Welkom Pattaya Whats Up

My last day and night in Pattaya before flying home to London tomorrow midday.  And so this second extended south east Asian mongering tour within the same year comes to an end.  I needed to bust a nut on my last day and night mongering in Pattaya.  If I wanted quality Thai pussy that was not going to be easy…

African girls in Pattaya

Not much of a plan, just to spend the day relaxing on Pattaya beach and maybe try some more bars and gogos down Walking street.  Would not mind something different, some black pussy maybe. Another young sexy black African freelancer like the Ethiopian girl I met down Walking Street on a previous trip to Pattaya in 2013.

walking street black girls
african freelancer

I had been noticing a few African freelancers along second road and down Walking street but they had been Fuglies too.  Fat and old African women, the black girls dont usually come out until late either. Walking street way after midnight is a poon world still waiting to be discovered by me.

As  I leave my hotel room in the Chaba Hut Resort for breakfast, the young American who was making all the noise in the early morning was sat outside his room drinking from a bottle of beer.  Our eyes caught and I tell him you keep me awake the other night.  He apologises and tells me he is leaving today.  So friendly and amicable.

Flash Flood

Down to Pattaya beach and a swim out to the barriers and back.  Soon all the families start turning up for a day by the seaside and the sky is turning dark and grey.

pattaya flash flood
raining pattaya

Soon the heavens open up and it rains hard.  Everyone is cowering under the beach umbrellas, but the rain water begins to drip through.  It rains hard for about an hour.  When there is break I make my way back up to Beach Road.

pattaya flood
Pattaya flooded

The roads were flooded, the intention was now to make my way back to soi Buakhao, not really fancy Pattaya beach when any moment it could pour down.

pattaya families
Pattaya beach

During the breaks in the rain, the families on pattaya beach for the day ignore the flash flooding on beach road above and continue to try and enjoy themselves.

Welkom Inn

Im walking along beach road, then hatch a new plan, something I remember I had read on the World Sex Guide.  The Welkom Inn along soi 3 has a little bar open during the day where the women are skilled in the art of fellatio.  Where threesomes, BBBJ and cim are on the menu.

Welkom Inn

So a little detour up soi 3 to the Welkom Inn.  The blowjob bar is behind the red curtain so I take a look inside.  Mostly fuglies not expecting Thai cuties to be working in the Welkom Inn.  But lets use fuglies for what fuglies are good for.  BBBJ, cim, fucking their mouths basically.  Plenty of fuglies in Pattaya to choose from.


There are about six Thai Milfs inside and I choose two for 2300 baht total.   Thai Milfs I not want to fuck but I want to suck my cock. I should have bargained here and got the price down.  But had agreed cim with both fuglies and I was impatient to get down to some serious blowjobs.  The two fuglies lead you to a hotel room at the back of the Welkom Inn and we take a shower together.  The two thai fuglies get down to washing my erection before sharing it in their eager mouths.


The two thai fuglies sit on the bed  with me standing in front of them.  The Thai MILFS get down to some serious sucking, licking and cock sharing.  Not bad, eventually I cum in one of the girls mouths and she takes the lot and makes sure every last drop is out.

Second Road

Heading back along Second road a little lighter and the sky is turning black and ominous again, will have to take shelter somewhere and let the rain pass.

body massage
beer bars

Alot of construction going on in Pattaya still, mega condos and hotel complexes aimed at Asian tourists I guess.  Old beer bars that dont make a profit other then selling them on have to make way.  I barfined once from those beer bars to be demolished walking along second road one night.

bar girl pattaya
beer bar girl

That was when you not have to look to far and wide to find some quality bar girls in Pattaya, they could just pop up anywhere.  She was a lovely fresh bar girl, 300 baht barfine and stayed long time for 1000 baht.  The good old days of Pattaya.

