Pattaya Nights

Time is running out as this Asian sex vacation comes to an end in the sin city of Pattaya in Thailand.  Two more naughty nights left in Pattaya before flying back home to London jobless.  The heat was off though got some quality Thai pussy last night with a beer bar girl from Action street.  No set plans for the next two nights in Pattaya more than likely try out more of the gogos down Walking Street.  Hopefully I would rack up some more barfines in Pattaya on my last two nights.

Noise Pollution

I was awoken early in the morning in the Chaba Hut Resort, I had some noisy neighbours who had brought some bar girls back to their room.  Problem was they were sat outside on the chairs with lots of beers. People get real loud when they are drinking alcohol, get on their super egos and dont give a fuck about anyone else.  Young Americans from their accents.  It was not wise to go out there and tell them to shut up!  Lucky I had my ear plugs I use on the flight.

In the morning I complain to the reception staff at the Chaba Hut Resort about the noise and they hand me over another key?  They expect me to just change room.  I tell them to have a word with the guests, I am not moving room, not on my last two nights in Pattaya.  Not think much of the service in the Chaba Hut.  I cant say I will be returning to the Chaba Hut Resort if I ever return to Pattaya.

Hatching a Plan

After breakfast I check out a few of the sides streets or sois that lead from Soi Buakhao up to Third road.  There are lots of little bars and guest houses packed very tight.  Take months to try them all out.

third road

I note a couple places of interest that I will come back in the evening and check out.  A teen massage like they have down soi 33 in Bangkok and a big body massage place called PP Body Massage.

buffalo bar

I walk the complete distance of Third Road checking out the options.  Third Road in Pattaya is like a different world.  Its very much Thai and nothing like all the tourists you see down Second and Beach Road even Soi Buakhao now.

I pass the Buffalo bar that used to be a very popular drinking and meeting place for expats years ago.   Back in 2007 I barfined a cute bar girl from the Buffalo bar. I had forgotten all about the Buffalo bar.

bar girl pattaya
Buffalo bar girl

Tonight in Pattaya after checking out the teen and body massage parlours I would then head to the Buffalo bar along Third Road.  From the Buffalo bar would make my way to Walking Street if not found my girl for the night by then. Sounded like a plan to me for my penultimate night in Pattaya.

Lazy Days

Its the weekend and another lovely day in Pattaya on the beach.  At the weekend you get lots of Thai families come down to enjoy the beach also.  I hire another inner tube and spend alot of time just bobbing up and down on the waves with very little on my mind.

central festival

Something to eat and drink in the Central festival shopping mall and watch the sun go down over Pattaya bay.  Just another day lazing around in Pattaya.

Teen Ball Massage

Out that night in Pattaya and I first check out the teen massage place just up the little soi leading to third road as you come out of the Chaba Hut resort towards Walking street end. The soi is called Soi Chalarmprakiat.  Inside Teen Massage and they show you the photo shopped catalogue of the massage girls available.  I demand to see all the Thai girls in the flesh. So they bring the massage girls out and parade them in front of me, two of the girls were not bad.  A ball massage was 400 baht and two girls or 4 hands massage was 750 baht.  This price not include anything extra which you can arrange with the girls in the privacy of the room.  But does include a good ball massage.

PP Body Massage

Was tempted but the problem is when you have a list of venues you want to check, well you want to check them out.

PP body massage

So I left Teen Massage and headed to the PP Body massage just a little further up soi Chalarmprakiat.  The usual line up in the Fishbowl inside PP body massage mutton dressed up as lamb most of the girls were mature Thai Milfs, but more the ones I dont want to fuck!  One or two of the Thai muttons were not too bad. But not good enough to part with 2000 baht if the girl had a red badge or 2500 baht if the girl had a blue badge.  Fugly and even Fuglier.  That fee included a 130 minutes of the girls time with you, massage and full sex included.

Buffalo Bar

Continue on my journey, down Third road towards the Buffalo bar, its hot and I am sweating.  There is a bar opposite the buffalo bar and am having a little cuddle with a cute young Thai girl as all the Thai families are driving home down Third road past me from their day by the beach.  Into the Buffalo bar and not much has changed.  Its pretty big inside the Buffalo bar, pool tables, cheap beer and a resident DJ.  Its hot inside the Buffalo bar, no air conditioning just fans and I am sat under one.  The bar girls in the Buffalo are average looking at best and most were getting on in years.  Looks like it is going to be another long night in Pattaya hunting down some quality pussy.

Next door to the Buffalo bar is a sado masochistic fetish club called the Castle.  Definately not into being tied up, whipped, humiliated or having my nipples clamped.  No you need to a poweful executive to be into all that.  Its a kind of readdressing of the balance after they been bossing people around all week.

Walking Street

Outside the Buffalo bar and I take a motobike to the top end of Walking Street and make my way down one of the side alleys.

swiss bar
windmill gogo

Check out the Windmill Agogo, busy inside, guys paying to touch the girls pussy and stuff.  Iv heard you can fist the girls in the Windmill if that turns you on.  Its really not my scene so I leave.

diamond gogo

Try a few more gogos like Diamond Agogo, Secrets and Super Baby along Soi Diamond.

soi diamond

There use to always be one or two cute gogo girls in Superbaby or Secrets, but not anymore.  Both are in decline on the quality pussy front.  Into Heavens Above.

heavens above

Last time I was in Heavens Above got tricked into buying a gorgeous thai girl a lady drink only to tell me she was a coyote dancer and not go with customers.

heavens above
coyote dancer

Would have paid over the odds for her to walk naked around my hotel room.  Often though the coyote dancers are not much better than the gogo girls that are available for a bar fine.   She truly was an exception, look at those legs, a 10 in my book.

Night Off

One good thing about all the little sois off Walking street near Soi Diamond and up is all the tourists walking up and down Walking Street dont venture up this far and there is plenty of Gogos to keep you occupied for the night.  So you dont have to suffer the crowds to enjoy whats on offer along Walking Street.

Iv had and seen enough for another night in Pattaya.  Not too horny after the bar girl I had the night before in Pattaya.  But from the nights reconnaissance in Pattaya and I wont be backtracking to any of these bars tomorrow, my last night mongering in Pattaya.

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    1. Yes from a days / barfines ratio Phnom Penh was much better than all the places I visited Bangkok, Phuket, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh last but not least Pattaya
      Next week should get round to doing a review of all the places I visited this trip and a comparison, Phnom Penh will come out tops for number of girls barfined

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