Mombasa Kenya 2005

Ten years ago I took my first vacation to Africa, East Africa in fact Mombasa in Kenya.  The vacation was just for one week and I was travelling with a friend and his family.  The intention was though to fit in some quality mongering time and have some adult fun with some African girls.

Nairobi, Florida

A bonus for me was that we could not get a direct flight straight to Mombasa and had to stay in Nairobi for one night.  We were booked into the Hilton Hotel not far from the Florida nightclub.  That first night in Nairobi we got accustomed to the local beer Tusker in the hotel bar and then later ventured out to the Florida nightclub.  Almost immediately as we walked through the door we were pounced upon by some African freelancers.  I was sat in a dark corner in the Florida nightclub with my African girl and she got her big black tits out right there and let me have a suck.

Short time session

My friend and I then took our two black girls to a nearby short time hotel and had some fun.  He fucked his one anal I cum all over my ones face and big black tits.  They wanted 2000 shillings but settled on 1000 shillings each as we dropped them off back at the Florida nightclub as we returned to the Hilton Hotel.

hilton hotel nairobi

In the morning, looking out of the hotel window I could have easily been in London.  Good cooked breakfast in the Hilton hotel after our night time fun in the Florida nightclub and losing our cherry in Kenya.  Our representative came to the hotel to pick us up, take us to the airport for our connecting flight to Mombasa.

Mombasa, White Sands

Later that day we arrived at our all inclusive hotel, the white sands along Bamburi beach in Mombasa.  Lovely hotel and grounds, great food although the rooms were a bit basic.

Bamburi beach

Bamburi beach was nice, although too hot during the day, best to stay out of the direct sun between 11am and 3pm.  It was not humid though a cool breeze blew all day off the Indian ocean.

Bamburi Bar Girls

There was a few bars along Bamburi beach with some very friendly African bar girls who were available.  My friend took this pretty curvy African bar girl, she took him to her home in some village nearby.

African bar girl
bamburi bar girl

That first night in Mombasa  we took taxi’s too a few bars and ended up in the infamous Tembo disco.   The Tembo disco was packed out with nice looking African semi pro and hardcore pro girls.  I had my eye on one and knew I would return to the Tembo disco to take her.  Difficult the first night as the family was in tow.

Bamburi Beach Girls

Walking along Bamburi beach during the day was a good way to meet non pro and semi pro African girls.

mombasa girl
beach walker

I met this local African girl on Bamburi beach one day. Christina was her name and we would sit in the sea together where she would play with my cock under the water.  Or I would take her into the bushes for some fun.  She had the most perfect African body and skin, not the prettiest black girl though, but good fun on the beach.  One day I spent too long on the beach with this African girl and got badly sun burnt, my head was almost melting.

Massage girls

Another day walking further down Bamburi beach I came across a compound and could see about 10 black girls sat outside.  As I got closer a few of the African girls came running over asking me if I wanted a massage.  I took a closer look at the black girls and two of them were young, fresh and quite stunning.  I was getting a hardon just looking at them and thinking about the fun I might have with them, so I took both for a massage and threesome.

curvy african girl
Mombasa girl

The room was hot, I was sweating profusely as I tried to fuck both girls.  The two young African girls started with a good rub down and massage and got naked for me and played with my cock together.

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The younger African girls pussy was too tight to get my cock in so just fucked her curvy sister doggy as the younger girl held my balls.  Great fun.


There was another bar at the far end of Bamburi beach called Pirates.  One day I was sat in Pirates having a beer after a long walk down the beach and beautiful young African girls were walking pass.  I waved one over and she come and sit with me.  Wanted me to take her to a nearby hotel.  Dont think the White Sands hotel was girl friendly, but the security guards were open to small bribes.  Lots of potential though during the daytime in Pirates.


Being in Mombasa Kenya was not just about being on a pussy safari, we took a one day trip on safari to tsavo east.

tsavo east
tsavo east safari

Up very early in the morning for this safari day trip.  The roads were terrible, all the tarmac was warped and twisted.  Great day out though, saw many wild animals.  By the end of the day almost bored of seeing elephants.  I promised my friends if we not see any predators, I would don my tiger skin thong and they could film me frolicking around on the Savannah 🙂

Casablanca Club

One day took a trip into Mombasa town to check out a few bars that were well know for picking up African freelancers.  Had a few beers in the Casablanca club to check out the scene.

african freelancers
Casablanca club

During the day in the Casablanca club, not really like what I see though, mostly hardcore drug addicts, better to come in the night.  One problem with the bar girl scene in Mombasa is that all the venues are stretched out.  You will need to take taxis to go on a bar crawl checking out all the options.  An African guy introduces himself as our guide and takes us to some bars in the Mtwapa area of Mombasa.  Nothing outstanding, nothing I could not have discovered by myself.

Tembo Girl

My last night in Mombasa I make my way back to the Tembo disco alone.  I had that black African girl in my mind I had seen our first night in Mombasa.  Down stairs in the disco I notice her at the bar.  She looks at me and runs her tongue up and down her glass she is drinking from.  She comes over and we chat.  She says cant go to her house as mother and daughter were there, so take her to one of the short time rooms available in the Tembo disco.

We take some free condoms too and I fuck her intensly doggy over the bed.  She has a slim body, pretty face and huge firm black tits and booty.   Finally I remove the condom and she gets down to some serious cock sucking.  For about 30 seconds I just keep squirting spunk in her mouth and over her face and she just keeps on licking.  She earnt her 2000 shillings that night in the Tembo disco. A last great memory to come away from Mombasa in Kenya with.

hairy african pussy
African teen

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Surprised I have never returned to mongering in Kenya considering the fun you can get up to with the local African girls.  In recent years there has been some political violence and terrorism with neighbouring Somalia. You just never know when the shit is going to hit the fan and you are going to be standing right in the way.

4 thoughts on “Mombasa Kenya 2005”

  1. Kenya is in East Africa 😉 never thought of Kenya as a sex destination in the east side though, I would prefer Madagascar and perhaps Ethiopia

    1. lol, yes I forgot to correct that. Thanks for pointing it out, your notice in trip reports I had put it in east Africa. I know Gambia is west Africa
      Well 10 years ago it was the top sex tourist destination in Africa. very safe and friendly country was Kenya, cheap pussy and very sexy black girls giving the girlfriend experience
      In recent years there has been political violence and terrorism so always makes you think twice. Tembo disco was the place to be in Mombasa and Florida in Nairobi
      I remember reading about a club called Razamataz in Nairobi in the world sex archives before we left, meant to have beautiful black and Indian student girls available for takeaway, but could not find in. Taxi drivers not heard of it.

  2. Is the world sex archives forum still active…do let me know if you are still a member and does it made sense for a subscription.

    1. I have joined the world sex archives a couple of times in the past was invaluable at the time for Kenya and Jakarta
      Loso’s reports and photos on Jakarta are worth their weight in gold, he comes from a newbie angle too, warts n all. Last I knew it was from 2008 but still 95% accurate just factor in a little inflation

      In recent years though both the admin of the world sex archives and world sex guide seem to have lost interest in their forums, so not so active recently
      International sex guide is still going strong and I am aware you are a member there
      As world sex archives is paid membership there are some reports there that you will not find on the other free forums

      So up to you if you want to join or not, cannot say yes or no. I enjoy reading historical mongering too

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