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In April 2009 I took my first mongering tour across western Europe, visiting Belgium and Germany for the first time.  The journey started off with a night in London and ending with a few nights in  Amsterdam’s infamous red light district window shopping.

Mongering at Home

Up until Easter 2009 I had not been mongering for over a year.  Early 2008  I had walked out of a job and then taken an extended break in Thailand.  It was a watershed moment for me, I had now grown tired of Thailand, there would be no more falling in love with bar girls.  I wondered if I would ever return to Thailand back then?.  On return to the UK I started a new job in London and got my head down as had a 10K debt to now pay off due to all these trips to Asia.  We were now in the throws of the worst financial crisis ever and I was lucky to have a job.

While working in London I was noticing all these sexy black girls on the streets and discovered dating websites like Gumtree and Craigslist.  I dated alot of girls during this time off Gumtree and later Craigslist, It compensated for my lack of travel during this tight period.  I called it back then Mongering at Home and fucked some beautiful local girls, mostly black.

London History

One year on I took my first sex vacation using the trains across Europe.  I was going to be spending one night in London, I was booked into a cheap hotel at Kings Cross close to St Pancreas as I took the a train through the Eurotunnel in the morning stopping at Brussels in Belgium.  I had some history with mongering in London, both good and bad but mostly I was wary, there was some mistakes I did not want to repeat especially around Soho.

Soho, 1994

I was a student doing a placement year for a company in north London.  One fine bright Saturday decided to take a trip into central London and was pulled towards Soho.  I spent a few pounds in some peep shows and generally got my money’s worth.

Clip Joint

A pretty blonde eastern European girl was sat  outside a strip club in one of the little streets in the centre of Soho.  It was one of the first eastern european girls I had seen back then.  It was around this time eastern European woman as well as Chinese were first starting to appear in western cities as it was not long after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

She told me I could come inside the strip club for £5 which would include a drink and could watch lovely girls just like her strip naked in front of me.  Seemed like an offer I could not refuse.  I was naive back then and not realise I was entering a soho clip joint.

I was led down some stairs into a dark empty room with some seating around the sides, a small bar in one corner behind which stood a black woman who looked mean.  I sat down and the eastern European girl sits beside me.  The black woman brings me over a small beer and a menu and I am asked to buy the blonde girl a drink.  I look at the menu and the prices start at around a £100!

Mugged, Robbed

I am shocked and say I cannot pay and get up and push pass the black woman.  I realise I have been scammed into a clip joint.  At this moment two big black heavies come out of the shadows and the black woman goes through my pockets saying I have to pay the bill around £150!  I only have £25 in my wallet which she takes.  I had the foresight to hide my ATM card in my sock before entering into Soho.

I make it back out into the sunlight, unscathed but emotionally rocked.  Felt like I had been raped or something.

Chinese girls Scam

A bit later recovering from the clip joint ordeal but still feeling really horny and considering the Soho walk ups a man approaches me in the street.  Did I want some young Chinese girls?  Yes I did!  Again back in 1994 I had never been with an oriental or an Asian girl so would be a real novelty for me.

Candy from a kid

It amazes me now writing this up but I fell for another scam hook line and sinker.  With him telling me what I wanted to hear, appealing directly to one of my sexual fantasies.  It must have been like taking candy from a kid.  For £50 I could choose from many young Chinese girls who would massage and then fuck me.

Soho Walkup

The guy even came to the ATM with me as I drew some more money out.  What he did then was lead me to a Soho walkup, took the money up front and told me to wait on the stairs and a Chinese woman would come and get me.  He then disappeared, never to be seen again leaving me sat on the stairs excited and bewildered.  After 5 minutes waiting the creeping feeling set in that I had been scammed for the second time in a row.

Oh well, I knocked on the models door and a pretty black woman answered and I told her my story.  She tells me it happens all the time and then fucked her for £25.  It took me a long time to recover from these London Soho scams vowing never to seek out the company of whores again.

Edgwater Road, 1997

In 1996 I graduated and in 1997 was working in the west country.  I took a weeks break to visit folks back home and arrived by train in Paddington, London.  Had some time to kill so wandered up onto the Edgware road and all the telephone boxes were just plastered with Tart cards.

