Phnom Penh to Pattaya

Was leaving Phnom Penh for Pattaya in Thailand a day early.  All of a sudden I have had enough of Phnom Penh and miss the coast.   My flight out of Phnom Penh with Air Asia was at 2:30PM so had the morning to kill and fancied trying a massage maybe 4 hands.

Cambodia Mongering

Been in Cambodia for over two weeks now, started off in Siem Reap then down to Sihanoukville finally arriving in Phnom Penh.  It had been a good mongering trip through Cambodia but was now looking forward to returning to Pattaya in Thailand.   Compared to Cambodia Pattaya would be a change of pace and would be my final destination before bringing this mongering tour through south east Asia to a close and returning home to London in one weeks time.

Mongering Trends

For seasoned mongers Cambodia makes a nice change from Thailand though and I highly recommend a trip.  In recent years from a mongering perspective both countries had gone downhill but much more so Thailand.  Not even sure why I was making a return to Pattaya, very difficult now to find quality bar girls in Pattaya.

I keep returning to Pattaya hoping its decline and my low expectations are only a blip not a trend. More down to just bad luck being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  This trip would be different, pretty bar girls on every street corner beer bar.  Tasty Thai girls in every Gogo wanting to be my long time girlfriend.  The cute Thai girls having good attitude, a sweet demure,  putting toothpaste on my toothbrush in the morning, all for 1000 baht.  And that is no joke 10-15 years ago.  Back to reality, those days are long long gone, not returning anytime soon, if ever.

4 Hand Massage

Started off my last morning in Phnom Penh with a cooked breakfast in the Irish restaurant the Paddy Fields by the riverside.  Its expensive in the Paddy Fields an orange juice sets you back over $3 and its not even real orange juice, but the foods not bad and conveniently located at the bottom of street 136.

phnom penh

After breakfast I head towards the cluster of little massage parlours on the corner of street 178 or art street I had noticed the other day in Phnom Penh.  Its a hot morning and on the way  I discover street 172.  Down street 172 and I also discover a little massage parlour there with two pretty Khmer massage girls who looked like sisters.

Decide to go for a 1 hour 4 hand massage for 18$.  In the room I undress and notice a poster on the wall about no sexual trafficking etc. Which I agree with but not the sort of thing you want to see when your hoping for some naughty extras with your massage.

Pants Massage

The two massage girls come into the room and I am in my pants.  I ask them if OK to remove my pant?  They want me to keep my pants on, a really bad sign!  I tell them I want to take them off!  OK, they hand me a towel and turn their faces to the door.  I have to keep the towel around my tackle.  I really should have bailed out at this point and continued with my journey down to street 178 where the massage girls sat outside looked alot more naughty and game.

The massage was crap, lacklustre, with no touching.  A really good massage will always compensate for a lack of extras, but not even get a good massage.  You have no way of knowing if its going to be good or bad without trying.  Some you win and some you lose. But there were early warning signs it was not going to be the kind of sexy massage I was hoping for.

Journey to Pattaya

I had now run out of time in Phnom Penh and make my way back to the Queen Wood hotel along street 136 to pack my case.  Hotel Tuk Tuk to Phnom Penh airport was $7.

Flight back to Thailand went on schedule.  Straight through customs at Don Muang airport and out to the public taxi rank.  Quiet for a week night and taxi to Pattaya was 1600 baht taking approx 2 hours.

Chaba Hut Resort

I was booked into the Chaba Hut resort through a monger recommendation.  Th Chaba Hut only had the pink apartments available at 1200 baht a night including breakfast. Quite expensive but liked the location at the far end of Soi Buakhao and looked like a little oasis in the heart of busy Pattaya.

The Chaba Hut looked like a good girl friendly hotel to launch pussy hunts from in and around Pattaya and get a good nights rest.  The pool area looked good too, relax during the day when not on Pattaya beach and have a good swim.  I was hoping for some peace and quiet when not on monger operations around Pattaya. I was keen to avoid a repeat of the noise in the Sunshine residence down soi 8 on my last trip to Pattaya.

No WiFi

Check into the Chaba Hut resort and room is Ok but looks like its seen better days.  The Wifi not working in the room and staff were not particularly concerned over this matter.  I buy a local Thai SIM card across the road in the 7/11 with 500 baht credit.  If WiFi not working then you can always tether your mobile phone for an internet connection.  Splashing around in the swimming pool and it looks like Jabba the Hut is staying at the Chaba Hut resort.  I unpack and make my way out of the Chaba Hut for my first night mongering back in Pattaya.  From Cambodia, surely it would take some adjusting.

Soi LK Metro

Really not expecting much on my first night back in Pattaya.  Just want to break myself in, drink some beers and enjoy some Gogos.  Gogos are something Cambodia sadly lacks.   Gogos in Pattaya are still plentiful but quality Gogo girls are sadly not.  If you do see a nice looking Gogo girl she is most likely a Coyote dancer now.

soi buakhao
soi lk metro

I do a few of Gogos down Soi LK Metro lots of old cantankerous white gits about and lots of ladyboy bars along Soi Buakhao now.  The decline of quality bar girls is being replaced by ladyboys, fuglies and coyote dancers.  Not notice any exceptional girls, was not expecting to though, hunting would be tough in Pattaya.

Gogo days numbered

The bad service we now receive in the Gogos of Thailand will surely only end when the money dries up. Then the quality bar girls will not return but many of the gogos will close for good and be a thing of the past. A few of the more successful business run gogos will transform into lap dancing clubs.  Surely the Gogo days are numbered now as we all remember it, its happening before our very own eyes.

Kiss Agogo Fugly

I spend the best part of night in and out of the Gogos along soi LK Metro and am getting pretty drunk as the night wears on.  I end up in Kiss Agogo until closing time pass 2AM.  I am so drunk now and the beer goggles are firmly in place.  I have this fugly on my lap with no knickers on playing with her pussy lips.

Fugly Fucker

She gets my cock out and I nearly fuck her there on the gogo seat with no condom in full view of others.  Of course she wants me to barfine her and take her back to the hotel.  But putting up very little resistance as I try to slip my cock into her pussy.

Hardcore Reality

This is surely what Pattaya is still good for, some raunchy hardcore fun.   Quite a few of the gogos in Pattaya like the Windmill Agogo have taken on this more hardcore concept with mongers even fisting the girls in the bar.  Soi 6 in Pattaya has a hardcore notoriety all of its own.  Hardcore is not really my modus operandi though.   Hardcore often means fugly and I am more of a bar girl connoisseur 🙂

The Hobby

Although it happens from time to time, I dont like drinking too much and getting drunk to numb the reality.    I aint no fugly fucker and I aint no fugly fuckers son.   But I was turned on by the idea of fucking this girl in the Gogo if not the fugly girl.  It was the context, of doing something I should not, being watched, being caught.  Its a step onto the slippery slope of sexual depravity, I will be fucking ladyboys next, to get my kicks, someone must be fucking all those ladyboys? Time to find a new hobby maybe?

With a lack of quality bar girls we will seek out our thrills in different ways.  Oh well, back in Pattaya….

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