Prague Czech Republic

I first visited Prague in the Autumn of 2004, My first ever visit to Eastern Europe.  After 10 years it was now time to make a return to Prague and see what has changed.  I had good and bad memories of mongering in Prague.  The many sex clubs dotted around the city had been a waste of time except for Big Sister.  The best girl I managed I had found in a city centre peep show and there were some lovely looking gypsy girls available on the street.

Prague is another eastern European city who’s reputation proceeds it.  Long gone are the days where beautiful Czech girls were selling themselves for the equivalent of £1.  On the contrary the sex industry is now very commercialised due to the many sex tourists who do visit Prague hoping to find some cheap Czech pussy.   Search long and hard enough though most cities have a cheap side.  Cheap was not my priority, quality pussy was albeit not too expensive.

Bratislava to Prague

Took the train from Bratislava to Prague costing 27.50 euros with a journey time of around 4 hours. From Prague station walk up the hill to Wenceslas square and then find Ve Smeckach the red light street of Prague where my hotel is situated.

Prague czech
prague Wenceslas square
Wenceslas square

I was staying in the K+K Fenix for 4 nights costing 679.55 USD. Not cheap but great location and is girl friendly if you find any nice gypsy streetwalkers or take out girls from the clubs.

Darling Prague

I take a walk down Wenceslas square and for the beginning of October there is still lots of tourists around. Eventually I try out Hot Peppers club. Nice comfortable club inside Hot Peppers plenty of room to move about and sit down. Some nice girls dancing on stage too but more of a younger crowd inside.

lap dancers
Hot Peppers

Looked like for some it was maybe their first sex trip away from home and to Prague. Girls constantly asking you for a lap dance but reminding you there is no sex, no touching between the legs.


Around the entrance to Ve Smeckach there are some streetwalkers, a little mature and hardcore for me though.  Ve Smeckach is where there is a tight cluster of sex clubs in Prague with the premier act being Darlings Cabaret.  A must visit for any monger to Prague.  I head into Darlings cabaret its 300 CZK entrance fee which is around $12.

darling cabaret
Ve Smeckach

I sit upstairs in Darlings Cabaret with a seat over looking the stage. A small can of warm beer is 100 CZK and the waitress is trying to short change you if you not have the correct amount. There are alot of sideliner girls working in Darlings and they come over to you in turn asking for a private dance.

strip tease

Quality was not good though mostly mature white girls. Some were offering sex.  A Russian girl gave me her phone number and would visit me anytime in my hotel next door. A couple of the dancers in Darlings were real cute, one girl in particular a half Czech Indian girl, but she dance only, no sex.  I begged her to let me fuck her, but she not need to offer her pussy.

I was remembering why I failed to get laid my first night mongering in Prague back in 2004, we trawled all the Prague sex clubs and most of the girls were ugly, average at best.  Prague Ugly.

K5 Relax

The next day after a lovely early morning walk along Charles Bridge I buy the Prague sex map and guide from a kiosk for 200 CZK.

charles bridge
Vltava River
Wenceslas square

On my first visit to Prague this sex map and guide had been an excellent resource but now it is just a waste of money. I check out Perlova street which used to be a gypsy girl hangout but now all gone. Traditional cafes now replaced with mainstream Pizza restaurants for all those Italian tourists.  It should be a criminal offence to strip a once vibrant city of its sexuality and its seediness.  Can you imagine doing the same to human beings?  Leaving them just sterile.

I check out the Sexy Sauna club, Prague’s answer to an FKK down Ve Smeckach. They give me a free tour inside to try and tempt me. I saw a couple of the girls working inside the Sex Sauna club and just average looking. Its a 2000 CZK entrance fee this does not include any sex with the girls.

sex club prague
Neon club

I then walk up to the Neon club just up from the old museum top end of Wenceslas square and opens at 12pm. From 12pm to 6pm is happy hour and you can take a girl for an hour for 1600CZK. About 8 girls working in the Neon club and all ugly!

prague sex club
K5 Relax

After 4pm I head to K5 Relax.  A guy shows me around all the rooms inside K5 Relax.  Each room is done out in a special theme, like this is going to be the decider.

I tell the guy its the girls that decide it for me as long as the room and bed are clean and fresh so he takes me up to the bar area in K5 Relax.  About 8 girls working the bar and I notice one cute one, a black girl.

The other girls mostly white european girls again are doing nothing for me. There are no expensive lady drinks inside K5 Relax, just expensive sex fees. The girls will not hassle you, you have to call them over. I called the black girl over and paid for an orange juice. A beer costs 100 CZK. She was a really nice girl, friendly and very sexy in her little tight red dress.
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I take her to one of the rooms for 1 hour costing 3900 CZK. Great service, good time, but not exactly girlfriend or porn star experience, just good, at last I had found a nice working girl in Prague and got laid, not a local Czech girl though, but an African girl.

