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New Years day in Agadir and feeling a bit grotty as I take a morning walk up and down Agadir beach in the glorious winter sunshine.   Rather than getting closer to my Arab girlfriend over my remaining time I want to try and go to some more nightclubs like Papagayo and check out the scene.


My mongering trip to Agadir is coming to an end and its been a mixed bag of results.  Meeting that gorgeous arab girl in the English pub had obviously been the highlight of the trip.  Only hours before I had wanted to leave Agadir early feeling it lacked any opportunities for some serious Arab pussy.  My Arab girlfriend was now proving expensive, a liability.  I had spent a small fortune last night in the Le Nil Bleu.  Enjoyed myself though and have memories for life.  One thing for sure that Arab girl was under my skin, in my thoughts, the fucking with her had been fantastic, as good as it gets.  A great start for new years day 2015.

Agadir promenade

Another day just chilling on Agadir beach.  I had had 3 cups of coffee in McDonalds that morning, not ideal for sitting on the beach all day as its too cold to pop into the sea and take a leak.  You have to go back up to the promenade and use the public toilets there.  Just no complaints with the weather.

Back to the Mabrouk hotel and arrange with a taxi driver to take me up to the old fort on top of the hill to see the views and take some photos.  Agreed 150 dirhams and he would wait for me until after sunset.

Agadir morocco
Agadir view

After 30 minutes the taxi driver is getting a little impatient, he had not understood I wanted to wait until after sundown.  Stupid man.

Hotels with Massage

After my photo shoot I get the taxi driver to drop me off at the Oasis hotel along Avenue Mohammed.  The Agadir sex guides had stated that a few hotels around this area offered massage with extras including some BBBJ with CIM.  Check out my mongering map of Agadir to get your bearings.  Couple of girls working in the Oasis massage and Spa but not enough to make me stay but may return.  Check out another hotel Beach Albatros,  the woman inside wants 1000 dirhams for 1 hour massage, not sure what that would include, but when I not interested she ask how much I pay?

Bar Crawl

Spend the remainder of the evening checking out a few other bars around the area.  Bar Bodega is large inside and serves nice draft beer, but no ladies, just local men.  Down to the promenade for some beef couscous not in the Le Nil Bleu though, will give that a miss tonight.  Back to the hotel and set the alarm for midnight to venture out to Papagayo.   I had missed calls from my Arab girlfriend wanting to meet me in the English pub.  I sleep straight through 🙁  I just cannot sacrifice the evening for the early morning and night clubbing.

Last Chance

My last day and night in Agadir, I must hit the Papagayo nightclub tonight, my last chance to check it out.  I had only tried one night club in Agadir Actors on my first night and there are scores of other clubs to try dotted around Agadir and mostly connected to the hotels.  Great if you a monger who likes to pickup in the nightclubs, most have freelancers inside, just not worth going to until after 1AM.  Way pass my bedtime.

beach surfing

Another perfect day on the beach in Agadir just chillin and topping up my tan.  Late afternoon I hang around the Marina to catch the tourist carriage bus that takes you all around Agadir.  I should have done this on the first day to get my bearings.  The bus takes about an hour and takes you past all the major hotels and tourist attractions.

the moon agadir

We pass the Papagayo the plan was to spend my last night in the Papagayo nightclub.  I not have an early flight back home tomorrow to London so could stay out late.  I pack my bags that evening in the Mabrouk hotel and then start the evening off down the promenade.agadir promenade

It really cools down at night in Agadir and you wont be out of place or be getting hot in a coat or thick fleece, you should pack one.  I crawl a few bars on my last night in Agadir,  first stop a few bars along the Marina but very quiet then up to Bodega, quiet in there too.


Later I start making my way along the road towards Papagayo and stop off in a few more almost exclusively local Moroccan bars.  Eventually I find my way to Papagayo.


Its too early to enter the Papagayo nightclub but there is a bar next door called the Zanzibar so take a look inside.  Its packed out in the Zanzibar, loud and smoked filled.  I stand near the bar and there are a few Moroccan hookers sat around, I get chatting to one to pass the time.  These hookers are mostly fat and mature though, pass their use by date as far as I am concerned.


Eventually its time to head next door into the Papagayo.  Its a 200 dirham entrance fee which includes 1 free drink.  I spend a couple of hours sat and observing in the Papagayo.  Its where the more posey young crowd come to dance and get spotted.  Much preferred Actors as a place to pickup and alot closer to where I was based.  I had missed nothing.  As  I walk back to my hotel I pass a few fat mature Moroccan hookers just making their way to Papagayo.

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The next morning I not have any missed calls from my Arab girlfriend, she must have got the message and gone onto her next horny tourist in the English Pub.  Will never see her again, inside a small candle would now eternally burn for her along with all the other whores I had fallen in love with.  I send her a text saying goodbye and thanks.

2 thoughts on “Agadir PapaGayo”

    1. All things considered if you want some winter sunshine, dont want to do long haul and Arab girls are your thing then Morocco should be top of your list
      The Arab girls are there for the taking, but its not easy and not in your face. If you just want to dump your muck, and not have to think about it, then Morocco is not for you
      I enjoy the hunt. I wasted the last night in Agadir staying out going to Papagayo nightclub, should have just spent it with my arab girlfriend and fucked her brains out again

      I think the problem today in a place like Agadir is the high police presence due to the threat of terrorism, it has a knock on effect.
      I would say Moroccan girls are some of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. They give both the girlfriend and porn star experience back in the bedroom.
      In Agadir you should find just one girl and stick with her, that is what I learned, but then the problem is falling in love as they are so feminine and cute with it, something lost on western woman today

      If your into nightclubbing then Agadir would be good too, but I am not, that was a problem for me. I love early morning but after sunrise, not before.

      Next winter I think I will take Mathews recommendation and give Las Palmas a try on Grand Canaria.
      I will definitely return to Morocco too, but next time Casablanca, the women are just so hot.

      I enjoy the hobby still and would not be MongerPlanet if I not travel around and try these wonderful places.
      I quite enjoy really going to a highly concentrated tourist area and trying to expose its seedy under belly.

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