Phuket Love Story 2004

Before going into detail about my recent adventures in Phuket I first thought I would recall my first ever trip to Phuket back in July 2004.  I would spend 5 nights in Patong with my Bangkok girlfriend.  My Phuket love story.  Those uninterested in love may skip to the next section…


It was my fifth trip to Thailand in under 2 years.  My second trip to be exclusively with my Bangkok girlfriend for a couple of weeks.  Back in December 2003 we had already taken a trip to  Koh Sumui.  The previous time spent exclusively with my Bangkok girlfriend had been testing.  Its not easy being in love with an ex whore or Bangkok bar girl.

Thai Fiancée Visa

We spend a few  days in Bangkok and have an interview with a Thai Fiancée visa company run by an American.  Already she is bullshitting about sources of income and where she works.  Still alot of secrets about her I dont know.  At this stage of the game I am sponsoring her, not much, just 10,000 baht a month.  I guess at the time for me, I thought it was different, that I could make this work. I guess we are all the same in thinking like that.

Patong Bay

We fly to Phuket and then take taxi from Phuket airport to Patong.  We are staying in a beach front hotel called Patong Bay Garden Resort.  Nice hotel, although the room had seen better days. But nice to be right beside the beach with our own recliners.

bargirl phuket
patong beach

The beach at Patong was very nice.  We enjoy the beach for a couple of hours that first afternoon in Phuket.


Later relaxing on the beach we are approached by some young Thai girls offering us brochures for a time share.  Where if we come along just for a presentation then we will get 4 nights free in a hotel in Chang Mai. Sounded like a good deal to me so gave them my hotel and room number.  The time share girls told me someone would call me tomorrow in my hotel.

Phuket patong
Beach road Patong

We go out that night and try a few beer bars along Beach road.  For this time of year in Phuket its very hot and humid at night.

Lacy Red Panties

We are playing pool in a beer bar and a bar girl is distracting me.  She is sat opposite with her legs open and wearing little red lacy panties.  She is young and sexy and I was wishing for the first time I was not with my Bangkok girlfriend.   We eat out that first night in a fancy restaurant down beach road, mostly populated by western couples and tourists.

Time Share

The next day I receive a phone call from the Time Share company and they are coming to pick us up.  Inside its mostly young Australians trying to get you to part with $2000 to participate in a Time Share on properties all over the world.

In principle Time Share seems like a good idea.  You travel to all these exotic destinations and stay in your own apartment.  But the practice is often different from the theory and I decline.  I felt pressured to submit at one stage though. Like you felt obliged as they had invested much time and effort on your behalf.  I took my free hotel voucher and left.

patong bay garden resort
Patong beach

We have lovely weather in Phuket and I spend most of my time relaxing on the beach.  My girlfriend rarely leaves the hotel room occasionally venturing out and joining me on the recliners.  I have my suspicions as to why this may be.  That in Bangkok she is still a creature of the night having to sleep during the day.  Who knows for sure.


Up to this point I had been faithful to my Bangkok girlfriend.  I had not been with any other Thai girls, no short times or sexy massage.

Patong beach

One afternoon along Patong beach I got talking to a Thai girl who wanted to take me back to her room for a fuck.  I had a hard on in my trunks I was very tempted.   Another afternoon I take a massage along beach road and really enjoyed two thai girls playing with my erection inbetween giving my a massage.  My mind is straying and flirting even if my body is not.

Phuket Day Trip

Rather than just relaxing on the beach during the day, decide to engage both of us with some day trips.  The first one just a day trip around Phuket Island.

Island view Phuket
Phuket Island

We hire a taxi for the day and visit the other beaches and Phuket town.  We are a couple again and enjoying each others company with both of us making an effort.

day trip phuket island
Phuket day trip

Bangla Road

A couple of nights we enjoyed the beer bars down Bangla Road, the main red light district of Patong and Phuket.  Out of the corner of my eye I notice many young pretty bar girls I would have bar fined had I been alone.  Was alot of talent working in the beer bars of Patong back in 2004.  Alot of the girls from southern Thailand rather than Isaan.

