Bangla Road Patong

Up early for my second day in Patong Phuket.  Managed to get a good nights sleep in the Keeta hotel just off Beach road.  No noisy guests next door and the street below was quiet. Im hungry now and there is no restaurant in the Keeta hotel so head out for some breakfast.

Beach Road Massage

Walking down beach road towards Bangla road and there are options for massage early in the morning. The women stand on the street and smile then offer you massage as you walk pass.  Sure the massage would include extras.

massage patong
Patong beach road

Most of the women offering massage in the morning are fulgy though, mature or even ladyboys.  A massage is something I enjoy and would explore in Patong but I wanted more than a handjob or covered blowjob.

Monger not Wanker

I was beginning to carry a heavy load again though. Starting to get used to the feeling, the need to release. Does make sex more intense, enjoyable when you do get some pussy, rather than trying hard to cum, you try hard not too, not too early.  Good for the budget too. Some research suggests a heavy load improves your concentration and gives you more energy.  Makes me frustrated and more aggressive I would say.

I do alot of wanking back home.  But I have never had a wank in a hotel on a mongering  sex vacation in all my trips over the years.  The likihood of having a wank in my hotel room was starting to become a remote possibility with the low quality of pussy available.

Bangla Road Breakfast

Budget breakfast at McDonalds up Bangla Road, open 24 hours. Not found a Subway yet in Patong for a healthy alternative.

patong bangla road
Bangla road

If your around Bangla road early in the morning like 6 or 7am you will see party goers staggering back to their hotels from a night out clubbing in the many nightclubs around Bangla Road.  Otherwise this time in the morning Bangla road is very quiet, most bars dont open until the afternoon.

Ratuthit Road

To get my bearings I take a walk along the main road Ratuthit that runs parallel to Beach road and then back down to the beach.  Was a bit early but lots of places for a massage along Ratuthit, a few bars worth investigating and Christin body massage that I would try out one night in Patong.

Beach road view

I had done some mongering research on Patong and seems alot of the information is out of date.  Places like soi vegas, Roxy’s all seem to have gone.  I guess things changed after the Tsunami when alot of Patong was rebuilt.

Patong Beach

Another lazy day relaxing on Patong beach.  I guess the beach looks nice without all the loungers and umbrellas, but this was seriously affecting my enjoyment.

phuket patong
Patong beach

Again I hang around until evening and catch some more sunset pictures of Patong beach.

Patong Phuket
Patong beach sunset

The sunsets over Patong bay are often fantastic.  Well worth visiting Phuket just for the sunsets and not the bars.  Now there is nothing fake about a Patong sunset.

Bangla Road

Out that night straight up Bangla road.  Bangla road in Patong is your only option really, not much point in picking at the edges just dig into the center.  I start off in the Tiger beer bar, a few girls not bad, but not sexy enough to push me over the edge.

Bangla road
Patong beer bar

Perhaps I was in the beer bar a bit too early?  Lots of tourists around Bangla road from early evening onwards.

Bangla patong
Bangla road tourists

Most tourists just walk up and down Bangla road observing the spectacle of girls and ladyboys  trying to tempt you inside to buy some drinks or part with your hard earned cash.

Soi Crocodile

The ladyboys standing opposite soi Crocodile or soi Katoey is one of the main attractions along soi Bangla road with the mainstream tourists

Bangla road ladyboys
Patong ladyboys

Those katoey’s must make a fortune having their pictures taken, a 100 baht a shot.  As a monger you can feel a little self concious even paranoid in a place like Bangla road.  With so many couples and families walking up and down just people watching.  Its like they know you are here as a sex tourist.

bar girls patong
Bangla road greeters

The cutest Thai girls working along Bangla road are often the meeters and greeters who wander up and down the soi with signs advertising their bar.  Not sure if you can barfine these bar girls or not.

Billy No Mates

In a place like Bangla road it would be more enjoyable with a wingman or some friends.  The lone monger is quite a rarity here in Patong now and I was feeling uncomfortable.  Like I was being watched.  Im thinking what you doing here with your wife, your girlfriend? with all this temptation?  Is your sex life getting boring?

patong phuket
Bangla road

Maybe I needed to drink more or get chatting to some fellow compatriots.  Lots of Asians, Russians in Patong too, nothing in common with them or the majority.

