Dragonfly Victory Hill

My second day mongering on Victory Hill Sihanoukville Cambodia.  The plan today was much the same as yesterday, chill on Victory beach during the day and cruise the hostess bars along bar street Victory Hill during the night.  Tomorrow I change location and hotel and move to Ochheuteal Beach.

Good Morning Victory Hill

Try the cooked breakfast in the French cafe along bar street which opens at 8AM.  Not bad, although no fruit juice.  Had to wait a while as there was a power cut. Power cuts are pretty common in Cambodia.

victory hill
Cooked Breakfast

Walk down to Victory beach and make myself comfy on one of loungers.  Sip my coke, listen to rock radio, read my book, not see the Polish girls today.

Here comes the rain

Come midday and it starts to rain getting heavier and not looks like it is going to stop.  Eventually I head back up to Victory Hill and bar street and have a few beers in Coopers, an English mods bar.  A motocycle rider nearly runs me over as I dash across the road.

victory hill
Coopers bar

Coopers is open all day but not employ any hostess girls, just satellite sports channels on numerous TVs strategically located serving plenty of Angkor draft.  Next door to Coopers is the DragonFly hostess bar.  Plan was to chat to the bar girls in the Dragonfly bar  tonight.  DragonFly was one of the top rated bars along bar street on Victory Hill from my prior mongering research on Sihanoukville.

Nasty Nutters

Im sitting there having a quiet beer and there is some young muscular Cambodian in a bright tight pink shirt sheltering from the rain in the canopy under Dragonfly shouting at someone down the phone.  Fuck you!  you only pay $400, I want $1500!  Nasty boy.

Cooper tells me he is a Cambodian coward!  There is probably some little old man on the other end of the phone.  Not sure what it was about, Mafia money etc.  I would not want to ever get involved with such people.  Dont borrow money, If you got alot of money, best keep your mouth shut, which can be hard to do if you like your alcohol.

victory hill

It rains and it rains, pouring down, never seen it rain so hard before.  And the monsoon brings out the nutters, those who think they are Jesus or something. A few millennium ago people may have believed he was the messiah or a prophet.    Drugs are openly available on Victory Hill.  Remind me not to stay in the Black Puppy hotel.

Back to the hotel and fall into a deep sleep, like I may have not waken up to well past midnight.  A knock at the door wakes me up and its my laundry delivery I had given to the Harbour lights hotel the day before.  I not check it, big mistake!

victory hill
bar street

Im tired but drag myself up and out for another night cruising the hostess bars on Victory Hill.  Not sure if even horny tonight, cum alot yesterday with my first bar girl from Victory Hill.    The rain is easing now so make a return up to bar street.

Bar Recon

Even if not barfining, bar reconnaissance is never time wasted.  When you are horny then can head straight to where the best bar girls are located and cut out all the hunting and wearing down of you shoe leather.  Down bar street on Victory Hill there is not much ground to cover.  The bar girl scene is highly concentrated.

bar street
hostess bars

Timing is hard to gauge though.  Its better to barfine the bar girls when they are fresh and just started their shift.  No sloppy seconds and they will not be tired. Some bar girls may even be horny and enthusiastic, some whores enjoy their jobs, like prostitution is genetic.  Some bar girls may start when the bar first opens, other bar girls may turn up 8 or 9pm, anytime, you just dont know when you are new on the ground.

I see that cute girl I met in the street the other day.  She is having another hair do.  She is playing hard to get, I guess she is already heavily sponsored.  Someone other than her must be paying for all these hair dos, handbags and shoes.   Would not mind fucking her but she is not making it easy like it should be when you are playing with whores.

Tunnel Bar

I head into the Tunnel bar.  Very comfy inside the Tunnel bar, dark roomy and relaxing.  The Tunnel is now run by Russians. A couple of cute bar girls sit with me and cuddle up. Its nice, one is worth bar fining but its early and not sure I am in the mood for fucking a condom.

Its seems on Victory Hill in the hostess bars, there are not any real stunners available, like 10s but plenty that are up there in the 7-8 bracket which is where I will barfine.  So plenty of options for some Cambodian pussy on Victory Hill and not too expensive, barfine is $10 and maybe $25 to the girl for short time and a $3 lady drink is not bad, especially if you are not intending to fuck one a night or twice in a day.

If your more into long time or having a girlfriend for the week I am sure you can strike up a good deal.  Do all us mongers a favour though and dont fall in love and start sponsoring, please, protect our hobby.

Dragon Fly Hostess  bar

I have something to eat in the french cafe some chicken coq au vin and a couple of glasses of red wine.  I am careful to eat healthy when I can and not live off junk food alone.  Directly opposite the French cafe is the Dragonfly hostess bar and I notice some nice looking bar girls working inside, so I pop across.
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Make pals with an Aussie tourist passing through on the hunt for some Khmer pussy.  He has his Tuk Tuk driver in tow who is taking him around Sihanoukville to where the girls are.

