Pattaya Happy Birthday

Today in Pattaya and it was birthday.  I was setup for a lovely birthday treat tonight in Pattaya.  My birthday treat was going to be a threesome with two lovely Thai bar girls working in a beer bar down Action Street off Soi Buakhao.  I was to return to Action Street tonight around 7pm and bar fine both bar girls.  That was the plan and hopefully nothing would go wrong…

Pattaya Quantity

Start the day off with a cooked breakfast in the Chaba Hut Resort then take a walk down to Pattaya beach.  At certain points along Pattaya Beach it can be difficult to walk as the tourists boats are moored right up to the deck chairs.

Pattaya beach

Now one thing Pattaya beach has that Patong beach in Phuket has not got is plenty of deck chairs.  Can you imagine Pattaya beach without all its tightly packed deck chairs?  As always with Pattaya what  Pattaya lacks in quality Pattaya makes up in quantity.

pattaya quantity
Pattaya beach

You can hire some loungers now on Pattaya Beach, rather  than putting your feet up on those little white tables.  To rent a beach lounger for the day is 150 baht.  I actually hire a big black tyre inner tube and float about in the sea topping up my tan.  Cost me 60 baht to hire the inner tube.  I spend my birthday just relaxing on Pattaya beach.

Pattaya Sunset

That evening in the Chaba Hut Resort they are having a BBQ around the swimming pool and all the western families are out in force.  I think I will give the BBQ a miss and head back to Pattaya Beach to enjoy the sunset.

Pattaya beach

Intending to reach Action Street around 7pm.  Head down beach road towards Walking street end.

Beach Road

Pass Pattaya’s most famous and oldest Gogo the Tahitian Queen.

Tahitian Queen

On each visit to Pattaya I usually take a look inside the Tahitian Queen Gogo along Beach Road.

pattaya gogo
Tahitian queen gogo

The Tahitian Queen Gogo is open during the day and always popular with a good atmosphere inside. I have never barfined from the Tahitian queen though, the bar girls are always the more mature thai woman.  I often wonder what it must have been like to monger back in 1978 in Pattaya when the Tahitian Queen first opened?

Classroom Gogo

Stop off in the Classroom Gogo along soi 13/4 South Pattaya, some nice Thai girls inside and enjoy a couple of draft beers and the music. Not going to barfine though got my mind on two beer bar girls working down Action Street tonight.

Birthday Bar Girls

Eventually arrive at the beer bar down Action Street off Soi Buakhao and the two bar girls are nowhere to be seen!  I talk to the mamasan  and she tells me its there day off!  Just making it up as she goes along, there is a big sinking feeling in my stomach, the threesome is not going to happen, my birthday treat is in tatters.  Should not have gone against my conventional wisdom and took the bar girls while I had a chance.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

But it was my birthday?  And every dog needs his special day.  I try to salvage the situation and the mamasan gives the bar girl a ring on her mobile phone.  Mamasan then tells me the girls are off sick!

Sweet little lies

Just hearing a load of bullshit now,  its not going to happen so I leave. When bar girls open their mouth its just lies sweet little lies.   I still had a few days left in Pattaya and those two beer bar girls would be hard to beat, so I would return each night.  I now had to try and find another birthday bar girl.

Soi 7

I take a long slow walk along soi Buakhao down Second Road and along Soi 7.  Along the way checking out all the bar girls I could lay my tired eyes on. Nothing was standing out, hundreds of bar girls but not one I wanted to interview and then maybe barfine.  I have had quite a bit of success in the past mongering in Pattaya bar fining beer bar girls down soi 7.

soi 7

Quiet tonight though down soi 7.  Could not find a jackpot bar girl in all the beer bars down soi 7 in Pattaya.

bar girls
pattaya beer bar girl

Just your typical bar girl fuglies working down soi 7.  Most of the beer bar girls are friendly, want to play games with you, buy them a ladydrink,  want you to barfine them, but often you dont feel the same way.

Silver Star Agogo

From the beer bars down soi 7 I take a look inside Silver Star Agogo.  Again barfined from the Silver Star a couple of times back in 2008. Nearly fell in love again with a cute bar girl, but already learnt my lesson not to fall in love with a bar girl.  What I noticed in the Silver Star tonight was a bar girl, half Indian looking,  I had first noticed back in 2007, 7 years on and she still works in the Silver Star Agogo.  Back in 2007 I wanted to barfine her but took her friend instead.  Tonight she not look so good anymore, not surprising.

Pattaya Sex Dairy

I stop off for something to eat then into a real crappy gogo along soi 8.   I have had enough and take a motobike back to the Chaba Hut resort. My special day in Pattaya, my birthday had just been another ordinary day in Pattaya.  My mongering plan had been laid to waste.

Alls I can offer in compensation is a week mongering in Pattaya like it should be done Pattaya Sex Diary.

Three nights trying to monger in Pattaya and not had any pussy. The first night mongering in Pattaya had been fun and nearly fuck a fugly in the Kiss Agogo down soi LK Metro, but not. Second night nearly fuck two beautiful thai beer bar girls, but dont. On my birthday not even a sniff of some quality pussy in Pattaya. So enjoy Pattaya sex diary and how it should be done.

3 thoughts on “Pattaya Happy Birthday”

  1. What’s funny is that I just spent my bday (in January) in Pattaya and had a blast! There was plenty of mongering joy for myself BUT I do not waste my time with bar girls. I’m definitely a freelance fiend first, gogo bar guy second. I don’t even bother going to beer bars. The way I see it is why go to a beer bar when you can go to a gogo and do the exact samething, excepts she’s often close to naked…at the very least.

    1. Well beer bars can turn up gems at half the price, there was a time where gogo girls were the better looking, but I dont find that true anymore. Some girls suits their nature better to work in different kind of bars
      Everyone to their own though.
      Brockstar where do you do your freelancing in Pattaya? Beach Road?

      I am often keen on a black African freelancer from Walking street, but this year they were all old fat and ugly too 🙂

  2. I know how you feel. Didn’t have much success there in Jan. thinking of going to Cebu instead and try a whole different tactic.

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