Agadir English Pub

Need to change my modus operandi in Agadir Morroco.  Had to get over these negative feelings about being in Agadir, start feeling positive and enjoy my vacation.  Better than being at home or stuck in the office.  If I imagine myself with a hot Arabic babe then maybe the Universe will conspire to make it happen. Positive mental attitude.

Sticking with the Plan

I decided to stick out my vacation in Agadir, I am not going to book a flight home early.  Although enjoying the winter sunshine it would be a sad state of affairs to spend a week in Agadir and not score some quality hot Arabian pussy.  That was my fear, that was my nightmare.  I hated night clubbing its just too late for me.  I cant go to bed, sleep then get up again at midnight.  The best part of the next day ruined.  I intended to try a few more night clubs though if just for reconnaissance.

Massage Offers

I leave the Mabrouk hotel and head back down the beach. There are plenty of Moroccan peddlars on the street trying to sell their wares and paintings.  If you get chatting to these they will offer to take you somewhere for a massage.  I read on the World Sex Guide though nothing comes of these, just some old hag with some teeth missing.  Stay well away was the advice.  Sometimes though bucking the trend can yield results.

Big Mac

Im feeling hungry now for some food too and stop off at the McDonalds along the Promenade at Agadir beach and enjoy a Big Mac.  Now the McDonalds you get here is delicious so much better than the slop you will get thrown at you in London.  Yum.  Feeling better already.

I take a lounger right opposite McDonalds along the central and most busy part of Agadir beach.  Was expecting it to be more expensive but alot cheaper at 25 Dirhams for the day, including umbrella and wind breaker.  After that Big Mac I needed a wind breaker or at least my neighbours on the beach did.

Old Mongers

During the day I notice quite a few old mongers on the beach with pretty young Arabic girlfriends.  Mostly French men, I wonder where they picked these gorgeous local Moroccan girls from?  A good looking Moroccan girl really is something to behold.  Had to get my hands on one of these Arabic babes.  Initially you have to accept that you can and believe it will happen, this can be hard to do, but this was the way I was now trying to think.

Morocco sunset
Agadir sunset

A few happy hours spent relaxing on Agadir beach under the blue skies, warm sunshine and stay until the evening and watch another wonderful Moroccan sunset go down over the North Atlantic ocean.

god king country

What else was there to do in the day in Agadir that relax on the beach?  I had enquired within a few tourist operators and they did do a 2 day trip to the Sahara desert, riding on a camel and camping overnight with the Bedouin tribes in a tent.  Something I would love to do but a bit expensive and lonely on my own.  Could have tagged along with an unknown group but could have been with the family from hell.

Hammam, Massage

I head back to the Mabrouk hotel and check out a hotel nearby that has a Spa. Enquire within and its 300 Dirham for a 1 hour hammam and massage.  First  I check it was going to be a female that was going to give me a massage.  I was led to a changing room next to a sauna area.  Told to keep my pants on.  I relax in the sauna, lovely and warm and then in comes a mature slightly overweight Moroccan woman, attractive and nice smile who scrubs me down and then leads me to the massage room.

Touching, Erotic

A good strong massage as I lay on the table in my wet pants.  Her hands work the inside of my legs next to my groin and her fingers slip in my pants and rub against my balls and cock, I am horny and turned on and its all turning quite erotic.  I turn over and she does much the same, fingers working right against my balls.  She then just pulls out my full erection from my pants and starts wanking me off.  No asking just straight to where I wanted her to go.  The handjob was not that skilled though, not quite got the right touch or motion and I could not cum.  But had had my first sexual erotic experience in Agadir.  I was as horny as hell now, my balls were heavy and needed to release.

English Pub

After my massage was considering having something to eat and drink in the English Pub.  This time of the evening though really not much happening.  Tonight I wanted to try the English pub around 9-10 pm when maybe a few local girls would become available?

English pub

It was now a week night so should not get packed out with locals.  I return to the Mabrouk hotel and try and snatch a few hours sleep before heading back out to the English pub.   I start the evening off in a little wine bar place just round the corner from the English Pub called Jockeys.  Mostly men inside though so drink up and head round to the English Pub.

Love is in the Air

Its around 10pm as I walk into the English Pub and is kind of half full with a mix of Moroccans and some tourists.  As I walk in I notice a really cute Arabic girl, early 20’s, great looking, great figure sitting on her own and I feel my stomach wrenching. Love at first sight!  Is this the Arab girl for me?  She is sat in the middle of the English pub though and would be on full view to everyone.  This would need some game.


As you walk into the English Pub the waiters latch onto you and want you to sit where they want you to sit, they are always fishing for big tips.  They each have their own area to wait on.  I decide to sit at the bar near to the ladies toilet.  A good vantage point, at some time every girl in the English Pub including my target will have to walk pass me and I will get a good view maybe a smile.

