Sihanoukville bar fines bar girls

My third day in Ochheuteal Sihanoukville and not barfined any bar girls.  Today I was going to try a new beach called Otres.  Tonight I would likely return to bar street on Victory Hill and the intention was to barfine the bar girl working in Dragon Fly.

Ochheuteal to Otres

Buffet breakfast is included in the price at the Golden Sands hotel in Ochheuteal.  The usual spread more geared towards an Asian diet, but there is always toast, croissants and freshly fried eggs.   Today it looks like the weather is changing for the better and head outside to take a Tuk Tuk to Otres beach.

I approach the Tuk Tuk riders outside the Golden Sands Hotel and initially they want $5 one way to Otres.  I tell them I will take a motobike for $2 and the Tuk Tuk driver then immediately drop to $2.  There is alot of competition for the tourists.

ochheuteal to otres
bootleg fuel

Its a few miles to Otres beach from Ochheuteal, the road is mostly deserted along the way.  Not sure what to expect.  Every so often you will see Cambodians selling some sort of bootlegger fuel by the roadside.

otres dirt road

We arrive on the dirt road that runs parallel with Otres beach.  I like what I see, underdeveloped, like what it use to look like at Ochheuteal.  Its quite a trek from Ocheuteal to Otres and give the Tuk Tuk driver 4 dollars, fair is fair.  Puts a smile on his face.

Otres Beach

First impressions of Otres beach are very good.  Not many people around, a few traveller types both young and old short and long terms stayers.   Otres beach is a series of beach side restaurants cum bars with accommodation.

otres sihanoukville
Otres beach

Otres beach was the kind of place I wanted to spend my days relaxing, quite beautiful and chilled out.  I stop off by a bar with comfy beach loungers and an umbrella and prepare to do nothing for the rest of the day.

Otres 1

The French guy I got friendly with on the coach from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville is staying somewhere along Otres beach in a beach side hut. Now I know why.  He told me there were alot more bar girls available in Sihanoukville than Siem Reap, not sure if he meant on Otres too though?  Maybe it was the French connection?

There is another beach further up called Otres 2.  I wonder if you stay at Otres beach long term if there is any options for some pussy? Alot of the bars are open into the night.  But the bars along Otres beach are obviously not the types with bar girls and its a long way out for freelancers.  Otres could be a good place for a long term base if planning to stay in Sihanoukville for any significant amount of time.  Far from the madding crowds and all forms of pollution.

Venus Massage

I would have stayed on Otres beach until sunset, but I was horny and wanted to try a place called Venus Massage in the downtown area recommended on the Wiki sex guide for Sihanoukville.  I agree with a motobike rider to take me to CT clinic in the downtown area of Sihanoukville for $6.  Venus massage is just down the road from the CT clinic.

No Commission

The motobike driver is asking what is wrong with me? A serious case of heavy balls and lack of quality or willing bar girls crosses my mind.  Its better to get dropped off at a location nearby your destination else they will hassle you about places they know much better or even take you directly there without informing you.  Its a risk worth taking for them as they stand to make some serious commission from then inflated prices the establishment charges you.  Plus you just dont want strangers knowing about your dirty business, be discrete.

Venus massage

Eventually I get dropped off outside the CT clinic and I go looking for Venus massage.  I cannot find it though. Just this massage place.  I take a look inside and there is just one woman fast asleep on a mattress on the floor.  She is not worth waking up.  I wander around the area looking for Venus massage but no luck. Maybe I should have just told the motocycle driver take me to Venus Massage and maybe he would have put me right 🙁

Sex Guide

Not the first time I have been let down by information on the Wiki Sex Guide.  I think this sex guide just extracts copies from other web sites on the internet. The problem is when you set yourself up as a sex guide for a particular place you are then under obligation too keep it up to date else it is misguided and seriously wastes mongers time if they are non the wiser. MongerPlanet is not a sex guide.  Just a snapshot of what happened to me somewhere and when.  Take from it what you will.

Kangaroo bar

Anyway I take a wander around the downtown area of Sihanoukville since I was here now and discover some more western oriented bars that may be worth a try one evening.  Eventually I take a motobike ride back to the Golden Sands Hotel, tonight I am going to return to Victory Hill, your best bet for some pussy in Sihanoukville by a long shot.

Barfine Victory Hill

I have a few beers in the Sihanoukville Square beer bars and something to eat in the Irish Rover.  Quiet this time of the evening, not much on offer at all as far as bar girls are concerned.

beer bars

I then take a motobike ride back to Victory Hill. Wander down bar street and stop off in the Dragon fly bar.  Its good to be back on Victory Hill and all the cute bar girls are in the bar and a few ones I not notice on my first night in the Dragon Fly.

dragon fly
bar girl

My Khmer girl with the big tits is in the bar and she is my intended barfine target for the night.  But there are a few other bar girls I am interested in too, especially the one serving behind the bar.  Turns out she not available, not barfine.  Means only one thing she is being sponsored not to barfine by some love struck barang probably.  But she was getting progressively more friendly as time passed, showing off her cute little Cambodian curves.  Lovely girl.

bar street girls
dragon fly bar girls

Her friend was cute too, she was new to working in the bar but not barfine either, just chat to customers.  Fuck, this shit is following me around now, need to break the spell.  Stop wasting my time with pretty young Cambodian bar girls that dont barfine.  I concentrate my efforts on the  Khmer girl with the big tits, she is up for bar fining, no problem.

Boob Job

My bar girl not got her own apartment nearby like the girl I met on my first night down Victory Hill.  She share a place with many other girls, so no privacy.  So its going to be taking her back to the Golden Sands Hotel.  We agree a short time fee of $25.  barfine is $10.  There is no half price on the barfine after midnight, another piece of misinformation.

