The Streets of Pattaya

Wake up in the Chaba Hut resort hotel, after my first night mongering in Pattaya.  Got a bit of a hangover, a headache as the nights debauchery is put on replay through my minds eye.  A few regrets, but too few to mention, could have been worse.  I did it my way.  Plan for today and tonight in Pattaya was to head down to Pattaya beach and then make my way to Walking street tonight and check out if there is any quality girls in the Gogos.

Pattaya Beach

A cooked breakfast in the Chaba Hut Resort, not bad but an extra cup of coffee will set you back 60 baht.  I then head down to Pattaya beach.  As I am walking down a soi to the beach a mature massage woman accosts me, she was attractive with large silicon implants but continue to Pattaya Beach, tempted though.

pattaya beach
Pattaya beach

A nice hazy day on Pattaya beach, a beach chair will set you back 50 baht a cold coconut drink 40 baht. Thats all you need all day.   Not much has changed on Pattaya beach, its quite busy for low season not with sex tourists though.

tattooed face
Face of Pattaya

The sex tourists and mongers are still evident though but now make up the minority of tourists to Pattaya. Could you befriend a man who’s face is covered in tattoos?

Soi 6

Later that first afternoon in Pattaya I take a wander up soi 6. I am feeling quite horny and want to check out the short time bar girls that line the street outside their bars along soi 6.  I notice one cute bar girl and stop to have a little chat, a brief interview.  She tells me to go, if not want to come into the bar and buy her a drink.  She failed my interview dismally.  Realised she may have been the last girl I barfined down soi 6 when I was in Pattaya June 2013.  Still looked good, but attitude had deteriorated, she must have had more pricks in her than a busy pub dartboard by now.  I stop off in the English pub the Queen Vic down soi 6 and have a good meal.

Chaba Hut Resort

Walk down second road back up onto soi Buakhao and return to my hotel the Chaba Hut resort.  Find a lounger by the pool side and attempt to relax as the sun goes down.  Evident that a few families are staying at the Chaba Hut Resort, kids splashing around and western women bitching about this and that.  Not ideal, not the quiet base I was hoping for.  Jabba the Hut is wallowing around in the pool and have to wait a fair while before he gets out so I can swim some lengths.  Quite a few mosquitoes about in the evening too.

Soi Buakhao

Back to my room for a shower and change and prepare for my pussy patrol through the streets of Pattaya.  I take a wander down soi Buakhao towards the direction of Walking Street.  I will give soi LK Metro a miss tonight.

oasis gogo

I stop off in the Oasis Gogo for a couple of beers.  A few in but the gogo girls on offer are not ticking any of my boxes.  Have barfined from the Oasis gogo before on a trip to Pattaya way back in 2008.

Action Street

I continue down Soi Buakhao looking left and looking right, one to avoid being run over by the constant traffic zooming pass with scant regard for pedestrians. Second I was checking if any of the bars have some cute bar girls.  Most do not, fugly ladyboys.

beer bars pattaya
Action Street

At the far end of soi Buakhao I notice a new beer bar complex that has sprung up called Action Street.  I cross the road and go and take a look at the bar girls available in Action Street.   The last bar I notice a Thai stunner sat at the bar, so promptly prop myself beside her.

action street
beer bar girl

Buy her a lady drink if she allows me to take a picture complimenting her Thai beauty in the process.  She was lovely, very pleasant personality with the beauty and spoke very good English.

Search Space

When I think about it,  I have barfined more girls from beer bars than gogos hunting in Pattaya.  Even with the decline of quality bar girls in Pattaya I know a handful still exist somewhere, if the chance of meeting a quality bar girl was zero or very close then that would be when I would stop coming to Pattaya forever.  There are so many beer bars and gogos in Pattaya you really have no way of knowing where a quality bar girl will be working tonight?  No way of pruning the search space.   Often a new girl will start out working in bar through contacts who already work in said bar, family and friends from the same village introduce her.

