Siem Reap Cambodia

From Bangkok I flew to Siem Reap in Cambodia with Air Asia.  Travelling to Siem Reap was not a strictly mongering decision.  Certainly I wanted to do some tourist stuff like visit the  temples and Angkor Watt.  But I also hoped some opportunities would present themselves for some P4P.

Cambodia Plan

And so I return to Cambodia for the second time in one year and the third time in 10 years.  It was my first visit to Siem Reap though.  The plan was to spend a few nights in Siem Reap and then make a return visit to Sihanoukville and see how things have changed there in 10 years.  In Sihanoukville there was at least lovely beaches to relax by during the day.  Although beautiful beaches had not really worked out in Phuket cutting my stay short there.

After Sihanoukville I would then return to Phnom Penh.  After Phnon Penh I would fly back to Thailand and spend the remainder of my extended vacation in Pattaya.  That was the plan.

Arrival Siem Reap

Morning flight 10:10AM from Don Muang in Bangkok to Siem Reap taking one hour and costing £84.  You need two passport photos on arrival in Cambodia for you visa on arrival and $20.  This time, customs not charge me anything extra to scan copies of my mugshot off my passport and let me through with a smile.

Local Sim

At the airport tried to purchase a local sim card but was having trouble getting it working with Samsung and Android.  Not work with the Smart network but OK with Metfone.  Need to show your passport to get a sim. Paid for a 3G data package costing $5 and the connectivity was excellent during my stay in Cambodia.

Shadow Angkor Villa

Tuk Tuk rider from the airport to my hotel in Siem Reap costing $5.  I was staying at the Shadow Angkor Villa on the Wat Bo Road 3 nights costing £59.  My room in the Shadow Angkor Villa had a balcony overlooking the streets below and room was very comfortable.  Included breakfast which was very good too, fresh crusty bread, fried bacon and eggs.

siem reap cambodia
shadow angkor villa

The Shadow Angkor was a 10 minute walk to Pub Street in Siem Reap.  Pub Street was the main tourist entertainment area and where there are tourists there is usually some P4P right nearby.

Angkor Wat

I had agreed with the Tuk Tuk driver to come back within the hour and take me to Angkor Wat for the remainder of the day for $15.  It was a nice day, blue sky so lets get the temple tour out the way.

This Tuk Tuk fee not include entry to Angkor Wat.  The fee was $20 for 1 day pass or $40 for a 3 day pass.  Was not sure if I would return to visit the temples so just went with a one day pass.

siem reap temples
Angkor Wat

The ancient Hindu temples( converted to Buddhism) are pretty impressive and a great day out, one of the seven wonders of the world.

At the entrance to Angkor Wat I had paid $8 for a local Cambodian guide who supposedly spoke English but could not understand a word he said.

Cambodian costumes
Angkor Wat

Later the Tuk Tuk driver took me to another ancient temple on top of a hill Bakheng Hill, I think it was called.  Great views from up here but like Angkor Wat crawling with tourists and difficult to take photos.

siem reap
Bakheng Hill

Tuk Tuk driver takes me back to my hotel and I prepare for a night out down Pub Street in Siem Reap.

Pub Street

Pub street is full of mostly restaurants, but the food and local Angkor draft beer is very good and cheap.

siem reap
pub street

Couple of interesting bars running along the road adjacent to pub street the X bar which is mostly tourists and traveller types with live rock music.

Massage Street

A bit further down is what I called Massage street.  Lots of young pretty Cambodian girls offering massage including handjob  starting around $10.

massage girls
siem reap massage

I not partake, don’t know why, was tempted.  Felt the rooms would be small and grubby, that my pockets would be picked or maybe the girls were underage and there would be a police raid requiring bribes to be paid.  It just not feel right.  Plus I was holding out hopefully something better would present itself including full sex and maybe long time GFE.

Mikey’s Night Bar

A bit further down is Mikeys night bar.  Mikeys night bar is the main freelancer hangout in Siem Reap.

freelancers siem reap
Mikeys night bar

Its just as you imagine inside, old white expats sat around in small groups and old mature Cambodian freelancers trying to prise some trade out of them.  Not notice anything exceptional in  Mikey’s night bar.

That first night in Siem Reap just had a few beers down pub street and then a proper massage for 5$ had a stiff neck if not a stiff cock.  I did get approached by two Cambodian sisters in Pub Street but they were just average at best.  I was getting fussy again not really seen any quality Cambodian pussy in Siem Reap. Not yet.

Not much to do in the day around Siem Reap if you dont visit Angkor Wat and the temples. The hotel Tuk Tuk driver offered to take me around all day to the temples I had not visited for $12 and then at night would take me to where the best P4P was in Siem Reap.  I guess they all say that, but the hotels reputation was at stake so may take the Tuk Tuk drivers offer up on my last day in Siem Reap.

Foot Therapy

Massage street during the day, nothing happening, the young girls not start working until nightime.  I  had a pedicure  by an old Khmer hag and it actually hurt and she drew some blood around the side of the nails.

Its not impossible to catch a nasty infection having a pedicure if they not sterilise the nail clippers which I doubt they do.  Maybe the last pedicure and manicure I ever have on vacation in Asia.

Siem Reap
Dr Fish

To kill some time I visit Dr Fish off Pub Street to check out what all the fuss is about having fish nibble at your feet? Maybe those little fishes will suck out any infections I may have just contracted from my pedicure.  It feels funny at first, ticklish.  Costs $3 for 30 minutes and includes a soft drink.

