Berlin Germany

From Frankfurt in Germany I make my way to Berlin via the d-bahn.  Berlin was my final destination for this German sex vacation.  The plan was to visit another FKK Artemis and a few Berlin brothels or Bordello’s.

Mongering Berlin

Arrived in Berlin from Frankfurt via the d-bahn for 91.50 Euros.  The train was nearly 3 hours late due to the emergency cord being pulled a couple of times.

branderburg gate

I found Berlin Hauptbahnhof confusing as I tried to work out the u-bahn to Charlottenburg where my hotel was.   The late Indian summer was now over, temperatures had plummeted in Berlin and it was now cold.  In the end take a taxi for 14 euros on the meter.  Was staying at AI Konigshof Hotel at Stuttgarter Platz, Charlottenburg in West Berlin. I had booked this hotel up via Agoda for 55 USD a night. The hotel and room were nice enough cannot complain.

Unlike mongering in Hamburg and Frankfurt, Berlin does not so much have a concentrated red light district full of Eros centres.  Berlin has many Bordellos scattered all over the city.  Some streets are designated red light zones and are frequented by streetwalkers.  My intention while in Berlin was to try a few Berlin Bordellos and the infamous FKK the Artemis.

Artemis FKK

For my first night mongering in Berlin just took a taxi to the Artemis FKK at Halenseestraße 32-36 for 8 euros.  Entry fee into Artemis was 80 Euros! ouch! But was only one night out of my life so I coughed up.

Artemis FKK

Locked my valuables away and then my cloths took a robe and some sandals and took a nice hot shower. Then into the big lounge aka the smoking room.

artemis fkk
artemis shower

Take a free soft drink from the bar then got chatting to some curvy girls from the Caribbean. Cuban and Jamaican girls with some big brown booty.

More Mature

First impressions inside Artemis were the girls here were slightly maturer than say the Palace in Frankfurt.  I not really see any cute sweet perfect teens.  The girls inside Artemis were more experienced, more hardcore and definitely more dirty.  Basic sex was going to set me back 60 euros and then extra services like anal and CIM were another 50 euros. A threesome with extras was a bit too expensive for me but these FKK girls were up for it.

Ethiopian Girl

I took a wander around inside Artemis, outside the sex kino meet a lovely black girl from Ethiopia. Cant resist her plus she will do all the extra services.  So took her to one of the rooms. I nearly cum in her big black ass to begin without a condom.  I not push it in her big black ass all the way, but was nestled tightly between her big black buttocks as I moved to and fro. We fucked doggy her on top and some missionary and then she gave me a great BBBJ finishing with CIM and she just sucked it all up. I did find the smoking room in the Artemis very smoky and quite dark lots of girls in there though and quite busy with mongers for a Thursday night.

King George Bordello

The next day did the Berlin city tour during  the daytime and then in the evening was deciding where to visit for my next sex adventure in Berlin. Too be honest I found Berlin hard to navigate.

berlin tour
King George

I chose King George bordello which opens at 4pm. Took the u-bahn to isenacher Straße and found the King George. Price was 100 euros all night, free drinks including alcoholic and you could fuck as many girls as you like!  There were 11 girls working tonight in King George.

Fuck All you like

Another option in the King George was 1 hour for 49 euros. I took the cheaper option, my expectations were not high, and in a 12 hour period I was only a 1 pop man.  Im sure its why they can offer this, most men find it hard to cum multiple times in a short period of time.  I was right,  inside King George it was a bit tatty the girls were mostly maturer overweight tired looking, eastern European.  Got chatting to the best of the bunch from what I could see an early twenties girl from Budapest Hungary.

Step Down

Took my Hungarian girl to the back room and received a covered blowjob then fucked her different positions but I was finding it hard to keep an erection or even cum.

king george
bordello girl

My first shot in this German sex tour where I could not cum.  I had been spoilt by the experience and quality available in the Fkks, step up not down.  After this lack lustre performance stayed in the King George until my hour was up but not take another girl.  In fact, would have found it hard if any of the other girls in King George had paid me 49 euros.   Not a great experience for me but a different night could have been alot better, I guess you always have to try your luck and you get what you pay for still holds true.

Kamilla Dee Bordello

My last day in Berlin I decide to visit the Kamilla dee Bordello.  Took the u-bahn to Blissestraße and the maid let me inside to one of the Kamilla Dee bedrooms.

Kamilla Dee

The bedroom was very nice, price for basic sex was going to be 80 euros. Only 3 girls working today being Saturday two really tall German girls and one cute Italian girl. I took the Italian. She had small tits big shapely arse and natural dark unshaven pussy which I like. Fucked her mostly doggy nice girl.

Later take the s-bahn from Charlottenburg direct to Berlin Schönefeld Airport for my flight back to London.  The journey took around 40 minutes considering a taxi driver had quoted me 40 euros for the same trip.

