Victory Hill Sihanoukville

After a long boring and frustrating coach journey from Siem Reap I had finally arrived at the Harbour lights hotel on Victory Hill in Sihnaoukville Cambodia.  It was too late to explore the high concentration of hostess bars available on Victory Hill.  After some pizza and beers I retired to my hotel, I was exhausted. Hopefully on my first full day along bar street I would find a Cambodian bar girl to my liking.

Harbour Lights Hotel

I was spending the first 3 nights of my stay in Sihanoukville in the harbour lights hotel on Victory Hill.  The harbour lights is run by some french men and from all reports girl friendly.

The Harbour lights is very conveniently located just round the corner from all the hostess bars along bar street.  My room was large and very comfortable with a great balcony and nice view.

harbour lights hotel
Harbour lights view

The swimming pool looked good for swimming and relaxing by if a little dirty around the edges.  3 Nights booked up via Agoda in the Harbour lights Palace boutique hotel set me back £55.  Quite expensive for Victory Hill.  This not include breakfast.

On my first morning in Victory Hill I had breakfast in the Harbour lights, bacon, eggs with toast and two cups of coffee costing $4.  Not bad at all, hit the spot.

Victory Beach

After breakfast I head down the hill to Victory beach.  There has been some development on Victory since I was last in Sihnaoukville.  There is a pier, a statue of a cow in the surf and a large bridge from one island to the mainland.

victory beach
Victory beach

Victory beach looked dirty today.  Here is a picture I shot from almost the same position along Victory beach 10 years ago in 2005.

victory beach
Victory beach 2005

There was some very tired looking and weather worn but comfy recliners for rent or free if you buy a drink. Which I do and plan to spend the best part of the day relaxing.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, read my book, listen to rock radio and I am in my element.

Polish Girls

Later the Polish girls come down to the beach and I chat to them for a while.  Before Cambodia they had travelled through China and were heading to Vietnam.  They had got their visas in advance while in Thailand from the embassy.  It took one day and needed to show travel tickets etc costing 2700 baht.  Would not mind fucking both of them, but not sure, they came across a little conservative, been living in England too long.

Bar Street

Later that afternoon I head back up to Victory hill and bar street and into a cafe for some dinner, Beef Bourguignon.  Cafe opens from 8AM until midnight so would head here tomorrow and try their cooked breakfast.

hostess bars
bar street

Running adjacent to bar street is restaurant street for those more interested in food than pussy.The bars not open until the evening around 6pm.

Victory hill 2005
Victory hill bars

Here is a pic of bar street from almost the same position back in 2005.  Back then Victory hill was more geared towards the traveller types on a budget.  In more recent years Victory Hill has changed to a red light district with almost exclusively hostess bars.

Afternoon Delights

That afternoon I did notice one or two cute Cambodian girls along bar street.  Got talking to one and I had a hard on in my pants chatting to her.  Wanted to take her back to my hotel there and then.  She was having a hair do and told me to come to her bar tonight around 8pm, she not know the name of her own bar though.  I head back to the Harbour lights and have a swim in the pool.  I was guessing maybe the Cambodian bar girls on Victory Hill were already used to being a little spoilt and developing attitudes and platitudes.

Victory Beach Sunsets

That evening head back down to Victory Beach to catch the sun setting and shoot a few pictures.

sunset sihanoukville
Victory beach sunset

Again here is one I shot back in 2005 when lots of cute young traveller type girls used to come down to the beach to watch the sunset.

victory beach sunset
victory beach

Not anymore.  They have moved from Victory beach, to where? Maybe Otres?  Victory beach is renowned for its sunsets.

Hostess Bars and Girls

I head back up Victory Hill and to bar street to hopefully enjoy the nights entertainment in the hostess bars and with a cute Cambodian bar girl.  It had been many days since I had cum!  I needed to shed some sperm, my balls were heavy.   I had not cum in Siem Reap in fact my last fuck was in Nataree Bangkok.  Hopefully tonight on Victory Hill I would find a cute bar girl to my liking.

victory hill
bar street

I start the night off playing some pool with a bar girl in an upstairs bar on the corner of Victory Hill.  Its a little hot and humid and I am sitting under the fan.  I walk bar street looking at the bar girls I can see.

