Amsterdam Red Light District

From Cologne in west Germany I take the train to Amsterdam in Holland.  It was over 20 years ago I was last in Amsterdam as a young man trying to find my way in the big bad world and discovering my sexuality and identity.  I would be returning to Amsterdam as a hardcore monger, not a wide eyed newbie in denial.


Arrived in Amsterdam Central station having taken the train from Cologne in Germany using the DB Bahn  train operator costing 29 euros that I had booked up online prior to the trip. The whole EuroSex 2009 tour had been booked up online.

dam square

All train journeys and all hotel bookings. I think its better this way else in anyone location you can get lazy and decide to stay put. Having booked it all up online and having paid for reservations gives you the impetus to see your original plan through.

Old Nickel Hotel

It was early afternoon in Amsterdam and it was a bright sunny day with a little chill in the air. I was staying at the Old Nickel Hotel for 45 euros a night.

amsterdam hotel
Old Nickel

The Old Nickel is a comfortable friendly little typical Dutch hotel/pub just across the road from centraal station on Nieuwe Brugsteeg and a 2 minute walk from the centre of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Im told as I check in, the door shuts at 1 AM but the bar stays open till 4 AM, between 4 AM and 7 AM there will be no one to let me in, so you need to get back before 4 AM. Sounded OK to me, I very rarely last beyond midnight.


It was over 20 years since I was last in Amsterdam, back then yes I was interested in sex but was also a heavy pot smoker. For me, Amsterdam is the birthplace of my whore mongering lifestyle, where the hobby first began.  Before my return to Amsterdam I was wondering maybe there is where the lifestyle may end too!  I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with P4P as it becomes much more about taking your money with a big a pleasure deficit. In the Brussels Red Light district liaisons a few days before I had been left very discontented with the experience, but an experience it was all the same. Better than spending ones life continually in the tedium of the day to day grind.

Red Light District Daytime

I dropped my gear off in the Old Nickel, had a beer at the bar and headed towards the red light district which is centred around the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. The day shift was in full swing, a right mixture of old, young, trannies, latinas, blacks, eastern Europeans and of course some Dutch whores too.

red light district
red light district

The Banana bar was still there along with all the sex cinema’s, peep shows, sex shops and the Bulldog coffeeshops. Iv done all these seedy places before on my first trips here and it was not the sort of entertainment I wanted to indulge in this time round. Very commercialised, you just feel you are being exploited.  I wanted to fuck some quality pussy, to improve upon my 15 minute quickie technique.

Mainstream Tourism

What I did notice alot more this trip to Amsterdam were lots more mainstream tourists, big groups of tourists everywhere with their paid guide.  Asians, Europeans, old and young, after all Amsterdam is a world famous sin city, the red light district being its major attraction.

sex tourists
Bulldog Amsterdam

Good business for the guides no doubt but not sure for the working girls as possible punters shy away with such a bunch of inquisitive onlookers all the time. There was also some building work going on in a few alleys.  I am told the red light district of Amsterdam is shrinking as the authorities crack down, a street is now being converted to fashion boutiques.

Coffee shop Culture

What has multiplied since I was last in Amsterdam is coffee shops where you can buy some weed sit down and smoke it, they are everywhere now. With these comes groups of young kids high on its drug.  With Amsterdam I suppose being their Mecca a place to come at least once a year and worship Marijuana then pretend to laugh at the world around them between breaks of extreme fear and Paranoia. When you see some of drugs older casualties sat around Im glad I grew out of this Cannabis culture. Id much rather they prune back this smoking weed rather than the legal prostitution.

Window Shopping

A few of the attractive girls working in the windows I had a little chat with and most were quoting 50 euros for 15 minutes and multiple orgasms oops I mean positions.  I returned later that night and had a good walk around all the streets and little alleyways that seem to abound around the red light district. You can spend a couple of hours just window shopping. Its worth making a few tours around as some girls would have been working previously with their curtains closed.

red light district
window shopping

I noticed another nice very attractive dark skinned looking girl near the church a little off the main drag called Lange Niezel. She opened the door and waved me over. She told me she was from the Dominican Republic and quoted me 30 euros for suck and fuck with multiple positions as I liked. I decided to enter as she had a nice manner about her and I did not think she would fuck me around once inside.

Dominican Hooker

She was very pretty with distinctive mixed race black-latina looks about her with a nice curvy figure. She stripped off and her pussy was fully shaved. She kept her bra on but I knew what was coming if I asked her to remove that – it was going to be another 20 euros at least, the dreaded upsell, see this experience is now paying off. I was horny but had also had a few beers during the afternoon and evening and wondered if again I would be able to cum?