So many bordellos in Berlin would have liked to  have tried some more.  After my mongering adventures in Hamburg and Frankfurt was running out of energy by the time I arrived in Berlin.  Then my first night in Artemis was the icing on the cake of a great sex mongering tour through Germany.   Much prefer the concentrated red light districts of Frankfurt and Hamburg, suits my modus operandi better.  In Berlin its more having to travel all around the city to get your rocks off. Surely I would return to Germany and explore more of it cities.

6 thoughts on “Berlin Germany”

  1. I started looking at ticket prices for Berlin and Las Palmas both are very cheap but at the same time bring pros and cons –

    Berlin: Pros – new country never been to Germany before, fkks lots of eastern European girls, low season could be cheap

    Cons – if Madrid gets nasty cold during xmast time I believe Berlin gets even worse, there might not be many girls at the fkks this time of the year…

    Las Palmas: Pros – medium sized city, 15-20 degrees in Christmas, already know how mongering works in Spain (atleast in Madrid ) high season?

    Cons – high season again? Not as many clubs as Berlin, no metro, Maybe less girls, not leaving the country

    Language also plays a big role here – I wanna try FKKs to fuck nice eastern european girls, maybe Vienna? From what I read in your experience….

    As a man who has been to both places, what would you recommend?

    1. First I have not been to Las Palmas. I am considering Las Palmas though on my next winter vacation, it is tops, so see you there
      Berlin could be very cold winter, but you wont be out on the street much, so dont let this put you off too much, I mean you are not going for the weather, one of the reasons I would goto Las Palmas over Berlin
      Dont worry about the Fkk clubs not having many girls come winter time, its not seasonal, the German FKKs will always have a good line up of girls.
      The Fkks are expensive due to the entrance fee and if you want extras with the girls this will cost extra above the basic 50 euros. money should not be a restricting factor when doing the Fkks, but should try at least once or budget for one visit so looking at 150 to 200 euros min

      I dont think you would need to use a metro around las palmas, the scene is more arounds picking up girls from bars?
      Doing the escort scene in Berlin will take you all over the city on using the Metro. Berlin has 100s of quality bordellos
      I prefer Frankfurt over Berlin. But recently reading the international sex guide forum, some mongers rate Berlin top as a mongering destination, but I guess it is subjective, compared to wherelse have they been?

      Obviously Germany or Austria for you would be out of your comfort zone so this is always good for you. You many experience a little racism here and there but most wont bat an eyelid
      So for you I would recommend a visit to say Berlin or Frankfurt. Book the flight now and know you are going. In the meantime research what you can.

      Even though there may be eastern European girls in London, I still like to visit cities I have not travelled to before and try my luck. I have other hobbies too. Its not just about the girls I may get to fuck.

      1. Been looking at stuff in Berlin and mongering there is expensive, escorts are expensive and kiss depending on sympathy idk what the fuck that…could pay up to 30 bucks for for bbbj and fk, and up to 60 more for cim and fake, that kinds sets me off man

        1. All I can really say is international whore mongering is an expensive hobby. Its not cheap. But Berlin is cheap by comparison alot of Germany is. Compared to alot of Europe. At the time in east berlin the average wage was 400 euros a month

          Berlin is reinventing itself from WW|| and then the fall of the Berlin Wall, so in a state of transition still.

          Obviously this is why alot of working class or ‘poor’ mongers used to love Asia and Thailand, once the flight and hotel were taken care of , food, drink and pussy was cheap. This is fast disappearing now too. One of the reasons I now monger closer to home as Asia, Caribbean, South America are not what they once were. Its almost like sex tourism went mainstream.

          The cheap charlies just blame people who pay the current price, but thats not the reason for the inflation.

          But you are doing the right thing researching and being selective relative to your budget. Cut your coat according to your cloth or live within your means.

          The best thing to do is become a member of the international sex guide forum and then subscribe to threads of cities you are potentially interested in visiting and choose to receive the daily summary. I do this on a number of threads and it is a good way of digesting info over a long period of time. Just keep actively researching

          Failing that get yourself a regular girlfriend and join a 5 a side football team 🙂

  2. Berlin is probably the best place in Germany for P4P. The Kamilla Dee brothel was superb. All non-pro girl-next-door type of girls in a very pleasant atmosphere. Unfortunately they closed the place because the local district mayor wanted to have brothels out of certain residential areas. A shame – it was the best place ever.
    You still get often very good service for money with very natural non-pro kind of girls in the apartment brothels in Berlin. If that is what you are looking for checkout Royal, Ginas Tango Rosa or Liberty.

    1. Thanks for this Chris. I noticed Kamilla Dee had gone due to its website link becoming broken so had to remove. What we need are mayors who are mongers. Probably been on a vacation to las vegas,

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