Agadir Morocco

Took a week off work and did not fancy sitting at home.  The love that I need will never be found at home.  Was considering a couple of flight options through Easyjet including an FKK tour from Zurich in Switzerland to Munich in Southern Germany.  Eventually decided that I wanted some winter sunshine as well as some quality pussy so went with Agadir in Morocco.

Mongering Morocco

I have been mongering in Morocco before, Marrakesh June 2007.  It not go particularly well, you picked up girls late from the nightclubs.  There was a problem with girl friendly hotels, police, bribes and general availability of girls.

arab hooker
Marrakesh hooker

The girls in Morocco are a mixture of north African, Berber and Arabic.  Some of the girls, especially Arabic are really hot.  Those Moroccan girls have the beauty, the curves and the light brown skin and can be quite naughty with it.  In Marrakesh 2007 some of the hot Arabic girls  in the nightclubs like Diamond Noir were asking up of 300 euros for a fuck.

Accommodation, girl friendly?

Aware of these issues I did a fair amount of whoring research relative to Agadir on the international sex guide Morocco forum.  Having booked a flight the next step was to secure some accommodation.  Could not pin any accommodation down on the ISG.   The general consensus was to go with an apartment, but that was no guarantee you would be able to bring a girl back. There were no specific recommendations, in fact the forum is flooded with requests for information but very little informational trip reports.

Mabrouk Hotel

I decided to book a cheap hotel in the center of Agadir of which there are plenty.  Due to my modus operandi and budget it was unlikely I would be having different girls every night and day, maybe just a few over the week.  In which case the girls always know a taxi driver who can take you to a short time apartment usually for a fee of around 400 Dirhams around $40.

If on the ground pussy was abundant in Agadir, I would ditch the cheap hotel and move into an apartment.  So I booked up the Mabrouk hotel 7 nights for a total of 175 euros including breakfast.  Mabrouk was conveniently located close to Agadir beach, the English pub and Actors nightclub.  Mabrouk even had its own nightclub and bar where a few prostitutes were suppose to frequent.  This area was going to be my hunting ground in Agadir.   The flight to Agadir was expensive as popular this time of year, limited seats and last minute.  I managed to get half price though as traded in some loyalty points.

London to Agadir

Trouble is with EasyJet flights they are often early in the morning.  Laying in bed the early morning of the flight and am almost considering not going, is it worth getting out of bed for?  Is mongering in Agadir going to be hard, a waste of time?  Winter sun is one thing but Arabic pussy is another.  Wont know until I try my own luck.  Am almost regretting not doing an FKK tour, for sure there you will have all the quality pussy your heart desires, with beautiful model girls from all over Europe.  Morocco is also more complicated by being a Muslim country at a politically sensitive time. Interesting an ancient Morocco King is suppose to hold the record for siring the most children, up to 1000, must have had his own Harem to accomplish that.  So its in their blood, behind the veil.

Gates Closed

Eventually I drag myself out of bed and make my way to the airport.  I get so far down the road and realise I have forgotten my lead for my mobile phone so have to head back home, guessing I have just enough time.  Its tight as I park up in the long stay car park at London.  If I dont make it on the flight then fuck it, dont care will just go home and maybe head to Switzerland instead.  Serious waste of money and time though.

Only had hand luggage and had checked in online.  Am in a foul mood, the hangover not help from too much booze the night before.  I check the screen and “Gates closed” is displayed.  I run down to the gate and join a few other straddlers as we just make it on the plane.  The journey from London to Agadir is around 3-4 hours depending on head winds.  I paid a bit extra online and booked a exit seat.  Anything over 2 hours is too long on an easyjet flight.

Agadir Arrival

The flight went OK taking 3 hours 10 minutes and arrived in Agadir around 10:30AM.  Customs at Agadir was slow and glad I pushed my way out of the plane and run to get ahead in the queue.

Walked straight out of Agadir airport and opposite the entrance is where you catch a taxi.  The taxis are old beige Mercedes.  The taxi fare to Agadir is fixed at 220 dirhams and takes around 40 minutes to arrive at the Hotel Mabrouk.  The  taxi driver could not speak a word of English.  Morocco may be only 3 hours away from London, but looking out of the taxi window as we make our way to Agadir, you know you are in a different part of the world, a different culture.

English Pub

Checked into the Hotel Mabrouk, the room was Ok, a little shabby but cheap and cheerful rather than cheap and nasty.  Nice swimming pool and staff seemed friendly enough.  It was a lovely day in Agadir, clear blue sky and the sun was shining.  Quite warm in the low 20’s.  What a contrast from the wind rain and cold in the UK just a few hours ago.