Soi Buakhao

It pisses it down again and I get caught in an area along Second road with no bars.  just a couple of shops and a Chinese restaurant, so have some Chinese food and beers.

pattaya flood
soi buakhao

Eventually there is another break in the monsoon and make my way back up to Soi Buakhao.  Soi Buakhao has been hit bad by the flash flood.  Thais are use to flooding and for most its business as usual.

Pattaya flood

I have been caught out before by flash floods in Pattaya. This can be the price you pay for coming to play in Pattaya during the wet season.

Walking Street

My last night in Pattaya and outside the Chaba Hut resort I wave down a baht bus and take a ride to Walking Street. I start the night off with a few cold bottles of beer in the Joy Bar, my local along Walking Street, watching people buy dead insects and eating them.  Yuk!

walking street

Eating dead insects is not something I want to try, but the vendor makes a pretty packet on inquisitive passing trade along Walking Street.

walking street

Just spend a few hours trying more of the bars and gogos I not try the other nights spent pussy hunting down Walking Street in Pattaya.  Tonight I was not under pressure to barfine having already cum in the Welkom Inn.  I remember trying the two Simons beer bars, just lots of Thai fuglies.  I try some more Gogos including Sensations, one thai cutie, Sweet Hearts, Iron club,  Beach club and finally What’s Up.

What’s Up?

By the time I am sat in Whats Up, I have had enough beer for one night and change to drinking a few shorts.  I got a fugly sat with me as I am knocking back my drink.

whats up

My glass is full of ice and as I swirl it around I notice some dark little shapes swimming around in my drink but think nothing of it at the time.  Then something is in my mouth and tastes bitter.  I spit it out and inspect what it is under the spot light.  Its a dead insect!

Fly in my drink

In my drink there are about 5 little dead insects!  Its horrible, dont know how they got in my drink, I doubt deliberately but had either crawled into the open bottle or more likely had fell into the ice bucket!  So I will tell you whats up, there are many flies in my drink waiter!  Perhaps its a new trend what with people eating dead insects in Thailand.  Perhaps they drink a few dead insects with their spirits.  Avoid Whats Up if you know whats good for, or stick to bottled beer.  I dont make a fuss about it, nothing will come of it, just evasive face saving.  I pay up and leave, with the intention of never returning to Whats Up.

Asian sex diary
Sex Diary Pattaya

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Over and out from Pattaya, dead insects in my drink just about sums up what Pattaya is all about these days.  It may well be my last memory of Pattaya.  I wake up the next morning and its first thing that comes to my mind and makes me feel sick.  But if it keeps me away from Pattaya now then thats a good thing, a blessing in disguise.

3 thoughts on “Welkom Pattaya Whats Up”

  1. The girl i was with in my last two trips used to buy insects along with grilled baby squid and octopus every night from walking street when we used to finished up partying and return to Hotel.

    Then we would sit in the balcony and finish some more drinks while she used to munch her food. I never took up on her offer to even taste one insect till date. My solace was that she used to brush and mouthwash before we used to jump into bed.

    1. I always guess it comes from a time when food was sparse and better than starving to death. Eating insects is just something they continue to do, got a taste for it now, part of their culture and handed down over the generations. But when in what is considered one of Pattayas premier bars cum gogo’s whats up and you got loads of insects in your drink, then its time to ask questions. Think a bar girl munching on insects would also put me off 🙁

  2. Overall i think service and quality both are on a serious decline in beach road and walking street. Commercial non sex tourism is taking over very fast. How much motivation would these bars and gogo owners and staff have when people just step in to have a peek or at the most sip a beer to get a feel and walk out without any girl. Cots wont get covered up through this for sure.

    The girl also told me that almost every Thai girl eats insects at home everyday if not in front of customers as they all seem to like it very much and yes they see it as an integral part of their culture. She is now on way to get married to a guy from Middle East and shift there. I will need to start my search again and I am dont know how to be specific about this insect thing not being done in front of me to the girl i am with on my next trip though.

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