Ochheuteal Another Day

My second day mongering in the Ochheateal beach area of Sihanoukville.  First impressions of Ochheuteal were not that good.   Ochheateal was now crowded and dirty, even as a tourist I would have reservations about staying here.  Still a monger must monger on, but a return to Victory Hill for a barfine was looking likely.  That bar girl with the big Khmer tits was popping in and out of mind.

Morning Beach Walk

It has not stopped raining in Ochheateal and its still raining.  If the sun had been out with a blue sky maybe things would have panned out differently.  I take an umbrella from the Golden Sands hotel and take a morning walk along Ochheateal beach.

ochheuteal beach

A break in the rain and a chance to appreciate a rainbow through the clouds. Have to be up early for that.


Even on a stormy day a walk along the beach can be exhilarating.  I love early morning, feeling fresh, when many others are in oblivion and feeling like shit from a night of self abuse.

ochheuteal beach

Walk pass the huts and umbrellas and Ochheuteal beach suddenly becomes deserted.  Room for future expansion maybe?  I hear the huts on the outskirts of the cluster have seen many businesses come and go.

ochheuteal beach

You can walk a couple of kilometres along Ochheuteal beach before you come to a river and impasse.  At the far end is I think where local Cambodians come to enjoy a day by the beach.

Walking back and notice some groups of youths on motocycles in the hedge groves, best to be vigilant here and keep any valuables out of sight.   After a long walk, some jogging and sweating profusely, its a luxury to then jump into the warm sea and have a swim.  Sets you up for the day ahead.

Ochheuteal beach Afternoon

With a lack of any other options I spend the afternoon on Ochheuteal beach again. Maybe I missed something on my first day?  Maybe not.

Ochheuteal beach
beach massage

Just more of the same really.  Some tourists try to make the best of it and put the bad weather to the back of their minds.

fat white tourists

Certainly all I wanted to do in the day is just relax on the beach, enjoy the views, some nice food and cold beer, maybe even get chatting to a pretty girl or two. But not with this weather, its not happening.  It leaves you wanting.

Tomorrow I would try Otres beach and hopefully the sun and blue skies would return.  I had had enough of Ochheuteal beach and seen enough in the daytime at least.  Nightime still held some promise.

Ochheuteal beach Evening

That evening as the sun, behind the dark clouds, was setting I head back down to Ochheuteal beach to snap some photographs of the beach from the pier.

ochheuteal tourists

There are a couple of bars along the pier where you can get some cold angkor draft dont expect great service though.  The rain is easing off now as I snap some photos.

beach huts
Ochheuteal beach

From this vantage point you can clearly see the motley crew of beach huts and bars that line Ochheuteal beach, with the Dolphin bar just off to the left.

Dolphin Ochheuteal beach
Dolphin bar

The dolphin bar reigns supreme along Ochheuteal beach.  It can be real busy with the bars next door empty for no good reason.  Its a nice evening along Ochheuteal beach, there is a break in the clouds and the moon makes an appearance.

full moon ochheuteal
Full moon party

Incidentally they often have full moon parties along Ochheuteal beach where cheap alcohol, drugs, trance music and pussy are readily available.

Next to Ochheuteal beach and tucked away is Serendipity beach.  My plan tonight is to head back to the Sihanoukville beer bars but stop off in some bars along Serendipity.  Its very relaxing along Serendipity nice beer and comfortable seating and you can just look out over the ocean and hear the surf below.

Golden Lions roundabout

I head back up the road to the Golden Lions roundabout and then back to the Sihanoukville beer bar complex.

Sihanoukville beer bar girls

Something to eat in the excellent Irish Rover who do lovely western dishes all freshly cooked. My US expat friend is in and tells me you can get by in Sihanoukville for a month on $1500 quite comfortably with a few quiet nights.

I cruise a few of the beer bars and notice a cute young Khmer bar girl and play some pool with her.  For me playing pool is just to get acquainted and then if I like the bar girl, I want to sit down over a drink and discuss some possible business for the remainder of the night.  Well, she just continues playing pool and I cant even catch her attention. Sometimes you have to adapt, your old modus operandi can become a handicap.

beer bar girl

I head over to another beer bar where a small group of bar girls are playing pool amongst themselves.  One is cute real cute. She looks too nice almost, not got that bar girl demeanour about her, no scars of the trade.

Borderline or Sponsor

This suggests to me she currently does not go with customers, she not barfine.  Sure enough I am right.  Sometimes if a cute bargirl not barfine but working in a beer bar she is borderline.  Its only a matter of time before she goes with her first customer for sex.  Else she is already being heavily sponsored.  Often  girls just like the company and attention that the bar gives them.  I am finding Ochheuteal now frustrating.  Tonight I pin down two cute bar girls but they not barfine!

Bar Games

Its not that my money is not good enough or my devilish good looks are fading, this quick and easy approach does not work on all bar girls.  Some you have to get to know.  Come to the bar every night, play pool, buy drinks, show an interest in her.  Then maybe in a week or so you will be in her sweet scenting panties.  Perfect for expats.  Bullshit! man, I will just stay at home if I wanted to play that kind of game.

Sihanoukville Downtown

Decide for a change of plan and take a motobike ride into Sihanoukville downtown. My first bar was the G’Day Mate bar and hotel.

good day mate

Just old expats inside, no girls but they all look at home in their own little world.  It does make wonder what the attraction is here?  Try another bar Hot Dog a bit further down, empty too.  Tells me they only employ bar girls during peak season, there is just no trade for them here in downtown during low season.

Downtown Sihanoukville in terms of bars has changed significantly since I was last in Sihanoukville over 10 years ago, seems none of the old bars have survived.  Generally at night though downtown Sihanoukville is still a ghost town.

Massage, Dolphin

I head back to Ochheuteal and was going to take a massage maybe I would find a cute massage girl and she offer me extras.  But they were all closed. Decide to give the Dolphin bar another try on the beach.

dolphin bar
Ochheuteal beach

I just cannot stand drinking beer out of childish plastic beakers.  Just more of the same in the Dolphin bar, some fat old freelancers about and some young party goers.  Funny enough an old guy who was in the G’Day mate turns up too.  It begins pouring down with rain again and I have had enough trying.

Another day in Ochheuteal and no pussy.  Surely tomorrow after a day on Otres beach I would just return to Victory Hill and barfine that fine Khmer bar girl with the big tits.  Just missing Victory Hill now and looking forward to returning to Phnom Penh in a couple of days time.


2 thoughts on “Ochheuteal Another Day”

    1. I hear the chicken ranch is still there down by the port area. But its really not my scene. Its cheap for the local port workers. I just could not fuck in those dirty little huts
      I did experience Bibas and the chicken ranch on my first visit to Sihanoukville so knew what to expect. If I had stayed longer then yes why not would have ventured down there
      Maybe secretly it is where the expats go for some cheap sex

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