Victory Hill Hostess

I stop in a bar called King Tiger at the other end of Victory Hill and get chatting to a nice khmer bar girl.

victory hill
bar hostess

She is a cute enough girl, I like her, speaks good English and she will barfine.  She tells me $30 short time and $50 long time.  Buy her a lady drink for $3 and settle on $25 short time, as she only wants to do short time, me too in fact.  Not interested in long time anymore, it really is just to shed some sperm into a condom.

Short Time

She takes me to her room on the back of her motobike.  She lived about 500 meters away in a studio like flat. Kind of like hotel rooms in a building complex.  She pays $120 a month and some studios go for $90, including Wifi and TV but not electricity.  If careful with electric can be as little as $15 a month.  I could live here quite easily.

victory hill

We get down to some fucking, not bad, she gives me a little BBBJ and eventually I get through two condoms and two gallons of sweat.  She takes me back to the bar and we continue where we had started about 1 hour earlier with me feeling a little lighter and under less pressure.  I was liking Victory Hill, very laid back for a monger like me.

I straddle a few more hostess bars down bar street on Victory Hill.  Each bar may have up to half a dozen girls working.  One or two are not bad.  Its not long and I am playing pool with another cute Cambodian hostess. Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentShe was upset, lost all her money today $85 when taking it to the bank. Last nights earnings maybe.  Maybe she was making me feel sorry for her, but she cheered up when I paid for a lady drink.Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentIf I not already fucked a bar girl tonight would have taken this one too.  Let her know will barfine her maybe tomorrow night.  She understood.

I like Victory Hill, laid back atmosphere just a few expats around and one or two tourists passing through.  A few quality bar girls available and the prices are good.  After a few days hanging around Victory Hill everyone would know you.

18 thoughts on “Victory Hill Sihanoukville”

  1. Look at those two women! Would definately wank checking at those pics! Did you really use two condoms to fuck her? I would so fuck her without a condom, great risks, great rewards…

    1. You dont always get the option to fuck bar girls without a condom. I am not into catching venereal diseases. Have to use your imagination.
      A couple I have in the past usually its once they become long time girlfriends.

  2. wow, my heart sank when I saw the pictures of the pool girl on the bottom that lost $85. I knew her, I spent a week with her on and off because she was a crazy bitch, I would spend half day in her room and then she would kick me out or run off and fuck dudes while I was in her room waiting for her. Sexually she’s amazing, but she is fucking insane to me only it seems. I met her on April 20, 2014 at around 4:20 am on Victory Hill just feet from her room, 7 days after I met her I had to immediately leave the country because of an emergency. I fell in love with her badly 11 months later I still am, this strong emotion over took me when I saw these pictures that you posted. I know she must have probably fucked over 80 guys or more since the last time I saw her, but it’s still hard to see the truth in pictures. Did you fuck her? Her name is Sreyneang, is that the name she told you? Her pussy is super tight too, the tightest pussy I have ever felt, I never fucked her though, I saw her masturbate with a vibrator and sexually she’s amazing, so did you fuck her? Imagine 80+ fucking the girlfriend that you liked the most in your lifetime, that is how this moment feels for me right now seeing those pics. So I just want to know if you did, I just want to know the truth, plus her pussy is SUPER, SUPER tight, if your dick has any kind of girth on it I don’t know how you got it in without a struggle.

    I hope that you get this message and answer me.

    1. Lol, Danny get a grip. No I not fuck this lovely bar girl. I had just fucked the previous bar girl, so just played pool with this one, on that night
      I did want to fuck her though, returned the next night and she was no where to be seen. I guess someone else got in, attractive bar girl like that is going to get bar fined often

      Your not the first to fall in love with a bar girl or the last. Been there done that. When you dont get emotionally involved with the girls, whore mongering loses some of its magic, but better that way
      Very foolish to get emotionally involved with bar girls, they will drain you, not before draining your wallet. Fuck em, forget em, the hardest part is to find em now for me

  3. I think that I was being very conservative, she’s probably fucked over 300 different guys since the last time that I saw her 10 almost 11 months ago, over 600 different guys in the course of her lifetime, that’s very difficult to fathom.

    1. This is how whores can fuck with your mind if you let them. If you get emotionally involved with them or let them get under your skin. You will imagine all sorts of things. We are never knights in shining armour who is going to rescue the bar girls from the skin trade.

