Cologne Germany

From Brussels in Belgium I made by way by train into Germany and to the city of Cologne.  As with Belgium this was my first visit to Germany in Western Europe.  Cologne had some interesting mongering options, some FKKs and Europe’s largest brothel Pascha.

Germany is probably one of the best countries in Europe if not the world for whore mongering. Germany boasts the most working girls or prostitutes numbering close to 500,000 over two-thirds of which are immigrants mostly from Eastern Europe.  So Cologne was a good place to start my mongering affair with Germany.


Eigestein is a little street in Cologne just around the corner from the Station hotel/hostel.  Eigestein is in the opposite direction to the Cologne Cathedral.

eigestein cologne

Gypsy Whores

At the top end of Eigestein are a handful of small bars with whores inside. The first bar I went in had  5 Romanian Gypsy girls inside trying to get some business.  The gypsy girls looked rough and had seen better days.  I sat down with my beer and then the whores take it in turn to come over and sit with you.  The first whore to come over was very old and her teeth were black and some missing.  She not speak a word of English and so made hand gestures for sex. I made it clear I was not interested, at least not with her.

Under the table

The next gypsy whore to come over was younger in her twenties and quite attractive with a big pair of firm tits jutting out, she also spoke pretty good English. She told me 50 euros for sex plus 20 euros for the hotel short time room just across the street.  All the usual was on offer, sucking and fucking with a condom. She then began to play with my cock through my jeans under the table and I was getting an erection.

One eyed whore

This young gypsy whore knew how to play with a cock. She then wanted me to buy her a drink, this has to be a Campari and costs 5 euros. I offered a beer but she was not interested. She persisted but I did not want to commit myself at this moment as wanted to explore the other bars around Eigestein . Her  gypsy friend then came over and sat opposite, she was blind in one eye and had signs of some skin fungi infection in the past. The gypsy girl sat beside me was making suggestions of a threesome now. I finished my beer and politely made my escape and gave her a couple of euro’s for the pleasure of her company.

Bulgarian whores

Across the road on Eigestein I entered another bar, in this one there was a Thai woman working in the bar and now about 4 or 5 Bulgarian girls.  All the Bulgarian whores were a bit on the rough side and overweight. The same procedure in this bar, each whore trying her luck with you, to buy them a drink, pay for sex and then taking a group of them.

Lively Bar

I moved up to a bar at the top of Eigestein and this bar was the most lively.  There was more local Germans in here and a few were worst for drink.  The clients are mostly over the hill working class Germans, just the sort you would find beached somewhere in Pattaya. In fact I noticed a few Germans with Buddha chains around their fat necks. I am sure most of them had visited Thailand before and these bars along Eigestein were an attempt to bring a little bit of that mongering magic back home.

Thai Whores

In this lively bar along Eigestein  , again the hostess was a Thai woman and another Thai woman was sat at the bar. I can only imagine these Thai women are married to some local German guys, previously working as bar girls in Thailand.

African Whores

Sat around in this bar were a handful of black African women, mostly fat and aged. I got talking to one African whore who was actually quite attractive although somewhere in her forties. She had big black tits that were just beginning to sag and I thought maybe I could have a good smack and grab with this old African whore.  She was originally from Kenya and said she was staying with her sister who was married to a local German. We did not get onto the subject of sex, I drank my beer and left.

Eigestein  is certainly an interesting street to visit in the heart of Cologne. Like having five star wars bars all in one little street.

Pascha Cologne

On my last evening in Cologne I decided to visit Pascha located on HornStraBe.  Took a taxi from the city centre of Cologne to Pascha  which cost 10 euros.

Pascha brothel
Pascha cologne

I arrived at Pascha around 8pm there was  two stereotypical looking German skinheads on the door, all dressed in black, I slid my 5 euro note into the machine and passed through the turnstile.  For the 5 euros you  can get soft drinks free from the bar inside.

8 Floors of Whores

Inside Pascha it is dimly lit, each floor has a couple of corridors, each corridor a dozen or so rooms. The whores stand at the doors brandishing their wares and nodding you in. You walk around and if you see a whore that you like, you enter negotiations with her.

Well over half of the doors were closed, talking to one of the girls, she tells me they are simply not being rented out by anyone, so there is not a big waiting queue of girls wanting to work in Pascha. As you walk around you pass other punters taking a wander too. Apparently there are 120 rooms in total and Pascha is supposed to be Europe’s biggest brothel.