Siem Reap Baby Scam

There is a scam going down in Siem Reap whereby dozens of Cambodian girls hang around pub street  carrying a baby and an empty milk bottle.

baby bottle
siem reap scam

I thought she just wanted a dollar, but no she wanted me to buy her some powdered milk from the shop nearby.

After my fish foot fetish therapy I walked across the road with her to the shop.  They wanted $10 for me to buy some dried milk.  I gave her a dollar and left her to it.  Its was like she not even want the dollar. I guess the local shops are in on the scam too.  Its funny how different cities each have their own culture of scams to beware of.  I would stick to visiting the temples during the day in Siem Reap.

Tuk Tuk Massage Patrol

My last night in Siem Reap and a Tuk Tuk driver takes me around some of the big body massage parlours popular with Asian tourists especially Koreans.   Tuk Tuk drivers says he will take me around for $5 until I find a girl I like.  He tells me costs $50 for a girl.

siem reap brothel
body massage

It takes around 20 minutes to get to these massage parlours from say pub street.  They are all dotted around the outskirts of Siem Reap out of sight of the mainstream tourists who have not got any sexual organs.

In the first massage parlour there was only about 8 girls and most were around average and tired looking.  One or two were doable but not for $70 which is what they wanted in a room on premise.  They would ask alot more to take a girl out all night.  Felt a little intimidated, Papasan actually pushed me onto a chair. I not react but just wanted to make my exit ASAP.

Tuk Tuk driver takes me to another massage parlour, similar setup and girls.  Nothing exceptional or worth getting my wallet out for.  He then took me to a brothel with Vietnamese girls.  Inside there were four overweight thirty something girls, cant be sure they were Vietnamese.

siem reap
pub street

I had seen enough of the mongering scene in Siem Reap.  Tomorrow I would leave for Sihanoukville. Angkor Wat may be one of the seven wonders of the world but Siem Reap is not one of the mongering wonders of the world. I kind of knew that anyway, but expected something better, some pleasant surprises.

6 thoughts on “Siem Reap Cambodia”

  1. I haven’t been to Siem Reap, but yeah, doesn’t sound like a great Mongering destination. Phnom Penh is definitely the way to go! Poi Phet (Cambodian city on the Thai. border) isn’t bad, I was able to get laid there for $20 and they have casinos!

  2. Actually, there are a couple of great spots in siem reap. One I have visited maybe half a dozen times over the past few years (last time was may 2015). About a 5min drive from pub street, a big private house with about 8-10 viet girls inside. Quite pricey, asking $80 for ST and $150 for LT, but can be negotiated down with the mamasan, depending on your negotiation skills. On the upside – at least the times I’ve been there – the girls have been reasonable, with most a 7-8, and last time there was one there that was a definite 10.

  3. Also, most westerners don’t seem to realize – but all those KTV places you see in most Cambodian towns, they’ve all got a bunch of young girls inside. Their proper title is as Customer Relations Officers, but basically, they’ll sit with you, share some drinks and snacks, and you’re allowed to touch. Works similar to a hostess bar, really – and many of the girls can be “bar”-fined, ie. taken off the premises to go back to your hotel with you.

    I personally know of at least 15 KTVs in siem reap where the girls are available to go out with guys, and many of these are young (18-20), and very attravtive (9s and 10s).

    If you eat in beer gardens, many of the hostesses working in those will usually agree to visit you after their work shift – they can usually also leave with you, if you pay the restaurant a small fee (about $10).

    1. Thanks Andy for the update about mongering options in Siem Reap. I not try that hard and am sure there must be options. I guess we goto siem reap first time for the temples. I have never done a KTV always thought they were more exclusive to asian men and western men were not really entertained there. I was taken to a few big massage parlors in siem reap by a motocycle rider but the girls were average at best. So Siem Reap was one of those rare places I failed to fuck or even cum. I do love Cambodia though Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, And I guess you have done them places too?

  4. Yeah. I’ve been visiting cambodia very regularly (4-5 times a year on average), over the last decade plus, due to owning 2 businesses over there, plus some real estate investments.

    In your blog, you mentioned venus massage in sihanoukville as unlocatable. It’s definitely there, but there’s no signage until after 2pm.

    Phnom Penh has some good FL spots beyond the tourist areas. Clubs like Casa, and high-end KTV places have the best in terms of both FLs and hostesses – mostly 9s and 10s – but expect to pay a premium. These cater mostly to rich locals and asian business travellers. For these, expect to pay 70-80 for ST, 120-200 LT. You might get away with less, but that’s what a lot of their usual clientele are willing to shell out.

    Darling darling in Nagaworld usually has a lot of FLs – mostly 8-10s, but expect to pay 100 ST and 150-200 LT. DD also gets a lot of civvies out on the town – these are usually wives/girlfriends of the young/rich crowd (girls not concerned about blowing 500 bucks on a night out, when the average khmer makes 50 bucks a month). If you try to pick up one of the civvies by mistake, there can be hell to pay.

    Fishbowls in phnom penh – as of Jan 2016, there are 4 that I know of. Won’t post more than that on a public blog, as don’t want them to get shut down. Soul is prbably the worst of the lot though, in terms of both prices and service.

  5. You have to have the right tuk tuk driver. Paradise awaits if you have a connected guy. Private clubs are the way to go.

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