Phi Phi Islands

On our last day in Phuket we are booked up for a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands.  My Bangkok girlfriend is very excited about this trip.  She has never been to the Phi Phi Islands. She has been to Phuket before, she tells with friends and family but more likely other sponsors and western boyfriends who met her working in a bar in Bangkok, just like me.

Patong bay garden resort hotel
Breakfast Patong

So we are having breakfast in the hotel restaurant waiting for the mini bus to pick us up and take us to the boat.

Day trip from Hell

The weather is not looking good though, wet and windy.  Im wondering if they may cancel the trip.

Phi phi island day trip
Sea Sick

Not likely, not with these money grabbing Thai’s totally dependent on tourism.  The sea is rough and the boat small as we head out towards the Phi Phi Islands.  Its not long and a few people on board are sea sick including my girlfriend.  Its turning into the day trip from hell.

The Beach

Eventually we make it to a calm bay where we can do some swimming. Nobody wants to go back out on the sea but we do.  Interesting to pass the spot where they made the block buster film The Beach.

Thailand the beach
The beach

Im Ok, I got my sea legs, my ancestors were fishermen from the east coast of England.  The trick is not to let the waves throw around your head.  My baby is not good though, torture for her.  We stop off at a few more islands where she can take a break from the pounding and continual onslaught of the rough sea.

Phi Phi Islands day trip
Taking a break

I feel sorry for her but what can I do. I joke about a helicopter coming to pick us up, she takes me seriously.  Wishful thinking or hoping.  Alls we can do is enjoy the little rest bytes and try and make the most of it.

Phi Phi Thaland
Phi Phi Islands

Finally towards the end of the day trip to the Phi Phi Islands the weather improves and the trip back to Phuket not too bad.

Back to Phuket

My girlfriend is learning how to beat the waves through my instruction.  I promise her a good fucking when we get back to the hotel.  This girl did love fucking, she was always up for a good fucking, often more than I could give.  One of the reasons I suspect I was probably only one of maybe up to five sponsors she had on the go and of course her Thai husband pimping her.


That last evening in Phuket we enjoy one of the best sunsets I have ever witnessed over Patong bay before heading back to Bangkok in the morning.

In Love

Im still in love with the memory of being in love with a Thai bar girl.  A tart with a heart.  Maybe I am just exorcising my demons writing this up.  A few months later all hell would break loose as the Tsunami struck this exact point totally destroying my hotel.  Paradise turned into hell for thousands over Xmas 2004. Missed it by a whisker.

Girl out of the bar

In the morning as we are packing, she pulls out a phone number from her back pocket in her jeans.  She tells me the Aussie tout interviewing me at the time share had given it to her while he was trying to get me to part with $2000.

From his perspective I was just her temporary boyfriend, another tourist sucker, a lamb to the slaughter.  When I return home, she would be available again to the highest bidder.  She looked local and was from southern Thailand originally. He probably thought I had just met her in a beer or gogo bar down Bangla road.


I was furious wit her! why she not tell me?  She not really have an answer.  I swear our love affair is over! In my heart of hearts I was looking for an exit plan.


I could only imagine she was keeping her options open up until the last moment.   Maybe that was why she stayed in the hotel room all day chatting to him on her mobile. You can take the girl out of the bar and all that….  Maybe she fucked him for a few thousand baht behind my back, in my bed? She sucked your cock? You do get paranoid when you are aware of your girls past. More likely she just forgot it was there, forgot him for the skint loser he was.

asian sex diary
phuket pussy

Check out Asian sex diary in Phuket.  For a lesson on how to monger in Thailand.  Find them, fuck them, forget them.

She is crying on the flight back to Bangkok, big tears down her soft cheeks.  Back at Bangkok I forgive her, we are in love again.  I just cant shake off this girl.  She promises me she will be a good girl from now on. Spellbound.  This love affair with an ex Bangkok bar girl would continue until Xmas 2005.  Where finally I would learn a tough lesson.

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  1. really looking forward to see what comes along, I’ve also heard that the mongering scene in Phuket is in major decline!

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