      Often these girls will work odd nights out of boredom, need some extra money etc. Many of them are being sponsored by love struck tourists who really dont understand, not yet what they are dealing with – hookers.

      Are you returning to Sihanoukville anytime soon?
      Are you still in touch with this bar girl?
      Why you not fuck her?

  4. I will return as soon as I have enough money saved up to go, Last time I went for two months and would have stayed 2 weeks longer, but I broke my hand and I had to leave the country immediately to get surgery in the United States. When I got home I called her and I briefly spoke on the phone with her for less than 5 minutes total and she barely said more than a few words, after that she never picked up the phone again, then she changed her number, she would mostly ignore my emails and has not answered them in over 10 months since last May. She ignored me 99% of the time on Facebook, and finally ended up blocking anyone that wasn’t a friend of hers on Facebook, so no, I do not have any contact with her. I was riding my motorbike one time, I was coming back from the chicken farm and I saw her and she looked gorgeous, different than she look in those pics. It was late late at night around 4:20 am and she was standing on the street all alone, every bar except for one was closed, I said something to her cuz she was pissing me off as I was riding by and then I rode off to Serendipity Beach where my hotel was, but I decided to turn back around to talk to her again cuz I wanted to knock her out, I quickly spoke to her for a second time and then rode back to Serendipity Beach, but then I turned back around and spoke to her for a 3rd time, this time for a much longer period. I was negotiating a price with her, but like most girls they try to over charge by 2 to 3 times for short and long time. She told me that she didn’t like having sex because it would hurt her because her pussy was so tight because she wasn’t tall, I told her I fucked girls like her where I could stick my whole fist in their twats, so we went inside her room, she insisted we go in there, she refused to go to my hotel. Her room was hot as hell, it was like a 10 second walk from where she was standing, it was just around the corner from King Tiger, right next to this restaurant where old French expatriates sit outside circled around a table talking loud, drinking and smoking cigarettes all day long. She insisted that I use a condom and since I refused I did not fuck her, after about 2 hours later she went to this straw type shelf that she has right by her bed where she throws all of her clothing and is looking for something, finds it after a while and lies back down on the bed and pulls up her dress and starts masturbating with a pink egg/bullet vibrator which completely took me by surprise. She was cumming a lot, it was very thick and creamy. I could keep going on, but I’ll try to wrap it up, I could tell that she quickly fell in love with me just like I did with her. I stuck my finger in her twat for like maybe 1 or 2 seconds and even that was kind of difficult to do, even with one finger in it felt SUPER tight, she was REALLY clean too. She was crazy though, over the course of a week she would disappear for 2 whole days in a row sleeping at different guys houses for days at a time and she refused to go with me even though I was paying her and would continue paying her a very good amount for a Cambodian to stay with me. I never heard of a prostitute denying a customer, but it happened to me about 25% of the time this last time I went to Cambodia, well anyway she was nuts and all of her friends agreed with me, then she would walk away from her room in pajamas and make it seem like she was just going to talk to some female friend right by the street, but when I followed her to see where she was going she just disappeared and came back 3 hours later and the vibes she gave off were really weird like she just finished fucking some dude while I had just spent the entire day in her room and watching her gamble and play cards outside of her room with the other girls of the neighborhood, but anyway dude you got ripped off badly, short time is $5 and all night is $20, but if you are an older man then the prices might be a little higher. You really have to negotiate with them to get it to those prices, those are fair prices and Cambodian men even pay less than that, in a country where the average worker makes $3 to $4 a day $20 is a lot. The average American makes about $200 a day in a 5 day work week, them getting $20 a day is like the average American making $1000 a day, but most of the girls there are insane, they would refuse to go with me for even $25. Those guys and girls that you see working at the hotel reception etc make $4 a day, they stand there all day long for just $4. $20 is an extraordinary amount for them.

    1. Mate you are comparing chalk with cheese. Compare what a USA whore makes not what a factory worker makes, she is selling her pussy not sewing mail bags and credit them with some intelligence
      Also you may pay $10 down the chicken farm where the locals go to get fucked. but you are not getting any pussy for under $25 in the hostess bars. Not surprised she not want anymore contact with you, wanting to knock her out, fist her etc. Yes she came across a little unhinged, alot of them do.