The bar sorts us out a Tuk Tuk driver for $4 to take us back to the Golden Sands hotel so I can release this heavy load.  No problem taking my bar girl to my room in the Golden Sands hotel, just registered at reception when I picked up my key.

cambodian bar girl
big tits

Looking forward to getting those big tits out. Which I do, but they are fake! an expensive boob job.  Oh well lets make do and she had some lovely nipples on the end of those big fake tits.  Fooled me, difference is she not wear low cut tops in the bar where often you can see something plastic and rubber looking and know they are big but fake.


Nice girl though, shaved pussy also, not speak a word of English.  Good fuck not give any BBBJ so no chance of CIM though I cum loads into a condom.   Its well know Cambodian girls in general dont like giving blowjobs.  Although Phnom Penh on my first trip is where I have had some of my best blowjobs.

Kong Bar

I feel alot better after my fuck.  Its good to build up sometimes, gives you alot more energy and I enjoy the sex much better, its not so important she not do BBBJ etc when you really just want to fuck.  I head back out into Sukhumvit Square, not really notice much difference in bar girls available from the other nights. Just the nice girls who dont barfine.

The US expat I chat to in the Irish Rover recommends the Kong Bar down the road to Ochheuteal beach, so I go and take a look.  He actually lived in the Kong bar for 3 months and got friendly with the bar girls that worked there.  Often he said they would visit his room when their shift ended.

kong bar

There are a few friendly bar girls working in the Kong bar that will barfine, but nothing exceptional for me.  The Kong bar also has live music and is popular with expats and the more mature traveller types.

I decide to call it a night.  Tomorrow would be my last day in Sihanoukville, I would likely return to Otres beach in the daytime and walk up to Otres 2 beach.   As for bar girls I am rapidly running out of options now in Sihanoukville.  When you find a pretty bar girl which is not easy she often then wont barfine! Leaves you feeling just frustrated and disappointed.  Looking forward to returning to Phnom Penh now.

8 thoughts on “Sihanoukville bar fines bar girls”

  1. Dont know about you but id have energy to barfine the second woman – fucked a Chinese whore with fake titts once, didn’t know till she took off her bra, she said it was OK no problem…could tell it was an expensive boob job

    1. I really like natural, a woman in good shape, nice skin, natural tits and natural or trimmed pussy. Much prefer natural small tits than big fake tits. Girls just want the attention that goes with big tits. But when you tread down that path where does it end? Make do with what god gave you and develop character and game skills. I was so horny at that point I just fucked the living daylights out of that bar girl from victory hill. Needed to release big natural tits and a hairy pussy would have just really turned me on alot more as well as a good dribbly suck of my cock 🙂

  2. There’s only one thing worse than unavailable nice eye candy girls working in the bars where people go looking for female company is as above but plus having some ugly as fu.k freelancer latching on to you and just not taking no for an answer while miss cute and innocent eye candy while lapping it up and loving all the personal attention and hungry eyes on her pretends not to notice.

    I wouldn’t totally yet write off S’Ville yet. A lot of it still looks promising and when you do stay in a place for more than 3 or 4 weeks you do find a wealth of possibilities opening up naturally even while you just do basic almost mundane tasks like going to the local shop to buy bread and milk or going to an internet cafe or getting your hair cut etc. Maybe one day I will write a book on my experiences of living in Pattaya rather than being just another tourist. Believe me there was a big difference even in the attitude of the bar girls.

    1. Yes I think your right on that Mathew. It was like almost because I was an unknown to them. Its something I have yet to try living in one place like 3-6 or even 12 months.
      Talking to a German who has been an expat in Sihanoukville for years with breaks to Phnom Penh. He says Cambodia is the most easy country in Asia to get visas. You arrive and ask for a business visa for under a 100$ I think
      no questions asked you get a 1 year visa. He also recommends getting a motobike as you need to get around. Bike theft is rampant in Sihanoukville and you need to take a good lock with you not buy one there

  3. Sihanoukville has changed a lot since 2011, the next time that I went was in early to mid 2014 and the road leading to Ochheuteal Beach was paved, it was not paved in 2011, in 2011 Kong Bar was the last bar or first bar on the right if you were walking down the hill, now there are a shit load of newly constructed buildings that were not there before, before that it was just dirt and underdeveloped wild west type. I so much more preferred it that way, the last time I went to Kong Bar in 2014 every single girl working in there refused to go with me because they told me that they were not the hooker type of bar girls, but at the same time they all acted like they had no idea what I was saying. Back in 2011 Utopia was popping, a lot of people were in there, there also were a good amount of free lancers in there, this last time that I went there weren’t any freelancers every time that I went in and the place was practically a ghost bar and if you were facing Utopia on the left there was this amazing little noodle joint with chairs where you could order some great late night food after a night of drinking alcohol, they made some of the best fried pork noodles you’d find anywhere with a cracked egg mixed in while they fried it and on the right of Utopia there used to be the best pizza place in Sihanoukville, now they’re no longer there…man I really liked it the first time I went to Sihanoukville, I loved the dirt road leading to the main beach and the vibes back then, now it has lost a lot of its soul, I loved seeing all that vacant lot of land right after Kong Bar, it was so nice back then.

    1. If the tourist numbers are up then they will keep building – its all about making money, its not about you
      There places first start off as sex tourist destinations and traveller locations, then as they turn to mainstream tourism, the seedy bars get pushed out or closed down
      there is alot more money to be made out of mainstream tourism, next time you are on an extended vacation, read a couple of books on economics and stop bashing your head against the same brick wall

      The inferior man blames everyone else

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