Agadir Should I Go

My first day in Agadir had been pleasant, good to get out of the rain and into the sunshine.  My first night in Agadir had been uneventful.  I had stayed out late in the Actors nightclub but not seen any suitable freelancer girls.  I had a full week in Agadir and needed to score during my vacation.


I awake my second day in Agadir, its late for me and feel a little hungover.  The price you pay for wasting the night away in a nightclub.  Not so bad if you got some quality pussy but I found none in the Actors nightclub.

I really am not a clubbing monger.  But in Agadir there are scores of nightclubs and they are supposedly the place to meet the local Moroccan girls up for some P4P.  Tonight the intention was to grin and bear it again and try the Papagayo nightclub.

Good Morning Agadir

I have breakfast in the Mabrouk hotel, not bad, pancakes, bread and freshly brewed coffee.  After breakfast I head down to Agadir beach.  On the way I stop at a roadside kiosk and buy a local sim for 100 dirhams that includes internet connectivity.  Hoping later to get some local phone numbers.

Agadir beach
Morning walk

I do love a morning walk along the beach, breathing in the ocean air.  Certainly puts a new meaning to Monday morning blues.  A walk along the beach is one thing, but as a monger I need to score.

From what I have seen from one night attempting to monger in Agadir I am afraid I could spend a week and not find any pussy.  I am feeling partly negative, more because I dont know the territory, Agadir is new to me, out of my comfort zone.  I like to rise to the challenge, you learn new tricks.

Feeling Negative

I spend another day relaxing on Agadir beach, the weather is absolutely beautiful in the daytime.  No humidity but lovely warm sunshine all day and clear blue skies.  The internet connection on my local sim is very good and listen to internet radio all day on the beach just chilling.

Not much action to talk about though during the daytime in Agadir.  Lots of people on the promenade but nothing interesting to a monger, I suppose you could get lucky.  Mostly families, couples and groups of friends.  I am starting to think its best to come to Agadir with your wife or girlfriend, if you have one?  negatively creeping in again and again.

Later that afternoon I return to the English pub and eat some fish and chips with peas.  Not enjoying it, the peas are off and there are some loud Scottish chronic alcoholics in the pub on an ego trip for some reason.

Hammam Handjob

Later that evening I go looking for some hotels that have a Spa and offer some form of erotic massage according to the Wiki Sex Guide on Agadir.  Again the intel on the Wiki sex guide is partly out of date and inaccurate.  I staked out the major hotels and it gave me an idea that some of the massage, spa and Hammams in Agadir would offer a handjob.  A good massage with a happy ending is nice, but I can get that in my home town.  I want to fuck some exotic Arabic babes while on vacation in Agadir.

Feeling Ill

I try to rest in my room in the Hotel Mabrouk.  Later that night I have a chicken tagine in the hotel restaurant.  I am not feeling well, I think it was the dodgy peas in the English pub earlier in the day. I retire to my room and try to sleep it off. Alarm goes off at midnight but no way am I getting up to goto Papagayo nightclub.  So a night off, no big deal.  I am starting to regret this trip to Agadir and wanting to go home.  ET home.

Another Day

The next day proceeds much like the previous, breakfast then another lovely walk along Agadir beach.  The weather really is something else for this time of year.  Very good for SAD, if you suffer from that.

Agadir beach
Morning walk

Walking along the promenade and some old mature Moroccan whore smiles and says hello to me.  I am keen for some pussy, but not desperate, not yet, so pass her by.  I need more than this.

More than a Feeling

Walk back to hotel and some scum English family really piss me off.   Back in my hotel room  I am feeling really negative now and want to go home.  Feel like I have made a big mistake coming to Agadir, a single monger is just out of place.  I check flights home, could do the next day but for a whopping £200 surcharge.  Should I stay or should I go now?

Only way is up

I have hit rock bottom now, the only way is up.  I remember something I had read about the way you feel and think will attract the same.  If I could start to think positive about this trip, things would change.  At those prices I was not flying home early.  I needed to make the best of what time I had left in Agadir and try to be positive from now on and maybe a change of tactics.  Like a fish out of water, if I was going to succeed, survive, I had to adapt to my new environment.

10 thoughts on “Agadir Should I Go”

    1. I keep telling you No! What part of No dont you understand? In fact if ever I pass through Madrid the first you will know of it, is from this blog
      I am not interested in travelling out to the suburbs and fucking Asian and Russian whores for 30 mins. I goto Asia, I could goto Russia
      Now if there was an abundance of Spanish model like whores with natural pussy then I would be on the first flight 🙂
      Dont see any of that on your blog
      You only rate Madrid coz you live there as a foreigner, else you would not go out of your way to monger in Madrid.
      I use to know a Spanish monger Gladiator who lived in London and mongered around the world and he not rate Madrid.