She sat on the bed in front of me and played with my cock and balls for a minute or two, I got hard and she slipped on a condom and then began to suck and lick my cock.  I got my mind into gear and with a little imagination just enjoyed it for what it was – a CBJ. She seemed to know the precise moment for when I was ready to fuck, she rubbed some jelly into her pussy and then with her back to me bent over the bed and offered me to enter her from behind.  To fuck her doggy my favourite position.

Porn Star Experience

It felt good fucking her and with the mirror on the walls I could watch me and her fucking from both sides which definitely heightened the experience. I could also not help noticing my belly too and I seriously need to get down the gym! Other than that is was definitely the Porn Star Experience.  Again at the precise moment she seemed to know when it was ready to change positions, she lay on the bed opened her legs and I fucked her missionary style. She was making the right noises and pretended to be enjoying it, who knows maybe she was?

No Regrets

Within a few minutes I had completely emptied by balls deep inside her.. well into the condom.  We got dressed and I could not help noticing a bin full of tissues, a good days earnings for her no doubt. I wanted to take a picture of her from behind in the room for an extra 10 euros but her reply was ‘no way’.

We said our goodbyes and I left it at that. A good fuck actually but you have to finish within 15 minutes or else pay double. I am told these girls hire these little rooms out for around 150 euros a day depending where they are but they typically make 500 euros some alot more.  My second prostitute in Amsterdam after nearly a 25 year gap.  Few problems this time and no regrets.

Morning Punters

On my last day in Amsterdam I wanted to have a morning fuck with one of the red light ladies of Amsterdam. I walked around the red light district in the morning and come about 10:30 AM lots of the girls were beginning their day shift of sucking and fucking.

red light district
morning punters

Down the small allies there was this very cute slim young woman that was the best I had seen. She opened the door and she was aged 20 and from Varna in Bulgaria.  She has worked in Golden Sands and Sofia before. She was hot, slim but with a nice sized pair of tits and curvy little bottom. She had a tanned complexion, long thick dark hair with blond highlights, beautiful big brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. You cant help noticing her if your walking about Amsterdam’s red light district.

Bulgarian Hooker

The gorgeous Bulgarian hooker took me upstairs to her boudoir.  She was renting a very large comfy room, she had all the sexual Paraphernalia hanging on the walls, whips, uniforms, you name it, it was all there.

For a 15 minute quickie it was going to be 50 euros for suck and fuck with different positions. I went just for the quickie as I was horny and did not think I would have a problem this morning trying to cum within the time limit, not with this hot little Bulgarian girl anyway. She reeled off extra services she could offer, but she spoke too fast to really understand her, something about wanting to lick her pussy, extending the time to 30 minutes was going to be 100 euros.

We both stripped off and she had a fully shaved pussy. I lay on the double bed and she got me hard then very skilfully put a condom on my full erection, she then began to lick and suck.  Generally I think a covered blowjob is a waste of time, but I used my imagination, and watched her as she watched me, her eyes were beautiful and her tongue very pink as she licked and sucked my cock.

School girl fantasy

Then it was time to fuck, she turned round and over for the doggy style position. I entered her from behind and began to fuck her.   Again there were mirrors on the wall and this heightened the experience, to see this young fit body of hers on all fours with me fucking her from behind.  She had a little school skirt on that I lifted up over her beautifully shaped tanned buttocks and slapped her ass gently as I fucker her pussy intensely.  I imagined myself fucking a slutty little school girl on her lunch-break.  It was becoming a very erotic experience.

Time Limit

She then sat on top of me, and then I wanted to get on top of her but she not want to do the missionary position. She say multiple positions is only two positions. So it was back to doggy.  Time was running out and I was becoming aware of it.  I wanted to cum, she wanted me too, I was in the rhythm but then she started to move too and it spoiled my concentration. Just as I started to cum, time was up and she pulled away. A little frustrating for me, dont know if it was a tactic of hers to do this to get you to pay for another 15 minutes. Who knows?

red light sex trips
Amsterdam hooker

We get dressed and she tells me she only does the dayshift in Amsterdam until 6pm because too many bullshitters about at night, too many drunks. Yes there are some classy girls working in the daytime in the red light district of Amsterdam, but there are at night too. She was very keen to get back into her window and kept saying ‘time is money’ I reckon she is not in the window for long before someone else is led up her stairs. She must be making a fortune.  One of those most beautiful whores I have fucked, if not to completion.  Still need to perfect the 15 minute quickie or spend another 50 euros.

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  1. Life is unfair: wanking 5mins and hard to cum in a suck and fuck with a pretty whore 😛 perhaps I’m not old enough to have a school girl fantasy, but I fantasize about a me being in a bathhouse with a pretty tight Asian girl 😛

    1. Young guys tend to fantasise more being with an older more mature woman, a MILF, cougar probably some form of Oedipus complex 🙂
      The naughty slutty school girl is one of many stock fantasies I use when under pressure to cum. A common fantasy of men

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