Krakow Poland

Its January 2011 and I am set for my first visit to Poland.  I will spending a long weekend in Krakow.  Like most eastern European sex tourist destinations you have the expensive lap dancing clubs in the city centre of Krakow.  On the outskirts of Krakow the brothels and sex clubs and then ringing around the local escort scene.

London to Krakow

Flew into Krakow with easyjet for a seedy long weekend booked a city centre apartment for  5 nights costing 1000 zloty. There are alot cheaper options, lots of hostels all over the city checkout hostelworld. 


There is not much scope for non pro or working girls back to your apartment,  at least not for me, YMMV.  So a hotel may be more appropriate.  In the upper class hotels 3 star plus there is suppose to be girls in the hotel lobbies and bar looking for custom.

krakow city centre
krakow poland

For escorts it is best to do incall, you visit them rather than them visiting you or outcall.  Reason being if you dont like what you see you move on to the next. You cannot rely on their internet profiles.

Roksa Escorts

Sat in my apartment I got on the mobile to some of my favourite Roksa escorts that I had already short listed back home. First few escorts I ring and no answer then a few others claimed they not speak English.  You have to persevere with this mode of mongering.   At this point was calling them from my mobile on an international number. Eventually get through to one located at 57 Jozefa Dietla. Checked it on my map as was within walking distance so made my way.

blonde polish whore
roksa escort

Inside the privat there was two older hardcore hookers and the other was the blonde on the Roksa site, no fake profile here, she was the girl in the picture.   Naturally I chose her, a local Polish girl.  Full sex 1 hour was only 100 zloty.  She would give me BBBJ CIM for another 100 zloty which I go for and was very good, she took pride in her work and continued to suck and lick as I am cum in her mouth.

After this session I pay for a local sim card in the tobacco shops for only 10 zloty, I had another phone with me for this purpose. When I set to ringing the Roksa escorts again the response was much better, ones that said they not speak English were now speaking English.

krakow escort
Roksa escort

The next escort from Roksa was located at Karlowicza 14, most girls agree to send you their address via sms. Could not find this one on the map so took a radio taxi there, it was not far away from my apartment. She was busy so had to walk about for 30 minutes before she rings me back. Inside could smell the sex of the punter who had just left. I hate this. But again she was the girl in the profile had a great ass and good doggy style sex with her.

krakow escort
krakow brothel

On my last day in Krakow made my way to a flat at Szeroka 22 in the Jewish quarter where there were 4 girls working.  Three were busy when I arrived and the only one left was a big girl who was pretty and polite but disappointed and tempted at the same time.

teen escort
teen roksa

I tried getting some teen pussy off Roksa, had been ringing her the whole duration of my stay in Krakow eventually I get through, she wont sms me her address she will give directions to a taxi driver. I hate taxi drivers. Good chance once I found one she would not be available anymore once I arrived.

Age concern

Advantage with going for a teen off an escort site like Roksa is they cannot overly lie about their age.  Older women especially your more mature whore always lie about their age.  So when you see 30, 35, even older probably better to add another 10 years or so, unless you are into grannies.  You are extremely unlikely to come across an underage girl on an escort site, saying she is 18 or 21.

Strip clubs

Visited the Taboo and VIP strip clubs in Krakow, both having a similar setup. There were some very pretty young eastern European girls dancing inside late teens early twenties.

strip club krakow
VIP stripclub

A private dance lasting about 5 minutes is 120 zloty, they strip naked and play with their tits and pussy but thats it. There was an entrance fee for Taboo which was 40 zloty and beers were 20 zloty.


Visited Flames strip bar on a Sunday night along Florianska Street.  I was the only one inside. Immediately I got short-changed for a beer costing 15 zloty and entrance fee the same. There was some really nice Latvian girls working inside.

strip club

The staff handed me the menu the cheapest lady drink was 100 the top one 800 zloty which would include 30 minutes private with one of the girls with touching included oooh!  When one of the Latvian girls realised I was not going to buy her a lady drink she offered me a private dance with touching for 7 minutes for 100 zloty. I went with this. She let me suck her tits grab her arse and feel her pussy. So better than the other upmarket strip clubs in Krakow.

