Phnom Penh Cyrcee Club

My third day mongering in Phnom Penh and so far things had gone well.  I had met some cute young pretty Khmer bar girls in the hostess bars down street 136 where I was staying in the Queen Wood Hotel.  No Porn star experience yet though, tonight I hope to address the lack of PSE with a visit to the Cyrcee club along street 49.

Phnom Penh Sunrise

Due to my early night the night before I was up before the crack of dawn and headed to the rooftop pool to try and catch some sunrise photos.  Sunsets are easy, sunrise is often a different story, so a rare occasion to be in the wide awake club.

sunrise phnom penh

The Canadian expat is up there too downing some bottles of beer and we have a good chat while I try to snap some sunrise photos over Phnom Penh.  He was staying in a room on the rooftop next to bar so he could be close to the beer.  But now wanted to move also complaining about the noise the backpackers make and the music going on into the night.

Dont book a rooftop room if I ever return to the Queen Wood hotel.  The bags under his eyes suggested he had been having problems getting a good nights sleep for a long time now.  No rest for the wicked.  He had barfined a couple of bar girls from street 136 below.  Reckoned he got one long time for $30.

Morning Walk

After breakfast in the Queen Wood hotel I take a morning walk through Phnom Penh in the direction towards street 51.  I was based along street 51 in the PC Hotel opposite the Walkabout on my last trip to Phnom Penh earlier this year in May.

My previous trip to Cambodia and I had done my reconnaissance.  This trip I knew where to concentrate my effort and not waste valuable time checking places out.  Much prefer street 136 over street 51. Sometimes its the second or third trip that turn out the best due to learning from the experiences of earlier sexpeditions.


I check out street 49 where the Cyrcee club was but does not open until 6pm.Walk down street 51, pass the Walkabout and check out a massage place.  They want $16 for a 1 hour massage that is expensive for Phnom Penh, I was willing to pay only half that.    Walk back down street 178 or art street pass the rising sun which was busy.

Along the riverfront on the corner of street 178 there are lots of little massage places where prices are only $8 and the massage girls sat outside look like the sort that would offer extras a handjob at least.  Right now though did not stop, wanted to save my sperm for the bar girls in Cyrcee tonight.

Extended Stay

I return to the Queen Wood hotel on street 136 and retire to my room and fall back asleep.  I stay in my room all afternoon.  Because of the quality of bar girls I had so far met in Phnom Penh and that I had barfined every night I decided to extend my stay for another night or two before making my way to Pattaya in Thailand.

street 136
sunset phnom penh

I return that evening to the rooftop pool for a few beers and something to eat.  There is another big group of backpackers and they are getting on my nerves so start the night off down below in the bars of street 136.

Street 104

Draw some money out of the ATM and you get charged a $5 fee so best withdraw the maximum allowed so as not to keep getting hit with this fee.  Bit early for street 136 so take a walk to the other highly concentrated hostess bar area street 104.

hostess bars
street 104

Always worth a look, but my memory served me well for some reason the quality of bar girls working down street 104 does not seem to be as good as those down street 136.  The bar girls down street 104 seemed to be older and fatter.  No young khmer cuties.

Cyrcee Club

Back to street 136 and seems to be a quiet night.  Not really noticing any bar girl cuties along street 136 either.  Lets not waste anymore time and I take a motocycle ride to street 49 and the Cyrcee club.

I had visited club Cyrcee for the first time on my last trip to Phnom Penh back in May of this year.  But then although tempted I had not barfined any of the bar girls working in Cyrcee.  Tonight I hoped to change that.


Inside Club Cyrcee and there must have been about 20 bar girls sat around and I was the only customer.  You do not come into Cyrcee to drink all night.  The drinks are expensive at $2.50 a can and $3.50 a bottle there is not Angkor draft.    The quality of the girls in Cyrcee is not great, but not bad either.  I have about 10 bar girls sat around me now.  Some of the girls are playing with my cock through my jeans, trying to tempt me.  Always reminds me of Sophies back in 2005 but now they dont get your cock out at the bar anymore and then take it turns to give him a little suck and lick, shame.


I interview the bar girls, All do Yum Yum or BBBJ all do BOOM BOOM but not all do CIM which is what I have come to club Cyrcee for.  I am left with 4 bar girls who will do CIM.   I decide to take two bar girls dressed in tight black dresses, a little maturer aged 30 and 31 both attractive.  What really did it was when they poked their tongues out at me.  One had a really long wet pink tongue and from the look in her eyes I knew she knew exactly how to use it.

cyrcee blowjob bar
Cyrcee bar girls

Sometimes to get a good porn star experience you do have to go with the maturer bar girls or Asian MILFS, they know what a man likes.  To compete with the younger bar girls they will make up for it in other ways. I buy them a lady drink each and pay the barfine $10 each and we head across the road to a short time hotel.  Pay the hotel $5 for the short time room and we head upstairs.


Both the girls strip down, both got good bodies and lovely natural hairy Asian pussy.  Yum I love Asian hairy pussy.  We all shower together and they are washing my cock, I got a bursting erection on as we get on the bed.  Great tongue work from both girls but the one on the left is definitely enjoying her job at giving blowjobs.  At one point they are licking each others tongues with my cock between them.  I cum in one of the girls mouth and they both are sticking the tips of their tongues into my cock eye.  Fantastic!  just what doctor monger ordered.  I got my porn star experience, a threesome  with two girls sucking my cock together with CIM.


Back to the Cyrcee club for a chat and another drink, I left happy and made my way down street 135 and into Sharkys.  Sharkys is a joke now for meeting freelancers, but I had not come in for that, The threesome in club Cyrcee had put to sleep any sexual urges I may have had earlier.  Sharkys now is just full of westerners, couples etc, even Russians on stage playing weird instruments. Another good night though mongering in Phnom Penh at the Cyrcee Club.

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