Mongering Thailand Cambodia Review

Having recently returned from an extensive mongering tour through Thailand and Cambodia it would be good to summarise each location I visited. This south east Asian sex tour included visits to Bangkok, Phuket, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Phnon Penh and Pattaya.

I am going to base this mongering review on the premise that given quality bar girls are readily available at a reasonable price most mongers would barfine at least once a day.


I always start off my Asian mongering vacation with a flight into Bangkok and stay there for at least a few days.  The first night in Bangkok started off well meeting a lovely massage girl down soi 23, who gave a great massage and then fucked her doggy over the massage table.  We use to say the first night back in Bangkok was always a killer, a little of the old Bangkok mongering magic I used to love so much.

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After a great first night in Bangkok it tailed off completely not through lack of trying.  I spent 5 nights in Bangkok and returned to soi 23 for another massage and a fuck with a little Thai dumpling that left me wanting and then a blowjob one morning in Kasalong.   So 5 nights in Bangkok and 3 barfines.   Two good one bad.  Bangkok is not what it once was.

After Phuket I return to Bangkok for three nights and make a return to Nataree down the Ratchadaphisek Road.

Thai cutie
Nataree sideliner

For me the best places for some P4P in Bangkok now are Kasalong for blowjobs and Nataree for massage and sex.  A total of 8 nights hunting pussy in Bangkok and only really 3 good barfines.  So 3 out of 8 for Bangkok.  Well below par.  This trip to Bangkok I not barfine once from the most concentrated bar girl areas being the Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong.  That may be a first.

Patong, Phuket

Needing a break from the hot and humid city of Bangkok I returned to Patong in Phuket after a 10 year absence to try my luck.  It was seriously hard to find a quality bar girl down Bangla road in Phuket.  I tried hard but just could not get laid.  I had booked a week up in Phuket but decided to cut the trip short.  On my last night in Patong I finally found a lovely bar girl working in the Tiger beer bar down Bangla Road.

Bar top dancing
Bangla bar girl

Phuket still has a lovely beach, although no where to sit and Bangla road is a good night out.  But 1 out of 6 for Patong in Phuket cutting the trip short and returning to Bangkok before heading onto Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Siem Reap

I guess this trip to Cambodia was not just about pussy I did want to do some tourist stuff too and visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.  But from past reports on the World Sex Guide there was also some P4P in Siem Reap or there used to be.

massage girls
siem reap massage

I spent 3 nights in Siem Reap and not barfine once, not even a handjob in a dodgy massage parlour.  Siem Reap is overrun now with mainstream tourism.  There were some young khmer girls on the street offering massage with extras but they looked underage, could have been a honey trap.  So 0 out 3 for Siem Reap, nice temples though and Pub Street is a pleasant evening out.


A long arduous journey from Siem Reap by coach down to Sihanoukville on the Cambodian coast. Stayed in Victory Hill 3 nights and then Ochheuteal 4 nights.  First full night out in Victory hill and barfine a cute khmer bar girl early on.

victory hill
bar hostess

The next night in Victory hill plenty of options for bar girls to barfine but took a night off.  The next day I moved to Ochheuteal beach and around that area I could not find a bar girl or freelancer suitable for barfining.   Eventually I return to Victory Hill and barfine another khmer girl from the Dragon Fly bar.

cambodian bar girl
big tits

So 7 nights in Sihanoukville and only two barfines does not sound good.  But I enjoyed my stay in Sihanoukville and am eager to return.  Sihanoukville has a lot of potential but takes some adapting.  My barfine count could have been higher, alot higher had I stayed at Victory Hill.

Next time I visit Sihanoukville would give Ochheuteal a miss.  Otres beach is a lovely place to relax during the day and Victory Hill to drink and flirt with some of the gorgeous khmer bar girls at night.  In fact…

The only thing that helps me pass the time away
Is knowing I’ll be back at Otres Beach some day.