It would seem some attempt has been made to organise the girls onto a floor dependent on their Ethnicity and your preferred niche and fetish. You have Asians, Blacks, Latinos and local or white girls. Some of the girls are pretty rough others not so bad. On the seventh floor are trannys, I wanted to have a look at the ladyboys but none was working on that floor this evening.

On the ground floor is one of those German FKK clubs, but reports have it, this FKK is a bit expensive inside and not that great, a bit of a tourist trap apparently. Although out here along HornStraBe tourists would not happen on Pascha by chance.

Latina whores

On my way up the floors, the Latina whores were scoring highly, one in particular pulled me into her room, usual ‘fuck and suck’ was 25 euros.  This latina was wiggling her tongue at me and undoing my trousers. She said she would do BBBJ for 50 euros. I really fancied my cock being sucked, has been a long time since I had a good suck and she looked like she would give a good blowjob. She was a maturer latina with massive round tits and big bubble butt but quite slim waist. She was originally from Colombia.

Colombian Whore

I worked my way up the rest of the floors in Pascha and then made my way back to Columbian whore. Lucky for me she was still stood at the door and not taken yet. I agreed on the 50 euros for a BBBJ and entered the room and she closed the door. Inside the room it was dimly lit, poorly ventilated and too hot, even had the smell of used tissues, not ideal.


We both undress and I lay on the bed, she then attempted to put a condom on, but I say ‘NO!’ 50 euros!’ She then started to give my cock a really good suck and lick. After a while she ask me if I wanted to fuck?  but I declined, this time I just wanted a good blowjob.  She was going through all the motions, wanking me into her mouth, wiggling her tongue around the end and in the eye and I was fully erect and enjoying it.

It’s not quite as good though as those rare girls maybe you meet once or twice in your life who really do enjoy sucking cock and taking a load of cum in their mouth, down their throat or all over their face, making sure every last drop of your cum is out, leaving you empty and totally satisfied.

The Colombian whore continued to suck and lick and wank me off and I began to cum in her mouth, she pulled away and went Yuk! and that was it, I would say only a third of my cum came out. In the toilet she washed my cock for me and even was wanking me off in the sink.  Not bad, but not great as I was not empty. I had a coke in the bar and walked across the road to the other brothel directly opposite Pascha called Das Bordell.

Das Bordell

In Das Bordell you do not pay to enter, it’s not so well-kept as Pascha and did not seem to be so many women working in Das Bordell.

Das Bordell cologne
Das Bordell

But there was again a couple of really cute young Latinas and a few  African black whores that were worth a look. A few taxis are waiting outside Das Bordell and Pascha and I took one back to the city centre of Cologne. Its different, ill say that although not that dissimilar to window shopping in any other European Red Light District.

hairy teen pussy
German teen

While mongering in Germany and on my first trip I would really love to fuck some natural German teen girls too?  Most of the whores working in the brothels and FKK are not natural German girls, but there are some.  Unfortunately I never made it to any of the FKK clubs like Samya while mongering in Cologne.  At the time still to do my first FKK club in Germany.  Next stop Amsterdam.

3 thoughts on “Cologne Germany”

  1. Got a friend and a fellow Countryman living in Cologne, he tells me to come, but I don’t know if he would be keen to monger; we should have one of those apartments in Madrid where you just walk in and ethnicities are divided by floors- the things is that this fuck and suck places with the diry smelly hot smelly rooms…thats why many timea I preffer ringing escorts where I can take a shower in their aparments and have a non rushed fuck

    1. The advantage of these big whore houses is in 5 minutes you could have checked out 50 whores face to face and made your choices after an interview or negotiations. With escorts and ringing around often you are looking at a photo shopped pics and maybe have to deal with bait and switch underhand tactics. Once you journeyed out to where the escort is located then you have few other choices if it is not the girl in the pic. Also escorts are usually more expensive. Just because I report one room was hot and smelly does not mean all rooms are hot and smelly. I doubt all escorts are photo shopped or give bad service. I dont think mongers really keep going back to the same whore as they like erotic diversity and variety. I get the impression you are not really into fucking whores more you just like blowjobs and CIM? you can often get these services in big multi choice brothels or German Laufhaus.

      1. I like fucking the whores but I need to have atleast a good bbbj! Mongered and lived long time in the US, so I’m tired of cbj…

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