Agadir Le Nil Bleu

Feeling better today in Agadir, got some fantastic Arab Pussy on tap now when I want.  Perseverance furthers.  Just when the weakling within me wanted to give up and go home as the pussy in Agadir is not in your face. Mongering in Morocco is not easy, but when you find that beautiful Arabic girl of your wet dreams,  A monger wont want to be anywhere else in the world.

Agadir Another Day

Another morning walk along Agadir beach and then spend the whole day relaxing on the beach under a parasol, the sun was hot.  Topping up my sun tan from my mongering tour through Asia a few months previous.

beach bum

Return to the beach that evening to enjoy another sunset, hardly seen any clouds and no rain all week in Agadir.

agadir beach
Agadir sunset

Most Moroccans are just normal people and  not strict Muslims or fundamentalist.  Its like Islam is just their religion like Christianity is suppose to be ours. Moroccans are very friendly people.  You always feel accepted and welcome as a tourist.


Even so, Morocco does have a problem with radical Islam and terrorism, there have been bombings in Marrakesh and Casablanca targeting tourism.  The first restaurant I ate at in Marrakesh was later bombed in 2011. The authorities are on the guard in Agadir with plenty of police and security walking up and down the promenade .  Of course it pays to be cautious but not get paranoid to the point you dont travel, cant live life like that.  What a load of dangerous nonsense all this religion is.

The unintended consequence of this extra security and police presence is it makes it harder for a horny monger to meet working girls along the promenade in Agadir. The local girls are forbidden to solicit with tourists.  Mongering in Morocco is not easy but is there, where there is a demand there is always a supply.

Le Nil Bleu

Feeling hungry and fancy trying some local Moroccan cuisine a Lamb tangine maybe.  I tried a tagine in Marrakesh before and they were quite delicious.  Opposite the beach along the promenade looked like what was a good restaurant to try Le Nil Bleu.

Le Nil Bleu

Sit down inside Le Nil Bleu and waiter serves me a cold beer with the menu.  One good thing with Agadir compared to Marrakesh is alcohol is on sale in most places and not too expensive around 30 Dirhams.  I notice a few girls sat around in the Le Nil Bleu look like they were semi pro working girls cum freelancers.  Like Le Nil Bleu may actually be a pickup joint.  I have always got an eye out for any new opportunities that may present themselves in terms of available ladies.

Bar Girl Network

I start thinking about the bar girl network.   This is where the bar girls spy on their friends boyfriend.  You may not be aware you are being watched or that other girls sat around know you or who you are fucking.   But they do, its their business to know.  When a hooker hooks into you, you are her property, her liquid cash asset.  She will protect her investment.  These girls can be quite territorial too.

I had not rang my Arabic girlfriend today, wanted a night off really.  Else it all gets too expensive or even worst routine.  She was a rare bird though and would be difficult to find another Arabic girl within Agadir of comparable sexiness and beauty.  It would take a long time to get bored of her sweet pussy.  So I needed to keep my Arab girlfriend sweet if not going to lose her to some other love struck tourist for the remainder of my stay in Agadir.

My Lamb Tangine is served and it is absolutely delicious, like they only just slaughtered the lamb outside and pulled out giant carrots from the ground. With these other working girls sat around my mind returns to the bar girl network, maybe one of these girls has texted or rang my girl telling her where I am? No I am imagining things?

Holy Jihads!  The next thing, there she is!  my Arabic girlfriend from the night before is stood in front of me as I munch on a mouthful of Lamb Tangine!  She is looking stunning in a tight black leather jacket, tight jeans.  She sits with me and I order her a drink.  She says ‘hello’ to the other girls confirming my suspicions of the bar girl network, that this is not just coincidence.  She then wants me to order her friends a drink, lol, No! I say, I really just want to finish off my Lamb Tangine, its almost delicious as her pussy.