2 out of 7 for Sihanoukville but with a positive spin.  Ill be back.

Phnom Penh

From Sihanoukville I make my way to the capital Phnom Penh.  The quality of bar girls in Phnon Penh has always been pretty high.  The hostess bars are highly concentrated down streets 136, 51 and 104. Pussy hunting in Phnom Penh is not too difficult and still pretty cheap.  First night out in Phnom Penh and not take me long to find a cute bar girl in one of the hostess bars down street 136.

mother daughter

Her ugly sister wants to come along too and no game otherwise so I indulge in a mother daughter fantasy.  The next night out down street 136 and quickly find another cute bar girl to barfine.

bar girl
pussy cat

Its going well in Phnom Penh but I had adapted from my frustrating visit earlier to Phnom Penh.  I now knew where to concentrate my efforts.  Next night I try something different and head to the Cyrcee club along street 49.  Khmer girls are pretty conservative and having sex with a pretty bar girl can almost seem like having routine sex with your wife.

cyrcee blowjob bar
Cyrcee bar girls

Khmer girls are not renowned for giving blowjobs either.  In the Cyrcee there are bar girls who will give threesomes, BBBJ, CIM the porn star experience. That night I find two khmer milfs who give some excellent head together with cim.  My last night out in Phnom Penh and try the Pontoon club and come home empty and the next morning have a really crap massage.

So still things to learn in Phnon Penh.  But mongering in Phnom Penh is still good scoring 5 out of 4 which included two threesomes, one of them a fugly who not do much but look on.  Would always return to Phnom Penh for some P4P.


From Phnom Penh I fly back to Thailand and make my way by taxi to Pattaya.  Like Bangkok I keep returning to Pattaya but each year I wonder why as it gets harder and harder to find quality bar girls.  My first night out I get drunk in the gogos down soi LK Metro and nearly fuck a fugly barback on the seat.

action street
beer bar girls

The next night out in Pattaya I nearly barfine two lovely beer bar girls from Action Street off soi Buakhao but blow it due to a lack of available time.  I postpone it to the next night but then both girls are not in the bar, on my birthday too 🙁  

So 3 nearly’s  in 2 nights is more due to my hesitance rather than a declining Pattaya.  Finally on the third night in Pattaya I return to the beer bar down Action Street and barfine one of the bar girls.  No threesome though the other bar girl had gone home to her village.

beer bar girl
pattaya bar girl

A few nights hunting all of the bars and Gogos down Walking Street,  the beer bars down soi 7 and and soi 8, the short time girls down soi 6 but nothing I want to barfine just pattaya fuglies.  I had struck lucky down Action Street.  On my final day in Pattaya I decide to go with the fuglies and use fuglies for what they are good at, sucking cock and have another threesome with BBBJ, CIM in the Welkom Inn down soi 3.  So 5 nights in Pattaya and 3 girls.  Not good, not bad should have done better than that though.

Executive Summary

The following table summarises nights and pussy ratio and the average cost for pussy.  There are other things to consider, cost of hotels, food, things to see and do etc.  But gives a good indicator with Phnom Penh coming out tops for quality pussy in Asia.  Of course its different strokes for different folks so YMMV.

Location Nights Barfines Avg Cost$
Bangkok 8 4 77
Phuket 6 1 92
Siem Reap 3 0 ?
Sihanoukville 7 2 40
Phnon Penh 4 5 40
Pattaya 5 3 61

So there you have my mongering review late 2014 for Thailand and Cambodia.  In hindsight maybe mongers would enjoy themselves more and rack up a higher pussy count if they accepted inflation applies to whoring too and increased their budgets.  Its not unusual now to have to hand over 3000 baht for a short time session in a Bangkok or Pattaya Gogo.  The wealth disparity between west and east is fast disappearing.  Thailand is hardly a third world country anymore.

Mongers, for a real hardcore journey through many Asian countries, be sure to check out Asian sex diary. Its a great mongers resource and updated daily. He travels through Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and China conquering one slanted Asian pussy at a time.

