Vienna Austria

Late Autumn 2013 I went on another mongering jaunt across Europe.  I started this sexcursion off in Vienna Austria.  From Vienna I travelled to Bratislava in Slovakia and then from Bratislava returned to Prague in the Czech republic after nearly 10 years away. What follows is the first in a mini series reliving my mongering experiences across the continent off Europe.  Welcome to Vienna.

London to Vienna

An EasyJet flight from London to Vienna and then took the CAT from Vienna airport into the city center and then the U Bahn to Wien Westbahnhof. It was then a small walk down the Mariahifer Gurtel to the Ibis hotel where I was staying.

vienna city center
wien city center

The cost for the hotel was 300 euros for 4 nights plus 10 euros for breakfast which was optional.  My hotel room was good, decent cable TV with English speaking channels and superfast reliable Wifi included in the price.  I did some research, check out my mongering map of Vienna.


I buy a 72 hour ticket for 15 euros that covers all trains and trams around the Vienna that I might take over the next 3 days. You get the ticket time stamped in little machines in case you get stopped. I take the U bahn to Stephansplatz being the heart of Vienna .


vienna StephansplatzI take a walk up Kärntner Straße stopping off here and there for a beer, something to eat and taking in the vibe and beginning to wonder why have I come to Vienna? Then I remember, I do it for all you.  The food is really good along Kärntner Straße.

Maxim nightclub

I make it round to the Maxim nightclub around 10-11pm there are no heavy bouncers at the entrance to Maxim, always a good sign and you just walk down into the main bar area.

maxim vienna
maxim nightclub
wien maxim

A small beer costs 10 euros inside Maxim. There were about 15 girls sat around, most were average but a couple were hot, one in particular, I had chosen my girl but she not know it yet.

Romanian Girls

Each girl takes it in turn to come over to you and if your not interested you politely send them on their way.  Each girl will do a striptease on the podium for your entertainment. The girl I had chosen comes over and I invite her to sit down. I buy her a small bottle of champagne for 55 euros!   Yes I know, but I wanted to enjoy Maxim for what it was and not come across as a cheap old charlie and see where it leads me.  Its only one night out of my life.

We chat and on the couch she is giving me DFK and letting me play with her lovely firm tits.  The Champagne must be working.  She is a beautiful sexy Romanian girl.   She then does a dance on stage, she is a very fit girl and knows how to work the pole.

maxim nightclub girl
Romanian girl

We then finish our drinks and I take her to the room costing 120 euros for 30 minutes.   Great sex in the short time room on premise.  Sucking on those perfect Romanian tits was a treat.  This Romanian girl was such a natural at her job giving the full on girlfriend experience.  Good first night out in Vienna at the Maxim nightclub if a little on the expensive side.

Laufhaus Vienna

The next day in Vienna I do some tourist stuff and then in the evening decide to try some of the cheaper mongering options in Vienna like the Laufhaus setup.

vienna brothel
vienna laufhaus

I choose Vienna Laufhaus and make my way there that evening. Its really hot inside the Vienna laufhaus and so are some of the European girls standing at the doors.  The cost for sex is 50 euros for 15 minutes fuck and suck, another 20 euros for BBBJ and another 10 for CIM.

Moldova girls

I chose a really nice looking girl from Moldova with a great body and buttocks and took all the extras.  Standing at the door to her little boudoir in scantily dressed lingerie was more than a mortal man could resist, and wanted to man handle her.

Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this content

Not a bad service with this whore from Moldova working in the Vienna Laufhaus.  First time I have come across girls from Moldova and I like them.  This Moldova girl was a bit aggressive and the sex session lacked any compassion.  Her skin was a little course from too much smoking, but dumped my load in her mouth after fucking those buttocks doggy.

Secret Filming

Check out the secret snaps I took of her above. Take a peek at those perfectly formed buttocks.  Naughty boy, dont get caught secret filming. Something I dont do anymore, just a phase I went through.  Such poor quality too.  Its those cheap Chinese watches you can buy online.  Very difficult to operate too.

Kärntner Straße

Later that night I return to Kärntner Straße and try one of the little strip joints off the main drag there called Chez nous.

vienna strip club
chez nous

You have to buy a beer on entry into the Chez nous for 10 euros, you then sit in a cubicle with a curtain and four mature women well into their thirties and overweight including one Thai introduce themselves to you. I drank my beer and left.  The general mongering consensus was to avoid the strip clubs along Kärntner Straße in Vienna.