      1. Lool! I mean is cheap you don’t have to travel out to the suburbs if you dont want to, you’d have to move around if you want some p4p scene just like any where else. There are many spanish whores ,(I just dont pick many, hence not many stories about them) they are a minority in the business but I give detailed actions one has to do if they wanna fuck a whore from any nationality including spanish! If you are in rome do as romans do, if coming to Madrid/Spain don’t have to monger like a tourist else you will have a no so good experience. We don’t have main mongering attractions like Disco Clubs to find freelancer, FKKS or red light disctrics, here it isn’t about that and isn’t that commercialized.

        1. Even so Madrid does not interest me currently. One of my desired European tours is a trip through Spain to experience the pussy on offer and blog about it and snap some photos
          It not always have to be a success to make a good story. So one day may fly into Madrid and then down to the coast and make my way along the costa to Barcelona which has some good mongering

          Other European trips are the Baltics, got to try my luck in Riga sometime soon. I know some of these places are tourists traps but can still have alot of fun and they are interesting and good to share your experience online
          Athens is also on the cards. Again the mongering there is suppose to be real good at the moment and obviously some great tourism and photo opportunity too, would love to see the ancient sites
          Of course another FKK tour too. Mongering on the continent not UK is still good.

          May take a week off soon if stay in my current job. Doing well and making alot of money for my coming retirement 🙂

          1. Agree of the FKKs, we don’t have that here in Spain, plus I wanna fuck 2-3 eastern EU women, the thing is that I don’t wanna ask around if they do, bbbj, cim, fk and all that…plus would be nice to explore Berlin – I see myself in the Baltic bar hoping and hitting on local women, not mongering much there 😛

  1. Recently back from Las Palmas Gran Canaria which has a lovely golden sand city beach
    1. Weather even in late February nice, bright and sunny.
    2. Many cheap flight options from UK and Europe
    3 City very vibrant, old and modern and what I imagine parts of Havana and even Santo Dominica in the D republic to be like.
    Busy sleazy bar type nightlife with local (dark Spanish black curly hair) and African freelance options. Found the African girls to be loud too much in the face and a little intimidating. In total had 3 local Spanish freelancers which was god value at 50 Euros and a bit of haggling short time back to the hotel.
    Would return here again for a cheap last minute getaway during our coldest months in the UK.

    1. Mathew winter sunshine is one thing but got to have some pussy supply also if i am really going to enjoy myself.
      So did you choose Las Palmas because it has some seedy nightlife or you just find it there when you visited?
      So are the Spanish and African girls hot there? When you say dark curly hair do you mean their pussy? 🙂
      Hopefully each winter will visit somewhere more local now.
      I first started taking vacations in the Mediterranean, Benidorm and the Canaries and visited a few brothels back then
      Alot of the girls available were from south america.
      What I not like about the Spanish and Medditerean resorts is all the Brits etc you get there? was there many tourists?
      I like a break from my own Culture. Although in Agadir quite a few UK families and couples some of them from hell 🙂
      I like Morocco, people are so friendly, culture is so different, although most are not strict Muslims. Not given up yet, next stop will be Casablanca

  2. Wanted to get away just for a week to somewhere different, warmer and to somewhere where I knew I wouldn’t get too bored with a bit of night time seediness there on tap thrown in if I wanted it.

    Las Palmas ticked all my boxes really, a different country -culture almost a long haul exotic city destination really, inexpensive to stay and get to, yet so close flying time to the UK, perfect R and R for someone like me who now slaves at work 6 days a week.

    Black dark curly hair, head and face wise I meant that typical dark Spanish gypsy look. It was indeed though, black and bushy down below on all 3 occasions.

    The low life type scum bag brits tend to stick to the main tourist resort areas like Playa Del Ingles, where unfortunately there are a lot of this eye sore white trash to purposely cross the road to avoid but mainly more during the summer school holiday time so if you ever do go there try and avoid the low cost carriers like Ryanair and go at what is definitely the best time, winter.

    1. Mathew, Las Palmas sounds interesting, like you say ticks all the boxes, there was a time I would have spent a week in Thailand, did that once in 2003, but not anymore due to quality
      Winter sun is one thing but yes need some seediness and not get bored. I have already eliminated Ryan Air. Easy jet not so bad but more expensive
      Went to Barcelona with Ryan Air in 2003, nightmare, put me off that carrier.

      So you recommend Las Palmas, may take a trip, does sound good, like the sound of those gypsy looking Spanish girls for 50E, who you fly with? Any recommendations for accommodation or area to stay in?

  3. For cafes, shops, bars, restaurants beach and a great atmosphere stay anwhere within a quarter to half mile radius of Parque de Catalina (Square) – and you shouldn’t go wrong. Str walkers tend found in the side streets close to the hotels.or many bars dotted all over the place.

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