  All this walking around in and out of brothels, climbing up hills leaves me drained for nocturnal activities.

6 thoughts on “Athens White Light Districts”

  1. Another gem of a place just waiting to be discovered this time in Western Europe. Nice report and even now I’m looking at cheap flights. Well done.

    1. Thanks Mathew, I think you would enjoy some mongering in Athens. Helps if you like being just a tourist too with some additional hobbies.
      Now I am home, I realise I not sample enough. A few days is never enough. I am even looking at property for sale in Athens.

  2. I am with you there regarding culture, sightseeing opportunities and being a tourist too. Now at my age when travelling, and travelling to new places and I would never consider anything else.

    Even in my younger days when I went to check out Bali for one reason and one reason alone 😉 I think I was the only hard-core 99.9 % mongerer amongst a group of very normal travelling girls and guys doing a PADI open water diving course, something I hadn’t planned on doing but was so glad I did and recommend any reasonably good swimmer to do so too.

    And the times in SE Asia when I have found myself being part of a group of backpacker sightseers when that has been the last thing on my mind to sit in a group with them drinking beer.
    Again, this is the appeal to me of Las Palmas. When I do travel there usually and only in winter I go because of the weather, the closeness of the place to the UK and the fact that I could be in any medium size city in South America and not so much inSpain, and, I will not get bored day or night knowing that I can put on my tourist sightseeing hat on at anytime and take it off at anytime.

    In Paradise the devil always does it’s Damnest, that’s me boy!

    Next on my list though is definitely Athens, I have always wanted to see the Acropolis!!!

    1. Yes the Acropolis was tops on my list for Athens too.
      Once I read some info on mongering in Athens on the international sex guide Filis street etc, then I was set to go. I mean there has to be some mongering opportunities too
      Athens is like being in an oven there though in the summer months, so beware of that.
      Bali? That is on my list, How you get on in Bali?

      Through your recommendation Las Palmas is definitely my next winter destination.
      My contract has been extended for at least another 3 months, possibly 6. So may take another break in that time, maybe one week off, not sure where, would be summer?
      I have just returned from a long weekend in Tallinn Estonia, so once Athens is finished some new reports from Tallinn

      I am looking forward to taking 3 months off next. So likely be the cooler season for Asia. But nothing set in stone where I will go

  3. There is no doubt Bali was and still is a beautiful island but for me it did not have the Ying and Yang or X factor, but as they say you try out a place once.

    Kuta beach is the place to stay for all the action and from the moment the plane comes into land and you see the surfers riding the waves in Kuta bay under the plane’s wing tip you get that holiday resort feeling. Due to its close proximity to down under, Bali is actually the Australian equivalent of Tenerife or Majorca for the Australians young and old who holiday here with the bars and discos in Kuta beach being a firm favourite among the younger crowd. Any one night along Legion, the main night time strip in Kuta and you could almost be in Magaluf. There was some drunken behaviour but nothing at all like the drunken antics and antisocial behaviour of the typical young brits on holiday and being British myself I’m sorry to have to say that.

    So to answer your question how did I get on in Bali?
    The time I went to Bali was when I was 100% in love with Thailand, or Pattaya to be more precise, when no other country in the world in my mind could compare to LOS (Land of Smiles) which was as far as I was concerned was the best fuc…ng place to monger in the universe. After spending a long extended weekend in Jakarta which instantly downgraded Bangkok to my second favourite SE Asia mongering capital (now BKK is probably 3rd or 4th on my list) I flew on to check out Bali for 5 night.

    First thing first, the beach in Kuta for a town beach was absolute beautiful, white sandy talcum powder beach and crystal clear sea. Now I’m afraid litter, and lots of it have shown what mass tourism can do. Also what has not changed were the touts, dozens and dozens of them who appear everywhere from the beach, thoroughfares walkways and roads who will just not take no for an answer. Even if one does try to understand that this is their one and only full time job and only means of income does not make them less annoying or irritating.

    Good hotels are expensive, and finding a hotel with just basic amenities with air con in a reasonably central position around Kuta beach is not just limited choice but overpriced as well. For somewhere not worth writing home about I was paying European prices in the aptly named Kuta Beach Resort.

    Nightlife is good if you like bars, drinking and discos and I found a few of the Australian tourists of both sexes to be quite talkative and sociable. I saw no street Go-go bar places because there aren’t any and the few (very few) street walkers I saw (at a guess) were too ugly. The ladies I took back for short time company – my choice – were just no more than average freelancers (pretending not to be working) in the bars, but still you could spot them a mile away. Prices I remember were reasonable like Jakarta. For a much better choice I’m sure were the massage and brothel places hidden in side streets a little way out of town which I never got around to trying.

    By the way a lot of Japanese and South Korean and now rich Chinese female sex tourists like to go to Kuta beach to hang out with the surfing instructors and local beach bums.

    As I say, I’m glad I tried it once but there is a big, big world out here with new places still waiting to be discovered.

    1. Thanks Mathew for your mongering review on Bali. Its exactly as I imagined. I nearly took a visit to Bali when I was last in Bangkok, checking out Air Asia flights in my hotel room in the Asia Lodge down soi 8
      But in the end stuck to my original plan and went to Cambodia. Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and last but not least Phnom Penh. Siem Reap must be the only place I failed to fuck in my long mongering career. Prior to
      Siem Reap I was in Phuket for one week and nearly failed to fuck there too. Phuket full of Aussies too, I imagine maybe Bali is a little like this? Like a highly fished water but still we go to observe, try our luck

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