Phnom Penh Pontoon

My last day and night mongering in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.  One place I really wanted to try my luck at was the Pontoon nightclub along street 51, popular with Khmer freelancers.  Problem was the Pontoon club not get going until 1AM in the early hours of the morning, way pass my bed time.

Clubbing Pro

Nightclubbing is really not my scene, as a monger I have rarely met any hot freelancers this way.  I am not in a club to chat up non pro girls and not expecting any action that way.  Meeting semi pro and non pro girls in a nightclub though is always possible and an attractive proposition rather than dealing with hardcore pros and drug addicts.

Prime time in a nightclub is usually very late, clubs often get packed out with young aggressive narcissists who sleep all day.  Drinks and entrance fees are expensive and the noise and thumping is often unbearable.  You cant hear yourself think let alone chat, you have to be a bit of a mover on the dance floor to meet the girls.


But often a night club will get recommended as a monger favourite in dispatches due to its freelancer scene like the Pontoon in Phnom Penh and the Climax in Bangkok.   I felt compelled to check it out, I knew I had to experience the Pontoon nightclub.  I know for some mongers freelancers is the only way to go.  They despise paying bar fines or having to deal with any middle men.

I feel there is a higher risk dealing with freelancers, if they drug and rob you then you cant go back to the bar and complain. The chance of catching a nasty infection is higher too.  I prefer bar girls myself, I have rarely had a problem with a bar girl due to being able to interview them first.

Freelancers you meet in a nightclub are less of a risk than those you meet on the street or streetwalkers. For those wanting to fuck cheap freelancers in the day or night while in Phnom Penh then just across the road from the Pontoon is the Walkabout.  Alot of the girls hanging around in the Walkabout are drug addicts.

Air Asia

I had another full day to kill in Phnom Penh, tomorrow I would return to Thailand and head to Pattaya.   After breakfast in the Queen Wood hotel along street 136, I head down to the Air Asia office on the riverfront and book up a one way flight to Bangkok.

Vietnam Visa

While in the Air Asia office I enquire about their visa service to Vietnam.  You have to hand over your passport and it will then take two days to receive your visa to Vietnam at a cost of $60.  Next time I am in Cambodia may well take a detour to Vietnam.  From the riverfront in Phnom Penh you can take boat to Ho Chi Minh city former Saigon in Vietnam.

In times gone by,  mongering in Cambodia you not need to visit Vietnam to experience Vietnamese pussy.  Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville had hundreds of pretty young Vietnamese girls to choose from.  Now girls from Vietnam are no where to be seen in Cambodia.  The only time I saw one was that experience in a fishbowl on my last trip to Phnom Penh.

fat indian monger
fat bastard

After obtaining my air ticket back to Thailand, I have an expensive cooked breakfast in the Paddy Fields along the Riverfront and enjoy the view.  Who is that fat bastard?

Last Day

Spend the remainder of my last day in Phnom Penh relaxing on the roof top pool in the Queen Wood Hotel.  It was the Canadian mongers last day too, tomorrow he was off to Kampot, Kep and then Sihanoukville, sounded like a good trip.  May do that tour myself next time in Cambodia.  It was his first trip to Sihanoukville so could share some useful info myself having just been to Snooky.

Later I chat to the old German monger down from Sihanoukville.   If staying in Sihanoukville long term then he recommended staying in the Sunday hotel and joining the Gym at the Sokha hotel .   The old German monger is off to the Pontoon club tonight too.  In his late 60’s the Pontoon in Phnom Penh cannot be the exclusive domain of the young only.

phnom penh

Enjoy my last sunset over Phnom Penh from the Queen Wood rooftop and then prepare to hit the hostess bars down street 136.  Would I find a bar girl to knock me off my trajectory of making my way to the Pontoon nightclub?  The plan was to keep going all night, ending up in the Pontoon club unless I found a cute bar girl.  The other club worthy of note in the street 51 area is Heart of Darkness.

Street 136 Bar Crawl

Do a bit of a bar crawl down street 136.  Start off in a quiet bar on the corner with no bar girls just to relax and enjoy a few beers.

mr butterfly
street 136

Into Mr Butterfly and get chatting to the mamasan.  She had married two British men in her time and they were both now dead and she had a dual passport and owned property in the UK.  It can be very lucrative for some working as a bar girl.  But I would not be her third husband.  Did get chatting to a cute bar girl but she said she had to leave to meet her friend working on street 104.  Played some pool and some music in the Moon bar but just fuglies.

Street 51

Later I take a Tuk Tuk ride to street 51 and get dropped off in the Golden Sorya Mall.  The Golden Sorya mall is also a good spot for meeting freelancers in Phnom Penh.  Street 51 is a better place to meet freelancers verses bar girls.

street 51
Golden Sorya mall

Tonight though the Golden Sorya Mall was quiet, no pretty girls about.    Try a bar across the road the Black Cat, a few bar girls in the Black Cat but nothing worth looking at twice.


It was now late enough to make my way into the Pontoon nightclub, I had failed to meet any pretty bar girls worth bar fining earlier in the night.

street 51
Pontoon night club

Was free entry for me into the Pontoon but beers were $3 a bottle.  Initially a few people in, mostly westerners.  Was funny to see OAP in tight jeans boogying it on down on the dance floor.   Helps if you like the music being played, they are not going to be playing hard rock, which I like.  Hell that would have got me on the dance floor.  Would have packed my leather trousers and little studded thong for that.  I noticed the German in there later too, all dressed up with a silk scarf around his neck.  Like he was in the Pontoon dressed to impress the girls rather than with the dollars in his wallet, cant be right?


I hanged around in the Pontoon until around 2AM, by then it was pretty packed out.  Two local khmer girls said hello to me at the bar and they were knockouts, 10s, but did nothing about it.  Its like around 2AM and the best girls start turning up.  But what the fuck are you are suppose to do about?  Cant talk, no room to dance, unless you push people out the way.  Its a little confusing too, not clear if the girls are P4P or just enjoying a night out and a little flirt?

I want to fuck tonight not after 3 or 4 dates, lets not waste each others time.   I always enjoyed mongering for its efficiency, for a few dollars I could fuck gorgeous young bar girls within a short space of time and with a minimum of fuss and effort, guaranteed.

Not my scene

Like I said at the beginning nightclubbing is not my scene and the Pontoon club in Phnom Penh was no different. Cant really judge a place on one visit, not even a weekend night.  I would likely try the Pontoon club again if in Phnom Penh.  I cant get those Khmer beauties at the bar out of my mind, they liked me, I had a chance.  My last night mongering in Phnom Penh and my first night no pussy.  Oh well needed a night off but had done my reconnaissance.

2 thoughts on “Phnom Penh Pontoon”

  1. You should’ve fucked the two girls who approached you, if clubbing is not your scene, what do you do on a saturday night?

    1. Impossible to talk, too loud, not clear if they were P4P or not. I not really got game for early in the morning in a packed out Asian nightclub. Need a tactic to determine if non pro girls are up for some P4P without getting slapped around the face 🙂
      Difference is in Asia lots of club the age is mixed, which is really good. Used to go clubbing in UK in my thirties and always pulled girls, where I met my last long term girlfriends. Sometimes was dating two girls at once. In your forties its not the done thing to do going nightclubbing.
      What I like to do is meet cute young girls off Craigslist for some P4P
      Cook a curry drink a bottle of wine. Sometimes out for a beer with friends, pretty normal stuff really. Just nice to relax at home and not work. Plan my next mongering campaign somewhere in the big bad world we all live in. Before my time is up

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