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In the late summer of 2009 I planned my eastern promise mongering tour.  I would begin in the capital of Hungary Budapest.  I would spend a couple of nights in Budapest and then fly to its neighbour Bucharest in Romania.  From Bucharest I would fly to Odessa in the Ukraine.  This report is a summary of my experiences mongering in Budapest.

Local Escorts

I was staying in an Apartment on Kiraly Utca.  This was the first apartment I had ever booked on a mongering trip usually staying in girl friendly hotels.  The general mongering advice for Budapest was to use the local escort market, ringing around and either visit the escort – incalls or get them to visit you – outcalls.  With outcalls usually costing a little more due to the escorts time and travel costs.

hungary whore
budapest escort

From home in London I had already rang around a few escorts working in Budapest using redzone. and really wanted to visit Lisa.  To be taken seriously you need to buy a local sim card once in Hungary and then ring the escorts.  They can ignore international numbers writing them off as time wasters either rightly or wrongly.  Budapest is broken down into districts and certain districts tend to have a higher concentration of escorts than the others.

Old Mans Pub

My first night in Budapest I visited the Old Mans pub budapest.  The old mans pub is supposed to be good for pick up including semi pro girls and freelancers.

Old Mans Pub

It was mid-week in the Old Mans Pub and not many patrons inside.  The Old Man Pub livens up later though and usually stays open until 4am.  A pint of Heineken set me back 750 forint.

Gypsy streetwalkers

I wandered about outside for a bit to check out the area and any streetwalkers.  I got approached around Blaha Lujza square by a gypsy girl.  The gypsy girl looked a bit rough though and she was not doing it for me.  She would come back to my apartment for 1 hour, do anything I wanted for 50 euros.  There was a few gypsy streetwalkers around Blaha Lujza for the taking.


The next day was beautiful weather in Budapest and I did the normal tourist things like a city tour on top of an open bus.  An open top bus tour is always a good way to get your bearings when visiting a new city.


That afternoon in Budapest I had a few beers in a few bars and watched all the beautiful Hungarian girls walking pass and got a few smiles.  Hungarian women are very beautiful but they are not all whores or up for some P4P, shame.  Some casual sex would be nice, after a few glasses of wine maybe?   Even if P4P is thin on the ground I can enjoy a city like Budapest as a tourist not just as a sex tourist. Important to have other interests than just ethnic pussy so as not to come away totally disappointed,

Ringing Around

That evening in Budapest I ring around the escorts.  I really wanted to meet and fuck Lisa but she not do ‘escort’ meaning she not visit you, she not do out-calls you have to visit her. If I had of visited her the cost would have been only 10,000 forint!  That is around $30. There is a safety issue for escorts doing out-calls, once they know you then they are alot more comfortable with the idea.

Hard Work

There can be a language problem with some escorts when in a foreign city.  Some escorts who speak English will charge extra for tourists or if you are not local.  I really not fancy travelling around the outer districts.  An associated problem is then using the local transport or not getting ripped off by Mafia taxi. Visiting the escorts can be very hard work with no guarantees they will be available when you arrive! Not the reason I rented an apartment.  No I was lazy and wanted the escorts to visit me.

Black Escort

Eventually get a black escort to come to my apartment in Budapest.  This black girl was aged 25, not a bad experience but all covered she was friendly enough.  She was offering me cocaine once we had finished or put me in contact with a drug dealer.  For the escorts in Budapest to visit your apartment or hotel they usually ask for 25,000 forint including 5000 for the taxi, which is around $90. You get 1 hour.  May get cheaper if you ring around. I must admit after a few minutes of ringing up different escorts I  start getting really bored and I start longing for a good gogo bar or sex club.


Ringing around escorts is not my Modus Operandi, but willing to try things.  Escorts are also notorious for bait and switch and photo shopped images on their profiles.  On their profiles they tell lies especially about their age and maybe some of the sexual services they offer.  Its all to gain an initial interest and an investment of your time in them.  Once arrived you have few other options. Whereas in a brothel or club you meet the girls face to face, sometimes semi naked.