English pub

After my flight I was starving and staked out the English pub just a 5 minute walk from the Hotel Mabrouk.  For 80 Dirhams the English Pub did a huge English breakfast.

English Pub
English break

Damn, if I had one of these cooked breakfast each day I would go home a big fatty.  As I am tucking into my breakfast a mature overweight Moroccan woman is waving at me across the road, she wants to come and join me.  I decline her offer, had she been younger and slimmer then would have been a good start of the first day in Agadir.


The plan was to come back to the English pub during the night and check out the scene.  I must admit to feeling a little paranoid sitting in the English pub, if I was a Jihad, where would I want to plant a bomb?   There is a lot of security walking around Agadir, armed police paired up with what looks like Army.  Any wannabe Jihad need to understand there are no virgins in hell.

Agadir beach

After my English breakfast I head down to Agadir beach, about a 5 minute walk from the English Pub.  Agadir beach is not the most beautiful beach but they make your stay comfortable.   I hired a comfy lounger with a cushion and umbrella at a quiet end of the beach for 60 dirham.

Agadir beach

Its a lovely day on the beach.  Its warm enough to wear shorts but also jeans.  I begin to relax and snooze off. You get quite a few peddlars on the beach trying to sell their wares.  One tells me that Arabic writing on the hill means, God, King Country.

It gets cooler in the afternoon on Agadir beach as the wind picks up. If you ask the attendant they will put up wind breaks for you, included in the rental price.  Also they will bring food and drinks to you.  For me the sea was too cold to go swimming afterall it is the Atlantic ocean.


After a lovely afternoon just relaxing on Agadir beach I take a walk along the promenade.  Along the promenade there are suppose to be some freelancers on the lookout for horny tourists.


I not notice any freelancers, you are on the lookout for pairs of girls dressed in jeans, leathers etc with that street hooker look.  I not get any special attention walking up and down the promenade, just lots of other tourists mostly families and couples and local Moroccan families out for the day.


It certainly was not in your face in Agadir, there is alot of police walking up and down the promenade and local girls are not allowed to solicit tourists.


I hang around the promenade until sunset to indulge my other hobby which is now a little bit of photography.

agadir sunset

Something stirs, I have forgotten what it is like to be in love with someone, to be close, to want to have a family with someone special.  A monger forfeits his right to true love, I suppress my feelings, after all it is just nature’s way of duping us so that the species may survive.  I think the human race is doing a fine job at surviving without me needing to contribute at least for those reasons.

Blowing hot and cold

I head back to The Mabrouk hotel and stop off in the English pub early evening for a couple of pints of the local lager called flag and a nice cooked pizza.  Early evening in the English pub, just some other English tourists.  Back to the hotel and fall asleep.

It really cools down in the evening and at night in Agadir, its like you need to take two sets of cloths, one for on the beach during the day and another set for the cold nights.  There is no heating in the hotel but when I wake up would have been nice to put on the heating.


I dont venture back out until nearly midnight, as far as the nightclubs are concerned in Agadir not much point in being in them before 1AM.  I check out the English pub around midnight, it is now packed out with local Moroccans, its loud as they enjoy Karaoke.  Too loud for me and I head across the road to the Actors nightclub.


Not have to pay to enter Actors and nobody really turns up until 1AM.  I am making an effort to stick around for a couple of hours.

I really want to see what kind of hookers become available in the early hours of the morning.  I get chatting to a few girls at the bar. They were mostly mature and overweight.  One quotes me 400 Dirhams for an apartment once she learns I am in a hotel and then quotes me 1000 Dirhams for all night.  Shame I not fancy her else may have taken her up on her offer.

I head back to the Mabrouk hotel and their bar and club is still open like after 3AM in the morning, not many in though.  There is one really cute Arabic girl sat at the bar, she looks around a few times at me, but she is with a couple of guys, so just leave it.  First night out in Agadir and not impressed with the available pussy in Actors.  But I do love to be beside the seaside.

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  1. Just when I was just about to PM you on what new stuff you got for us- never really thought of Morocco, but would be more interested in Gambia – Since you mentioned the FKKs I am thinking of doing 3-4 days in Germany this summer, probably Berlin to visit one for two FKKs to fuck those eastern european whores…any recommendations?

    1. The FKK to visit in Berlin is Artemis, was there Nov 2011, big city lots of options spread out, rather than concentrated, mostly brothels
      If your interested in Gambia then read my earlier posts was in Gambia 2014 March. If not working early 2015 may have returned to Gambia for 1 month, good place to chill, cheap too, lots of African booty

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