What alot of mongers do is meet up with fellow mongers who are in say Patong or Phuket at the same time.  Usually you can get friendly virtually with fellow whore mongers on the mongering forums like World Sex Guide or International Sex Guide.  But I do like to keep my anonymity partly due to blogging and mongerplanet.  I dont want to have to be politically correct or conservative with the truth.  Its not my style.

Tourist Trap

I try what I think is a Gogo club called Secrets and they want to charge me 1100 baht for a beer and then to watch a sex show.  Inside I can see gullible wide eyed young couples sat as the audience.  I laugh and then they immediately drop to 300 baht.  I just leave.  There are a few clubs like this along Bangla Road, live sex shows, to me they are a tourist trap.

Bangla patong
Bangla road

I bail out of Bangla road and head down the much quieter Ratuthit and stop off in a hotel restaurant and have some nice burger and chips.

Later I am looking for a beer bar complex off Ratuthit called the Sukhumvit. But cant find it, long gone probably.  There are little beer bar outposts off of the sois of Ratuthit though but not notice any nice bar girls worth stopping for and having a drink.

Back To Bangla

Head back to Bangla try a few more bars here and there.  Had one cute young Thai bar girl sat with me, but her face was covered in acne.  Was tempted though.  As I leave Bangla road at the bottom beach road end I start up a conversation with a freelancer. She wants 3000 baht short time, I laugh and then she comes back with ‘How much I pay?’  Not interested.

Thai Pussy

I decide to try a quieter beer bar complex off beach road the opposite side to the Keeta hotel.  I was in this same Patong beer bar over 10 years ago with my Bangkok girlfriend on our first night out.  The quality of the bar girls was much better then, much more lively.

beach road beer bar
bar girls patong

The Thai girls working in the beer bars off beach road were probably grandma’s.  Very mature Thai women.  But nice and friendly we play some bar games, Their English is good so we chat.  The bar girl in black has worked in the beer bar over 10 years and remembers the Tsunami.  She said the next day they were back in the bar but not electricity for over a month.

Erotic Fantasy

Sometimes these mature bar girls joke and make gestures of giving a blowjob.  Im fantasising taking them to the outside toilet and letting both of them give me a blowjob, no condom and cim.  But to shy to make my intentions clear.  Surely its how mature girls who stay in the game this long continue to make some money.  Maybe I will just have a good wank in my hotel room later over such a opportunity happening.

patong pussy
Thai pussy

The cutest Thai Pussy I could find in Patong that night was not available for a kiss and cuddle maybe more back in my hotel room.  Another night in Patong Phuket and no pussy!

3 thoughts on “Bangla Road Patong”

  1. I am crossing out Phuket for my next christmast sex vacation! Nothing is avaliable, I did not see your Bangkok experience as success, Patthaya seems to be the best of all…I am really considering China/Cambodia, because I see that Mongering in Thailand seems to be in major decline, but I might change my mind in the last minute though
    I like photography and shit but if I travel is to take OK, pics eat exotic food and fuck exotic women

    1. It takes time to adapt to any new place, phuket not excluded, prices, the number of tourists etc
      I can compare somewhere like Phuket to say Kota in North Jakarta for contrasting reasons.
      In Kota, the place is a dump, nothing to do, you wont see any other tourists or white faces all week, but you wont have a problem finding quality pussy every day for a good price
      Phuket, beautiful beach, loads to see and do, 1000s of other tourists, but not easy to find pussy u like. I have my tastes and cannot make do otherwise
      I enjoy the challenge, though I might get lucky in Phuket, not finished yet 😉 Gets worse before it gets better

  2. Hi AfroMonger
    If you have never been to Thailand I suggest you go (especially around the Christmas/New Year period) because that first, second, third and even fourth visit to the ‘Land of Smiles’ is in my opinion ten times better than any mongering trip to China or Cambodia.
    No where else in the world will you get the same value for money girl friend (gf) experience as you do in Thailand and any first timer or newbie will experience a fantastic time spending say 30% of the time in Bangkok and the remainder 70% in Pattaya. Do your research, read the trip reports and get yourself over there!!

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