    2. Hi Danny , i search the best girls in Asia for cheapest price , i am 36 years old , good looking , can you tell me the price of a girl for the night at Victoria Hill ? I search the cheapest girls of Asia , i see in Thailand it’s expensive , but i see Cambodia smell the better place no ? espaecially Sihanoukville

  5. no, down at the chicken farm I mostly paid $5 for a fuck. Also I am not comparing chalk with cheese. Besides working as a Tuk Tuk or motorbike driver working at a hotel is probably one of the highest paying jobs most people in Cambodia can get. They get $4. You paid more in Cambodia for short time than I would in Mexico. An average Mexican makes 5 times less per year than the average American. In Mexico I paid 200 pesos or $13 for a fuck times that by 5 and it comes out to $65, here in the United States I have spoken to some smoking hot hookers that would fuck for as low as $40, but where I live it is usually around $50 – 80 and it can balloon to a lot more if depending on where you go, so that 200 Mexican pesos that I pay is roughly the equivalent and relative to paying a hooker up here in the $65 for a fuck. 200 pesos for a Mexican hooker is relatively the same as $65 is to a Mexican hooker.

    A garment worker in Cambodia might make 2 or 3 dollars a day, a person working at a hotel makes $4. A garment or hotel worker don’t make $20. An average American makes 50 times more per year than the average Cambodian. If you pay a hooker in Cambodia $20 to stay with you all night that’s roughly 5 to 6 times more than they could possibly get working at the best jobs that they could find.

    so $4 for a Cambodian per day is roughly the same as $200 per day for the average American.

    4 goes into 20 five times. 5 times $200 is $1000.

    To them getting paid $20 a day to work as a hooker is like an American prostitute getting paid $1000 a day.

    Also out of the roughly 70 hookers that I have picked up, which I only fucked 64 because the other 6 have ran away and taken my money, out of the 70 that I have picked up only about 3 were bar girls and even the bar girls went for the same price.

    Another thing, AFTER all of this happened, I found an article in late 2014 where a white western journalist published an article in a newspaper where he went undercover at Cambodian bars around Phnom Penh and he spoke to various girls MAKING PRETEND that he wanted to take them back, he inquired about prices and the going price AT A BAR was $5 for short and $20 for all night, that is what a young girl quoted him AT THE BAR.

    You older guys that go to Cambodia skyrocket the prices badly and inflate them and ruin it for the rest of us guys that would like to go there for a few months on a reasonable and comfortable budget. How could you pay $30 for short time, when in Mexico the going price for every prostitute is 13 US dollars? Mexico is FAAAR more developed and FAAAR more wealthy and powerful than Cambodia. The average Mexican makes 10 times more per year than the average Cambodia.

    Also you western guys, most of you guys are reasonably and comfortably well off, you have money saved so paying $50 all night or $30 all night for a hooker seems like an absolute steal because back in Europe or the United States if you want to take a hooker back home for an entire night it could easily cost you in excess of $1000 or more so negotiating or haggling the price by $25 to $30 seems like peanuts and chump change when back in your home country an all nighter (9 hours or more) could easily cost you well over $1000.

    You older guys go down there you see these early 20 something girls that probably look like little girls in your eyes and when they say $30 for short or $50 for long it seems like an absolute bargain and steal and then you ruin it for the rest of us. You guys don’t do research and if you do it is not ample enough. Soon word gets out that a girl charged an old foreign guy 50 bucks for an all nighter and a frenzy breaks out, soon every girl working the streets in Cambodia finds out about this and prices seem to skyrocket over night. They get used to ripping off and over charging guys sometimes by up to 6 times more so when a guy like me comes along offering them a fair going price they are too lazy to work for such a much smaller amount.

    Also at the time that I saw that girl she was just oddly standing in the middle of the street alone practically without anyone else around, at that point she was free lancing…

    …and when you said that no wonder she and other girls refuse to go with me…well they refuse to go with me EVEN BEFORE I NEGOTIATE A PRICE WITH THEM. Almost all of the 25% or more hookers that refused to go with me, the majority of the refusals came at the moment that I approached them, some of them would then leave right after I spoke to them with a group of 3 or 4 young Cambodian guys that will pay her far less than I would, business wise that doesn’t make any sense.

