Bucharest Romania

From Budapest in Hungary I took a flight into Bucharest Romania. Romanian girls are one of my favourite eastern European girls more Latin than Caucasian or Slavic and passionate with it.  Also in Romania I was hoping to meet some sexy gypsy girls.

Mongering Bucharest

A representative of the accommodation I had booked was at the airport to meet me and drive to my apartment in Bucharest city centre.  I was staying at Piata Universite overlooking the old hospital.  A good location for exploring Bucharest on Magheru Boulevard with many bars within easy walking distance.

Bucharest apartment

Prior to arrival knew very little about mongering in Bucharest but my sixth sense told me to make a trip to Romania.  I gathered some information from the world sex guide forums.  Like Budapest the general advice was to book a city centre apartment, buy a local sim card, browse the independent Bucharest escorts and get calling.

Old Town

My first evening I spent round the old town, plenty of bars around the old town of Bucharest, lots of young chic hip folk having a night out.  Watch your step though going through some re-development hoping for some mass tourism I guess.

old town

There was no obvious P4P around the old town of Bucharest.  No streetwalkers or their pimps attempting to ply their trade.  Bordellos on Strada Selariis an Irish pub is a great base to eat and drink and people watch.  Fantastic Romanian barmaid working in there, think she liked me too.  I was falling in love with her.


You can just see the Romanian barmaid walking back into Bordellos.  I should have been bold and asked her what time she finished.  She just typified Romanian beauty.  If only it had been a real Bordello and not a parady of one, and that  barmaid was an available whore, good wank tonight maybe.

Magheru Boulevard

After a little bar crawl around the old town and a few beers I then headed around to Magheru Boulevard. Magheru Boulevard is suppose to be good for streetwalkers, freelancers and massage parlours.  As I am walking down Magheru Boulevard I got approached by some gypsy girls and their pimps on the street but they look dodgy and were high on drugs. I walked in the direction of the McDonalds and stopped off at the cinema and sat down outside with a beer.  The McDonald’s along Magheru boulevard is suppose to be a pickup joint for some freelancers.  City center McDonalds can often be a pin on the map for some mongering.

Gypsy Spell

I had a thing for gypsy girls, not the drug addict street urchins but otherwise their beauty can be exceptional. Gypsies originate from India, they were nomadic and eventually ended up in eastern Europe most predominately Romania.  I had first come across some beautiful gypsy girls in Prague back in 2004.  These two gypsy streetwalkers were so beautiful and wanted to fuck me and my friend in the public toilet booth. That was the beginning of my gypsy spell. Those gypsy girls in Prague were from Varna in Bulgaria.  The following year we made a visit to Varna in Bulgaria and Golden Sands to follow up our gypsy lead.  I still had to fuck my first gypsy girl.

Gypsy Streetwalker

So I am sat outside the cinema drinking my beer watching the night go by down Magheru boulevard when this very attractive looking gypsy girl walked pass and our eyes locked! I waved her over, and close up under the light I liked her very much.

romania gyspy
gypsy streetwalker

For a gypsy girl she was clean, not on drugs and very polite.  She was intelligent and spoke excellent English. She tells me she often worked in Germany, but was home in Bucharest visiting family.  I wanted to fuck this sexy slutty gypsy girl, she was obviously a whore and up for some P4P.

Bucharest gypsy girl
Romanian gypsy

We talked business and sure enough she was up for some sex back at my apartment.  We agreed 200 RON which is approx 50 euros.

Gypsy Slut

We took a taxi back to my apartment. Paid her up front.  She took a shower first then me.  While she was in the shower I made sure all my valuables were locked away.  You can never trust a streetwalker back in your apartment or hotel.

When I came out of the shower she was laid on the bed fully naked with her legs spread.  I had a dirty gypsy slut who wanted a good fucking.  She had a good body, her pussy was shaved, the only blemish was a scar across her tummy.  A good fuck with my first gypsy girl.  At one point when I was on top fucking her, she tried to unlock my gold chain, they are always looking for an opportunity to steal something value, even the nice ones.  Nice BBBJ and she let me finish off in her mouth CIM.  Not a bad session at all for 50 euros.


Before she left she gave me her phone number and was up for some repeat business calling me ‘baby’. Keeping contacts can be a good option as you can suggest to her to bring along a friend for a threesome. Not really into repeat business though when mongering, I want a different girl every day.  My first night mongering in Bucharest had been a success and I had broke my gypsy spell.