Studio Relax

Saturday afternoon and I make my way to Studio Relax, trying another cheap mongering option in Vienna. I am not quite confident with the trams so just head to the nearest U Bahn and walk from there.

brothel vienna
Studio relax

Inside Studio Relax there were about 6 girls working all with that tired look, all early twenties and all Romanian girls. One of the Romanian girls is curvy and not look so bad so choose her.

studio relax
Romanian whore

Its 60 euros for suck and fuck and you get 30 minutes. The rooms were small hot and grubby. But we got the job done and was not a bad service from this Romanian girl including BBBJ at no extra cost.  I was glad to get off that bed and get out of Studio Relax and into the fresh air.

Mariahilfer Straße

That evening in Vienna I try eating at a few places down Mariahilfer Straße and the food was not good. I try out the cafes along Mariahilfer Gürtel opposite the Hotel Ibis.

mature gypsy whore
Mariahilfer Gürtel

There are some fat old mature gyspy ladies who want you to come and sit in the back of the cafe with them and they will give you a handjob, I not take them up on their offer, but let them feel my cock through my jeans.

Felberstraße brothels

I try out a few of the sex clubs off of Mariahilfer Straße west and up on Felberstraße, they are dotted all over the place, easy to spot in the night due to the red neon lighting, but mostly fat old hags inside with one or two exceptions. As I had already had a pop today was not really hunting just looking.

Cheap Sex

Apparently this area around the Gurtel used to be the main red light district of Vienna and is only 10% the size of its former self.  I guess its where the locals come on a minimum wage for some escapism.  If you want sex on the cheap always tap into the local escort market, rather than that geared towards the tourist or business visitor.

Goldentime FKK

Sunday was my last day mongering in Vienna. The plan was to hit the Goldentime FKK shortly after midday and just stay in the FKK all day. I arrive at the Goldentime FKK before 1pm and pay my 90 euros entrance fee, one of the most expensive FKK entrance fees in Europe but read alot of good reports about the Goldentime FKK.

goldentime vienna
Goldentime FKK

Take a shower and put on my robe and head into the main lounge area and take a soft drink. There is only 1 or 2 other punters inside and a good 15 to 20 girls most fully naked and ranging from 7-10 lookswise.

fkk vienna
goldentime fkk girl

A tanned tall half Egyptian girl tries to tempt me inside the cinema for a handjob and blowjob then into the room for a fuck for 60 euros. Im trying to take my time. An Italian girl pulls me into the cinema and is playing with my erection under my robe, again I am forcing myself to decline her offers.  There is pre cum all over her hands, I am so fucking horny man.  These girls are so hot working in the FKK, I guess they like the setup.

European Girls

I get naked in full view of all the girls and take a sauna, there coming into the sauna with me and having a little chat.There are girls from all over Europe in the Goldentime FKK, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy and quite a few really hot girls from Moldova. So much so I am intending to do some mongering research on Moldova.

German Girls

There are two German girls sat at the bar, one is blonde and absolutely beautiful and so sexy, fantastic hips and ass. She wants me to do a threesome with her friend who is not bad, but not interested in a threesome, just want her. Take her to one of the private rooms, very clean, fresh sheets, towels etc, but you just pull a curtain across the doorway. Could not believe it, she gives the full on girlfriend and porn star experience, fantastic time with this gorgeous German blonde girl.

Relaxing Time

Spent the afternoon just relaxing on the loungers interacting with all these gorgeous naked girls, some will lay on the lounger with you and just cuddle up. I buy some 5 euro tokens and drink a few beers. Around 3pm starts to get more busy and then 6pm more so.

Bulgarian Girls

Notice a really cute girl start working just after 6pm. Super model looking, fantastic small tight bum, tanned skin, tall slim, beautiful. She catches me looking at her and comes and sits with me. She is from Bulgaria aged 20. I decide on a second pop and take her to one of the rooms. Just another full on girlfriend plus porn star experience. After I relax a little more and then decide to leave.  Fantastic day out in the Goldentime FKK best to take around 300 euros though at least.


Enjoyed mongering in Vienna, the expensive options like Maxim and Goldentime were the much better experiences.

vienna brothel

I like to try the cheap options, but these are better if you really just want a real quickie rather than entertainment or to relax and interact – not much point in going into FKKs like the Goldentime if you just want a quickie. It seems in the more expensive relaxed places you are more likely to get the girlfriend and porn star experience. I am getting an expensive taste.