    I wrote a detailed article arguing my points which are all or mostly objectively correct, these are the facts, not opinions. I did research before I went there in 2011 and then again in 2014. Like I said after I came back home in 2014 later that year I found an article of an UNDERCOVER journalist pretending to want to pick up hookers at Phnom Penh bars and the prices that I haggled BEFORE EVEN reading this guys article are the prices that HE WAS TOLD by the bar girls WITHOUT HIM EVEN HAVING TO HAGGLE for a fair price, they flat out just offered him the final price without having to do negotiations.

    and she was more than just a little unhinged.

    1. I would wipe my ass with $25, time and time again I hear you guys whining about how we are ruining it for you. Its boring, you need to grow up and accept all good things come to an end. Im afraid there is too many guys chasing too few pussy in the world. To think she ever loved you, shows your total lack of a grip on the situation. When she disappeared for hours days she was with her Cambodian boyfriend who is pimping her. She hates you, never loved you
      You need to stay away if you let yourself get involved with hookers. If your getting pussy for $10 or $5 why are you moaning, just stay in Mexico. When I hear this I imagine a guy standing on the beach facing the ocean trying to stop the tide coming in. If you want to afford pussy that you want then concentrate your efforts on attaining skills and earning good money. Just get over her. Never let yourself fall for such a girl again. fuck them, forget them and pay them a fair price. Dont disrespect them either, they have given me much enjoyment in my life. But thats as far as its goes. If your looking and in need of love then you are looking in the wrong places. Go find yourself a nice girl if thats what you want

  6. CORRECTION: I meant to say “200 pesos for a Mexican hooker is relatively the same as $65 is to an American hooker.”

  7. CORRECTION: I meant to say “so paying $50 all night or $30 for short time for a hooker seems like an absolute steal”.

  8. one last thing, I never disrespect people unless they provoke me. If I ever did disrespect her it was because she disrespected me first.

  9. you are right in saying that there are too many guys chasing too few pussy in the world and for some guys the only way they can get a girl, any girl at all is by renting a prostitute regardless of where they look or how many girls they talk to.

    and they do give much enjoyment, they give one the best things in life.

    1. Dan the man, is this your report on stickmans reader submissions, it reminded me of you
      Maybe a bit early for you, but in a similar predicament. We think we can play with these girls and come to no harm. Like we have found some kind of pussy paradise and turn them into girlfriends, wife whenever at our choosing
      But most just want to make money, whatever it takes, and many already have local asian boyfriends. Like I said dont get involved. Everything that comes out of their mouth is usually a lie. Just enjoy their company for a short time then forget them. I will likely return to Sihanoukville sometime, I enjoyed it there and love Cambodia. No doubt you spent alot of time there and probably learnt alot and have some valuable information to share

      I read this journalist report also that you talk about. Since when does a journalist let the truth and facts get in the way of a good story? 🙂 I will try and find it read it recently.

  10. no, that is not me, you’re dead on about us thinking we can turn them into our girlfriends or wives at our choosing, but this one Sreyneang had this German boyfriend that is a school teacher in Phnom Penh and her main boyfriend is this older French guy that is more than twice her age that at the time she had known for 6 months, she had moved to Sihanoukville from her hometown of Phnom Penh in October 2013. Well anyway this French guy who she claimed was her “boyfriend” didn’t mind that she was going out fucking as many guys as she could…I highly doubt that, I wouldn’t really call him a boyfriend. No guy unless he likes being a cuckold likes to tell any girl that they can go out and fuck as many guys as they want.

    I’m glad you found that article because I was thinking earlier tonight that maybe you thought I was lying to make a point, I was thinking of finding it and pasting it on here as proof, but I was too lazy to try to find it.

    I don’t think that I can believe Daneth’s claims that she wasn’t fucking the Italian, I think that she was full of shit.

    I don’t understand how that guy can go into any bar in Cambodia and expect to get pussy for free. Every Cambodian female in any kind of bar that a foreigner may go to is a prostitute, that is what I am used to and that is all that I have ever known and I don’t think that I could ever accept getting pussy for free and if that day ever came I would throw the bitch a few bills to not break my life imposed hooker sentence.

    I was thinking earlier tonight what a pussy paradise Cambodia is, it’s a beautiful country and getting laid the way I do when I am there, whenever I want makes it even more beautiful.

  11. I fucked that girl in 2014. I remember she was really proud of her scooter. She only charged me $30 for the whole night though. She was fun.

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