Last Day In Sihanoukville

My last day and night in Sihanoukville before heading back to Phnom Penh tomorrow.  The weather is changing for the better on my last day in Ochheuteal, blue skies and the sun are back.  Heading back down to Otres beach today and no set plans for my last night.

Pants Down

Start the day with a swim in the Golden Sands hotel pool and then have a buffet breakfast.  I then want to slap myself for not checking my washing that I had done at the Harbour lights in Victory Hill.

golden sands pool

All my best pants were missing and some baby socks included!  What a fuck up!  Should have checked it there and then.   Oh well have to keep my dirty sodden pants on for another night.  Another lesson learnt.

Otres Beach 1

Take a motobike rider to Otres 1 beach for $2.  He wants to come and pick me up and I agree 5pm.  But that I want to goto Sihanoukville mountain top to take some pictures before then heading back to Golden Sands Hotel.

Otres 1 beach

I am loving Otres beach, a lovely place to relax all day. Could one of these huts be my future long term residence in Sihanoukville?

Beach huts Otres

I not enquire about the cost of renting one of these beach huts on Otres Beach.  But I guess they are pretty cheap.

White Bitches

There are a few monger type looking characters around, so I do wonder if at night some of the bars along Otres beach do attract some local females looking for some male company and a few dollars?

otres beach
western girls

Some nice young western white girls hanging out around Otres beach too.  Probably students on their gap year or something, University types many of them are.  Often though these white girls can be bitchy and very unfriendly, thinking everyone just thinks they are there for sex.

If these sour pussies have got their Uni boyfriends with them who are often abrasive and passive aggressive types harbouring superiority complexes. Bad feeling is not something you need having travelled 6000 miles to get away from your own culture.  Only Hell knows the demons their minds project as stereotypes when they look upon mongers.

Slut Defence

I guess you first need to make friends with these white bitches at night in the bars when the drinks are flowing.  Maybe they like to make friends with some male folk for the feeling of protection.  Just need some time and game to get them to lower their anti slut defence.

otres 1 beach
Tanning blonde

I guess the local Cambodian men must lust after these sexy white girls from Europe like we lust after hot asian girls.  Maybe the white girls would like to fuck the local Asian men too.  That these pretty young white girls are taking a break from their own culture too.  Especially all those fat bald obnoxious white men who drink too much. Never the twain shall meet, except in far flung exotic corners of the world.

Sex Drive

Otres reminds me of Goa in India, my first trip to the third world.  Could stay in a beach hut for £1.50 a night in Goa and the hot western girls were fucking the local Indian bar tenders.  I often think to get a gauge on people both men and women is to just look at your own motives, desires and agenda.  Can you imagine life without a sex drive?  Its like whatever we do its all just a ploy to get laid or not, that is the question.

Otres 2 Beach

Later in the day I walk along Otres Beach heading to the other end called Otres 2.  Its a lovely walk, especially with your headphones on and listening to internet radio through your mobile, using a local SIM. The sun beating down and a cool breeze off the ocean, feels like I am in paradise.

Otres beach walk

Home, life work and its associated anxiety is a long long way away, a distant memory.  Although far back in my mind I know I must go back home soon, I cannot stay here forever.

Otres 2 beach is just a smaller version of Otres 1 beach,  A few bars and beach huts for those wanting even more peace and quiet than Otres 1 beach can offer.

Otres 2 beach

If,  or when I return to Sihanoukville long term, will definitely try living in one of these beach huts on Otres beach for a month or something and just see what happens.


I guess when you are a long term resident in an exotic location, options for some local pussy open up that do not present themselves to you when you are just a short term visitor, a tourist, an unknown stranger.   This could be the reason some of the pretty young Cambodian bar girls were not letting me barfine them? Cambodian girls are well know for being more conservative of Asian girls.  Could you not just sit in that hanging chair all day? Is it not a symbol of peace and tranquillity, food for the soul.

Sihanoukville Mountain

I walk back to Otres 1 beach and then up onto the dirt track to meet my motocycle driver who is there waiting for me.  We then head to the top of whats called Sihanoukville mountain or weather top hill.  Now I was on top of this hill 10 years ago when I was first in Sihanoukville.  And I took some pictures then and wondered what it would look like in 10 years time?

sihanoukville mountain
Sihanoukville 2005

Mongers often draw comparisons with Pattaya in Thailand.  Back then in 2005 I was considering investing in some land or property in Sihanoukville, great risks can bring great rewards.  It felt like Sihanoukville was destined for mega stardom as a beach resort if the political situation in Cambodia was to remain stable.

Well here is Sihanoukville in 2014! a bit later in the day. Progress is good? I have my doubts.

Sihanoukville 2014

When all the fat lazy tourists get bored with Ochheuteal and take a day trip down to Otres, then they will want to stay in all inclusives with all their creature comforts next to Otres beach. Totally ignorant to the environmental damage mass tourism brings with it.  There will be too much money to be made to ignore the demand. Sihanoukville airport is nearby too with Angkor Air on the up. There was rumours when I was in town that they are planning direct flights from Moscow straight into Sihanoukville.  Old communist allies maybe?

As the sun set and night fell over Sihanoukville, on top of the hill me and the motocycle driver were being ate alive by mosquitoes.  We both had shorts on and I had not put any repellent in my bag.  Another lesson learnt.  He takes me back to Golden Sands hotel in Ochheuteal and I hand him over $10 which he is very happy with as we both scratch at our legs.

Happy Pizza

My last night in Ochheuteal and no real set plan, think I will try a few of the more tourists bars down the road that leads to the beach.

Happy Pizza

First I find the Happy Pizza restaurant just down the road from Golden Sands Hotel.  Loud Russians in and cannabis is not on the menu anymore, like it was in 2005.   The pizza was lovely though served with garlic bread and cold draft Angkor beer.  I was full.


I then head to the club called Utopia.  Utopia is popular with the young traveller types on a budget and goes on until the early hours of the morning. There are few mature types inside too also on a budget.


You can get a plastic beaker of beer for 2000 riel, so very cheap.  Its the kind of place you could meet some white bitches.  I nearly fall over as I walk in, its dark and I miss a step in full view of everyone.  Last thing I need is to break a bone.

Reggae bar

Quiet in the Reggae bar, looks like it is run by Russians high on weed.  Not sure you would get away with that sign in the West?   My final bar was the Led Zepplyn where there was some live rock music playing that ends 11pm due to the fat tourists wanting to get to sleep in their hotels nearby.

I had had enough beer for one night and not feeling particulary horny and I had had enough of Sihanoukville now. Tomorrow around midday I would leave for Phnom Penh.

2 thoughts on “Last Day In Sihanoukville”

  1. White girls far away from home are more loose than back home, if I was there I would hit on them, as well as hitting on local women, would monger too – the thing is that I would not want to bump into one of those hippie backpackers with hairy armpits and pussies, yuck!

    1. Well not just white girls, any girls on holiday I guess the whole point is to let your hair down, some escapism. Pressure to not conform. Problem is alot bring their hangups with them.

      I should have called this post Sihanoukville tourist, not much mongering going on.

      As for hairy pussy its for the more mature gent – not just by age. Not into hirsute which is hairy woman. Just a well kept pussy. Shaved pussy does very little for me. But not make much difference once your cock is inside thrusting away. Its just visual stimulation

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