Being anywhere in SEA enjoying the freedom to come and go is better than being stuck at home as a wage slave.  But for me a return to Phnom Penh and then back down to Sihanoukville is top of my agenda for whenever I next return to South East Asia.

20 thoughts on “Mongering Thailand Cambodia Review”

  1. I like Cambodia, PP and Snooky are both great, but I HATE riding the busses in Cambodia. Theyre always worn and crowded inside and Snooky is at least a 4 hour bus ride.

    Thailand is still cheap and you get good service if go with FLs, but I realize a lot of guys simply dont like that route.

    Can I ask why on earth did you not go to Angeles City, Philippines? You get so much bang for your buck & Pinays are absolute teddy bears.

    1. Brockstar
      Where do you go for your freelancers in Thailand and how much do you pay?
      Yes I hate the buses in Cambodia too, just grin and bear it, 4 hours is not too long, got long legs too 🙂

      I went to Manila and Angeles early on in the year, check out the menu trip reports –> Philippines
      I was considering a return to Manila but in the end not. Angeles to me is turning too since I was first there in 2005
      Its looking like Pattaya now, even got its own Walking Street, perimeter road end is better.
      So may well return to Manila and Angeles on my next trip to south east asia

  2. Good Summary to end what has been good reports on each destination.

    Like Brockstar I too prefer dealing with FLs and I think in my 10 years on and off to Thailand I only dealt with those greedy, f-ing ugly and often bitter Mamasan witches in the bars maybe 3 times max.

    For sure bar fining the girls does add to the costs, especially more now in Bangkok where it is common to pay almost London prices just for short time. For me short time is not having and benefitting the gf experience.

    Where don’t you go in Thailand for freelancers? 🙂
    Siam Square, Nana hotel lobby, disco and Car park, Thermae Coffee shop, Grace hotel and surrounding sois; Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya VC hotel and surrounding sois just to name a few 🙂

    My fav is still Jakarta and I will definitely spend the beach part of my next trip to that part of the world in Sihanoukville missing out Thailand completely. Reading those reports I have got good feelings about Snooky.


    1. Hi Mathew, when I say barfining I mean fuck basically, but even I need to calm my language down a little, want to try and stay palatable
      So its each day at least one fuck, through lack of a better word? That could be barfining or not.

      Its been a long time since I done long time. Years ago I use to get so excited about my trips to Thailand because it meant have a gorgeous young Thai girl in my bed all night wanting to please me, be my girlfriend for 1000 baht a night. Nothing like what you could get from paying for a whore in the west. In Thailand there was a blur between a whore and a girlfriend, only wise mongers after a year or two came to realise many of them were being played.

      Now there is not a lot of difference between whoring in Thailand and say whoring in London. In fact Thailand has nothing that competes with the FKK clubs in Germany. And now also there is not much difference between the price either we have price parity. Cambodia is still relatively cheap but it is turning too, more and more tourists and mongers are going to flock to Cambodia and the Philippines.

      I may see you in Jakarta and Sihanoukville too 😉

      1. Good review. I’m trying to figure out where I want to be this winter and I gotta say reading about how expensive it’s getting in Thailand is bumming me out a bit. I have never been to southeast Asia and I was looking at maybe going to phuket, how ugly are the girls really? The part that it’s not really cheaper than germany really has me bothered. My experience from Germany has been in King George and Caligula in Berlin, I specifically went there for the buffet, I’m pretty sure I got my money’s worth ☺ I was looking forward to the cheap high quality LT girlfriend experience kind of thing, even the ones that could be with you longer than just the night, now I feel like I really don’t know what to expect. I’m looking to be away for about three months and I’m looking for a place, MAYBE 2 places where I can be and not blow my budget in the first month, 5000 baht for LT seems a lot cheaper than what you would get in western Europe (I’m not an experienced monger so I could be wrong) but I was hoping to get it for a lot less and I’m not about to contribute to the inflation. I’ve been having the mental image that Thailand is a country with really cheap pussy and you get the Rockstar status kind of treatment, that’s what I’m looking for. I got that in Dominican Republic. I have been thinking about going there for the winter but DR certainly has it’s cons. I need to do more reading up on Thailand I have only recently started reading about phuket, I would like to know the difference between Phuket, Pattaya, and Bangkok and where is it cheapest and most expensive. A lot good info on this site, thanks for that. Safety is important to me, Thailand seems to be pretty safe I was reading a bit about the Phillipines and it sounds more dangerous so I don’t know if being there for 3 months is wise being I don’t know anyone there or anything. How good are Thai, Filipino people at English?

