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Its October 2011 and we are having an Indian summer across western Europe, temperatures into the low twenties.  I have a week’s vacation and decide to take a sex tour through Germany.  Starting off in Hamburg then onto Frankfurt finally flying home to London from Berlin.  I wanted to experience German red light districts and my first FKK club.

Mongering in Hamburg – St Georg

Began my mongering tour of Germany in Hamburg having one of the worlds most famous red light districts along the Reeperbahn. Flew in one-way with Easyjet for under £60 from London Gatwick with the flight only taking 1 hour 20 minutes. At Hamburg took the S-Bahn to the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof – so much cheaper than taxis.

St Georg bars

Was staying in the St Georg area at the Kieler Hof hotel along Bremer Reihe for 44 euros a night. The St Georg has its own low key prostitution scene with streetwalkers and seedy little hostess bars.

st georg hamburg

That first night I wanted to explore the Reeperbahn and get laid while trying not to get ripped off.  I wandered about St Georg that first afternoon in Hamburg and had a few beers in some of the bars.  There were white and black streetwalkers on the streets around St Georg

st georg

Some of the girls on the streets around St Georg were not too bad, pretty cheap would take you to a short time hotel.  Not good enough though, for my hard earned cash.  I was saving myself for the Reeperbahn.


Was a late Saturday afternoon when I arrived at the top end of the Reeperbahn via the u-Bahn to St Pauli. It was very hot for the beginning of October we were having a late summer across northern Europe. Settled in with a few beers while dodging the touts outside the sex clubs dotted along the Reeperbahn. I had a loose plan of the places I wanted to visit and it not include these dodgy clubs.

The Reeperbahn is the main entertainment drag in Hamburg and is  Hamburg’s main red light district. The Reeperbahn is one of the largest red light districts in Europe if not the world.  Germany has some of the most liberal laws related to prostitution.  The Reeperbahn is pretty safe for tourists to venture down and explore. The  Reeperbahn is full of sex clubs, strip shows, brothels, bars and restaurants.  Every self-respecting whore monger, sex tourist, party animal should spend a night out preferably Saturday down the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

Eros centre

I made my way into the Eros centre along the Reeperbahn.  Inside the Eros centre and it was hot and dark. Its early evening now with a few girls working and must say some of the girls standing in their boudoir doorway were stunning!  German blonds, eastern European and many others hot girls from all over the world.

eros centre

Two girls I had made a mental note of though were a young beautiful slim Turkish girl and a curvy African girl from Angola.  Yet to try some Turkish pussy.  The girls  were fun at the door with the African from Angola bending over her stool and letting me spank her black buttocks.  All done in the best possible taste.

paradise point of sex

After a walkaround inside the Eros Centre I took a look inside Paradise point of Sex nearby.  A similar line up in Paradise Point of Sex too, some lovely young girls, teens too,  not disappointed.  I would certainly be trying some pussy my first night in Hamburg.  I not want to commit myself yet, the night was young and had some other laufhaus I wanted to visit first.

Grosse Freiheit Thai Laufhaus

Then I make my way round to Gross Freiheit and into the Thai penthouse Laufhaus.  There were a few mature Thais working in the Laufhaus but nothing I liked then up to Thai Paradise, again mostly mature Thais nothing exceptional.

thai penthouse
thai paradise

But a fat Thai woman who may have used to have been a man tricked me into her/his room saying I could have a couple of minutes free.  Soon my cock was out and felt kind of committed.  She agreed to BBBJ with CIM for 50 euros!  I was up for a nice wet blowjob.

She sat on the bed in front of me and then proceeded to put a condom on! I protested but she said that no condom would be another 50 euros!  I knew at this point I was being drawn into the dreaded upsell spiral.  Im not being drawn into this suckers game. I just let her suck away for 15 minutes and not cum.  Good really as by now I knew I wanted to fuck one of those model girls in the Eros centre.

Turkish Delight

I made my way back round to the Eros centre. I now wanted to fuck my first Turkish girl. By now the streets along the Reeperbahn were packed, mostly with German revellers out for a good night, everyone seemed in high spirits and out for a good night.


I found the Turkish girl in the Eros centre and agreed 50 euros for suck and fuck.  She not take her bra off that was going to be extra. I just wanted to fuck her and I did, it was really good actually. She said for another 50 euros she would take her bra off, I could kiss her, suck her tits and lick her Turkish pussy. I think she liked me 😉  I liked her.

Streetwalkers, Herbertstrasse

I checked out the streetwalkers along Hans-Albers-Platz some nice blonde German girls working along this stretch.  These young pretty German streetwalkers opposite the Reeperbahn have a terrible reputation for upselling and giving nothing in return.  I not want to take my chances for some German  Pussy.  But very good looking girls for streetwalkers.

streetwalkers reeperbahn

I then checked out the window prostitutes along HerbertStrasse.  Herbert Strasse is your classic window shopping red light district made famous by Amsterdam.  Herbert strasse is blocked from view and is closed off to women, keeps the nosey tourists out, just serious punters.

window shopping

The woman working in the windows along Herbert Strasse were maturer, lots of implants, silicon and face lifts, nothing special, mutton dressed up as lamb. Was a good first night out though along the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

Maxstrasse 3 Laufhaus

The next day I thought I would try out some massage places along Steindamm that runs parallel with Bremer Reihe Tamaza 52 and Energie Massagen at 32, but they were not open. It was a bank holiday weekend in Germany.

sex kino

That evening I tried the laufhaus down Maxstrasse 3 taking the u-bahn to Ritterstraße. Lots of Turkish punters in the stairwells here and I felt a little uneasy.

maxstrasse 3

On the top floor was a cute eastern european blonde girl offering suck and fuck 20 minutes for 30 euros. The room was a bit rough, stains on the bed. She was a good fuck though. Stripped naked, no upselling.

Sex Kino

On my last day in Hamburg was torn between trying my first FKKBabylon or Atmos or a sex kino. I thought I would try a sex kino that afternoon and if I not indulge would then make my way to one of the FKKs. Made my way to Osterstraße on the u-bahn and then along to Henriettenstraße 51 and found sex kino Schlaraffen.

sex kino

They let me in and was greeted by 3 maturer hookers working and it was partytreff day aka party-sex or gangbang. If I wanted could take one girl for 30 minutes private for 60 euros. Or could stay for 1 hour for 60 euros and fuck all three in the porn cinema also for 60 euros. Liked the idea of this so went for the party-sex option. While paying the receptionist my fee a mature German whore said for another 10 euros she would suck my cock without a condom so I paid 70 euros. Into the small locker room and changed into sandals and a robe and then into the kino area. About 5 small isles inside with a big screen on the wall playing porn and a big bed underneath.

Gangbang not

Two other German mongers inside but nothing happening and the girls were all on the bed. There was the mature German, a mature blonde Finnish woman with big implants and an attractive dark Polish girl. They beckoned me over onto the bed soon my cock was out and the German was sucking it bareback. The two others were sucking my nipples and occasionally grabbing my cock.

I never looked up to see the expressions of the two onlookers. Well it not turn into a gangbang how can it when you constantly would have to change condoms. Eventually the Polish girl took me into a private room where I fucked her good. I could have stayed and fucked the other two but I had enough.  It had been an experience, I had seen the inside of a sex kino and participated.


Not have any energy left to try my first FKK in Hamburg and tomorrow morning I leave for Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt I would have to do my first FKK with no exceptions – the Palace.  Mongering in Hamburg had been good fun though, the Reeperbahn is a party street with lots of options for some P4P.

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