Sex clubs – Casablanca

Only visited the one brothel cum sex club in Krakow – Casablanca and that was enough.  These sex clubs in Krakow are on the outskirts of the city and usually you will need a taxi to get there.  Taxi took the long route and charged me 14 zloty. Inside Casablanca it was very small and there was  half a dozen girls mostly 30+ yo and not really impressed.  The younger pretty girls work in the city centre strip clubs the older girls work in the sex clubs.  The last girl to come out and introduce herself to me was a small curvy redhead aged 25.

sex club

It was  20 zloty for a beer and 250 zloty for “one satisfaction” one hour.  Lady drink 60 zloty. I just went with the one hour with the redhead. Went to suck her tits wanted another 100 zloty for kissing, asked her to give me CBJ wanted another 100 zloty. So just went for a fuck she at least allowed this. After she wanted a tip!  What for? I exclaimed, as I leave the club she calling me stingy.

My taxi had gone so eventually called down one of those smart looking taxis with gangster looking guy inside – or mafia taxi as they are called – he took the short route back to the city centre and wanted 50 zloty for the privilege, I just laughed and handed him 20 and he shrugged and drove off.

Casablanca is one of the recommended sex clubs in Krakow, after this experience really not feel like trying any more clubs.  Im sure the service would improve if you were prepared to spend 1000 zloty but you get alot more bang for your buck going with the local escorts through Roksa.

Auschwitz – Day Trips

Game with the Polish escorts in Krakow on sites like Roksa is day and night so no matter when your horny.  The brothels and strips clubs are a night option only but not to late.  There are many day trips that can be organised in and around Krakow, the one I wanted to experience was Auschwitz.


A minibus takes your from Krakow to Auschwitz and it takes all day to go around the former nazi concentrations camps. A very sobering and harrowing experience even for dark souls like myself. I am only too aware of mans inhumanity to man and that it knows no boundaries. Takes your mind of pussy for a while and good to do some nornal tourist stuff. I do not suppose the people who suffered in these camps, it ever occured to them one day in the future it would be crawling with tourists.

Grodzka 42

Back to mongering in Krakow and nn my last night made my way to the flat down Grodzka 42 in the city centre. Two maturer dirty looking Polish whores inside and they agreed to threesome with BBBJ and CIM for 400 zloty. With some directing they did a really good job.

trimmed pussy
Polish Pussy

Overall I found Krakow to be a bit disappointing, was hoping Roksa escorts would be rich in pussy and cheap but found it quite hard work trying to get a girl and then the address. Even though I was in an apartment in Centrum most of the escorts are on the outskirts and hard to find on the map so have to use taxi drivers.

Generally around Krakow beer is cheap around 5 zloty for Polish pint. Food is cheap too.   Lots of hot local Polish girls around Krakow and some do seem interested in foreign guys. I did notice some very busty Polish girls.

2 thoughts on “Krakow Poland”

  1. Despite not being a very good place to monger Eastern Europe is still a popular destination thanks to its beautiful females – all of us hope to fuck the stereotypical good looking slim Eastern European girl whenever we go for a p4p adventure there, not forget that many have done it

  2. I was just in Krakow a couple of weeks ago. Argh: I fell for a “buy me a drink” scam. I was on the street, fairly late at night in the Kazimierz (old Jewish) quarter, just looking for a cafe with wifi. I saw some girl asking a taxi driver something. He didn’t seem to understand her, so I offered to help. She asked me for directions to (duh) Market Square (the largest “can’t miss it” tourist area in the city). (She was not particularly hot, and I thought she looked like a slightly lost tourist.) Damn it, she started flirting and then asked if I’d buy her a drink. “er, sure,” says my little brain. And she leads me past a bunch of lively places and into a totally dead underground bar. They serve no beer, just liquor. She quickly orders a scotch. I start to catch on, and say “wait! how much is it?” … in the end I lost 90 pln to her drink, got not so much as a peck on the cheek, but I got out of there without meeting any large men who wanted to escort me to an ATM… So … minor damage.

    But, ugh, I know this scam. At least 90 pln is only, what?, 30 euro or so? Maybe less.

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