Athens, Greece

After 4 months hard graft, decided to take a week’s vacation around Easter time 2015.  Where to go? nothing long haul.  I had already had my winter sun holiday in Agadir Morocco, so postponed Las Palmas until maybe next winter. That FKK tour  from Zurich in Switzerland to Munich in Germany?  Finally I decided on my first visit to Athens in Greece.

Why Athens?

Its not that I had any monger recommendations for Athens in Greece.  I was more monitoring the news and the economic decline of Greece.  I thought Athens could be an interesting city to visit during such a chaotic time.  I checked out the international sex guide forum on Athens, Greece and read some of the more recent trips reports.  Some mongers were exclaiming it was mongering heaven!  beautiful young girls available for 20 euros!  Decided I had to go and experience Athens for myself.

Yeah sure a FKK tour would have been a done thing. Quality pussy on a plate but I wanted something different, to hone my hunting skills and experiment with my new camera. If nothing else Athens would be a great city to visit as a tourist only and photograph.  I was sure some quality mongering opportunities would present themselves to me.  Perhaps I would meet and fall in love with an olive-skinned dark sultry Mediterranean Greek goddess.  With Greece still in the European Union I would have no problem bringing her back home to England.  Not so easy done with your Thai girlfriend.

London to Athens

Booked an easyjet flight from London to Athens.  Flight time just under 4 hours and 2000 miles away at the far corner of southern Europe.  The flight cost was £270 return.   For these short-haul trips I only take on cabin luggage.  I got my Samsonite hard case out over a week before the trip.  To make sure I packed everything, no forgetting important cables for my mobile, laptop and camera’s.


I learn through the easyjet website that there is no weight restriction on the hand luggage so can stuff the case full.  Also if you book speedy boarding or extra legroom seats you can take on an extra laptop or shoulder bag too.  Not alot of people know that.  The big advantage with hand luggage only is you can checkin online, arrive one hour before your flight and there is no waiting at baggage reclaim once you arrive. Easyjet do not have a good record with lost luggage either, something I experienced once in Sofia Bulgaria.

I was hoping for good weather in Athens, nothing to hot or too cold.  Even so at this time of year it can be difficult to pack the right cloths where space in your case is at a premium.  I could only hope for the best. I wear jeans and a fleece on the flight out.  But best to pack what you can put on or take off in layers if the weather changes.  I am not on a fashion show and will not be out night clubbing.  Casual smart. No shorts or vests or woollen jumpers.

Many of these easyjet flights including Athens leave around 6AM in the morning which means very early to rise and early to bed.  A word of warning about booking a seat reservation online.   On the day it may be a different plane.  I had booked an exit seat and paid extra.  When I get on the plane I am one row behind the exit seats and have to complain to get everyone moved.  The air hostess tells me it happens alot.  Flight leaves on time and arrive in Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos on schedule.

Filis Street Hotel Brazil

I had booked my hotel in Athens up on Agoda.  Again not on a monger recommendation.  I used the Agoda ‘Show on Map’ and selected a budget hotel close to where I wanted to be, which was Filis Street, the main red light district of Athens.  I was staying in Hotel Brazil on Filis street itself for 5 nights at 218 euros total.  Check out my mongering map of Athens that I had prepared during my research stage.

Athens Metro, Victoria

At Athens airport, straight through customs with no delay and then out of the airport and across the way to the metro which takes you anywhere within Athens city centre for 8 euros.  The metro was built with German money before the Greek Olympic games of 2004, and they want it back…

metro map
athens metro

Victoria in Athens was my destination on the metro named after Queen Victoria of the British Empire no less.  Victoria square was strategically located close to my hotel on Filis street, just a few minutes walk.  Being close to a metro station would allow me to get around the far corners of Athens with relative ease and cheaply avoiding the need to rely on taxi’s.

From the airport metro terminal had to change at Syntagma to Omonia then one stop to Victoria.  Victoria square also has many bars and restaurants.  Within Victoria square itself it looked like a hangout for unemployed local Greeks and immigrants.

White Light District

Checked into the hotel Brazil on Filis Street, family run hotel, very friendly and very helpful.  I asked the hotel staff if the area was safe especially walking around with my new Canon DSLR.  They say sure, never heard anything bad happen to tourists in the area.  Just to watch out for pickpockets on the metro.  In fact being an amateur photographer with a DSLR is a good cover for whore mongering.  The locals think you are more interested in photography and thats your primary reason for being in Athens.

My hotel room was fine with wifi connection and satellite TV including BBC World.   I was not sure if there was much scope for bringing girls back to my hotel room, not intending to ring around the Athens escorts.  My modus operandi in Athens would be many short times in the brothels and studio’s along Filis and the Kolonou Street area.  Maybe night-time I would venture down Syngrou Avenue with all its strip clubs.

Filis street

As I found my hotel along Filis street I could not help noticing all the white light bulbs shining – pussy inside, cheap, 20 euros.  Dont know why they dont use red lights, maybe red is just a bit too seedy for Athens, white lights do blend in alot better.  For discussion on mongering in Athens and some links check out the MongerPlanet group on Athens.

After unpacking and having a hot shower and change of cloths I venture out onto Filis street to check what female delights await behind all those many doors with white lights burning outside.

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