The Interview

Its one thing finding a cute bar girl, but she still has to pass the interview.  Often a girl looks great in cloths but naked leaves you wanting,  with a stomach stretched to hell and back giving birth many times. This bar girl had one young child, why she had come to work in the bar, Thai husband left her for another woman.  Common story of the beer bar girls.  I could tell she looked after herself very well though.  She then drops a bombshell on my horny plan that was hatching, she not barfine!

action street
beer bar girls

She then introduces me to her friend who has only been working in the beer bar one day.  From the same village, same position, single parent one child, no money.  Guess who introduced her to the idea of working in the bar to send some money home?

Threesome barfine

The bar girl then tells me can barfine her friend but not alone have to barfine both of them!  A threesome! Getting confused? I am.  I buy both girls a lady drink, bar girls are always accepting of a lady drink and then they dont mind you snapping a picture or two.  Of course alcohol is a social lubricant and hopefully their thai pussies were becoming lubricated too.  They then tell me they both dont shave their pussies, two natural hairy thai pussies to marvel at back in my hotel room.  I am cumming in my pants.  I am having some luck in Pattaya within the first 24 hours.  Put it down to walking the streets of Pattaya, checking out the little sois and beer bars and not just jumping into a baht bus at every opportunity.

The Truth

So the scene has quickly changed,  now can barfine both girls but not one, but only short time.  The truth is coming out now, the reason she not agree to barfine before is because she is already booked and has to leave soon.  So she is wanting to barfine with me now whereas at first she was not.  She is relaxing with me better now.  Even with whores,  still show some interest in the person and not just the pussy.

Threesome Idea

Its going to be to much of a rush job barfining both of them short time taking them back to the hotel for a threesome.  Not even tested the hotel with one girl. Not liking what I am seeing back at Chaba Hut resort with all the families about.  Considering you have to goto reception to pick up your key.

A threesome with two bar girls might seem like a great idea, double the pleasure.  But back in the hotel room  the threesome not often pan out the way you might hope like in the porn movies.  Sometimes one girl will wait in the bathroom while you fuck her friend, then you have to constantly change condoms.  They not look like the type of girls who would give some BBBJ together with CIM, that is always a great way for a threesome to work out.

Again you dont know until you try and by asking explicit question up front as part of the interview.  Get them to agree to do what you want them to do.  Find out what they wont do.  Some will do CIM but wont french kiss.  If the threesome not work out, you feel double the regret as it cost twice as much, so need to be pretty sure its going to be what you want.


We agree that tomorrow I come back at 6pm and barfine both of them for a threesome. Another issue is I not have enough money on me for a threesome, I would also have to waste some time stopping  at an ATM.  Mamasan tells me barfine is 300 baht.  Mamasan  then tells me short time fee is 1000 baht but the girls interrupt and want 2000 baht each.  We agree on 1500 baht each.  I was setup for a threesome tomorrow, what could go wrong?  Not always wise to postpone things,

do today what can be done tomorrow, strike while the iron is hot, two birds in the hand is worth 3 in the bush

and so on.  I was going against my conventional wisdom.  But I was in Pattaya a week, surely I would get another shot at these two bar girls another night.  I had something to look forward too.  I could wait and not be tired by waiting.  Patience is a virtue in a hopeless place.  Action street was well off the mongering hoardes radar.  I had pinpointed some quality pussy in Pattaya.

Walking Street

I spend the remainder of the night in and out of alot of gogos along and off Walking Street.  Walking street is pretty packed with mainstream tourists.  My mind is elsewhere…

Walking street

Spent some time in Private dancer Agogo.  Private dancer is taking on that more hardcore concept, had some girls playing with my cock behind the seat while watching almost live sex acts on stage.

pattaya gogo
Happy Agogo

Into Happy Agogo some of Walking Streets most popular Gogos.  Once you been in one gogo you have been in them all.  Some gogos have their own character though.  But really you are just looking for a bar girl you want to barfine.  Those two  beer bar girls I had found down Action Street would be a hard act to beat even in the top Gogos down Walking street.  I was looking forward to tomorrow, it was also my birthday tomorrow, another reason for the postponing 🙂

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