Bucharest Escorts

The next morning, it being a weekday I began ringing the Bucharest escorts.  Back at home in London I had already short listed the beautiful Romanian whores I wanted to fuck from DameDeLux escort site.  I know these images are photo shopped but you know you are not going to be disappointed when you meet these Romanian whores face to face.  Look at those Romanian beauties they just got slut in their genes.

Bucharest escort
Romania escort

I first rang Anemona my favourite and got through.  She said she would come over to my apartment. I texted her my address.  Was laying on the bed waiting with an full erection just thinking what I would get up to with this Romanian whore.  Twenty minutes later, she texted me back cannot come until 4 hours later!  Had to take her mother to the airport. More like someone else had rung just after me and out bid me by booking her for a longer period.

Time wasting

So my second choice was Chrissy.  Got through, yes she would come over, texted her my address, one hour later I am still waiting and try to call her but cant get through.

romanian whore
bucharest escort

Never heard from Chris again. Waste of fucking time! you need alot of patience dealing with the Bucharest escorts.  I failed dismally to get these gorgeous Bucharest escorts to come to my apartment.  The apartment was good for the streetwalkers you may find along Magheru boulevard but not the escorts doing out calls.

Erotic Massage

Another option in Bucharest for some P4P was an Erotic massage. I went with Perfect Massage down Magheru boulevard near Piata Romana.

erotic massage

Found Perfect Massage and entered inside.  There was around half a dozen young Romanian girls sat around, some looked totally bored. Picked one young Romanian girl with big firm tits. The massage itself was pretty average but the handjob was very good – she made sure I was totally empty.  She massaged me topless and not mind me fondling her lovely tits with puff nipples. What I really wanted though was full sex but this it seems is strictly prohibited in these erotic massage establishments.

Naked Romania
Romania pussy

Romanian girls to me are some of the most sexiest on the planet. Those Romanian girls have it all, the curves, the slutty looks and often they love sex as much as a monger does.

Mongering in Bucharest had been alot better than my experiences in Budapest but again the escort scene had been a complete waste of time.  Shame because had those Romanian beauties came round to my apartment and given me the PSE and or GFE Bucharest would have come in tops.  Oh well, up early in the morning for my flight to Odessa in Ukraine.

12 thoughts on “Bucharest Romania”

  1. If I ever get to Romania id visit Bucarest and Constança along the coast to party and pick up local chicks – never fucked a nice Romanian girl though, still looking for her but quite hard to find them online in Madrid

    1. I would have thought there would be plenty of Romanian pussy available in Spain and Madrid. The nationality with the most whores in Europe are Romanian. Maybe they are not so in demand in latin europe, more so in northern europe due to them being latin.

      I was considering visiting more of Romania including Timişoara and Constanţa. I think when mongering in Europe and your young you should target the non pro girls too. And do normal tourist stuff. Sometimes we pay for it, sometimes we get it for free. you should be open to both options for some pussy. These PUA who never pay for it are bullshitters. PUA = P4P at least sometimes. Why not?

      1. there is plenty of Romanian pussy but many of them are in the streets, some at the sex clubs and brothels and very few online. The thing is that I don’t know if id go to a sexclub by myself, plus aint messing with street whores – my modus operandi is calling escorts and going to their location, perhaps and asIan whorehouse, very rarely Russian brothels – plus hey I talk about it short and sweet on my Romanian Whores in Madrid post, I point out the dilema of finding a nice Romanian whore online

    1. I cannot remember the exact price but not bad. Its fixed what you get an erotic massage in bucharest includes massage, topless and hand job, there was no negotiation for anything more in these erotic massage establishments. no doubt you could build a rapport with your massage girl within the hour and if you like her and want more arrange to meet out of hours.

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  5. Welcome at Bucharest escort directory. Bucharest escorts In this section you find independent escorts, escort agencies and strip clubs from Bucharest, Romania.Bucharest escorts

    Welcome at Bucharest escort directory. bucharest escorts In this section you find independent escorts, escort agencies and strip clubs from Bucharest, Romania.bucharest escorts

  6. Is there no brothel websites? how much is the rate for 1 hour all included? just like zloty.pl, romania doesnt have that?

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