Bangkok Hangover

With some regrets I had left Patong in Phuket two nights early to return to Bangkok.  Back to the steamy polluted city of Bangkok.  I had grown frustrated in Patong and wanted to return to Bangkok for a couple of nights before continuing my journey into Cambodia and pastures new Siem Reap.

Patong to Bangkok

The staff at the Keeta hotel were a little sorry to see me leave a couple of days early.  They were concerned about the tourism to Patong.  I guess the Keeta more depends on the solo traveller like me rather than families.

Time Share Touts

That last morning in Patong I was being hit by the timeshare touts along beach road this time they were English lager louts from Liverpool and operating out of the Patong Bay Beach resort hotel.  Where it all began for me 10 years ago in Phuket.  They were trying the same tricks with winning scratch cards etc. Dont be fooled if you are passing by.  These guys are just pretty desperate to remain in paradise.

Missed flight nearly

Taxi from Patong to Phuket airport set me back 750 baht and took around 45 minutes. We had to avoid the main road as lots of road works.  I nearly missed my flight back to Bangkok in Patong airport.  With 5 minutes to spare I saw on the screen that my plane was boarding at a different gate to the one printed on my ticket and gates closing.  Always check the screens, dont just listen.  Total chaos. Lesson learnt.

Royal Asia Lodge, Soi 8

Flight OK back to Bangkok, straight through Don Muang customs to the public taxi rank.  Large queue but goes down quickly, be patient.  Public taxi from Don Muang to soi 8 Sukhumvit was 360 baht including tolls and a 50 baht surcharge.

soi 8 bangkok
Royal Asia Lodge

I was staying in the Royal Asia Lodge at the bottom of soi 8 off the Sukhumvit road.  This was the first hotel I ever stayed in on my first mongering trip to Bangkok back in late September 2002.

Budget, Girl friendly

I had booked the Royal Asia Lodge because it was the cheapest available online and I knew it was a girl friendly hotel.  Same Indian owners running the Royal Asia lodge.  Im sure I was staying in the same room too 404 where it all happened that first trip to Bangkok.

Soi 8 Bangkok
Royal Asia lodge view

The Royal Asia lodge hotel is rundown now.  The room was shabby, broken wardrobe, electrics not working. The restaurant has gone and the rooftop pool too.  The owners tell me the hotel is about to undergo renovations.  But I guess they been telling guests this for a couple of years now.  Starting to regret leaving Patong two nights early.

Bangkok Memories

The rooftop,  what is left of it only stays open until 5pm so no rooftop dusk photos over Bangkok like I got back in 2002.  Back in 2002 I was using the Baron Bonk website for girl friendly hotel recommendations and he is still running, if not keeping it up to date. Pay homage brother Bangkok mongersbangkok-city

The above photo was shot with the first ever Sony cybershot from the rooftop of the Royal Asia Lodge . Memories come rushing back to greet me now.

Beer Garden, soi 7

Out that night in Bangkok and start off in Gullivers down soi 5.  There is an alley way between soi 5 and soi 7, not sure of its name? The alleyway has little bars and and a ladyboy gogo.

beer garden soi 7
Bangkok beer garden

I check out the freelancers in the beer garden down soi 7.  Nothing to write home about.  Hot and a little humid inside the Bangkok beer garden.  Never bar fined from the beer garden down soi 7.  More mature thai women in the beer garden and no barfine to pay.

Soi 7.1 Pickled Liver

Into the Pickled Liver British pub down soi 7.1 and have a few beers.

soi 7.1
Soi 7.1 Bangkok

The food and drink in the Pickled Liver is relatively cheap.  There are sports TV in every corner and British sports fan looking from every angle.  Soi 7.1 is a highly concentrated red light district of Bangkok and off the Sukhumvit road. But for me, not much happening tonight.

Soi Cowboy

No real plan tonight in Bangkok, just going with the flow and continue down the Sukhumvit and into soi Cowboy.  Sit outside Bacarra and sink a few more beers people watching.

bangkok soi cowboy
soi cowboy

Im not in the right mood.  Need a night off, just stay in my hotel room read a book watch some TV, drink some horlicks put my slippers on, pat the dog.  These red neon lights are starting to repel rather than attract me.

Suzi wong soi cowboy
Suzi Wong

Try Sharks Agogo and then round to Crazy House along soi 23.  Its busy inside the Crazy house that good looking thai girl is dancing naked on stage with the mouth watering  hairy thai pussy.  But she is cold very stand offish.  She seems to remember me and keeps trying to catch my eye.  But not got the tolerance for her bad attitude.  Body language is very negative.


Have some fish and chips in the offshore along soi 23 just up from soi Cowboy.  The Offshore has recently been done out and there is a nice restaurant upstairs now.  There are a couple of bar girls working too, entertaining the guests trying to keep them around.  I goto the toilet and when I come out two of the girls are in the toilet kind of looking at me.  But I did nothing.


I walk back down Soi Cowboy and think a group of guys are laughing at me.  Im feeling tender, usually I would not even register such activity.

bangkok soi cowboy
soi cowboy

I go and stand next to them and say laugh to my face not behind my back you twisted cowards. They look a little bewildered and pretend to ignore me.  Feeling paranoid and self concious now, time to return to the Asia lodge hotel and sleep my hangover off.   It gets like this sometimes,

Almost looking forward to going home but my return flight is weeks away.  Need a break from all these red neon lights.  I wont be returning to soi Cowboy this trip and wont be staying in Bangkok much longer.  Need a break from Thailand.

3 thoughts on “Bangkok Hangover”

  1. Classic case of Love Hate relationship with Thailand. Hope the trip over to Cambodia will lift your spirits. Looking forward to the next post.

  2. I agree with Mathew I am really looking forward to read your next post in Cambodia, got the feeling that it will have more mongering options as being the poorer and yet to discover country – as a veteran that you are in SEA I keep reading about the decline in Bangkok, but still I would feel like a kid in a candy store

    I have to visit Thailand before these mongering days are long gone and there would be raids to any whoring stablishment just like on mainland China…

  3. Had to re post what I think is very apt from an email of the week sent to the excellent (already mentioned on this site) Stickmans weekly Bangkok colum.
    – quote ” A common saying among those who ponder male / female relationships is A woman marries a man hoping she can change him for the better. A man marries a woman hoping she will never change. For some of us who came to Thailand over 15 years ago, we found an environment we fell in love with and we hoped that she would never change. Some people continue to return on holiday or stay on living in Thailand year after year hoping that somehow the magic will return. They grasp at straws, finding limited solace in brief flashbacks of the old Thailand that occasionally appear almost as an apparition in the form of an old school bar, a hidden market, a random act of Thai hospitality or tucked away in a forgotten klong. Given globalization, technology and the changing demographics that your readers have rightly noted, a return to what she was is highly unlikely. Therefore, there are two remaining choices that are much better than wallowing in the past and both require letting it go: Accept the new normal and live with it or move on and find the next paradise. It’s out there, but it’s not her(e) i.e. Thailand anymore”. – un quote

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