Sitting at the bar is good in itself, a really tall beautiful African girl starts chatting to me, she is wanting some business I can tell.  But my eyes are elsewhere.  The Arabic girl gets up and walks pass me to the toilet our eyes meet and a little smile.  Wow she is hot!  She sits back down and our eyes keep locking, I dont look away and she waves me over.  Pick up my drink and go and sit next to her.

Girl from Casablanca

The Arabic girl not speak a word of English, but I do speak the common language of love.  She is from Casablanca and in Agadir a few months travelling.
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I have my mobile phone on me and not my camera and snap a shaky pic, I am shaking, she is so the gorgeous, the perfect Arabic girl I wanted to fuck so much.


I told you imagine what you want, believe it will happen and the universe will make it happen.  He she was in the flesh.  My dream girl in Agadir had come to me with little effort at a time and place that suited me. How do I know this?  something similar happened to me in the Irish pub in Odessa Ukraine, so knew to deploy this tactic once again.  It really is a kind of secret mongering magic.


I could not understand a word she said but loved her warm hot personality.  She is drinking a pint and not mind me topping up her bill.  She pulls up her t-shirt to show me she has no beer belly.  What a beautiful little tummy, she lets me feel it. Its going well, No babies, not yet.  I kiss her on the cheek, she then kisses me on the lips. The game is so on!

There are other guys in the English Pub, gob smacked, they hesitated going over to her.  I knew I had to act fast.  Conversation improves as I get google translate up on my mobile and covert English into Arabic, she is impressed.  Also employ the help of the waiter who acts as interpreter.

Hotel or Apartment?

The waiter advises me to take her back to my hotel, if they not let her to my room then pay for her own room.  Else she will take me to an apartment.  I pay the bill and the waiter takes his own tip.  Beware of the waiters padding your bill it set me back around 500 Dirham and should have probably come to half of that but I was so excited, this was the least of my worries. Its something you more inspect in hindsight as you try to improve your game and pay less.

We leave the English Pub and I then have to hand over a 100 Dirham to the bouncer.  I tell her I dont want to, she tell me cannot come with me if not pay the bouncer off so hand over another 100 Dirham.  She then wants to take a taxi to my hotel as not want to be seen by the police walking with a tourist, but its only a 5 minute walk up the road so she walks with me.  I am cumming in my pants imagining getting into this Arabic beauties bra and panties.  Her body was a knockout 10!

Hotel Room, Girl Friendly

At the hotel reception in the Mabrouk they tell me she cannot come to my room, so I ask for a room of her own, of which they are happy to oblige and have to hand over another 200 Dirham.  Pass the last hurdle as we skip her room and I lead her to my room. At last alone with her in my hotel room.


She wants paying up front 1000 dirham, I go with the flow and hand it over.  She sits on the bed in front of me, unzips my jeans and pulls my cock out.  Its like she wants to show me I am going to get my monies worth and there is no problem paying her up front.  I am so hard, she puts my cock in her mouth and gives me a fantastic BBBJ. saliva everywhere, licking, deep throating even smacking herself around the face with my erection, almost depraved.  She wants fucking as bad as me.  Its fantastic, I love Agadir.

Loving Agadir

She gets naked and has a body to die for, the only blemish is a shaved pussy, but can see these black bristles already growing back, she now knows I love natural hairy Arabic pussy and promises to grow it back for me.  She wants to be my girlfriend now.  Her Ass and tits are perfect.  She gets on the bed doggy position, she knows she looks good in any position. I fuck her intensely from behind, grabbing and slapping at that buxom Arabic booty.  Its just great, in my element, she is moaning with pleasure.  I cum and collapse we then cuddle up together with lots of DFK.

A bit later she wants to leave and I am happy to let her go.  We exchange phone numbers and she wants me to call her tomorrow for a repeat fucking.  I am so happy now and have a great nights sleep in Agadir, feeling totally content, for now…

2 thoughts on “Agadir English Pub”

  1. Hahaha, what a lucky man? Couldnt you take pictures of heR body? She looks pretry hot, whores always wave you to come on over, you either a really hot man or smell/look like PetroDollar

    1. No not naked another night come out of the bathroom she was on the bed naked with legs up laughing and picked up my camera and she went beserk, only joking, talking about her mama! Maybe if I had pushed it given her a tip could have got one of her no face doggy position, what a pussy, what a good fuck, all time top 10. gfe and pse in one. No routine sex with this one.

      I want to try Casablanca in the future, less tourism there

      I may have made it sound easy, but she was a rare bird, there were alot of guys sat around the pub, all looking over at her. I had picked a good vantage point and had to act fast or I was going to lose her quickly. Difficult to explain in words. But we had a connection, money helps of course 🙂

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