One Night Amsterdam

Thirty years ago in 1985 I took my first trip to Amsterdam in Holland with a bunch of good friends for a dirty weekend.  We would primarily be smoking alot of cannabis in the coffee shops and visiting the infamous red light district of Amsterdam.

London to Amsterdam

Amsterdam was renowned for its social liberalism and freedom.  Amsterdam was notorious for sex drugs and  prostitution and a visit to the coffee shops and brothels was a rite of passage for many young men. The eighties were in an age before the internet.  We had to go into a local high street travel agent to get booked up. We were going by ferry from Harwich on the east coast of England to the hook of Holland in the Netherlands.  The trip took about 8 hours and the sea was rough.  We  had to mind our step on the boat as a group of Hells Angels were making the trip too.

From the hook of Holland we took a train to Amsterdam in the early hours of Saturday morning finally arriving at Central station.  When walking around Dam Square, the land was moving still from the rough sea and too many joints on the ferry.

First Coffee Shop

We made it to our cheap hotel in Amsterdam and then wandered around on the streets.  It was freezing cold being late January, snow on the ground and the canals were frozen over.

Bullldog amsterdam
Amsterdam coffee shop

Ordered some weird Dutch food, they are not renowned for their cuisine. We had a few beers in a local bar and then into our first coffee shop.  Paid for some cannabis and smoked a few joints, then back to the hotel.  On the way we stopped to look inside a sex shop at all the magazines on sell.  Quite shocking on full show was girls with horses cocks in their mouths, bestiality.   Back at the hotel we played cards and got totally out of it.  Due to a lack of sleep the night before on the boat eventually we all passed out.

One night in Amsterdam

We only had the one night in Amsterdam so needed to be a good one.  Luckily I woke up and had to shake everyone else out of their drugs induced coma.  It was dark now but the night was young.  We made our way out and found a quiet little Dutch bar where we could sink some heinekens.

Amsterdam red light district
Amsterdam 1985

We not really knew where we were heading but just wanted to end up in the red light district of Amsterdam.  In the distant we saw a street all lit up with neon lights and looked like a good place to start the night of sin. It was a little street with titty bars and strip clubs, we enjoyed the entertainment and the first time I had ever been in such clubs and seen naked women dancing in front of me.

Red Light District

Later still trying to find the red light district of Amsterdam we just followed the stream of people on the street that seem to know the direction they were heading.  Filled with Dutch courage we were even running across the frozen canals.

red light girls
Amsterdam window

Eventually we arrived at the red light district and there in the red light windows were all these sexy women dressed in lingerie.  It was a sight to behold, like nothing I had ever seen before.  We wandered up and down the little winding streets of Amsterdam red light district looking at all the prostitutes our eyes popping out of our heads.

Black Church

We decided to go into our first sex club in the red light district,  it was called the Black Church. Cost so many guilders to enter and you got a ticket time stamped.  You had 45 minutes and could drink as much as you liked.  All the women were naked inside, including the barmaids serving beer out of a flexible hose.  I looked around, one girl had her legs open over the bar and a punter had his head inside her pussy.  A black whore was rubbing her pussy on top of my friends head.  Some girls then came out and did a pussy show, sticking bananas up their cunts and firing pin pong balls and all that, entertaining for the first time but not really my thing.  My mind was really outside with all those gorgeous sexy whores standing in the windows in lingerie.  Would I fuck my first whore ever tonight?

My first Prostitute

We wandered around the streets of Amsterdam red light district some more and eventually I saw a dark woman standing in the window in white lingerie that I could not resist and she let me in through the door. Technically I was still a virgin.  We stripped off and she had a perfect body, lovely firm tits that I sucked on and a bushy hairy pussy that I kept rubbing.  She was north African from Morocco.  I was drunk and she put a condom on and I tried to fuck her but not go so well then my 15 minutes was up.  Outside my friends had all gone in with a whore too once one of us had.  It had been a good laugh and a great night.

Back for seconds

Back at the hotel me and one friend returned to the red light district for seconds.  Was late now, or early morning, not so many people around.  There was some nice black hookers in the windows and was considering my first black pussy. There was also some large groups of black men standing about in the shadows waiting to mug some unfortunate tourists. One came over to us and asked for a light, but we just pushed pass him, we knew what was about to go down.  A year later one of my friends was mugged at knifepoint exactly in this situation in the red light district of Amsterdam.

Regrets, Reputation

Back home, I had some regrets going with my first prostitute.   People talked and soon everyone would know that I went with a whore, a bit of a stigma for a young man.  All my friends had gone with a whore too so I was not alone.  Still, I had a check up with the doctor just to ease my conscience. The doctor was a religious man and suggested I read the bible 🙂

Return to Amsterdam

I spent the next couple of years returning to Amsterdam, more to enjoy the night-life and smoke cannabis.  I just loved being in Amsterdam, Dutch culture and thought I might find myself a Dutch girlfriend.  I not go with another whore in Amsterdams red light district although I had a good look and wanted too.

red light district

I was just worried about my reputation back home. Your best friends behind you  back are your worst enemies.  If an attractive girl expresses interest in you they are only too eager to inform her you pay for sex. you have been with prostitutes, a beta male.

Making of a Monger

When you get older, you realise worrying about what other people think is a waste of time.  Best to be discrete though, what you get up to is no one else business.  Where there are no victims there is no crime, just two consenting adults.  An idea or truism wasted on todays morale majority who still think they can put an end to the oldest profession.  Today Amsterdams red light district is shrinking in a futile attempt to stop crime and people trafficking.

Perhaps that one night in Amsterdam, my first time with a whore set a precedent, it was the making of a future monger.  A small bump causing a life long change of trajectory.  We can always ask what if?  What if around the same time I had met a nice girl and fallen in love, like so many others do?

I would return to Amsterdam in April 2009 as a hardcore monger with pussy on my mind.

2 thoughts on “One Night Amsterdam”

  1. Technically a virgin what does that even mean? Was it the first time you put your dick inside a pussy? That’s the problem with Nordic cultures you guys are so Puritan, that even fucking a whore a is a sin; here in Spain is no problem, I mongered with friends and never told their girls about it, sometimes I even tell them when I fuck a whore, you just don’t tell women NO NO – in the US some people picked on my when I told friend I whoremongered, he told many people, even a girl

    1. I was only 18 and lost my virginity late. I was a late developer and shy of my body. Like the experience with this hooker I had just fumbled around with girls usually when I was drunk. I remember at that age there was alot of pressure to not be a virgin! I hated it. So from peer pressure you go through the motions even if your heart says otherwise. You want to be accepted. Losing your virginity is fucking a girl because you want to and having an orgasm in her pussy. Sticking it in and out is not losing your virginity it needs to be making love.

      Often when we tell friends things we have done it is to gain some value in their eyes. I dont think your friend knowing you pay for sex is elevating your status in their minds. Be sure they will talk behind your back, like you do theirs, we all do it. I would rather not do my dirty washing in public. Or dont shit on your own doorstep!
      Funny, the other night I dream I was fucking a whore on a bed in the street I grew up in, and I was looking around as I was doing it for acceptance 🙂

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