Bangkok Nana Kasalong

A few days left mongering in Bangkok and I am now definitely considering a return to Phuket after nearly 10 years.  This time without my Bangkok girlfriend, on my own to explore all those beers bars down Bangla road.  I will then return to Cambodia.  Thats the plan anyway for now.  Feeling like I need to get out of Bangkok…

Not got Pussy on my Mind

Less pussy hunting today along the Sukhumvit in Bangkok.  Maybe sometimes you can just try to hard. In fact as far as quality pussy is concerned I am better off at home concentrating my efforts on London’s Craigslist.  But being in Bangkok and Asia beats sitting at home.  Maybe I just got to get less fussy.  Things in Bangkok are not always so predictable,  You never know what pretty Thai girl is around the next corner or sitting in the next beer bar…

Nana Beer Bars

Just another day mostly chilling around the pool in the Miami hotel.  Seems to be more people about today,else the  hotel is very quiet. Later that afternoon I have a few beers in some of the beer bars down soi 4 and the Nana.  When in Bangkok, you tend to gravitate towards the Nana and soi 4.

beer bar nana
Hillary Nana

I was not looking for anything in particular, just chilling and mostly people watching and trying to fit in with all the misfits.  Soi 4 is a popular place to hangout in the day for both expats and tourists alike in Bangkok. Daytime down the Nana is better for drinking than fucking until the beer goggles slip into place.

Dont think I have ever barfined a bar girl from the Nana beer bars.  On my first trip to Thailand my friend bar fined his first girl from the Nana Golden bar and the last, he married her 🙂  A few years later she died of AIDS 🙁

The Nana popularity must be based on the drinking and not the Thai bar girls, based on quality.  In fact you can walk down the Nana at 9am in the morning and there will be a few hardened drinkers having a liquid breakfast.

The beer bars down the Nana are dominated now by the Hillary group.  Inside the Hillarys and its a bit dark for me,  I prefer Big Dogs and the Nana Golden Bar.

Nana soi 4
Beer bars Nana

I have stayed in the Nana hotel before in years gone by mongering in Bangkok, a couple of times.  Not bad, good pool.  What put me off though, the staff refused to let me take two Thai girls back to my room for a threesome that I had found in the Pickle Bar down soi 22.  The year before no problem taking two gogo girls out the Nana Plaza for a threesome.

As evening approached I could not help but notice some people about the worse for alcohol in the beer bars down the Nana.  Its pretty concentrated down soi 4 and you are likely to bump into the same miscreants a few times.

Nana Massage

I ask one of the bar girls in the Golden Bar for a good place for a massage, she recommended Thai massage, just down  soi 4.

Nana Massage
Thai Massage

She was right, the massage was excellent.  The girl, my masseur was attractive and wanted to offer me extras, but I declined.

I head back to the Miami hotel taking a detour along soi 6 and into soi 8 and pass the  blowjob bar Kasalong to check out the talent.

banglok blowjob bar
Soi 6

Its likely I am going to return to Kasalong for hopefully another great blowjob with CIM before leaving Bangkok.  The other place I had had a good experience was Nataree down the Ratchada but dont fancy that trip, not tonight.

Nana Plaza Gogo’s

I return that night to the Nana Plaza, just lack of other options really, not fancy soi Cowboy or Patpong.  Im standing on the ground floor next to a beer bar eating a cheeseburger minding my own business.  I am considering another Gogo crawl hitting the gogos I not do the other night in the Nana Plaza.

Suffer Fools

Out of the corner of my eye about a foot a way I notice a foot, like an attempt at a high kick.  Im ready to  grab the foot with my hand, and tip the owner on his back. Things go in slow motion, but I am thinking maybe its a Thai man.  You know if you fight a Thai a whole gang will join in an attack you, its not worth it.

Nana gogos
Rainbow 4 Nana

I turn and its a little mixed race kiddie from the UK showing off in front of a young Thai gogo girl he must have just bar fined.  He barely looked 18, skinny little runt. I dont think I was meant to see his ghost kick, but I did and called him a stupid little wanker, once I realised the situation.  It made me angry for a while.  Dont make me angry, you wouldnt like me when I am angry…


Like I said the Nana area is concentrated and you are more likely to suffer fools here than in Pattaya.  One reason I used to like to come to Asia was because you dont get all those stupid young wankers with inferiority complexes and dutch courage who feel they need to show off to get the girls.

Places like the Nana used to be the dominion of the older mature gent, aka sex tourist or sexpat.  You just bar fine a girl and take her back to your hotel and pay up.   Thats it, no need to try to compete.

Nana Plaza Bangkok
Bangkok Gogo bars

It could of got ugly, I dont suffer fools gladly.  I try to take my mind off things and trawl a few more gogo’s around the Nana, trying to go into different ones.  It would be almost impossible to have a beer in every gogo in one night in the Nana Plaza.

I remember venturing into some gogo’s  DC10, Lolipop, Madarin and Angel Witch. Nice music in some of them, shame about the girls.  A kebab and back to my hotel for some beauty sleep.

Kasalong blowjob

The next morning I awake and am feeling horny again.  No pissing about hunting along the Sukhumvit, after 11am I head straight to Kasalong.  The cute young Thai girl I want is sat outside, perched on her stool.  She recognises me and thinks I am just looking again and not give me much attention.  But then I tell her I want to take her.  Just one girl this time, not three I am on a budget.


Take her upstairs in Kasalong for 700 baht all inclusive.  I am assured all girls working in Kasalong give blowjobs with no condom and to completion cum in mouth, up to you, if you want.  Lovely wet blowjob.  Im stood in front of her with her sat on a couch, just feeding her my cock.  She looking up at me with a mouthful of cock.  I cum in her mouth and down her throat.

What I not like about Kasalong now is you can hear what is going on in the other rooms.  girls clearing their throats etc.

Its my last day and night in Bangkok, tomorrow I take a flight with Air Asia to Phuket and staying in Patong for a week.  The plan after Phuket is to head to Siem Reap in Cambodia for the first time.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Nana Kasalong”

  1. Girls clearing their throats, I hear that everytime I am taking a shower in an Asian Whorehouse…and also I hear loud chinese speaking and spits….. -there are about 3 asian whorehouses ”left” that I need to try, cause I’ve been all over, there is this one in particular where mamasan knows me well 😀

  2. Yeah Kasalong should have done a little more then those flimsy plastic walls. One guy was moaning so loud I couldn’t even concentrate on my action lol. It’s still the best BJ bar in Bangkok in my opinion.

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