Brussels Belgium

From London I make my way to Brussels in Belgium via the EuroStar train and the Euro tunnel.  First time travelled this way and first time to Belgium.  A first time for everything.  I was surprised to find through  research that Brussels has a vibrant red light district centred around Rue D’Aerschot that I was looking forward to exploring.

London to Brussels

Took the EuroStar train link from London St Pancreas to Brussels Midi for the second leg of my EuroSex Mongering tour. Taxi from the Brussels Midi to my hotel was 9.70 euros.  Booked into my hotel and my room was really comfortable with UK TV satellite etc for 50 euros a night.

hotel belgium
Brussels hotel

I was staying right near the red light district of Brussels, but when I walked out of my hotel I had completely lost my bearings. Eventually found my way and it was the road opposite down a steep hill.

Rue D’Aerschot

I first came across the Rue des Plantes, Rue Linné, rue de la Prairie, rue de la Rivière streets. This is where the black African girls are sitting in their windows and some were rather nice, really hot, curvy and sexy.

brussels rld
Rue D’Aerschot

I carried on down onto the main drag being Rue D’Aerschot (or Aerschotstraat in flemisch), next to the Gare D’Nord (the North railway station). In fact, if you lose your way you should use the station D’Nord as your marker, you can ask people in the street for directions to Gare D’Nord.

brussels whores
Rue D’Aerschot

Walked down the D’Aerschot completely from one end to the other, most of the girls here are young and white I would say the majority are eastern European. Quite a few sex shops too including peep shows. The street running parallel to this one is a main Turkish shopping area and is completely clean, quite a contrast. Stopped off in a few small cafes and bars, bottle of beer from 1.5 to 2 euros. A decent meal with a drink will be around 10 euros.

African Hooker

Was not sure how I was going to play it, it was late afternoon and still light, walking up one of the little streets from the Rue Linne I notice this knockout black hooker, really curvy with massive firm tits and really pretty. Could not resist her and so entered inside where she gave me a price of 25 euros, not bad at all I thought.  Very cheap.


At this point I had forgotten that you should negotiate as to what exactly you are getting for this price. If you dont ask I think they know you are a newbie and ripe for a fleecing.  Afterall, the vast majority dont do this work for love but definitely for money, with their pimps always nearby making sure of this.

This sexy black whore was aged 25 and originally from Sierra Leone, She tell me ‘suck and fuck’ and I stripped off and she removed her panties. She had a fantastic figure! The room had a bed but was dimly lit, I prefer good lighting especially with such great curves, like to feast my eyes on the female form.


I wanted to get at those big black titties man! but that would cost me more, another 25 euros! It dont make sense to me, fucking for 25 euros, take her bra off for another 25 euros! I paid up and had a good grope but then there was no way she was  going to let me have a good suck and nibble on those fine black tits! Shit thats like being served a great meal that you can only look at and touch but not eat – torture. Then she did not like me tweaking her big black nipples.  I was in the grips of the dreaded upsell.  Anything else I wanted to do other than fuck her in one position would cost more.  Sex should just not be like this, it needs to be freeform.

Black Bitch

Began to realise that although she was a great looking black babe, she was also a black bitch and was going to be hard work with this attitude and that I should of put my research into practice before entering. I had been so knocked out with her sexiness that it had just not entered my mind.  She put a condom on and it was a little tight and uncomfortable and I first fucked her doggy style and managed to grab hold of those large dangling tits at the same time. I also began to slap her big black booty while fucking her hard. She did not mind this.


I then wanted to change positions, with me on top, she tell me she not do different positions only doggy. I suppose this is impersonal rather than having some heaving body on top of you. So back to doggy and then im told to hurry up as time nearly up, fuck me, id only just started. This was quickly becoming an expensive waste of time, drinking those beers in the afternoon sunshine was not helping…. Time up! I left a little annoyed, 50 euros lighter and my balls still heavy, I not cum.  You have to be real quick and need to know this before entering.

 Customer service

Oh well maybe in the future I will stick to just window shopping else become an expert at the 15 minute quickie with no variety. Certainly lacked the GFE, But then having a regular girlfriend has a certain lack of variety too it too. I still had another night to do in Brussels and if I did return, I certainly would negotiate up front.

I stopped off for something to eat on the way back to my hotel and there were these two young black babes getting a takeaway, one of them had a pair of these low cut waist jeans on and I could see her Ass crack and where she had shaved the top of her public bush… god!

In hindsight what happened to customer service? Maybe the problem is paying up front rather than for services received. Should never have been this way round.

Window Shopping

My second day in Brussels begins with just the normal tourist activities such as the hop-on and hop-off bus city tour, this cost 16 euros. But it does allow you to see the whole city and better get your bearings. The city centre of Brussels looked lively with many bars cafes and restaurants. What the city tour did not include was a good drive down the Red Light District. Funny though if you get on the right train into and out of D’Nord you will get a full view of the Rue D’Aerschot.

sex shops

I noticed some sex shops and a lap dancing joint in the city centre part but not much else, that afternoon I headed back to the Rue D’Aerschot and just did some window shopping. I would say the red light district of Brussels  is quite rough and not really geared towards tourists. I noticed quite a few smashed windows etc. Plus alot of kerb crawlers drive around these streets and it would seem some dont much care for pedestrians. But if you keep your wits about you, then no reason why any harm should come your way.


That evening I had a few beers in the city centre and then around 11pm headed to the Boulevard du Roi Albert II. This road runs parallel with the Rue D’Aerschot a few 100 metres on the southern side of the railway. From an excellent report on ‘Brussels Mongering’ on the World Sex Guide  this area used to have street walkers including South American, Blacks, local students and your general riff raff including drug addicts etc.