Vaci Utca

The tourist heart and tourist trap of Budapest is the strip called Vaci Utca.  Plenty of bars and restaurants along Vaci Utca but also many scams for the unsuspecting sex tourist.

Vaci Utca

After some beef goulash soup I was considering having a massage.  Plenty of Thai massage parlours down Vaci Utca and I enquired within.  God! I am mongering in Budapest Hungary fucking black hookers and now considering a Thai pussy in Europe!  Something is wrong.

Threesome scam

I return to Vaci Utca that night in Budapest to check out the scene and got approached by two attractive blonde eastern European girls who are out to scam unsuspecting tourists. They start a conversation then ask you to join them for a drink.  If you not know better you may think its your lucky day and your imagination goes wild with a threesome fantasy just a few drinks away.  But these attractive sexy girls walking up and down in pairs along Vaci Utca are in collusion with whatever dodgy bar or restaurant they want to take you.  They will order expensive drinks, the menu will be switched and the girls will disappear.  Eventually you get a horrific bill. Be warned!

Budapest Sex Guide

I played along with these two sexy blonde girls for a bit and suggested a threesome back at my apartment, but they wanted to go for a drink first.  Another guy on the street along Vaci Utca showed me a porn video on his mobile and asked me did I want some girls?

vaci utca

I noticed only one sex club down vaci utca but did not go inside, too scared, cheap to enter expensive to exit.  Budapest is probably one of the scam capitals of Europe.  A good sex guide to Budapest is the Budapest sex guide and sexiside Budapest.  Both Budapest guide lists the best sex clubs, peeps shows, sex shops, escorts and sex clubs as well as the ones to avoid and scams to watch out for.

Peep Show Blowjob

My last day in Budapest and I enter a peep show down Rakoczi. Took a 23 yo Hungarian girl into a cubicle where she gives you a covered blowjob through a gap in the glass cost 9000 forint, bit like a glory hole. You can pay for full sex. I just went with the blowjob. It was hot and uncomfortable in the peep show. But she tried her best. That same evening I was meant to visit Halos strip club down Kiraly utca but did not make it.

naked Hungarian
trimmed pussy

Mongering in Budapest for me had not been good, even though I did a fair amount of research on the Budapest sex guides.  There was the realisation that the P4P options available on the continent were not much better than those found at home in London.  All the P4P options in Budapest are too far apart and quite expensive. Hungarian women are beautiful though and quite friendly.  Next stop Bucharest in Romania  and then onto Odessa in the Ukraine.

3 thoughts on “Budapest Hungary”

  1. I was considering Budapest back in 012 but wasn’t really convinced on what I’ve read, plus didn’t see much personal info, I would rather monger in London even if hungarian women are just gorgeous. Calling escorts in a foreign country can be a challenge if you do not speak the local language, don’t know good websites to find whores nor have any idea how mongering scene evolves there. In my blog I guide how to contact call a sport any where in Spain even you do not speak Spanish.

    In Western EU, there isn’t much stuff like Vaci Utca because they didn’t put that cheap sex beautiful ladies image out there.

    1. Yes I forgot to mention Hungarian woman, or some of the woman I saw around Budapest were very beautiful, dark haired sexy beauties. Got a few smiles sat outside in the sunshine drinking a beer. Was lovely weather when I was in Budapest which always brings out the sexy girls in little clothing. Those with it, like an excuse to show it off. I first noticed gorgeous Hungarian women once when I flew to Thailand via Budapest and had to spend a few hour in the airport. The only Hungarian girl I managed was in the peep show and she was nice. I felt like a dirty old man when I came out of that peep show. lol I would like to try my luck again in Budapest sometime, concentrate more on the recommended sex clubs and make more of an effort to visit the escorts in the outer districts maybe rent an apartment there so not so much travelling to do. Budapest was the first time I tried this form of mongering, staying in an apartment and ringing the local escorts. Not go so well the first time. More perfected this technique in Krakow Poland. More on that later.

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