Athens Tourist

Mongering in Athens looked good.  I had explored some of the brothels along Filis street and some of the girls available were hot, basic program only 20 euros.  I was enjoying Athens as a tourist too.  If nothing else I could satisfy all my mongering needs in the brothels of Filis street the heart of the red light district of Athens.

In the first few hours mongering in Athens, Greece I had found a very cheap pussy paradise right on my doorstep.  Pressure was off to get fucked.  Whatever else happened now, when I was real horny I could pop into the brothels along Filis street and I am sure within 5 minutes I will find a cute young eastern European teen to fuck.  I could relax more now and enjoy Athens as a tourist as well as a sex tourist.

Athens Tourist

My first full day in Athens I am absorbed as a tourist and go out with my new Canon DSLR camera.  My hotel does not do any breakfast and get completely lost walking to Omonia square.  The plan is to head up to the Acropolis and just see what happens.  Manage to find a place along Omonia that did some breakfast and coffee and then take the metro to Monastiraki.


I made my way up the hill to the Acropolis and paid 12 euros entry and had a good look and walk around.  Lots of tourists about.


The weather was turning out nice, blue skies and warm sunshine.  I made my way back down to Monastiraki from the Acropolis to take an open bus city tour.  An open bus city tour is always a good way to get your bearings around a new city like Athens.  Often you will spot strip clubs, studios etc.  A nice way too to kill a few hours while remaining interested and to build up my sperm count.


I got an Athens city tour ticket for 19 euros that was valid for 3 days.  A good trip on the bus taking us down to Pireas along the coast.

Athens Greece

By the looks of things around Pireas there is no shortage of money.  I read before coming to Athens not to talk about the financial crisis. I did not.  Greek people do not bring it up.  There is no sign of a shortage around Pireas.  From Pireas we make our way back up Syngrou Avenue.

Syngrou Ave

Syngrou Avenue is more the business district of Athens.  Syngrou Avenue is also where you have the highest concentration of strip clubs.  Syngrou Avenue is long, very long.

Syngrou Ave
Syngrou Strip clubs

To hop from one strip club to another you would probably need to jump into a taxi.  The other problem for me, the strip clubs in Athens do not open until very late, like midnight.  Syngrou Avenue is also suppose to be where the trannies and ladyboys hangout at night, if thats your thing.  The sun had shined most of the day and I had not put on any suncream.  My head was now red and burnt.  Silly boy.

Quiet night

That evening in Athens I returned to Monastiraki and the hill by the side of the Acropolis to get some sunset photos with my new camera.

Athens sunset

Some fantastic views over Athens as the sun sets.  I intend to head up that hill tomorrow called Lykavittos Hill, for some of the best views over Athens.   Its good to have some other hobbies besides the hobby when travelling.  I was not even horny or thinking of pussy.

After my photo shoot I head back down to Monastiraki and enjoy some fantastic food in the restaurants there.  Monastiraki was the place to get a decent meal and watch the people go by.  I return to my hotel along Filis to drop off the camera, but was so tired I fell asleep.  This is what tourism does to, knackers you, goodnight x.

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