Agadir Happy New Year

Its new years eve in Agadir and I have an invite only dinner date tonight with my Moroccan girlfriend in the beach front bar restaurant Le Nil Bleu. Its going to be an expensive night, thats for sure, but only one night out of my life.   Lets hope its going to be special new years eve party in Agadir with my Arab girlfriend.

Marina Apartments

What I was mostly looking forward to is taking my Arab girlfriend back to the Mabrouk hotel after the new years eve party and fucking her brains out again.


Another beautiful morning in Agadir another walk along the entire beach and check out the Marina end.  Mostly more upscale restaurants and apartments around the Marina.  The Marina is an area popular for renting apartments in Agadir.  Most of the owners of the apartments are absent foreigners, so should not be a problem taking girls back after tipping the security guard maybe 50 dirhams.

beach marina

Another day just relaxing on Agadir beach under the beautiful winter sunshine.  I text me Arabic girlfriend in Arabic to confirm tonights date.

Arabic Girlfriends

She calls me back and not really understand what she says but generally meeting her at 8pm in the Le Nil Bleu.  Confident she will turn up, probably not on time though.


I return to the promenade that evening and bump into my Arab girlfriend with her friend who I talked to the night before on the phone in the Le Nil Bleu.  Her friend is dead sexy too, more so in a different kind of way.  Oh god would love to fuck her too, could it happen, a threesome?  My girlfriend is off to get changed and I will meet her in the Le Nil Bleu at 8pm and I let them go, couple of hours yet.

Lucky Monger

Enter the Le Nil Bleu and I am one of the first  guests inside. Soon though I am not alone long as people, both locals and tourists begin to arrive.  The tables are packed closely together and I got a western family sat next to me.

I wait and wait for my girlfriend to turn up, eventually she does around 8:30pm looking ravishing in a long black dress.  Oh man that cleavage, her ass is better.
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Reminds me of the night before in the Le Nil Bleu, she asked me for 700 Dirhams to have a hair do.  Of course I declined, you are constantly fighting off requests for cash.  Could not wait to get that dress off later and suck on those Arab tits and that Arab pussy.

Having sex with her again is all I could think about the rest of the night in the Le Nil Bleu.  I would have to try and pretend to enjoy myself.  Nothing compared to her naked body on my bed.  There really is something special about having a Moroccan girlfriend in tow.  Even though it was P4P, I was a lucky monger to be able to be here and enjoy myself and her company.


A bottle of red wine sets me back 500 dirhams but tastes good.  I warn the waiter to not let the bill go over 2000 dirhams considering already paid 500 deposit.  2000 dirhams is as much as you can draw out on the ATM network around Agadir in one day.  I think he was hoping I was a big spender and he was in for at least the same amount as the bottle of wine for his tip.

Girlfriend Experience

The 5 course meal is dished out as the night progresses with some local Moroccan entertainment. I much prefer the Lamb Tangine I had the night before though.  I am pretending to enjoy myself but just cant wait to be alone with my beautiful Arab girlfriend.

le nil bleu
new years eve

I am falling in love with her, the girl from Casablanca, Play it again Sam.  I can feel it, she is just too hot to resist.  She is lovely and I am forgetting I am paying for her company.  She just feels like the real deal, the girlfriend experience.  I not want to be anywhere else but with her.  Hooked, considering only two days ago I wanted to leave Agadir early.

Rip off Waiters

Later the waiter comes over to me and tells me the bill has gone over 3000 Dirhams!.  I just laugh, In the back of my mind I was keeping tabs and no way was it this much. I was being fleeced, probably along with every other tourist in the Le Nil Bleu.  Having their bills padded out and the waiters deciding their own tips.  My girlfriend tells me to not argue with them and just pay.  They are all in collusion, but I am not paying.


I go to the back of the restaurant with the waiter and go through the bill and it comes to 1500 dirhams.  He then looks at me and says “What about my tip?”  Your not getting one now!  Not for trying to rip me off.  This activity is rampant in Agadir and tourists are just paying up.  You need to know the conversion rates.  its a scam in Agadir and tonight my waiter was really trying his luck.

My girlfriend comes to the back to get me and we go and dance. Its after midnight now, we see the new year in and enjoy ourselves with some other guests local Muslims and holiday makers, everyone is happy.  Its time to leave and we exit by the back.  I walk pass the bouncer no way am I handing him over any money, she is my guest and girlfriend now.

No Crime

The streets are busy with people, we walk back to the Malbrouk hotel from the Le Nil Blue pass the English Pub.   All the way back she is paranoid about the police.   I dont think there is a law against a local being with a tourist, more an unwritten rule.  I guess the police in their shiny boots and low pay get jealous.  As always if there are no victims then there is no crime.  The red wine was talking.

Different staff on reception in the Malbrouk hotel but no problem when paying for her own room. One advantage of being in a cheap hotel.  Once pass reception we just head straight for my hotel room.


I come out of the bathroom and she is sat naked on the bed.  I put her over my lap and spank her fine Arabic Ass for being a naughty Muslim girl.   She is laughing and enjoying it as my hand slips down to feel her pussy.  She gets on the bed doggy position and I  go down on her from behind and then we fuck each others brains out.

Broken Promise

After the fucking she wants to go.  After paying for a night out I was really hoping she would stay like she had promised the night before in Le Nil Bleu.  She comes and lays down and we have a kiss and cuddle, she is enjoying the affection.  But still she wants to leave early and I am disappointed.  It brings me back to reality and reminds me she is just a whore, renting a girlfriend.  Maybe it was for the best.  I like her too much now and so it may be the last I see of her.  A couple of nights left mongering in Agadir maybe to find some fresh Arab pussy.

2 thoughts on “Agadir Happy New Year”

  1. It isn’t such a case of what planet were those bunch of clowns otherwise known as Moroccan waiters on to really expect a £105 or around $150.00US tip from just one customer, but on what planet are those other presumably many stupid gullible tourists on who allow this type of thing to happen so easily.

    I think for many different reasons you did right to then stay away from that restaurant. You got a great experience from that outwardly very attractive local girl and I think just got out at the right time. Happy memory wise what went on in the hotel stayed in the hotel.

    1. Yep Matt, I did a fair bit of research before visiting Agadir in Morocco, but was not aware of the waiter scam or ripoff. To them its like taking kid from a candy. In our western and fixed price mindset and that after the bill we then choose to tip the waiter or not, you are just not expecting it. But deep inside an alarm bell is ringing. So after which you have to keep a mental tab on the bill and check prices on the menu. When you then confront the waiters over the bill, they roll over. Other than your bills being padded, no other real problems except high police presence…

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