Two Nights in Bangkok

Trying to adjust to being back in Bangkok from being beside a beautiful beach in Phuket.  Bangkok was losing its appeal for me fast.  Tonight I wanted to get off the Sukhumvit and would try a night out down Patpong in the Silom district of Bangkok.

Spotty Botty

Breakfast in McDonalds along the Sukhumvit and then to the chemist to get some ointment for my spotty botty.  Yes I had noticed my botty had turned spotty in the hotel room mirror.  This often happens when I am abroad.  Dont know if it is some allergy to the toilet seats or the oil used in a body massage?


Do any other mongers get the spotty botty?  I try to explain my condition to the nice Thai women working in the chemist and she gives me some cream for nappy rash!  Not sure if cream for nappy rash will help my spotty botty but will give it a try.  My spotty botty is not something I would want any nice Bangkok bar girl to see.   I dont suppose a monger would like a pretty bar girl who then has a spotty botty.

Other than my spotty botty I had no other health complaints. No diarrhoea, no sunburn, no colds, no heartburn, no broken bones, not too many mosquito bites touch wood, had acclimatised well to Thailand now.

Bali or Siem Reap?

Back at the Royal Asia Lodge hotel and am trying to book flights up online.  Am now in two minds if to goto Bali in Indonesia or  stick with my original plan to Siem Reap in Cambodia.  So many places you can fly to with Air Asia at a budget price.

Travel Options

Another potential trip in the future is a return to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for a few nights and then a flight to Sri Lanka.  So many combinations possible. Yet another idea going through my perverted brain was a return to Manila in the Philippines and taking 3 girls back to my hotel all night and doing to them whatever I wanted.  The Manila Bay cafe is so full of potential if not pretty bar girls.  Manila is hopefully years away from a mass migration of affluent expats buying up condos in the city center.

Concerned that I wont find any pussy in Siem Reap but would love to visit Angkor Wat.  Its that tourist verses sex tourist monger dilemma again.  In Cambodia I would then likely make a return visit to Sihanoukville after nearly 10 years away and then my third visit to Phnom Penh.  Finally I press the submit button on my original plan a trip to Siem Reap.  I would spend a couple of weeks travelling through Cambodia.


I really would like to spend the rest of my life travelling from place to place like this but in the back of my mind I know I must return home soon to the UK. Return to work and earn some more money.  But my perspective had changed now.  I would aim for an early retirement, once I felt I had earned enough money to survive.

No more wasting money on retail therapy.  I realised I had been living my life like I had a wife and family to support, but there was just me.  I was essentially free.  I would not be getting married or settling down and having a family, the chance for that had passed me by as I got distracted by a mongering lifestyle.

Two nights Bangkok

Bangkok is just so first world today.  So many expats living in condos off and around the Sukhumvit today. Alot of them are not sexpats and look down on the mongers in town.  Bangkok is losing its novelty fast for me, want to get out.

Not sure really why I returned to Bangkok, something pulled me back, just distant memories of a bygone era now.  But will stick around for another two nights.   Tomorrow night will return to the Soapy massage parlours along Ratchadaphisek Road.  A monger needs a plan.

Pickled Liver, soi 7.1

Start my second night back in Bangkok in the Pickled Liver down soi 7.1 and have a nice roast dinner and a few draft beers. A few of those Bangkok (s)expats hang out in the Pickled Liver.

bangkok soi 7.1
Pickled liver

The Pickled Liver could become my local in Bangkok if I was an expat.  Couple of blowjob bars close by too.

Queens Park Plaza, soi 22

Then I check out the Queens Park Plaza along soi 22. To avoid the traffic jams I ride pillion without a crash helmet with a motobike rider from the top of soi 7.1 for 50 baht.

soi 22 bangkok
Queens Park Plaza

Its fast, cheap and convenient but totally unsafe and need to give this bad habit up.  Just walk or catch the skytrain.  Even for late September though Bangkok is still a little hot and humid and not take much to start sweating.  Not much happening in the Queens Park Plaza, that cute bar girl is working but she dont barfine.  Anyone for a game of pool?

Tina, soi 22

I head to the bottom of Soi 22 and take a look inside Tina club.  Just fuglies working inside Tina, leave Tina without buying a drink.

Tina soi 22
Tina Bangkok

Quality bar girls are a problem also in Bangkok just like they were in Patong.  Tina down soi 22 is much like the handjob bars along Soi Cowboy.

My first experience in Tina was also back in 2002, I brought 4 fuglies a drink sat at the bar one afternoon around 4pm.  The next thing they had my cock out and was all giving me a handjob.  Its was an exciting new experience to me at the time and not knew that was about to happen.

Asoke to Sala Daeng

Then along to Asoke to take the Sky train to Patpong in Silom where you get off at Sala Daeng.

bangkok asoke
Asoke skytrain

So from Patong  in Phuket to Patpong in Bangkok and will I find a cute gogo girl in Patpong tonight?  Last time I was in Patpong was a few months back and not score.  Patpong in Bangkok is once place you want to stay cool, no good getting upset with anyone especially the Thai touts that operate there, I was prepared for this.

