Amsterdam Sex Trips

Amsterdam Red Light sex trips is pure reality porn straight out of the red light district of Amsterdam. This is monger porn, only real sex tourists being hooked up with real whores.  This is where sex tourists from all over the world visit Amsterdam for the first time and book themselves a hooker through red light sex trips operators.

Red Light Sex Tours

The tour-operators of Amsterdam sex trips take sex tourists from all over the world on a guided tour of the Red Light District while recording everything on a camera. The tours begin at popular spots in Amsterdam where we meet. We show some real Dutch culture, habits and typical Dutch food (kroket, stroopwafel, etc).

red light sex trips
Amsterdam sex tours

Tourists are not allowed to film at the Red Light District in Amsterdam, but with the right connections Red Light sex tours can film with some of the hookers. With other prostitutes Red Light sex tours use a spy cameras to give you the best experience on our, sometimes dangerous, red light sex trips!

mature gent fucks dutch hooker
Amsterdam hooker

Amsterdam sex tourists

Here is a small selection of some of the experiences fucking whores in the red light district of Amsterdam. These were with sex tourists from all over the world visiting Amsterdam for the first time.  Young, old, fat, thin, small, tall, handsome, ugly black and white.  They all had their first experience with a prostitute in Amsterdam through red light sex trips.

Israel Sex tourist

Josef from Israel is living proof that you’re never too old or too ugly to pay a visit to the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Not only that, but you are also never to old to fuck a latina chick!

red light sex trips
latina prostitute

Our very own red light tour operator Jaap shows our Israel sex tourist a great piece of Amsterdam ass: the amazing Isabella. This is going to be a good one…

red light sex trip
Amsterdam sex

Always wondered what it’s like in the red light district of Amsterdam? Now it’s the time to find out! At you can see everything about the hottest hookers of Amsterdam, the best coffee shops to go to and get stoned and tons of other cool stuff!

Switzerland sex tourist

Danny is crazy about young looking girls and loves prostitutes. We arranged the perfect combination for this sex tourist from Switzerland. We took him on a fun strip trough sunny Amsterdam and enjoyed the summer time in the city.

sex trip amsterdam
young prostitute

The moment we showed Nisha, a young prostitute working in Amsterdam to Danny he fell directly in love with her. Romantic and erotic moments followed quickly, he left totally satisfied.

Just a few sex pictures from Amsterdam! The Dutch city where you can do anything! Where you can get you’re snacks through the wall, where you can buy drugs on every corner off the street and where you can find our lovely hookers all over the red light district and its perfectly legal!

amsterdam whore
blonde hooker

This week we got 2 guys who came to Amsterdam for our girls who love shaved pussy and blondes in the Red Light district of Amsterdam!

Polish Sex Tourist

We took Jost, who is an old sex tourist from Poland, on a tour along the Waterloo Square flee market before we have a drink and of course to talk about his sexual desires:  This old Polish man wants a young natural looking girl between twenty and thirty and preferably dark haired.

amsterdam hooker
young whore

So we took him to Anouschka who seemed to fit the bill perfectly. She could even fulfill a very special wish of Jost who likes them young with a nice pair of tits and give good blowjobs.  Today was his lucky day in Amsterdam.

Most girls work on their own in Amsterdam, renting out their own booth.  But if you want two or more girls, if your fantasy is a threesome, anything can be arranged in the red light district of Amsterdam!

threesome blowjob
Amsterdam threesome

Want a threesome in Amsterdam,want two girls to suck on your cock, want to cum in their mouths, it can be arranged, there are always girls who will say yes, but will cost you some extra euros, its above and beyond the standard program.

Sex Tourist from Sweden

Dominique is from Sweden and after he had done some window shopping in Amsterdams red light distrct he told us what he would like to do. For one, he like exotic African women because they have such beautiful black ass!

Amsterdam nigger whore
black whore

Well there are many ethnicities of girls working in Amsterdam and black African girls are no exception.  So we took this white sex tourist to fuck the ebony whore of his wet dreams. He loves to fuck black girls doggy and then cum all over their black tits, no problem for an extra 50 euros!

Sex Tourist from Denmark

Bjørn is from Denmark and our sex tour guide took him to the Art Cafe where he was confronted with Dutch beer and bitter balls, a pub snack. Bjørn wanted to go for the full package: Kissing, sixty nine and a good blow job but he also wanted a little extra added: Smoking a joint while he was fucking blonde Lena!

amsterdam whore
shaved brunette

This horny sex tourist from Denmark liked them young, shaved pussy and a brunette.  He was totally satisfied fucking Lena for 30 minutes who fits the bill and gives great service and great head with no condom.

amsterdam cumface
hooker cumface

Want to cum all over a white hookers face, in Amsterdam it can be arranged, want rough sex? it can be arranged through the red light sex tours hooker booker.

facial amsterdam

Some mongers to Amsterdam love to fuck the same hookers with their mates, a gangbang or Bukkake.  These two Johns wanted to cum together all over the face of an Amsterdam hooker with some CIM too.  No problem, your wish is Amsterdam sex tours command, they will find the hooker of your desires somewhere in the windows of the red light district.

amsterdam ebony
black hooker

Walking around the little streets of Amsterdam is such a great experience. You will get to feast your eyes on beautiful exotic whores from all over the world who come to work in the windows of the red light district.  For sure you will see a hooker you cannot resist and slip into her little room for a good fucking. resistance is futile.

asian amsterdam
asian hooker

You cannot fail to find the hooker of your dreams in Amsterdams red light district.  You can take the risk out of the equation and book an Amsterdam sex guide at Red Light sex tours once you join. Every monger should experience Amsterdam before one day it is all gone.

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