Street 136 Phnom Penh

Today I leave Sihanoukville to make a return to Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia.  Mongering had not been too bad in Sihanoukville a mixture of good and bad.  But the general consensus has always been the bar girl quality in Phnom Penh is far better than Sihanoukville, the reason why I was returning to monger in Phnom Penh for the third time.


I was last mongering in Phnom Penh earlier this same year in March. Mongering had not been as good as I hoped it would be.  At least not compared to my first sex trip to Cambodia back in 2005.  But this time I knew what to expect, reality would match my expectations.  So much so this time around I was staying in a hotel down street 136 in preference to street 51.  Both streets were concentrated red light districts in downtown Phnom Penh.

Leaving Sihaoukville

I was taking a minibus from the Golden Sands hotel in Ochheuteal to Phnom Penh around midday for a cost of $10 booked up via the hotel.  Journey time was around 4 or 5 hours.

morning sihanoukville

I had the morning to kill in Sihanoukville and did my usual walk and jogging along the beach and then jumping into the warm sea for a morning swim.


As I jump into the sea I hurt my eye somehow.  The bottom of my legs are itching like mad from all the mosquito bites from the evening before on Sihanoukville mountain.   Back at the Golden Sands hotel and in the mirror I notice my spotty botty has flared up again, back with a vengeance.  My spotty botty had been raging since Bangkok in Thailand with no sign of abating.   The battle wounds of mongering my way through south east Asia.

Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh

Minibus is full by the time we make our way out of Sihanoukville.  We stop halfway for some refreshments and then eventually hit the outskirts of Phnom Penh.  By the time we reach Phnom Penh it is rush hour and its snail pace to make our way to the riverfront where we are dropped off.

Queen Wood

Its dark now in Phnom Penh and the riverfront is very lively with tourists.  I am right near street 136 but still take a Tuk Tuk to my hotel the Queen Wood also on street 136 just up from all the hostess bars.   I was staying in Phnom Penh for 3 nights in the Queen Wood for a grand total of $93, not bad, location, location location.   I had no monger intel on the Queen Wood hotel, but had narrowed it down through Agoda and read some guest reviews.

I check into my room and the porter confirms the hotel is girl friendly, any bar girls I bring back just need to show their ID cards to reception.

queen wood hotel
Street 136

The Queen Wood Hotel has a rooftop bar and pool area, although the pool is not much bigger than a bath just a dipping pool rather than a swimming pool.  Great views over Phnom Penh though and seedy street 136 below.  I have some food from the bar and a few beers before heading out to check out the hostess bars and bar girls of street 136.

 Glamour Girls

I head out down street 136 and my first hostess bar is Glamour girls.  That gorgeous glamour girl I barfine back in March is still working and looking just as good in a tight little black number tonight.  A punter is latched onto her tonight though else I may have been tempted.  I am sat at the bar with another glamour girl and she wants me to barfine her.  She is horny I can tell, she is playing with my hardon, flicking the end through my shorts.  Its early though, the first girls I have seen and its like 25 yo is too old.  I want 18 or 90 yo.

Candy Girls

I head into another hostess bar down street 136, Candy or something, there are so many little bars down street 136 maybe having half a dozen or so working girls, you cant always remember their name.

I have a few bars girls around me and one is really cute the others more mature, more fat and ugly.  The mature bar girls tell the young bar girl to go back outside.   She was obviously getting all the attention, the old mature bar girls were no competition with the pretty young bar girls around, you have to play the cards you are dealt.

I order the pretty young girl back into the bar and she promptly returns to me and I buy her a lady drink.   Lets discuss some possible business, like will she barfine with an old monger like me?  This young pretty Khmer bar girl not mind a little kiss and cuddle, she is obviously a little shy which just makes her more attractive.

Mother Daughter Fantasy

The older fat ugly mature bar girl butts in and tells me she not go alone to hotel with me.    She small, scared to go alone with an old monger like me, I have to take her as well.  She try the old trick on me saying she was her older sister.  Now what appeals to me more is the mother daughter fantasy that I have.  I tell the mature bar girl I only want to fuck the younger one, that she can watch!  She up for that and just wants a tip like $5 or $10.  The mother daughter threesome is on!

Barfines and ladydrinks come to $25 and we then take the short walk back to the Queen Wood hotel from the Candy bar along street 136.  The bars being close to your hotel, a short walk away is a real advantage.


Both bar girls produce birth certificates at the Queen Wood hotel reception and no problem taking them back up to my room.  The mature bar girl tells me not a problem to take two girls back, but not let you take three girls up to your room,  I guess you got to draw the line somewhere.

mother daughter

Back in the hotel room, the young bar girl takes a shower and comes back into the room wrapped in just a white towel.  She still acts shy but lets me remove the towel.  Tight little body, nice tits and ass and bald pussy.  Older one sits on the bed and together they put one of their condoms on my raging erection.

Im trying to fuck the younger one but my cock is not going into her pussy properly.  They then play with my cock together.   The young bar girl sits on me cowgirl and I manage to slip my cock into her tight pussy.  They are trying to play the game that my cock is too big, but this is just bullshit.  As I am fucking her the condom totally splits.  Cannot rely on these local condoms.  Put on another condom and fuck her again missionary and manage to cum.

The experience was good, exciting with the old one watching.   Kind of felt like real mongering again, the kind I use to get up to in Bangkok many moons ago now.  Good first night mongering down the hostess bars of street 136 in down town Phnom Penh.

4 thoughts on “Street 136 Phnom Penh”

    1. Like I said I did not fuck her, she just came to watch and help the young girl and play along to my mum daughter fantasy. It was the only way of getting the young bar girl out of the bar and to barfine her.
      It was fun. She looks bad in the photo though, its funny, the photo does not do either of them justice.

  1. gotta bring your own doms to Asia. The ones there are shit, either too small or break easily. In Vietnam I tore through 4 doms in one session.

    1. True leghunter, I always take my own condoms to asia or anywhere I go in the world, but there have been many times the girls or provider have wanted to use there own.
      Recently I have been fucking one or two girls bareback off seeking arrangement and its been really good. The thing is I could not get a proper hardon due to the technicalities of pausing the action and fitting on a condom
      Once I could ditch the condom back to a full hardon! I just dont give a fuck anymore either, I have never caught a thing

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