Pattaya Cherry Boy

My third day in Pattaya and still not lost my cherry. Cherry boys in Pattaya should never be seen or heard of.  Loose plan for today was much the same as yesterday, relax on Pattaya beach and return to Action street tonight to see if those two gorgeous bar girls are working.

Pattaya Comparisons

It often happens when mongering in Pattaya,  It can take sometimes 3 or 4 days for me to adapt, for my expectations to match reality and then I lose my cherry. I then start barfining bar girls again and again. Its not that I drop my standards, I have met many a pretty bar girl in Pattaya in years gone by but it is getting harder.    In the early years mongering in Pattaya it usually took 3 or 4 hours at most to meet a pretty bar girl you wanted to fuck and lose your cherry boy status quo.

Meeting Online

Demand for pretty bar girls is up but supply from the beer bars and gogos is down, way down.  You cant just manufacture more pretty bar girls to meet the rising demand for the kind of pussy you cannot get back home.   I think most Thai girls are meeting up via the internet these days.  They dont have to work in tourist bars and gogos anymore to hook up with sponsors, or meet western boyfriends.  Many a monger now is also pipelining or setting up dates online before arriving in Thailand. Pipeling is not my modus operandi.  I hate internet dating.

After breakfast at the Chaba Hut, I walk in the opposite direction up to Third road.  Nothing along third road everything is in Thai, back down central road, buy a fresh fruit juice and then down to Pattaya beach to relax.  I have to say the promenade has been greatly improved that runs parallel to beach road, must be due to all the mainstream tourism that is flooding Pattaya today.

beach road

I am feeling really horny, last action I had was those two mature khmer milfs in Phnom Penh the Cyrcee club, my balls were heavy and maybe I have now made a mistake leaving Phnom Penh early.  My bafine average was the highest in Phnom Penh.  No use crying over spilt milk, I was here in Pattaya now and I had to try and get the most out of it before returning home to London in a couple of days time.

Soi 13 Massage

I felt like a sexy massage, bit of touching and teasing but not release. Maybe a 4 hands massage,  just to get even more horny for hopefully my threesome tonight with the two bar girls down action street.

soi 13 massage

Soi 13 (1-4) have lots of options for a massage with extras.  Many of the girls will give handjobs even blowjobs.  Many of the Thai girls offering massage are more mature but some are young.  Look hard and there is always some diamonds in the rough.

4 Hands Touching

I do find two cute young  Thai massage girls outside a massage parlour down soi 13 and take them both upstairs for a 1 hour 4 hand massage for 500 baht.  I shower and am standing naked in front of the two massage girls, they just smile.  I lay on my front and the two girls give me a good massage on my back but not really touching. Sometimes at this stage, some massage girls will run their fingers into your anus or frequently brush against your balls.  Its a real turn on and you know game is on.

Turn Over Please

Its time to turn over and I got an erection. They not ask but both start touching my cock, running their fingers up my shaft and around my helmet.  Its a real turn on.  They want 500 baht each for a 4 hands handjob.  They say I can touch them with their cloths on though.  I want them both to get naked too.  I imagine they both got lovely mouth watering natural thai pussy.  But they want 1000 baht each to get naked.  Too much!

Pleasure is mine

Both girls then drop to 300 baht each for handjob but wont get naked.  Neither will do boom boom or blowjob.  Although one is now suggesting I meet her after work but thats not until 11:30pm.  I resist temptation,  If they had both got naked for 500 baht each, let me touch and given me a handjob then we may have had a deal and I am sure I would have blasted my load.  The massage continued and all the time one of the girls could not stop playing with my cock.  It was total pleasure but I not give in.  As I left I gave her a 100 baht tip for the special attention she had given my loin.  I was real horny now, ready to burst.  I reckon a massage with two Thai Milfs you find attractive may yield much better results. Will have to test out my theory.

Pattaya Dildos

I just hoped Action street tonight was going to live up to its name and I was going to have some action with those two gorgeous beer bar girls.

pattaya dildos
pattaya sex toys

I spend the remainder of the day wandering up and down Beach Road and am considering what gifts to buy the folks back home?

beach road

Plenty of dildos back home in the UK without needing to take home any artificial ones.  I think I will pass on the sex toys on full display everywhere down Beach road.  What must all those normal tourists and families think as they push their prams pass?  Im sure all the vibrators, flick knifes and knuckle dusters will disappear soon as Pattaya is made more sterile each time I return.