        1. Phuket is the most expensive IMHO and the hardest to find some decent action. If you are not too fussy there are plenty of beer bar girls who will do long time for a lot less than 5000 baht. Pattaya is or was the cheapest with the most options. All places have budget hotels, restaurants and mongering options. Always negotiate especially if there is a lot more girls than customers. You just got to go with your gut feeling I would recommend flying into Bangkok, spend some time there, maybe hit Pattaya for a while take a flight down to Phuket then you done Thailand basically. If you want some more adventure then fly into Phnom Penh make your way to Sihanoukville or fly to Manila and then make your way to Angeles and Subic. All places are relatively safe for a monger who is cautious. You will have a blast and ALL places can be done on the cheap.

      2. Nevermind the question about the costs between the 3 cities, while I was typing my comment I totally forgot about chart you made.

  3. Amazing summary….wish i was in a position to spend 30 days on a trip…unfortunately my current job dosent allow it.

    In retrospect i think the 6 days of Phuket and few days from rest of the locations could have been spent in AC or Jakarta. Guess thats a good learning for us from your trip reports.

    I recall you asking me to take a look at Soi Buakhao bars during my Feb trip, I did but not in detail. Your Pattaya trip post was not up hence didnt understand why you were recommending. Now I do and in my April first week trip i definitely plan to spend some time there.

    My MO generally is a ST in afternoon at Soi 6 or any soapy. Nights are generally at Beer bars starting from Soi 7/8 where i stay and I try for a LT. Its been a hit uptil now with very rare misses but still working for me. I havent tried much at Second road bars or at Soi buakhao which i will this time.

    Problem in Pattaya is that beer bars only open in evening and then there is a plethora of choices. Daytime scene is not good. Prices are average 3 to 4k for LT now for decent Talent. I can relate to you as i also have spend 2 days out of 5 with nothing good to bar fine and i just didnt wanna do it with the quality of girls available. Well this might work when one is on road for 20/30 days but in my case its generally 5 or 8 at a stretch max.

    I have had girls ask 5k for LT at Simon 1 and 2 bar complex or upfront money on walking street. I have stopped picking up girls from there as though quality is good comparatively but prices are crazy. Thanks to commercial tourism.

    The routine to Bangkok and pattaya has already started getting monotonous and repetitive for me. I know i overdid with 1 trip every alternate month since October. Definitely need a change from “Up to you” attitude now.

    Hope you have planned for your next trip…will look forward to your post and experiences.

    1. Wow, Illusion I never knew they were asking that much for long time up to 5000 baht in a Walking street beer bar! I just could not pay that. To me if thats what they are expecting and some are paying it then it is game over now in Pattaya. Its hard enough to find a good looking thai bar girl, to then be expected to pay that amount is ridiculous. I guess there are always some who pay it and hence spoil the girls. I mean would the same guy goto into a supermarket and pay 2 or 3 times more for his groceries just because he was flush? No he would know he is being taken for a mug.

      Last I heard Philippines has the fastest growing economy now in SEA, so expect changes there. Problem with Jakarta is at the end of the world and the city sucks, what I have seen of it. But maybe other parts of Indonesia are worth exploring. So just got to keep on trying, keep on hunting turning over every stone. If a girl likes you then you might get a good deal.