Although this Arabic girl from Morocco is exotic, beautiful and lots of fun to be with, In the back of my mind, she is also a whore, plying her trade.  The reality is she is more interested in the money she can make out of me rather than me.  She knows I am here in Agadir for just a short vacation, whatever happens once I leave she is unlikely to ever see me again.

Long Con

Working girls know not to get emotionally involved with punters.  Even so we are all human with its inherent weaknesses.  If she can turn the right tricks, tell some sweet little lies, fuck your brains out, get you to fall in love, next thing she got herself a sponsor.  The most lucrative of them all, the long con.

But I want to enjoy myself with her and her with me too no doubt.  She is a lovely girl and it is going to be an effort to not get involved, attached or be rolled over for too much money.  A monger has his limits and must not be blinded or submissive.

She is hooking into me though.  I not ring her today because I like her, not because I dont.  Small doses is going to be best.  Try not to get addicted to her feminine ways and that super tight Arab pussy.  You cant have to much of a good thing, if not go without how would you enjoy and appreciate going with.

Dinner Date

We chat some more via google translate on the mobile phone and the waiter also acting as interpreter.  She lets me snap some more pics of her, although she not too keen on her photo being taken.
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The waiter wants us to come along to the dinner party they are having tomorrow night at the Le Nil Bleu, Invites only for 700 Dirhams.  Against my better judgement I agree and pay a 500 Dirhams deposit.  She keeps the receipt for the deposit.  So got a dinner date tomorrow night in Agadir with my Arab girlfriend, doing the couple thing, the trophy girlfriend on my arm.


I tell my girlfriend I am tired and want to sleep so want a night off tonight, will make up for it tomorrow night.  After all that Lamb Tangine I am so full and no energy.  She OK with it, she will goto the English Pub with her friends.  She seems to like the English Pub, good for business probably.  She promises to stay all night tomorrow with me too.

One of her friends rings, and she puts her on the phone as speaks good English.  From what I could make out she wants to meet us both at the Marina. Oooh, could a threesome be on the cards?  she sounds cute and interested in meeting me.  After all she must be a hooker as well,  they tend to walk around in pairs.  My girlfriend gets real jealous all of sudden and tells me she has a huge hole! and hangs up the phone, makes me feel desirable, of value 🙂  That she must genuinely like me? Its getting amusing and I like her a little bit more.

Night Off

Keeping my distance the plan for me tonight was to return to the Mabrouk hotel snatch a few hours sleep then try to get up and goto the Papagayo nightclub.  I had high hopes for Papagayo, read some positive reports, could there be a bevy of beautiful Arabic whores available in Papagayo?   One way to not get too attached to any one girl is to have many of similar quality to choose from.  Well, would not find out tonight in Agadir, slept right through.  Nightclubbing is just not my thing, even on vacation.

4 thoughts on “Agadir Le Nil Bleu”

  1. I would never in one thousand and one nights 🙂 have ever thought about going to Morocco or anywhere in that part of the world for that matter for mongering. You have taught me something new.

    God yes indeed some of those Moroccans are the most beautiful looking girls in the world and it doesn’t seem too expensive. What would get on my nerves though is that totally male dominated intrusive presence from the waiters onwards, like being manoeuvred to sit where they want you to sit in a pub. Good tip though about sitting close to the ladies room, I will have to remember that one.

    1. Mongering is not so easy in Morocco but yes there are some of the most lovely girls you will set your eyes on and alot of them are available.
      The cost of the girl is not too much around 1000 Dirham for a good looker, model quality girl and that will sometimes mean long time too.
      Problem is then the associated costs, exit fee, taxi fees, doorman tip, accommodation, so can all add up. Definitely not for the cheap charlie
      Marrakesh the most expensive, then Agadir, would like to try Casablanca next

      Yes as for choosing my own seat, if I had not I would not have had an eyeball on the girl, so evening could have turned out alot different. Dont let them decide their tip either, you choose that too. I think its pretty common in Agadir to spend a few days aclimatising maybe regretting your choice and then bang! knocked for six by a beauty that comes along.

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