Soi LK Metro Gogos

Out early that night and make a return to some more of the Gogos down Soi LK Metro off Soi Buakhao.  In one gogo the mamasan was gorgeous much better than the gogo girls available.

pattaya gogos
soi lk metro

I could not be sure those bar girls down Action street were going to be available, third time lucky tonight hopefully.  Got chatting to one nice Thai gogo girl aged 23 in  Bachelors Agogo.  This girl had lovely big natural Thai tits but slim with it.  Barfine was 1000 baht and wanted to only goto short time rooms for another 500 baht.

Monger Friendly

She then wanted 2000 baht for short time. Ridiculous prices!  This is more expensive than Walking Street.  I thought Soi LK Metro was monger friendly?  If I want to take her to my hotel then barfine was 1500 baht!  She drops to 1500 baht short time fee, but 3000 baht for short time is too much for me not including drinks and sundries.

Wander in and out of a few more Gogos around Soi LK Metro, Malibu and Champagnes.  In Champagnes there is this petite thai gogo girl with huge nipples.  Barfine in Champagnes Agogo is 800 baht and short time room across the road 500 baht.  Not find her attractive though.  Time to return to Action Street before I drink too much.

Action Street Barfine

Return to Action Street and one of the beer bar girls is working tonight.  Her friend has gone home though only after one night working in the bar.  Or so she tells me, the truth could be something very different when talking to Pattaya bar girls.  She tell me no one to look after her baby so go home to take care.

I fucked up my chance for a threesome with both bar girls.  I may have been the other girls first western tourist too.  Sometimes the fantasy is more important than the reality especially when having sex.  Oh well I was going to fuck the bar girl in the hand tonight. Easily the best looking girl I had laid my eyes on in Pattaya this trip.  Only right the best looking monger in Pattaya should been seen with the best looking bar girls in Pattaya.

Buy her a lady drink, we chat a little, pay the barfine and then take a walk down Soi Buakhao towards the Chaba Hut Resort Hotel.  Too far, dangerous and hot to walk down Soi Buakhao so wave down a passing baht bus with passengers.  Jump out opposite the Chaba Hut and hand over 20 baht.

Cherry Boy no more

No problem taking the girl to my room in the Chaba Hut Resort with her being the first girl I had barfined in Pattaya so far this trip.  I was about to lose my cherry.

beer bar girl
pattaya bar girl

After a shower I remove her towel and got a lovely soft body.  Not a single stretch mark on her tummy even though one small child.  Her pussy is natural but just a light waft of pubic hair, not a thick black triangle like I was hoping.  Good fuck, but she wont give blowjob, often the pretty bar girls wont, not the first time anyway.  Some girls will, some girls wont.   Pattaya Cherry Boy no more!

8 thoughts on “Pattaya Cherry Boy”

    1. In Thailand most of the girls working in the beer bars of Pattaya are from the north east region Isan, so long way away from their children and families. They send money home. It use to be a rite of passage of a monger to visit the village with his thai bar girlfriend. Not happen so much anymore. I did it once back in 2003. Was an experience.
      It was hard to see the line between a whore and a girlfriend.

      You can find a pretty bar girl and then have almost routine sex with her. If thats all I wanted would have got married a long time ago.

      If alls the girls are going to give you is routine sex, dont want to pay 3000 baht for that. For more the PSE head down soi 6, try to find a girl who is not a fugly and hand over just 1000 baht. Sex on the premises though is currently being cracked down on.

      Its entirely possible that other cute bar girl has already after only one night been taken out of the bar altogether, some monger/tourist has already fallen in love with her. When they are new to the bar they are really still very sweet. They dont last long before a love sick sponsor comes along and can cure all their money problems as well as be a long term provider

  1. Is this girl on this page and the pic on “Streets of Pattaya” post the same. How the hell did she lose her bristles in a day or is she one of your regulars.

  2. In the photo on “Streets of pattaya” it appears that she has got bristles on her teeth, ones put to straighten teeth out which are generally worn for a few months..but in the photo on this page she dosent seem to have them…not that it matters…beautiful girl just got my eye….such a talent is rare nowawdays…i am back in april first week…hope things will be better than earlier visits…

    1. I thought that might be what you meant, not heard them called bristles we call them braces. Not sure if you know, braces are just a fashion accessory now. So she not need to wear them, just puts them in when she wants

  3. Braces right…I had an experience with a girl at Poseidon during my first trip, coughed up 4k baht and was worried all the time if those were gonna hurt my tool. Session was average and She had the fixed ones on. Since then I have avoided some good looking girls with braces only with the fear of not enjoying a good snog or a bj.

    I wasnt aware of them being removable. Have seen girls wear different colour braces but didnt click to me nor did i read about it. Thank you as now it increases my options in future visits.

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