Ethnic diversity

I could not help myself and called a couple, the first time met a beautiful young Thai girl who really fucked my brains out, really good experience.  The next time up closer to Sussex Gardens I fuck a beautiful Pakistani girl.  Seemed the girls working out of the flats in Sussex Gardens were students just trying to make ends meet.  The reality was better than the fantasy, the girls face to face were better looking than the models on the tart cards.  Like I had found a pussy heaven with lots of ethnic diversity.

Shepherd Market

Back to 2009 and I start off my EuroSex Mongering tour with a night out in London. I first visited the Shepherd Market area.  Although there were some signs of P4P around Shepherd Market, if you did not know you would not notice it. One or two doors open to walk ups.  The phone boxes with half a dozen tart cards.

shepherd market
Tart cards

So it was onto Soho, it was Friday night so all the pubs were crowded and large groups of city workers unwinding.

Soho Massage

Soho has not changed much since I was last there, peep shows, eastern European girls trying to get you to enter their rip off clubs, drug addicts etc.

strip clubs soho
Soho London

I was considering a tour of the Soho Walkups to get me some relief.  The Walkups in Soho are doors open on the ground floor where you ‘walk up’ some stairs and knock on the door.  A girl from anywhere in the world, from downright ugly to a stunner will greet you, offer full sex starting from £25 for 10 minutes.

soho red light district
Soho walkup

What I did notice this time was a couple of saloons around the streets off Soho mostly Chinese places offering massage. I entered one on Rupert Street to make enquiries and a cute young Chinese girl around 20 tell me £30 for 30 minutes and £60 for 1 hour massage.  She tell me 5 masseur work in the saloon downstairs and give genuine deep body massage.

Korean Massage

She then waved me over to the corridor wanting to be private and tell me the massage girls will strip off and give body to body massage and handjob for £80 and give uncovered blowjob for £100.  I wanted to take this cute Chinese girl for a session, she say she not massage today and on her period and there in the corridor she let me give her some little kisses.

I was taken down to a comfy room, with a bed with a hole for your head. A curvy Korean girl then entered around 25 and she was going to be my masseur for the next hour.

Body to body, handjob

She gave me a very good massage on my back and legs, soon she spread my legs and was holding and stroking my balls, I felt her sliding down my back and pressing her C cup tits into me. It was then time to turn over, she was naked and had a good body and hairy pussy.

Again she did this body to body massage from the front and from the back dangling her tits in my face and mouth and also her pussy – at the same time i felt her playing with my erection. She finished me off with a skillful handjob knelt in front of me and wanked me off into her hairy triangle bush.  Not a bad experience for Soho, for a more experienced monger now.

Seems that guy who ripped me off on the streets of Soho 15 years previous with the promise of cute young Chinese girls knew what was in the pipeline for London.

white pussy
English pussy

English and British girls are some of the prettiest you will find in Europe.  Plenty of nightclubs in London and around Soho, lots of pickup bars, lots of English office girls getting drunk in the bars on Friday nights after work.

3 thoughts on “Soho London”

  1. So what happened did you fight the bouncers? What did they do to you? Are there still cards in the phone boxes? Would be nice to try them if I ever get to London….Always liked your London stories, can’t wait for more to come 🙂

    1. No, I not fight them, just went along with it. Nothing I could do at the time. Now I am alot older and uglier and wiser so would just not get into these situations, I hope.
      They passed a law in 2001 making it a criminal offence to put tart cards in the phone boxes, so there are alot less tart cards but still some. Not as many. Its funny how a culture can start and soon begin to multiply
      Once girls think its acceptable to do, then they will all start doing it. There really was no need to travel just to fuck beautiful ethnic girls back in those days. It was as simple as walking into a phone box and choosing a Russian, Thai, English, black or Indian girl, often they were better looking than the models used on the cards. Very rarely disappointed, 20 t0 30 minutes was normal around £40. Now London is more about ringing around escort agencies. I very rarely monger in London. Even the Chinese massage parlours have gone ultra pro with ugly old Chinese hags mostly with a few exceptions. Today I not have much to say for London. Things use to be good before cracking down. Think next time I am in central London may try a soho walkup, not been in one since that early summer day in 94.

      1. You guys seem to have better eastern european escorts than we do in Madrid, whenever I search for eastern european escorts in London I see master pieces, better than Madrid – here seems that many are dissapearing and most of the eastern eu whores that I bump into online are russians that whore at the whorehouse.
        I preffer ringing escorts, its more my thing, we dont have a red light place here, and If I ever get to London will call escorts as well, and will stay away from Soho!

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