Bada Bing

I intended to concentrate in the Kings group Gogos tonight in Patpong and check them all out, but start the night off in Bada Bing.

Patpong Bangkok
Bada Bing

Very comfy in the Bada Bing Gogo along soi 2 but not so many gogo girls and quality not great.

Electric Blue

Try the Electric blue also along soi 2, much the same conclusion really.  Overall the gogos in Patpong are better than those in Patong.  Other than finding that special girl, once you been in one gogo you have been in them all.

patpong bangkok
Electric Blue

The first couple of nights experiencing the gogo clubs in Thailand are amazing but you quickly get used to them.  After a couple of nights they lose their appeal and you just want to be left alone to nurse your beer.

Once you are sat down with a bottle of beer in your hand and not finding any of the Gogo girls on stage attractive, you want to avoid eye contact, you dont want anyone to sit with you and you just want to leave and try the next gogo.  You have to try to enjoy the gogo for what it is and be friendly and polite.  The mamasan and dancing girls are all only doing their job trying their best to entertain you.

Kings Castle

I make my way around to soi 1 and into Kings Castle 1. Inside I am surprised by a really cute gogo girl working and she comes and joins me and I buy her a lady drink for 200 baht.

Patpong Bangkok
Kings Corner

She is really cute like a 9 out 10.  Attitude not bad at all.  Barfine was 600 baht, OK.  She not know about my spotty botty, would have to keep it out of view back at the hotel.  She then wanted 2500 baht short time and would only goto the short time rooms in the Gogo for another 600 baht!  Too much! A deal breaker.  The mamasan comes over and  they are prepared to drop to 3000 baht all in.

I may have been tempted to barfine this cute gogo girl I had found in the Kings Castle down Patpong, but not actually have enough cash on me.  I dont carry an ATM card around with me either.  No, my cards were safely locked away in the hotel safe, rarely seeing the light of day except when a cash top up is needed.

Super Pussy

Later I try Kings Castle 2 and Kings Corner, mix of ladyboys and girls in these two gogos, bit of a freakshow really.

Super Pussy

I have never barfined from one of the gogos down Patpong.  Come close tonight.  I once took a bargirl from the Executive bar way back in 2002 on my first night out in Patpong.

Patpong bangkok
Patpong night market

The above picture is from almost the same spot in Patpong 10 years ago.  I had just come out of The Kings Castle gogo with my Bangkok girlfriend and the gogo had been packed out with stunners back then.

Has any monger ever been in Super Pussy?  I think its one of those notorious upstairs clubs.  I have never been in an upstairs bar in Patong, are they all rip off and clip joints?  Patpong would not be the same without that Super Pussy neon light hanging over the night market.  They really should fix the P.

Patong to Patpong

I guess most mongers hang out around the Sukhumvit and Nana Plaza when in Bangkok, so why come all the way to Patpong?  Well Patpong makes a change from the Sukhumvit area and should be experienced once in a while.  Two nights in Bangkok and no pussy let alone some super pussy.   From Patong to Patpong and the same problem, lack of quality bar girls.  Tomorrow I would try my luck again down the Ratchadaphisek Road.

7 thoughts on “Two Nights in Bangkok”

  1. Excellent report as usual. I work in the Silom area and often nip out at lunchtime for a bit of how’s your father. But the quality in the soapies and BJ bars in Patpong is shocking. These girls live in the shops and just wake up when you enter at lunchtime.

    But I think I will try and night as your post is tops! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Reduced from around £72.00 to around £58.00 is still far, far too much for short time even in the tourist rip off Patpong joints. Still, someone must be paying these high prices which were unheard of in my day.

    1. Mathew its take it or leave it now. Very difficult to get a short time under 2500 baht total these days in Bangkok. Mongering in Thailand is just not what it was. And seems I keep going back expecting to find some of the old magic.

  3. Bali could be lots of fun and nice avaliable pussy, but do not know if it would be too cheap as a vas number of tourists go there every year….

    Siem Reap could be good for cheap avaliable pussy, but I do not know if there would be something more to do besides mongering

    Although I am really considering Bali though, is among my choices 🙂

  4. Looks like you are getting the same feeling I have. It’s like you reach a level where you need to either speak the local language or go somewhere you can have a decent convo in English. “heeeyyyy where you gooooo” in that nasal pitch just makes me grouchy now days.

    Siam reap is ruined unless you are prepared to pay korean prices and go out KTV style. Most of the massage places look like extras places but only wants to give you a $20 or more handy at most.

  5. You have got to try the crazy house in bangkok, right around the corner from soi cowboy. About 20 girls dance on stage for only one song. Then the next group. About 3 groups of at least 20 girls dressed in either bikinis or topless or completely nude. Bar fine is 800 short time was 2500 for amazing girl. I took my spy cam watch into there if anyone is interested. Kinda shaky though.

    1. Glen, I have been in the Crazy house near soi cowboy a few times. Last time I took a look in the Crazy house it was really busy and there was some nice naked thai girls on stage. One with a mouth watering hairy pussy but she was cold and aloof. Yes the crazy house is a good gogo in Bangkok. What type of spy cam you use? Yes would be interested in viewing it?

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