Bangkok Nataree Sideliner

My last day and night in Bangkok before heading to Siem Reap in Cambodia.  The plan for my last evening in Bangkok was to return to the Ratchadaphisek Road for a soapy massage starting off in the Amsterdam.

Bangkok Mundane

Start the morning off with an Enormous in Burger King along the Sukhumvit just opposite the Nana.  Alot of Thai office worker in this restaurant.  Then a walk down the Nana around 9AM.  Its a little disconcerting to see guys downing bottles of beer this time in the morning.

Back at the Royal Asia lodge hotel and I am having grief booking up a hotel in Siem Reap, most rooms have gone, but eventually manage  to get one.

Amsterdam Ratchadapidik

That evening head down to the Asoke and take the MRT from Sukhumvit alighting Rama 9 and then a few minutes walk to the Amsterdam soapy massage.  Its my first time trying the Amsterdam soapy massage.

bangkok soapy massage
Amsterdam massage

Not the best time to visit the Ratchadapidik road  as its rush hour in Bangkok.  Usual setup in the Amsterdam, comfy chairs facing opposite a fishbowl where all the girls sit.  Mamasan is a bit pushy as I order a beer.  Not a great selection of girls available in the Amsterdam one was not bad but not where I felt I needed to look no further.

Emmanuelle Soapy Massage

My next port of call was the Emmanuelle soapy massage also along the Ratchadapidik road.

Emmanuelle soapy massage

I dont even remember any of the girls available in the Emmanuelle, just more mutton dressed up as lamb. Timing is crucial of course, I could have been a little early as girls start their night shift.  Or most of the best girls had already be taken by Thai businessmen before returning home to the wife and family.

Penthouse models

Dont be fooled by the model girls concept either.  I have yet to see a model girl who really is a Thai model. This is just a ploy to extract more cash.  Ok, if the girls really are penthouse models then fine, but I have my serious doubts.  More like on the odd occasion a ex Thai penthouse model has worked in some of the soapy massage parlours and was very popular.

Nataree Sideliners

Subconsciously my fail safe plan down the Ratchadapidik road tonight in Bangkok was a return visit to the Nataree.  I was heading now straight back to the Nataree.  Sure enough inside the Nataree it is packed out with cute young Thai sideliner girls. Sideliner girls dont sit in the fishbowl, they just sit around the sideline waiting to be picked.

Too Expensive

Walking up and down looking at all the Thai cuties. Some of the youngest and most pretty girls are asking a price of 5000 baht, they were cute but this is too expensive price to pay for sex IMHO, especially in Asia and when on a budget.  Considering in two days you will be really horny again.  Even a rich man is a fool to pay this much for pussy.  But never say never I guess.

No Farang

The other Nataree sideliners were not far off on the cute scale.  I approach another cute sideliner Thai girl.  Papasan tells me she not go with Farang.  Fair enough. So many girls to choose from, most of them will go with Farang.  Nataree is mostly popular with local Thai men but tourists are welcome.

Nataree Thai cutie

Eventually I choose a cute Thai girl for 2600 baht which includes 90 minutes of her time.  In the room she begins preparing a hot tub for my soapy bath.

Thai cutie
Nataree sideliner

Yes love red really turns me on.  Hoping she got some little red lacy underwear on underneath and lovely little dark Thai pubic bush see through.  She is a cute friendly girl with good attitude, I had chosen well.

Nataree sideliner
Nataree girl

Lovely kiss and cuddle with my Nataree girl and then into the warm bath being careful to keep my spotty botty out of view.

Nataree Great Sex

After a lovely warm relaxing bath with her washing me down onto the bed for full sex.  She sucks and licks my balls but covered blowjob.  I not push for BBBJ not come to Nataree for that.  Then a great fuck with this Nataree girl.  Job done.  It was so good and letting me snap some pics of her I gave her a 300 baht tip.

IMHO now,  Nataree and Kasalong are the two best places to visit now when mongering in Bangkok. Kasalong for a great blowjob BBBJ and CIM with cute young thai girls for good price.  Nataree when you want to relax, a massage then fuck a young pretty Thai girl.

bangkok sex diary
sex diary bangkok

Mongers, for a real hardcore look at fucking bar girls in Bangkok check out Asian sex diary Thailand and Bangkok tour.  Its reality porn and updated daily all across asia, a great mongering resource.

Over and out from Bangkok. Cannot say when I will be returning to Bangkok, could be 2015 or could be in 2 or 3 years time.

Thailand Tourist(Sex?)

Maybe not at all with the dissatisfaction I am now feeling when mongering in Thailand. Is it worth travelling to the other side of the world anymore?  Its likely to get worse too.  Barfining quality bar girls in Bangkok used to pretty easy in years gone by, not anymore though, all change.

As a tourist with a little sex tourism on the side then some other places could be worth visiting like Udon Thani, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai. But would not be expecting it to be full on whore mongering.

After my visit to Cambodia, it was likely I would spend my last week in Pattaya.  Its hard for me to totally give up on Pattaya too, considering some of the cute bar girls I have barfined in the past from Pattaya.

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