Bratislava Slovakia

Mongering in Vienna had been good if a little expensive. Plenty of options though for all budgets and some quality pussy available from all over Europe. For some former eastern bloc cities their reputations proceeds them.  I was now making my way to Bratislava in Slovakia.  From Vienna I was nearby and Bratislava was a city I wanted to experience but for mongering my expectations were not high.

Vienna to Bratislava

It was a Monday morning and I take the twin city liner from Vienna to Bratislava, along the Danube taking around 1 hour 15 minutes, cost was 30 euros.

Bratislava Slovakia

Enjoyed the river trip along the Danube , the alternative is to take the train from Vienna. I was staying at the Old City Hotel in central Bratislava for two nights, total cost of 80 euros. Advantage of taking the twin city liner is its only a 5 minute walk from the harbour into the city centre of Bratislava where my hotel was.

Cats Club

That first night in Bratislava I try out the Cats club.   The Cats strip club is in the same building where the Old City hotel was. Lots of heavy bouncers, I guess due to the stag parties that frequent Bratislava especially at the weekends.  It was early but tonight I was the only punter in the Cats strip club and they look keen to extract some cash from me.

bratislava strip club
Cats club

There is a 5 euro entrance fee into the Cats club and its 6 euros for a can of warm Singha beer.  There were Slovakia girls dancing, average looking offering a strip for 30 euros a private strip for 50 euros, thats after you paid for a lady drink. I decline their offers, I have seen enough of the Cats club.   They must be so use to ripping off British stag parties, like taking candy from a kid.

Carat Club

I head round to the Carat club which is at the other end of Michalská. There is a bar at street level and then you take an elevator down to the Carat strip club.   Inside the Carat club and its larger and more classy than the Cats club.  Comes with a price though with a 15 euro entrance fee and a beer costs 7 euros. There were about 6 Slovak girls taking in turns to dance on stage and then they come over anf introduce themselves to you.

Slovakia strip club
Carat club bratislava

Not bad looking some of the strippers in the Carat club, but nothing worth paying alot of money for.  I notice the lady drink prices on the menu from 22 euros to 900 euros. This form of adult entertainment tends to be all that is on offer P4P wise in the city centre of Bratislava.

Moulin Rouge

The next day do some tourist stuff around Bratislava, the views from the Sky tower are breathtaking.  Alot of tourists from all over the world around Michalská. Some of the food on sale in the main square was not good, undercooked chicken. A good place to eat if in Bratislava is the Slang Pub. The Slang pub became my local when not hunting for pussy.

sky view

To kill some time I have a Thai massage in the city centre of Bratislava.  I must have drawn the short straw as a Thai women aged about 70 gives me a massage and the massage was crap too.

sky view

That night I head to the Moulin Rouge strip tease club a little out of the city centre. Prices come down inside the Moulin Rouge, 3 euros entrance and 3 euros for a beer. About 6 local Slovakian girls working, again nothing special.

strip club
Moulin Rouge

The girls in the Moulin rouge were offering 30 euros for a table dance,  60 euros private dance and 120 euros for a lesbian show.  Who pays for this shit? The barmaid is real cute though, not available I asked.  Nice place to drown a few beers by yourself though.

Kotva club

Outside the Moulin Rouge strip club I take a taxi for 10 euros to the Kotva club.  The Kotva club out of the city center of Bratislava is much more a brothel than a strip club.  Inside the Kotva club there are a few girls and punters sat around. Its 8 euros for a beer, a girl for 40 minutes is 100 euros and for 1 hour is a 120 euros.

Kotva club

Im not over impressed with the selection of girls available in the Kotva club, most were somewhere in their thirties at least.
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One  of the whores was not too bad though, looked latina, probably some gypsy blood, really big tits. I decide to take her, got to have a fuck in Bratislava.  Actually had a good session with this gypsy whore in the private room, she was very friendly.

Kotva club

Taxi driver waits for me outside the Kotva club then takes me back to my hotel for 17 euros, not bad considering he waited for over an hour for me in the brothel.  No doubt he earned some commission for taking me to the Kotva club.


I dont rate Bratislava for any sole mongering trip, Vienna is alot better. Bratislava is a lovely little city to visit as a tourist though. The normal bars and its pretty dead in the week, although weekends can get really busy. Its the same with alot of Eastern European cites, a few overpriced lap dancing clubs in the city centre with lots of eye catching young candy  for the wide eyed tourists.

Slovak pussy
Slovakian teen

Mongers, to get a good look at some teen Slovakian pussy, the kind of girls you might meet and pickup in Bratislava check out Slovak Teens club.  To look at the kind of pics of some slovak pussy mongerplanet could not bring you this trip.

Then there are some brothel clubs scattered around the city outskirts where you have to take a taxi with more mature whores mostly and no guarantee of quality pussy once you are inside. The alternative is to purchase a local sim card and ring up the private girls  and escorts that advertise on various national websites or in the local papers.  next stop Prague in the Czech Republic.

3 thoughts on “Bratislava Slovakia”

  1. I do not what the fuck is wrong with Eastern Europe man! Worst place to monger in the old world, in my opinion; Eastern EU has the most beautiful women in Europe but mongering there is just some crap, no wonder why many of them come to the west and take advantage of their beauty, you can see it in the prices – I was invited to a british stag party in Madrid, met a group of british men in their late 40s and mid 30s (met them at the club) this old british lawyer wanted me to fuck the ugly spanish chick while he took the hot estonion whore 🙁 I mean what could I do, I wasn’t paying for the alcohol nor the whores 🙂

    1. Was that meeting recent? a contact through your blog? Some stag parties and newbie mongers to a city like to hook up with a guide or local expert on the sex scene. Rather than paying him for his time, just pay for drinks and a girl. Perhaps you should set yourself up as a Madrid sex guide. I have had a few contacts through the blog, fucked a lovely black girl through it once who liked some of my stories.
      Before my trip to Hong Kong I contacted a guy who had done a readers submission on Hong Kong
      The report was invaluable and I contacted the guy directly about some more info on the velvet curtain clubs. That first night in Hong Kong happened to be his birthday, he was a retired banker, he invited me along to a club
      But I not make it. Told me the next day he paid everyones barfine long time some taking two girls back. So can make some good connections. But like to keep my anonymity so can be honest.

      As for stag parties would prefer Madrid over Bratislava. Got one coming up soon, They are considering Riga. Krakow is alot better than Bratislava.

  2. No, I they did not contact me through my blog, neither I told them about it – met them on St.Patrick’s Day at the night club in Madrid; the club wasn’t packed neither was empty it was just OK. I saw a group of latinas, a spanish girl and a hot blonde eastern european chick, they were popping bottles with a fat british lawyer in his 40s, I moved away from my friends and I asked him that if the girls were with him, he said yes and with a couple more mates; told him my intetion to hook up with the estonian he said NO! that was his girl for the night, and the latinas were for his mates (who came soon after me and the lawyer started to talk)

    So the lawyer told me that the spanish girl is free, and if I want something with her I can go for it, well I did 😛 but before that I was invited to shots and glasses of champange! We ended up at the guys’ flat that they rented in Gran Via. The girls were just whores taken out of the puticlub/sexclub who wanted to club, dance and have fun. The fuck with the spanish girl was good, but she was ugly, good cim though 🙂

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