13 thoughts on “Vienna Austria”

  1. I want to hit an FKK seems like there is a good quality of girls, but the hefty entrance fee kinda sets me back though – i would go there to fuck all those Romanian and eastern European girls! Be on the look out with Portuguese girls, much better than Spanish girls plus they are underrated – Romanian and Bulgarian whores are common in the streets of Spain, it will be hard to find a nice independent whore online, plus Romanians always say they’re Italian: in the puticlubs you might find some, but like I said in my previous posts they tend to charge higher they know they are desired

    1. The high entrance fee to an FKK keeps out the riff raff, the cheap charlies. I recommend a trip to a few FKK clubs to every serious monger. Its the closest you will ever experience to having your own harem of beautiful women to fuck. The price for the girls is good, around 30 minutes for 50 euros for a beauty, she keeps all the money as the club takes the entrance fee. Considering you can just sit in a FKK club like Goldentime all day, use all the facilities, pool, jacuzzi, sauna etc and have the most beautiful woman from all over Europe walking around naked in front of its not too bad a price to pay.

      The girls feel safe and alcohol is not really on the menu, so not dealing with drunks. The Bulgarian told me Friday, Saturday nights can get busy alot of young guys come in after a night out and not scoring for free. She said they can be a little worse of wear and aggressive, she preferred quieter nights and older men. So probably not a good time to go on weekend night.

      The girls are anonymous inside an FKK, no prying eyes like you get in typical red light districts. They come from all over Europe to work in an FKK. I do wonder sometimes if ever a situation has occurred where a girl is working in an FKK an someone she knows comes in and sees her naked, maybe even her dad 🙂 must have happened at least once.
      Prices are creeping up though in goldentime FKK according to a recent post on sex-vienna, the girls are charging extra for DFK, BBBJ etc.

  2. The hidden cam pics made this your best blog ever. No longer did I have to use my imagination to see what you experienced. Thanks

    1. Thanks Alex, I wish I could just use my camera. It was handy for where I could not use my camera. I am tempted to dust off the cobwebs of my secret camera.
      But it could get you seriously into trouble. May have to invest in a more professional one, like a button or something. 🙂

  3. For any monger who knows just what he wants, great option. Just book a cheap flight and if you need to, cheap hotel, and then Paradise awaits.
    Very revealing and entertaining report !!

    1. Matt there is also a very vibrant local private haus scene in Vienna. Lots of cheap pussy where the girls will do almost anything. I not try the local escort scene

  4. I thought my hotel was pretty close to Laufhaus Rosi. (It was a bit further than I realized. And, really public transportation is so good in this city, I didn’t really need to walk.) But I walked. It was very late, about 1:30AM. I thought I needed to ring the bell, so I stood outside foolishly for a few minutes waiting to be buzzed in. Oops, again.

    Once inside the “scoreboards” showed you who was available and where to find her. While I was deciding, a group of about 4 guys came in, obviously having a fun night together. They went up, so I went down and chose Diana. No face pictures on the website, but … for me she was just perfect. Pretty Romanian girl. I only had time for a basic service for 50E, but it was great. I wish I’d gone back. Recommended. (Especially for a 1st timer in Vienna, like I was.) Checked out some other girls as I was leaving. Yeah, I really should’ve gone back…

    Question: there were smaller independent “red light” houses around. I didn’t want to get stuck with someone less attractive or too old … any experiences at these places, anyone?

  5. I was there last night and I was quoted EUR 168 for a small bottle of champagne and the girls were asking EUR 280 for an hour in the upstairs room. The prices are way higher compared to what I read here. Any idea what is going on at Maxim?

    1. Well this was a snapshot of my experience mongering in Vienna and my night in Maxim. Is it still 10 euro for a small beer at the bar?
      I dont know but just checked the international sex guide reports and 1 hour is 200 euros and 30 minutes 120 euros.

      There is cheaper options but only after you are not game for the most expensive options. There should have been a drinks menu for you to look at in Maxim?

      There is always a variable dynamic between a potential client and a working girl. If she wants to fuck you and or needs the money and you show a lack of interest the price will keep coming down. Or prices have drastically increased over the last few months. Either mugs are paying these prices or they will price themselves out of the sex market.

      I had a good experience in Maxims and would return and expect something similar it when I return to Vienna

  6. Any idea who the blond is of the picture you took at Goldentime in Vienna? Your post was 2013 but photo was 2012?

    1. I was in the Goldentime Sept 2013, ignore the date on the camera, that was one year behind. The blonde girl was from Portugal, I talked to her briefly as was very interested in that ass, but she not do BBBJ whereas most other girls did. She came across like she was really doing us a favor making herself available in Goldentime as opposed to it being reciprocal, you scratch my back and Ill scratch yours. Took a lovely german blonde girl who looked alot better than her with another fantastic ass, then later that evening a beautiful Bulgarian girl, both gave porn star and girlfriend experience. Goldentime FKK still the best FKK I have been in so far.

    1. I dont remember there being a temperature problem in Goldentime FKK or Maxim, two venues to definitely visit when mongering in Vienna Austraia, you will be fine

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