Bangkok Sukhumvit Hunt

Up early in Bangkok and have breakfast in McDonalds along the Sukhumvit. Back home and its the day of the Scottish Referendum.  Today in Bangkok I need to unload!  My load is heavy after not scoring for the past two day and nights…

Hua Hin Recommendation

Im on the hunt in Bangkok for some Thai pussy today, feeling really horny that I cant think about much else. Meet an interesting retired American colonel in a shop along the Sukhumvit.   The colonel is highly recommending Hua Hin to me, to stay around soi 80. Now thats another good idea, Not been to Hua Hin before.  I thought Hua Hin was more somewhere you went for a weekend break with your Thai wife and family?

Hua Hin apparently has some vibrant red light districts and is on the coast.  So its a toss up now between Phuket and Hua Hin as my next destination after I have had my fill mongering in Bangkok.  After a few days in a hot and humid city I need the ocean and a beach.  Not without pussy P4P and a seedy nightlife backdrop though.

Pussy Hunting  Sukhumvit

So its late morning now in Bangkok and I am on the prowl for some pussy up and down the Sukhumvit Road.

Nana Bangkok
Sukhumvit Road

I check out soi 7,1, plently of massage options and blowjob bars down soi 7,1 but not seeing a girl that is really doing it for me.  I really need to empty my balls today.  I then check out the blowjob bars down off of soi 8 Lolitas and Kasalong. Very tempted with the same three girls I took from Kasalong a few months back.

bangkok nana
soi 4 Nana

Check out some of the beer bars around the Nana and along soi 4.  Not much on offer, mature old Thai  women who really should not be seen in daylight.  No amount of alcohol could disguise that.

Blowjob bar tour

I then check out a few more blowjob bars down the Sukhumvit, the  Lollipop 1 along soi 10bangkok lollipop1 soi 10 and Soms Haven up the end of soi 14.  Nothing happening though, well after 11am and not even any girls sat outside.  Perhaps they are all busy inside sucking cocks.  Where else in the world can you stroll out of your condo or on your lunch-break and have a quick blowjob in a blowjob bar?  Good for the economy?

bangkok soi 21
sukhumvit soi 21

Down to soi 22 and check out Busy Bees,  Again no girls about so head across the Sukhumvit and back down soi 23 where the most attractive young Thai girls seem to be working in the many small massage parlours down the bottom of soi 23.

Thai Dumpling, massage, soi 23

I find a cute young Thai girl sat outside a massage shop down soi 23.  She is a pretty 20 yo thai girl.  small and more curvaceous looking, a little Thai dumpling. I found her attractive and was getting tired of rejecting girls for this and that.  Decided to take her for a 1 hour oil massage for 400 baht.

Alarm Bells

The massage was just OK.  She then offers me extras.  She wanted an additional 2300 baht for a sexy body to body massage.  Alarm bells should have rang.  This is an attempt to con me.  I was horny though but she wanted to much money.

An orgasm is only worth so much, the feeling of contentment and satisfaction only fleeting.  She would not give a blowjob without a condom.  I stuck to my guns and told her I was not interested, just finish the massage.  I would continue my hunt along the Sukhumvit.  She then offers me full sex for 1000 baht.  I agree.

Stretch Marks

She gets undressed and has the worst stretched mark stomach I have ever seen.  She must have had 10 kids or just one huge one for her age.  She not look good naked, some girls just look a whole lot better with their cloths on rather than off.    Often we think girls who look curvy in tight tops and jeans are going to be firm and curvaceous naked but in the cold light of day they turn out to be fat and flabby. All these years and I am still learning.  All that glitters is not gold.  I do like a young small dark firm pretty curvaceous girl though, opposites attract.


I tried to pull her in to me and she pulls away, another warning sign that she is really not enjoying this, just wants the money.  A complete opposite with the lovely firm Thai girl I meet down soi 23 a few nights previous. The reason I had returned to soi 23, hoping for a repeat performance with a different Thai girl.

Not feel good factor

With that stretch marked stomach on this Thai Dumpling, I am really going to have to strain my imagination to pop one out.  I nearly give up with the fucking.  At that point she gets on top of me cowgirl style and I manage to release my load.  As I leave the massage parlour I was not feeling good about that one.  Not put a smile on my face.  My hunting still needs fine tuning.

Check Inn 99

Well I had shot my load, pressure off,  I wander back down the Sukhumvit that night and stop off in the Check Inn 99.

bangkok check inn
Check Inn 99

The Check Inn 99 is more popular with middle aged expats and western men with their Thai wifes or brides to be.  Perhaps before travelling down to Hua Hin for the weekend. 🙂  The Check Inn 99 is a nice friendly relaxing and comfy bar to chill in with live music.  Seems the bar girls have long gone though.

Gullivers, soi 5

I give Gullivers down soi 5 a check out.  Gullivers used to be a popular Thai freelancer hangout.  Soi 5 is getting more arab and muslim oriented in recent years. I am sat at the bar in Gullivers and get chatting to an American monger a Pattaya Addict taking a break in Bangkok.  We had alot in common and chat at the bar for a couple of hours, exchanging many sordid stories from Cambodia and the Philippines.  Always good to meet like minded people.  Birds of feather should flock together.

There was a few freelancers sat around in Gullivers but nothing worth looking at twice.  My new American friend was more hardcore than me, He was off down the Sukhumvit to find some Bangkok streetwalkers up for anything. I went back to the Miami hotel. Tomorrow was another day in Bangkok.

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