      When I travel now, its like bonking a nice girl for a good price is a bonus. I just like the travel now and trying my luck, taking some photos and reporting on my failures and successes.

  4. How come you never went to the “Dark Side” in any of the days when things were not going well. Read that the scenes good there with mostly expat crowd and cheaper beer and girls.

    I might make a rookie visit on my next trip if things dont go well the first night.

    1. Very interesting Illusion, thanks for the link. Its the first I have heard of it.
      So yes next time if ever I am in Pattaya again will definately visit the dark side of Pattaya 🙂
      Would be interesting to see the quality of the bar girls available in the dark side when they could so easily work in the tourist traps
      Old mongers to pattaya are still stuck in their old ways. It took me a few years to wander down soi 6 and then soi Buakhao
      You could always find a gogo stunner down walking street, soi 7 who would do long time for 2000 baht max. So you not really need to look any further
      But you do now. Pattaya is becoming a big tourist trap now. Even in tourist traps you can still find bargains, there is always a cheap side

  5. Hi there. I am continuing further on your footsteps and now planning a visit to Cambodia in August for 7 days. I have read up your blog on PP/SR and snooky and am quite interested to visit.

    My proposed itinerary is as below:

    Reach PP from Singapore: stay 1 night. Next day fly to Siem reap.
    Siem Reap: stay one night. I will reach afternoon and leave next day afternoon, visiting just for Angkor Wat temple.
    Fly to Sihanoukville from SR. stay 2 nights probably at victory hill.
    Take bus back to PP and stay 3 more nights. Back to Singapore on 8th day.

    This is more of a recon trip hence do you think this itinerary makes sense or should i skip snooky on my first visit. Any advise basis of your visit or experience is really appreciated. Also request your thoughts on whether August is a decent month to visit due to monsoon.

    I have never encountered any khmer girl before in my life hence dont know if i am gonna like it there or not.

    If not then i will go to Philippines as originally planned and go to Cambodia in October or December.

    1. Illusion good to hear from you again
      Please give us a rundown of your Jakarta trip in April? How did it go?

      For Cambodia you are flipping around quite alot. I would leave siem reap for another trip and spend 3 nights in Sihanoukville close to victory hill and just chill
      Split your time between Snooky and Phnom Penh, you will return to Cambodia I am sure, do siem reap then. I love Cambodia and want to return

      I would not worry about the weather too much. If you get unlucky then you will still have fun. Mostly it just pisses it down for an hour here and there. Its the same over south east asia

      Please fill us in on your last trip

  6. Great to read abt ur Asian trip! But why didn’t you go to Vietnam too, now when you are in that area anyway? 🙂

    1. I am considering a trip to Vietnam. A loose plan is to travel to ho chi min city from phonm penh down the Mekong by boat
      I guess I not been to Vietnam because the mongering there is not so good as it is in other sea countries, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia
      I have not been to Laos either for the same reasons. The other reason is because you cannot get a VOA visa on Arrival

  7. I have updated my experiences in the Jakarta and Angeles to Makati pages. I plan to return to Philippines by end of the year but Indonesia is not on the cards for a while.

    Basis of some more reading i am pondering upon the thought that i should fly into Phnom Penh (pp) or Siem Reap (SR) from Singapore or on way out, spend 2 days in SR and 5 nights in PP. I might give snooky a skip this trip. Reason being that i want to get over with Angkor wat in this trip. If i return then it will be purely PP and Snooky and i will not have to come back to SR again.

    However i still have your suggestions and will ponder for some time before i close. The pull from Philippines is quite strong due to my recent visit and an ISG friend is visiting pattaya and has asked me to join him which also seems quite tempting.

    I have been reading your blog since the original format and have always enjoyed my trips when planned basis your experiences. Hence i am more keen to do my maiden visit to Cambodia in august as you like the place.

    As usual I will be seeking more info and suggestions from you till i close.

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