Patong Tiger Bar Girl

Wake up in Patong Phuket and its been 4 long days and nights not finding a suitable bar girl in any of the beer bars along Bangla road.  This morning decided to cut short my trip to Phuket and fly back to Bangkok tomorrow afternoon.  I will then book a flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia when I feel like it.  I was a man of leisure after all…

Bangkok one way, Air Asia

Bangkok is going downhill fast too in terms of finding quality bar girls.  Even so, with some trying I can still find suitable bar girls most nights in Bangkok, there is always Kasalong fail safe for dumping your load.

I try booking a one way flight online with Air Asia back to Bangkok but keeps coming to 5000 baht for the air fare!  Way too much! something wrong!  Frustrated, I walk a little up Beach Road into the Air Asia office and deal with a human being who gets me a flight from Phuket to Bangkok for 1500 baht.

Patong lazy days

For a change I decide to try the breakfast menu at Burger King, rather than McDonalds or Subway, variety is the spice of life. Just need to find the sugar?

patong beach
Patong skydiver

I spend the best part of my last day relaxing on Phuket beach.  Another lovely lazy day in Patong but alas no beach loungers or umbrellas.

If I could have fully relaxed on the beach during the day like I like to may have extended my stay in Phuket rather than cut it short. Cute bar girls are not everything.  I had not given up yet though completely finding a cute bar girl in Patong.  I had one last night to try my luck down the beer bars of Bangla Road.

Last Night in Patong

One good thing, I am getting an all over sun tan, looking very brown and using factor 50 suncream.  Good suncream is very expensive in the shops in Thailand.  Best to pack your own.  Another glorious sunset in Patong this time the moon makes an appearance.

patong sunset
Patong moon

The plan for my last night mongering in Patong was to cruise the beer bars along Bangla road keeping my eye out for a cute bar girl that ticks my boxes.  Its hard to believe through all my trying I have not yet found a cute bar girl in Patong?  That I am doing something wrong, stuck in my ways.  May try a few gogos later on into the night then hit the Banana Disco on Beach Road a well know freelancer hangout.

Bangla Road

Its Friday night down Bangla Road and there are more tourists about.  The Tai Pan girls are out in force trying to entice you to walk to the other end of Bangla road where the Tai Pan nightclub is located.

bangla road
Tai Pan Girls

I can only have nightmares about how expensive it must be in the eastern European Russian girls cabaret Moulin Rouge in Patong?

russian cabaret patongq
Moulin Rouge

There really are alot of beer bars down Bangla road.  One highly concentrated beer bar complex is Tiger.


I decide to change tactics a little.  Have a few shorts then am going to just walk up and down all the beer bars and not stop until I find a bar girl to my liking.  I needed to cover alot of ground.

bangla tiger beer bar
Tiger beer bar

Sometimes its the complete opposite that works, just stay put in a popular bar and a cute girl appears out of nowhere.  That had not been working for me in Patong.

Tiger beer bar
Tiger beer bar

I must have looked like the Terminator as I paced up and down the walkways between each beer bar in the Tiger.  Looking left, looking right, eyes burning red, scanning for Sarah Connor or just one pretty bar girl in Patong.

Lock on, Pretty bar girl

Seems my tactic paid off, in a dark crevice of the Tiger beer bar complex I locate a suitable target dancing on the bar.

Bar top dancing
Bangla bar girl

Yes!  She looked like my kind of cute Thai bar girl!  What man in his right mind, regardless of age or background culture would not want to fuck this cute Thai bar girl?  This is the kind of good looking bar girl I was expecting to find every night down Bangla road in Patong.

This is only the beginning though,  Will she barfine? Maybe she is already heavily sponsored by love struck falang? Is this Thai cutie some kind of Coyote dancer only?  If she barfine, will she pass the Interview or ask for too much money?  Bad Attitude?  Maybe she on her period, pussy sick?  A monger can only have so much bad luck before his fortunes change.  Perseverance furthers in any walk of life.

The Interview

A pretty bar girl has been discovered working in a beer bar down Bangla road in Patong, should have been on the evening news.

Patong beer bar girl
Pretty bar girl

Im not the only one with my eyes on this young Thai cutie.  I quickly grab her and offer her a ladydrink.  She is cute and friendly, speaks good English and wants to play some bar games.  She will barfine too.  She is passing the interview.  She is from the south of Thailand as I thought from her Thai looks compared to northern Isaan girls.

Barfine is expensive at 1000 baht in the Tiger beer bar complex.  I guess rents are more expensive in the Tiger.  She wants 2000 baht short time and 3000 baht long time. I have got to fuck this young Thai cutie, else my balls will explode or refuse to ever cooperate with me again if I dont barfine this cute Patong bar girl.

