Filis Athens

Filis Street is the main red light district of Athens. Except they are not red lights but white lights that burn day and night along Filis St.  My hotel was right in the centre of Filis.   I had checked into the hotel Brazil along Filis and I was now ready to venture out and explore the mean streets of Athens in Greece.

Filis Street

I take a walk down Filis street in the direction of Omonia square.   Omonia square in Athens is considered the city centre.  My hotel is right next door to a couple of Athens brothels along Filis street.

hotel brazil
Filis street

The white lights burn outside closed doors which you push open and enter inside, no ringing bells or waiting around outside.   I would take a look inside some of these Filis street brothels later on.   Apparently full sex is only 20 euros in Filis!  unbelievable, in another area called Kolonou  it is only 10 euros for some pussy! would check Kolonou  out another day.   It felt safe along Filis street some of it quite pretty.  Even so I had my compact camera with me a canon S120, rather than my brand new DLSR Canon.

Filis white lights
Filis brothels

There are lots of little streets off Filis with the white lights on.  It would be hard to mistake or not notice them.  You could spend all day walking up and down Filis street checking out the girls inside each brothel.  I was looking forward to checking out the whores available behind all these doors with their white light bulbs outside.

Omonia Square

I have to say the streets of Athens are like a labyrinth, it is very easy to get lost.  Make it to Omonia after a few wrong turnings.  Omonia square is about a 10 minute walk from Filis.  You can take the metro from Victoria to Omonia, just one stop.  Nothing spectacular to me about Omonia square in Athens.  A few bars, restaurants and shops around the sides.

athens omonia
Omonia square

In the centre of Omonia square are some junkies and the smell of piss.  I have read some reports on tourists being approached in Omonia and scammed.  Some old Greek guy leads them to a bar with pretty girls.  Inside he is drugged and robbed.  So I would beware of Greeks promising some pussy in Omonia.  Its mid afternoon and not get approached by anyone, no streetwalkers.  The weather is mild, not hot, not cold, like it cant make up its mind.  I have jeans and a fleece on and not feel uncomfortable.


I leave Omonia and carry on down Athinas street towards Monastiraki  stopping off for a beer and some food in a street side cafe.  Its not always obvious where you can just sit down somewhere and have a beer in this district of Athens.  Monastiraki is also a square much more upmarket with loads of people, tourists and locals having a Sunday lunch.  On the horizon I get my first glimpse of the Acropolis.


I would take a walk up to the Acropolis and check out the views.  I was also in Athens to take some photographs and Athens was looking like a great city to take some photos.  After I would make my way back to Filis street.  I was also feeling horny and wanted to fuck my first whore in Athens.

athens view

Up the hill and there is a big rock teaming with tourists all taking in the breathtaking view of Athens city down below.  I must say though there is a lot less ruins about than what I was expecting.  Most of Athens is suburban sprawl with the odd crumbling pillar here and there.  This was only the second reason I was in Athens for, lets return to Filis.

Romanian Teen

I return to Filis street and walk inside my first brothel just down from my hotel.  There are a few geezers on the street, young and old that you notice zig zagging across filis street as they check out the talent in each whore house.

red light district
Filis athens

Its dark inside and I sit down on a comfortable couch.  Some old greek lady welcomes me and gives me some spill in Greek.  I tell her I am English.  No problem.  Basic program is full sex 15 minutes 20 euros!  Ok lets see the girl.

Sloppy Seconds

Often the girls are busy fucking.  Its normal in these Athens whore houses to just sit down patiently and wait.  Never liked the concept of sloppy seconds or semen smelling tissues or rooms.  Spoils my fantasy.

Almost immediately a beautiful young Romanian teen is paraded in front of me.  She was 19 tanned skin,  black hair and brown eyes.  Stereotypical Romanian girl.  She was dressed only in white lingerie with a great body, slim but curvy with a lovely smile.  I could not believe it.  My first brothel down Filis and I was looking at a stunner, that I could now fuck for 20 euros!


At that point 3 other men walked into the room.  Took one look at the Romanian girl standing there in her lingerie.  I thought I am going to lose her now, being a newbie and not really knowing the protocol.  The guys took a quick look at me and walked out.  Phew that was close.  Maybe they not like her, maybe there are even better looking girls available behind the many white lights of Filis.


I said Yes and was led into a big room that was clean and not smell.  Hand over the 20 euros up front to the old lady.  Was considering paying double and having more time seeing as the girl was so beautiful.  But thought I would try the quickie, how long does it take you to wank and thrash one out?  Got undressed and waited on the bed for my Romanian girl to enter.  Was waiting a few minutes before she entered.   She not take her bra off but was lovely and friendly.  I not ask her to take her bra off as was expecting the upsell – that will cost extra.

She put a condom on my cock and give me a covered blowjob. Her pussy was shaved but perfectly formed.  I got on top and fucked her missionary.  She was pulling me into her.  She had her hand down by her pussy and felt like she was trying to stop my cock going fully into her. All the same I cum, and its all over in 10 minutes.  To be successful at the quickie I was drawing on experience from mongering in other red light districts of Europe like Brussels and Amsterdam.

After my fuck I checked out a few more brothels down Filis street, just to see if all the other girls were of similar quality.  Even if you have a bad experience in one brothel down Filis, you are only 20 euros down and just goto into another.  You could have alot of fun.  I check out another 4 brothels mostly eastern European girls, not bad, above average, but my first choice had been the best, I had been lucky maybe.  Not really a multi pop monger.  I would be happy until tomorrow.

Omonia square

I return to Omonia square that night, just to check out the scene.  Sit in a restaurant and sink some beers checking out the street scene.  But nothing, not approached, no streetwalkers.  Maybe I would be spending most of my mongering effort in Athens along Filis, all that pussy on my doorstep, day and night.

4 thoughts on “Filis Athens”

  1. How long ago were you Athens? It sounds like my kinda town, 20 euros is cheaer that the FLs in BKK!!

    1. Very recent, April 2015. Athens is good if you just like lots of quickies with a variety of girls from over Europe. Most seem Romanian and some are really hot
      One or two Greek girls. Athens is certainly cheaper than other red light districts of Europe. Like I say in my reports though, I dont go strictly for mongering anymore
      I visit as a tourist and also explore the P4P and hope to get lucky. Saying that I would not really venture somewhere without a promising P4P scene. I mean Iceland would be interesting 🙂

  2. Followed your great advice,had a great Eastern European Girl,€20. Felt very safe in filis,will visit again tomorrow,thanks for the heads up.

    1. Philip you are welcome and thanks for the comment and positive feedback. Was a year ago I was a mongering in Filis street Athens. Back then Greece was in the grips of a financial crisis now its a migrant crisis, are you seeing much evidence of that on the ground there on the streets of Athens?

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