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Up early in Patong Phuket out of the Keeta Hotel and take a long walk along Patong beach. Love taking a morning walk along a beautiful beach.  Its cloudy today in Phuket, looks like rain.  Plan is to checkout Christin body massage.  Hopefully I would find a Thai girl to my liking.

Looks Like Rain

Walking along Patong beach in the morning and I notice a Subway down the far end of Beach Road and stop for some healthy breakfast.

rain clouds patong
Patong beach clouds

Back to the Keeta hotel and it pisses it down for a couple of hours the roads nearly flooding.

Chistin Massage

Once the rain stops, I take a walk up through Bangla Road onto Ratuthit road in the direction of the Christin Body Massage.

patong phuket
Ratuthit road

You cannot miss Christin Massage as long as you are heading the right way down Ratuthit road.  Christin Massage is a huge pink building.

Patong body massage
Christin Massage

Im told there is always about 30 Thai girls working inside Christin body massage at any one time.  In these massage parlours full sex is always on offer with your massage.


Inside Christin Massage and I am greeted by a Papasan,  One of many.  There is only about 10 girls sat down in the Fishbowl.   As is common in these mega massage parlours,  the Thai girls sat down in the fishbowl are on the mature side.  Heavy makeup and bright dresses.  Mostly mutton dressed up as lamb.

Papasan tells me they are really busy in the Christin Massage, more customers than girls, mostly asian. That most girls are already taken into the rooms.  Not a particulary good sales pitch.  Your Jedi salesman mind tricks don’t work on me.

They only offer one package in Christin massage 75 minutes for 3000 baht.  Christin Massage opens at 1pm and closes at midnight.  Its just after 2pm and I am told prime time for Christin massage is around 6 to 7pm in the evening.  My intention was to come back in the evening and check out the night shift.  But I was not expecting much better.


Walking back along Ratuthit road and there is alot of little massage shops with many Thai women sat outside trying to tempt you inside for a massage, seems extras were available.

ratuthit massage
patong massage

Again most of Thai women were mature fuglies.  There were a few pretty young thai girls mixed in though, if you looked hard enough.  Maybe this is the way to go in Patong for some pussy?

Patong beach Sunsets

That afternoon in Patong the sky clears and I head back to the beach to relax.  I enjoy some Thai food in the evening in a beach side restaurant and enjoy more fantastic Patong beach sunsets.

sunset phuket
Patong sunset

Just love watching the sun go down on Patong beach with some nice food and a cold bottle of beer.  Shame the pussy in the bars up Bangla road was not as consistent.

fishing at sunset
patong fishing

Maybe it was just me, not looking hard enough. Fishing in the wrong places also at the wrong times.

Falling in love

Trouble is in Patong and places like it there are so many young fit horny male tourists in need of something they cant find back home, some love and admiration, not just sex. You have to compete with these young fools in the bars of Bangla road.

In Patong some of the tourists are falling in love with the pretty young Thai bar girls and then sponsor them and take them out of the bar, or so they like to think. You can never take the bar out of the girl. Been there, done that. With so many cheap package deals and tourists, demand for pretty Thai bar girls now outstrips supply.

Exotic Factor

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think we have some common archetypes. A pretty young girl starts working in Patong beer bar and its not long before a two week millionaire has fallen in love with her and is sending her money.  She no longer needs to work in the bar for money alone.   Beauty is desirable and valuable because its pretty rare to find.  For a regular visitor to Thailand the exotic factor of the girls has long worn off.

Well beaten path of Tourism

By now in Phuket and Patong I had had my fill of beautiful sunsets.  Wish I could say the same for the Patong Pussy.  Its not happening.  I could have another long night in front of me alone, trawling the bars tonight down Bangla road.   Oh well, my photography was improving if not my mongering.

By now I am considering quitting Patong and Phuket early if things dont improve.  I am booked out on an early flight from Phuket to Bangkok and then a transfer to Siem Reap in Cambodia.  I figure get all the travelling out of the way in one day. Not looking forward to the early rise though.

Maybe I am losing my interest in sex tourism.   Now I am enjoying more tourism, sight seeing and have a passion for photography, but always with the option for some pussy.  Quality pussy is just not so easily available anymore in highly concentrated tourist areas like Patong.

Comfort Zone

Its really occurring to me that maybe I need to get off the well beaten tourist track.  I should have taken that mongering trip to Madagascar in Africa rather than a return to Asia, my comfort zone. Or maybe another trip to Jakarta in Indonesia.

In Jakarta there is so much quality pussy available every day.  In Kota, north Jakarta you wont see another western tourist all week, the place is a dump and there is nothing to do.  Such a contrast to Phuket.  Something always has to give, to gain something you have to sacrifice something else.

Night out Bangla Road.

Anyway rant, lecture over lets get back to my night time activities down Bangla road in Patong.  Expect some nice pictures if not alot else.  🙂

Bangla patong
Bangla Road

Im going to try drinking a bit more tonight in Patong.  To try and be less concious of all the tourists and bright lights around me.  Not always the wise thing to do though is to drink more alcohol.  Alot of the bars have a happy hour and I can get a bucket of Vodka and a mixer for 200 baht.  So I get stuck in with my straw and its not long before I am beginning to feel numb to everything going on around me.

Watching the Bar Girls

Prime time for people watching is suppose to be around 8pm down Bangla road in Patong.  At this time you can watch the bar girls going to work and find out which bars they work at.  I only notice one cute thai bar girl walk pass me though.   I head out along Bangla road after finishing my bucket of Vodka and feel pretty enubricated.  Would things change for the better?  Would the Vodka goggles help?

patong ladyboys
katoeys bangla

Every night is a busy night for the Katoeys operating on Bangla road opposite Soi Crocodile.  Such a tourist attraction, a tourist honey pot.