Prague sex clubs

On the third day mongering in Prague Im intending to visit the sex clubs.  The sex clubs in Prague are more brothels as opposed to lap dancing clubs aimed at tourists like those off Wenceslas square. I take the metro from Museum to Flora. I then walk to the club called Sweet Paradise which opens at 12pm. About 6 girls working in Sweet Paradise early afternoon and guess what?  All old and ugly!

prague sex club
Sweet paradise

That night I return to Flora and take a look inside the AAA club. There were a few tourists inside the AAA club and about 6 girls working all mature and average looking and again I was disappointed.  Nothing has changed over 10 years in the Prague sex clubs.  These are not the kind of women I want to P4P.

AAA sex club
AAA prague

I was not going to hang around the AAA club so headed back to Museum and walked up to Showpark Davinci. You have to pay to enter Showpark DaVinci and its more like a pickup bar inside.

showpark prague
showpark davinci

Seemed to be popular with a younger crowd. Most of the working girls were mature and average looking with one or two younger cute ones.  There was one really cute young petite girl, looked like she was from Romania I would have really liked to have impaled on the end of my penis.  With all the competition the younger girls completely ignored my advances, so I left there to try out the Atlas.

I liked it inside the Atlas more laid back than darling but mature and average looking women if not a better bar to drink and just watch the goings on.

Showpark Market

The next day I take the metro to Vltavská and make my way to the showpark market which opens at 12pm.  My ticket from showpark DaVinci is valid for 24 hours and you can use it in both showparks.

Not many girls working the dayshift in the showpark market and again mostly maturer.  You just walk around the corridors of showpark market and the girls available are standing in the doorway of their little room and you stop and negotiate with them if you like what you see.
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Later I try a tantric massage at Caffe Massage.  Two maturer czech girls working at Caffe Massage and one takes me into the back room. There is just a  grubby mattress on the floor and I dont think the sheet and towels were fresh. It costs 1500 CZK for an hour including handjob and 2000 CZK if you want her to get naked. The massage and the handjob were crap. Not a good experience, I not cum and just wanted to go.

sex market
showpark market

I return to Showpark market that last night in Prague just before 7pm and there is now more girls working. As I was about to leave I notice a really cute 20 yo Romanian girl and take her for 1500 CZK for 30 minutes. She very friendly girl and gave good service. I spend my last night enjoying the entertainment in Darlings cabaret. More girls in tonight being a Saturday, some ethnic diversity. If I had not already had a pop I may have been tempted by one.


There is still plenty to see and do for a monger in Prague.  You can still have fun in Prague and not get bored.  A monger could spend a month visiting all the many brothels and sex clubs dotted around Prague.

Czech pussy
Czech casting

There is alot of reality porn out there related to Prague and the Czech republic.  I known mongers like to keep it real.  I recommend Czech Casting to see loads of amateur Czech girls getting naked for the first time on camera, a little short of cash and showing off their fine Czech pussy.  You get loads of other sites included once you join like Czech streets and Czech amateurs to name a few.

You might get lucky and actually find some quality pussy at a reasonable price.  The center of Prague off Wenceslas square is now very commercialised. Prague can be enjoyed better if you have associated hobbies like culture or photography, keeps you occupied during the day. Also if you got game plenty of bars to pickup girls from, local Czech girls and tourists from all over the world. It seems to me as a whore monger from a genuine sex tourism perspective, Prague has its reputation but the reality falls short now.  IMHO, YMMV.

7 thoughts on “Prague Czech Republic”

  1. If I ever get to Prague it would be to pick up at bars local Czech girls, cause those bitches are hot! Would visit some brothels, but for quality pussy I would preffer calling local escorts…Eastern Europe is overated, the iron courtain is long fallen

  2. I have been last week in Prague for Holiday with my friends, and we went to K5 Relax that is in Korunní 5 Praha 2-Nové Město .What’s great about this Club is that the girls don’t pressure you,they are not aloud to talk to you till you choose the girl ,you the customer are in full control, not like in other places where the girls almost force you to buy their time! Every table has a computer touch screen with all the info about the girls that are on that night. You can find more info about it on Have a good one

  3. K5 isn’t bad, my friend from DK visiting the city was there, and everything fine. Had a gr8 time.
    In case you’d like a quality massage – check the, it may be a bit far from the city centre, but nonetheless, having a quality nuru massage you’ll nut without touching.

    1. As a local I’ve tested it, because I find the classic offer offered on many amateur and individual servers boring and way too mature, since the young ones aren’t that experienced…

  4. I have been in K5 Relax (Prague) 2 days ago, great ambiance, all the workers there are really kind and not intrusive. The Club is air-conditioned and thanks to the mix of some really good fresh cocktails and some really hot girls I had an amazing night. If you go to Prague trust me go to K5 Relax Club for a brilliant night! Thanks K5 Team I will see you soon again

    1. Yeah, I had a good experience in K5 Relax, with that and Darlings the best venues for some mongering in Prague. But overall my experience is Prague was it was now too expensive and the girls available were not that hot, most of the best ones must be playing away. Back in 2004 it was lot better mongering in Prague, fucked some beautiful young Czech girls in a Peep show and some gorgeous gypsy girls on the streets who would do anything for 20 euros. Seems those days are now long gone, if the scene has moved elsewhere would be keen to know?

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