I saw nothing, just a skyline dominated by the blackened silhouettes of office blocks waiting for their Monday morning rush hour. It was now quiet and empty not really a soul in sight. So I would say this information is now out of date, either the street walkers and freelancers have moved elsewhere or given up?

Rue Linne

I headed back into Rue D’Aerschot and generally on the main stretch it seemed to be the same girls working I had seen in the daytime. Some of these working girls are cute, some are young and some have an obvious drug addiction problem. I headed back up to the streets with the black girls centered around Rue Linné.

Black Pussy

Some of the hookers try their damn hardest to entice you inside from behind their window, one black whore in particular was spreading her legs and playing with her pussy, it was a nice natural hairy black pussy too and I was tempted. I carried on and came across another black babe I could not resist. Again very curvy, she stood there in the window and her hips were so well-defined I could only imagine the booty on the other side. In fact I would say she is just starting to put on a little extra weight around her hips and ass. In a few years time no doubt she will be a big black mama!

Phat Ass

I went inside her room where she was alone, this time I was prepared to negotiate. She was a  20 yo girl from Ghana and her name was Elizabeth. She had a nice way about her and she said for 25 euros lots of positions no problem. But again the bra coming off was going to be 50 euros. I was not interested in a CBJ so told her to just skip this. She stripped off and put a condom over my erection, I only had to look at her big phat black ass to get hard!

Pimp Interrupt

Again I fucked her doggy style in different positions and on top. After about 10 minutes her mobile was ringing and I guessed correctly it was her pimp boyfriend somewhere nearby noticing her not been in the window for 10 minutes now. She made some excuses and we continued fucking. Iv noticed inside these little rooms it is very hot and I was sweating alot by now with all the pumping! She was making the right noises and was trying her hardest to please, not like the other African hooker I had the day before.


Again the phone run and it was ruining my concentration and beginning to annoy me. It was him again and I felt like tearing the phone from her and telling him to ‘FUCK OFF!’ Im fucking your girlfriend good, you loser!. But this would only get her in trouble. Time up again and I had not cum for a second time.  I was not used to a 10 minute quickie more used to a minimum of 20 minutes for sex.
What ruined it was not her but her useless pimp boyfriend just thinking of himself and what he will spend my money on.

Waste of space

I left her room and walked down the street, then stopped and turned round to see her black pimp boyfriend hurry into the doorway. He looked at me and I at him and then he turned away. At that point I really felt like going in there and kicking his useless pimping head in. This might make me feel better for a while but wont solve anything.

hairy pussy
Belgium pussy

It seems to me this is what the problem is down the red light district of Brussels, a bunch of useless fuckheads pimping their girlfriends in the windows and getting some of them hooked on drugs in the process. I wont be returning.  It would have been nice to meet some Belgium girls and fuck some natural Belgium pussy.

I was too use to mongering in Asia, where the women are submissive and will stay with you long time giving you the girlfriend experience.  Mongering in Europe in Brussels had been hard, a shock to the system, A harsh contrast.  But Rue D’Aerschot had some variety with some of the best looking African hookers I had laid my eyes on. You just have to be skilled in the art of the quickie.

6 thoughts on “Brussels Belgium”

  1. I was really thinking of going to Brussels two summers ago, but I had a bad feeling about the red light distric, too comerzialed not changing position and shit like that….just like Calle Montera in Madrid, only few exceptions – ended up going to Mallorca for the second time

    1. Yeah it takes some getting use to. 10 mins is a bit to quick. It is for quick release rather than a long winded session. More geared towards lower class locals not much free cash and a high turnover. Of course you can pay double 50 euros and get 20 minutes, before long to get what you want you are parting with a 100 euros. Its just a change from wanking I guess, how long to have a wank? 🙂 Some places like Prague, Amsterdam its 15 or 20 minutes minimum, but in Brussels and some other places it starts at 10 minutes. I failed to cum both times, its takes some practice if you are not use to it

  2. I mooched around the Brussels Red Light district back in November 2013. I was in both Amsterdam and Brussels on business and took the train down to Brussels from Amsterdam on Saturday morning as I had never had any mongering time in Brussels. In short, it was a mistake. Should have stayed in Amsterdam for the weekend. I thought the Brussels RL area was dirty (to the point of offensive) and generally had a nasty atmosphere. All I saw in the windows were lots of Eastern European girls, many with bruises on their arms and legs, most of which looked pretty unattractive. Yes, there were a number of good looking African girls (I like those curves too!), but I can’t get past the connection (maybe only in my head) of Africa and AIDS. So, I passed on all of those. Lots of male hustling trying to get me into clubs or shows which I also didn’t appreciate. There was a hard edge to it.. The girls on the street were either old or looked drugged up to me. Again, I passed. It was busy (it was Saturday night, after all) but I couldn’t find anything that ‘did it’ for me. I don’t think I would have liked the ‘hurry up’ approach either. I got some of that with a light skinned Dominican girl in Amsterdam on the Thursday night which just caused me to hang on longer even though the meter was running! I think I have been spoilt by the ‘overnight availability’ of your choice in Asia. As I have got older, so the ability to go for a ‘quickie’ has diminished!!!  Maybe RL areas are just not for me anymore. That’s okay..

    1. The Brussels red light district around Rue D’Aerschot is definitely one of the most rundown red light districts in Europe I have experienced a little dangerous too yes. But I have a friend who was mugged in Amsterdams red light district late at night walking around on his own. Frankfurt red light district has the most street junkies openly jacking up. It was my first experience of expecting me to cum in 10 minutes flat and the upsell with taking the bra off. As always in these places there are gems to be uncovered. Rue D’Aerschot is an interesting red light district to walk around, alot safer during daylight hours. Would return now just for the African girls

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