Soi Sea Dragon Bar Girl

I head back down soi Sea Dragon, info on the internet suggested there were some blowjob bars down Soi Sea Dragon.  I could not find any blowjob bars, shame.

I stop off in a beer bar opposite Suzy Wong Agogo.  Got chatting to an attractive more mature bar girl.  She was 30 years old and very pleasant.  If I paid for a lady drink she would let me shoot some photos of her.

Bangla bar girl
Patong bar girl

I am definitely considering bar fining her. Fancy a more mature Thai woman.  Getting fed up chasing all these young Thai bar girls.

She is available, the barfine for this beer bar is 600 baht.  She wants 2000 baht short time or 3000 baht long time.  Not trust bar girls to take them long time anymore, not really want to do long time anymore.

This mature bar girl tells me there is short time hotel nearby for another 600 baht.  She would prefer this than walking down Bangla road together pass all the prying eyes back to my hotel.  This is another problem in a highly tourist center like Patong, the walk of shame.   We would need alot of Vodka to suppress that feeling.  I guess I still look like your stereotypical sex tourist even if I am not partaking.

No Deal

She is a very pleasant bar girl to talk to, good English, I am enjoying her company as her friend dances on top of the bar.  Her tits are fake, silicon, she tells me cost $3000 to have her boob job.  Thats alot of short times working in the bar.

patong beer bar
bar top dancing

I wonder if her pussy is natural and hairy like I like?  She wont let me put my hand into her panties, Thai men watching.  Back in the hotel can do what I want.  She tell me her Thai pussy is fully shaved.

Not a plus for me although she tells me no kids, so tight pussy without stretch marks on her tummy, she does have a nice body.  Fake tits, mature and shaved pussy would usually send me running, that Vodka must be working tonight in Patong.

I want to strike a deal, after all I am on a budget.  To come down 500 baht to 1500 baht for a short time session only back in my hotel, not paying for a short time hotel.  She wont budge though, trouble is she knows I like her and am keen to fuck her.  Cant do a deal so leave empty handed, but was an improvement.

Hollywood Freelancers

I stop off in the Good View bar at the entrance to Soi Sea Dragon a good vantage for taking some pics and people watching down below on Bangla road.

bangla road patong
good view bar

Is that a mum and daughter down there trying to catch my eye?  Perhaps I should wave and go down there and say hello… Some Mum and daughter cock sharing back in their hotel is one of my fantasies.  Something to do before I kick the proverbial bucket.  I wonder where hubby or daddy is?

I get distracted by some Thai freelancers in the good view bar, they are off to the Hollywood Disco and invite me to come with them.

thai freelancers
Patong freelancers

I make my way in the Hollywood disco with the freelancers and sit with them and more of their friends.  Its dark and very loud inside.  Cant hear myself think.  Impossible to communicate, the only thing to do is dance and grind, but I am not in the mood for dancing.  I leave the Hollywood empty handed and alone.

bar top dancing
Bangla road

Bangla road is still kicking with entertainment and wide eyed tourists.  Im hungry now for some food and head to an open bar restaurant on Beach Road.

Latina Daddy Complex

Im sat at the bar alone nursing my beer when two young friendly American Latina girls sit beside me and start talking to me.  They are both very pretty Latina girls both aged 21 but overweight.  They are telling me they have been to some tourist sex shows down Bangla road.  Some pussy shows with ping pong balls, usual stuff.

These two Latina girls sat beside me want to know what word I use for pussy?  They are coming on very flirtatious. Now wishing I was not so full of Vodka. One of the Latina girls tells me she has got a Daddy Complex then gives me her phone number and email before jumping into a taxi with her friend.

Dont Ask, Dont Get

Not sure how the Latina girl will feel when she sobers up in the morning?  but may be worth a call tomorrow. In hindsight(that wonderful thing) should have just invited them both back to my hotel for a nightcap and a cock show.  The Keeta was only two minutes away.  No harm in trying. Dont ask dont get.  Strike while the iron is hot!  To be honest these two tipsy horny latina girls from Texas took me totally off guard and unaware, fucked it really.


Another night without any Thai pussy in Patong.  My fear now is a total failure in Patong and Phuket from a whore mongering perspective.  I need to get my hands on at least one cute Thai bar girl in Patong before flying back to Bangkok sooner rather than later.

One thought on “Phuket Patong Tourist”

  1. You seem to be wearing out the old shoe leather in search of the ultimate Thai girl, at the moment with little results but still it doesn’t make these great posts of yours less interesting to read. Most of us have all been there (with me probably coming first in that respect) and I admire you for digging in your heels and making a firm stance now on those higher standards which you, well both of us now expect.

    Not sure how live these posts are and where you actually are right now but having lived in Pattaya and Bangkok I would definitely say now and up to New year Pattaya is probably the best place to be in Thailand for the best weather and wonderful holiday atmosphere alone. Only problem though, is right now in Pattaya you would have your work cut out even booking a half decent hotel for the duration of your stay. still, I would be less inclined to leave Thailand right now.

    As you mentioned Jakarta (my favourite City), again, if you do ever return I recommend a nice place to stay is the area around Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim, just off JL MH Thamin and next time you must sample the already tried and tested best mongering hotel venues like Bats and CJ’s for those Euro Asian beauties.

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