The Barfine

She compromises too at 1500 baht short time, so pay the beer bar she works at the barfine and head back to the Keeta hotel with my hot little Patong bar girl.  Its a little embarrassing walking back down Bangla road with a girl young enough to be my daughter.  The walk of shame, she walks behind me a fair distance.  Bangla road is packed out with eye popping tourists.

The Girlfriend Experience

In the Keeta hotel, the security guard is fast asleep on the floor like he has been every night and take my Thai cutie to my hotel room for a good fucking.

patong bar girl
cute bar girl

Love those thick dark eyebrows, hope she not fully shave her Thai pussy.  She is quite responsive giving me some nice kisses, we shower and then get onto the bed.  She got a lovely trimmed pussy and have to go down for a bit.  Fucking her missionary and then pull out and a little bit of blood.  Puts me off a little but continue until finally dumping my 5 day payload.

Long time?

After we cuddle up on the bed and am now considering keeping my little Thai cutie long time, she is tired, but decide want to go out again.  Pay her and she leaves.  At last found a bar girl in Patong who has got the full package. Lovely looking, good attitude, girlfriend experience, not too expensive.  Starting to wish I had not cut short my stay in Phuket sometimes it just takes a while to adapt.

It can still happen in Patong, need to concentrate deep inside the best and most popular beer bars down Bangla Road like the Tiger.  Patong had not been a complete failure.

Would I return to Patong in Phuket?  Probably not, unless one day I have a wife and family, a little free time, am a little bored and an itch the wife cannot scratch. Bangla road in Patong is a good night out, no doubt about it, with drinking buddies.  There is more to Phuket than just Bangla road and Patong.

9 thoughts on “Patong Tiger Bar Girl”

    1. Thanks Mathew, Merry Xmas
      I was in Pattaya Xmas 2005 and broke my foot xmas eve just as I was heading down to soi 7 to enjoy the festivities and avoiding a big group of Russian tourists
      Yes rather be in Pattaya over Xmas and new year than in the UK. I guess there will be alot less Russians about to with the fall of the ruble.

  1. Would totally fuck that girl, and I would perhaps stay all night with her, 3-4 fucks and I’m done; pulling blood out of her pussy? was she a virgin or her pussy was super tight? or you might have a monster white mamba between your legs u.u -Been the age that I am, there would be no walk of shame for me, we would just be holding hands….

    I think the last thing I would do in Asia is paying for an eastern european whore, fucked many russian whores in Madrid.

    I see so many beautiful bar girls in Stickman’s website and other popular sites ortiented to tourism in Thailand, aren’t all those women up to bar fine? Might need to ask where those girls are located….

    1. You dont always get to decide how many pops and when and where the girl chooses to stay or leave. If you want to treat the girls just like a girlfriend, then they will be happy to reciprocate. This is not Madrid where after 30 mins business is done and strictly business. This is when you forget she is a whore and you fall in love. There really is a blur between girlfriend and whore with bar girls from Thailand. There would be more girls like this available in the bars if tourists not keep falling in love with them and buying their affection rather than hiring their pussy and then paying them to leave.

      Never think you can meet a bar girl who is a virgin! lol. Sometimes they call them cherry girls, meaning its her first night in working in said bar. But she was fucked a 1000 times in her last bar.

      Stickman is an expat living in Bangkok and has been for around 15 years. He has lots of contacts and an avid interest in the bar industry or naughty boys as he calls them
      Not really a monger although he used to be and has to be careful what he writes due to the thai authorities always monitoring his site
      I enjoy reading his column every week and yes he often photographs a girl of the week through his connections
      Most girls work in the gogos so yes they are available for barfine. If you read the readers email most dont find the girls he posts attractive. Including me, just average
      But for a first time visitor due to the exotic factor you will find alot of the Thai bar girls attractive. But it wears thin rapido and then you get fussy just like me 🙂

      As for eastern european girls working in Thailand, they are there because there is a demand and money to be made. I guess more popular with Asians, Arabs who are used to just Asian girls. Also popular with western tourists who fancy a change. I occasional take an African girl in Thailand.

  2. You need to give Udon Thani a shot. Kind of like Pattaya Jr. (minus the gogos), but tons of beer bars with Lao and Thai gals. The prices for booze, rooms and women are significantly cheaper.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Brockstar. The American I met one morning in Bangkok was also recommending Udon Thani. Next time I am in Thailand definitely want to try some different places like Udon Thani, Chang Mai and Hua Hin.
      I was always destined to return to Phuket after my first visit 10 years ago with the Bangkok girlfriend. Could not stop noticing cute bar girls in Patong back then. Things change, rarely for the better.

    1. I guess Udon is a little of the tourist track? Can you find pretty bar girls, like the way I like though?
      Where is the main place to stay in Udon and hang out, if I had to put a pin in the map so to speak?

      I imagine it a more a place where expats and long time visitors hang out with their wifes and girlfriends rather than head there for a vacation?
      Correct me if I wrong and excuse my ignorance.

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