Tuk Tuk Pussy Guide

If you not done any research then hiring a tuk tuk driver to take you around town can be a good mongering  tactic. Just agree a price up front and be sure they speak passable English.   The downside is he may take you to only places where he can earn some commission so prices are inflated to compensate for his fee.  But no doubt the locals know all the nooks and crannies, you may get lucky, use your instinct and gut feeling.

Coming to meet

Certainly pussy is available on Victory Hill.  I had yet to explore other areas of Sihanoukville myself.   I was enjoying Victory Hill though.  I like my Aussie friends bar girl, would not mind myself.  He tells me he was an expat living in Angeles city in the Philippines for a couple of years but lost everything on a business venture there that went pear shaped.  I not really like opening up myself with strangers on the topic of money.  So we get chatting on some familiar landmarks along Fields Avenue and we exchange some mongering stories.

Khmer Tits

I got my eyes on another bar girl in the Dragonfly though with what looks like huge Khmer tits!  Sometimes you get a real thing on for a girl with big tits who is pretty with it.

victory hill hostess
khmer bar girl

Oh dear! she spills her drink knocking into those huge knockers.  I am really considering bar fining this cute khmer bar girl.  Not speak a word of English though, but who cares, she is very friendly and always smiling. I am not hiring for polite, trite or intelligent conversation.  Its not long and we are soon cuddling and kissing.

No Power

My new Aussie friend is suggesting we barfine the two bar girls and take them to a nightclub that the Tuk Tuk driver is recommending.  Not sure I am up for night clubbing.   Not sure I even want to fuck tonight.  These  girls will all be available another night when I am bursting.  Tonight No Power. No rush, I got plenty of time on my hands.  So much better for not fucking not because of lack of pussy but lack of power.

Tommorrow I leave Victory Hill for Ochheuteal Beach and the Golden Sands hotel.  I arrange with the Aussies Tuk Tuk driver to come and pick me up tomorrow midday from the Harbour lights hotel and take me to Ocheuteal for $5.  Thing is I not want to leave Victory Hill yet which is a good sign.  Maybe Ochheuteal beach will be even better?  If not I can always come back to Victory Hill and the Dragonfly hostess bar.  Hire my very own Tuk Tuk driver.

5 thoughts on “Dragonfly Victory Hill”

  1. seems like the mongering scene is getting.better in Cambodia! two night and you see plenty of beautiful women, still confused on where to go in SEA….

    1. Well based on your lack of experience mongering outside of your home town and Asia I cannot guarantee you would enjoy Victory Hill like I did.
      Victory Hill is not really for a young monger.

      Victory Hill is more for someone who likes a really laid back atmosphere with some quality bar girls available when the need arises without having to try to hard or travel.
      Victory Hill is a good place to visit one night if you are in Sihanoukville like the Aussie in the story who found a cute bar girl to barfine.
      I guess you would prefer the scene at Ochheuteal Beach, more younger crowd party types, so options for meeting tourists and freelancers. As I finished writing this up felt an urge to return to Victory Hill. I would return to Sihanoukville and live there maybe for a year.

      1. Thanks looking forward to read your Ochhuteal Beach adventures -yes I would preffer a younger crowd where I can meet some youngters to party and female tourists on their wild-side since they are far away from home 😛 Mongering is also a key and there seems to be plenty of beautiful bar hostess in Sihanoukville, perhaps I was right when I mentioned people are moving into Cambodia for mongering and leaving Thailand…?

  2. Very, very interesting.
    So many people now disillusioned with Thailand are talking about starting all over again and making the move to Cambodia. Seems not such a bad Idea. You are in effect experiencing what Pattaya was probably like in the early 1970s, Sihanoukville really seems my cup of tea and I think I could easily live there for 6 months of the year.
    What are the supermarkets like? and what about medical treatment?
    As ever, nice report.

    1. Thanks Mathew, me and you might be living there in the near future. The supermarkets I not really visit as well as medical centers, but from what I saw all is good
      Talked to an American who fell down the stairs in his hotel after two much whisky and split his head open and broke some bones and he said the treatment is very good
      Quite a few expats living there who do not want to leave. Things are changing fast though as you will see from my next reports. There was also talk of direct flights into sihanoukville from moscow
      so expect alot more Russian investment etc when the ruble recovers. Is that not what contributed to the ruin of Pattaya? Alot more tourists there now rather than just traveller types, not quite families but not long I would suspect. Maybe the best decade to live in Sihanoukville has already passed us by. I remember the big attraction use to be Blue mountain, 100s of young Vietnamese girls for $10
      The chicken farm is still available down near the port, but this is really for the sailors etc and is really not my scene. I got some class 🙂

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